A husband blindfolds a wife and lets a friend have some fun

A husband blindfolds a wife and lets a friend have some fun

Salman and his wife, Zoya and have a very exciting
marriage. She’s a wonderful lover, friend and a very
beautiful woman. Other men are often attracted to her,
and one can see them looking and lusting after her
whenever they are out in the evening. Salman finds this
exciting and encourages her to wear revealing clothing
and insists that she go braless as often as possible,
especially at home, because nature has blessed her with
a pair of the sexiest breasts possible ;perfectly round
and succulent capped by chocolate-pink coloured nipples
which invariably peep through transparent dresses.

Zoya was 34 years old. She has exposed her breasts on
nude beaches and Salman is sure she enjoyed all the
stares. Once in the evening when it was slightly dark
she even pulled off her panties and played around in
the sea fully naked. Not only that while walking back
they came across a fisherfolk couple. It was dark but
they had a lantern. Still Zoya stopped and asked them a
few questions just to let them realize that they were
talking to a pretty young and naked lady.

Whenever she wears a saree it is always with sleeveless
blouses and deep plunging necklines in front and at the
back. Not only this whenever she visits Salmans
parents she is always properly clothed in Salwar
Kameez. No wonder they are all praise for their pretty

A couple of years ago Salman began to fantasize about
having other men see her nude and began to obsess about
exposing and displaying her in public. Salman had
fantasized about her going to nude beaches and
stripping completely, showing off her lovely pussy and
ass and even posing for nude photographs. He was
however apprehensive whether she would ever agree to
any of that. But the fantasies continued anyway, and
expanded to include her being touched, fondled and even
made love to by other men.

A few months ago, he took a big risk and shared one of
his more mild fantasies with Zoya. He presented it in
the form of a story about another woman who’s husband
exposed her to other men – strangers, and that this
fictional woman became very excited with the exposure
and gradually started doing it to please her husband.
At first she was a little shocked at his story, but
then Salman noticed that she was becoming excited. He
expanded on the story and her excitement grew. Her
increased excitement drove him to greater fantasies and
ever more detailed stories. After telling the stories
they had fantastic love making sessions during which
she was absolutely wild. Her reaction led Salman to
conclude that someday he might be able to see his
fantasies come true.

Salman started to think about showing her off to his
best friend. Dileep and Salman had grown up together,
sharing many dates and wild experiences as young men.
He had been Salmans best man at their wedding, and he
approved wholeheartedly of Salmans marriage to Zoya.
In fact, perhaps Dileep too was in love with her, and
Salman believed that he was a little disappointed when
they were married since he often commented about what a
sexy lady she was, and how lucky Salman was to have
such a gorgeous creature. The fantasies Salman was
having were becoming wildly exciting and he decided to
enhance them by teasing Dileep with her charms.

One day, a couple of weeks ago, Dileep and Salman were
having a beer after work at the local watering hole.
When he opened his wallet and pulled out some money,
Salman ‘accidentally’ dropped a picture on the floor
next to him. It was a Polaroid of Zoya nude in the
shower – a side view showing the profile of her breasts
and perky chocolate-pink nipples very clearly. It had
been taken a few days earlier without her knowledge.
Salman pretended not to notice it fall, so Dileep
reached down and picked it up.

He stared at it until Salman said, “What’s that you’ve

Sheepishly, he handed it back to Salman who feigned
embarrassment, saying, “Oh, my God, If Zoya knew you
had seen this snap she’d die of shame. Please don’t
ever say anything about it. She doesn’t even know I
have it. ”

“Oh, of course not! I would never say anything about
it. But, can I please see it again – just for a minute.
He was almost begging. Salman held the picture in his
hands for a minute and then said, “Well, as long as
you’ve seen it anyway… ” and handed it back to him.

“She’s incredibly beautiful.”

“Yes, isn’t she? And, I feel so fortunate to have that
gorgeous body to go home to. You know, she’s a very
sexual woman. She’s quite different in bed from the
woman you think she is. Know what I mean?”

“Exactly how is she different? Dileep asked.

Salman started out by just talking to Dileep about
their sexual experiences, and he fell for the bait;
hook, line and sinker. Salman told him about how they
often played before sex and he asked Salman if Zoya got
really wet during foreplay. Salman described it to him
in detail, how she would often beg him to touch her a
certain way, and how powerful her climaxes were. It was
incredibly sexual talking for Salman to talk to his
best friend about his wife. In a way, it was just like
taking her clothes off and exposing her to him.

The conversation went on for several beers and a couple
of hours like this. He never grew tired of hearing
about Zoya. Every little detail seemed to excite him
even more. Salman could see by the way he was moving
around that he had a huge erection… and for that
matter so did Salman. It’s hard to describe how
powerfully sexual it was to describe every intimate
detail of his wife’s lovely body to another man –
especially a man who knew her so well.

Salman further told him what her nipples looked like
when she got excited, where they made love, what
position Zoya liked the best, how she liked to take his
cock into her mouth when it was soft and suck gently on
it until it got hard, how she screamed when she had a
particularly intense orgasm. He ate it up, listening
intently and asking questions to elicit more
information from Salman. And he loved every minute of

Then Salman showed him some more pictures of Zoya –
some were Polaroids and some were from his 35mm camera
where he’d used high speed color film. They showed her
nude body from a number of different angles. Some were
a little fuzzy but most were very clear and revealed
her lovely charms. All were taken without her
knowledge. Salman also led Dileep to believe that he
had many other, much more graphic photos – even though
it wasn’t true, at least not at that time.

Dileep loved the photos and commented that, “I only
wish that sometime I could see the real thing.”

“Are you serious? I mean, would you really like to see
my wife naked?”

Dileep nearly fell off the bar stool. The beers were
having an effect on both of us, and he exclaimed, “Wow,
would I?”

“Well, maybe your wish could come true. Maybe some
night I’ll have you over and we’ll see what we can do.
“Salman began the plan. Without her knowledge, he was
going to expose his wife nude to his best friend,

The next day, Dileep called and saId, “You know, last
night I was a little drunk, and If I said anything that
was out of line…”

“Of course not,” Salman interrupted. “In fact, I’ve
been thinking about our plan. Maybe we can work out
something this Friday night. Are you still game?”

“Are you serious? I mean, I thought you… Well, you
know, we had a lot of beers and…”

“I’m still in this, if you are.” Salman wasn’t about to
let him slip out of my fantasy at this point. He had
invested too much energy and thought.

“Well, sure!” He exclaimed. “God, who wouldn’t want to
see that body up close. She’s incredible.”

When Salman left for work on Friday, he told Zoya that
he wanted to have a special night with her.

“When I get home be bathed and perfumed – and put that
little black dress on – you know the one. I’ll be here
at 7 p. m. sharp. After work, he picked up some nice
wine, and a bouquet of flowers. When he arrived, dinner
was ready and Zoya greeted him at the door smelling
like an angel and looking like Jezebel. She was
tremendously sexy.

Through dinner, he kept her wine glass full and
complimented her frequently on how sexy she looked.
They touched and kissed often, their tongues probing
each others mouth and could feel the sexual tension

After dinner, they adjourned to the sofa for some heavy
petting. He removed her dress and played with her
breasts, sucking on her nipples until she was begging
to be fucked. She was getting as hot as a firecracker.
Finally, he picked her up and carried her into their
bedroom. She lay on the bed while he lighted some
candles and turned out the lights.

Salman lay next to her and whispered, “I’d like to try
something different. I’m going to blindfold you.”

She murmured a soft protest, but then assented with a
soft mewing sound, as he tied a black blindfold around
her eyes and checked it carefully.

“Now, I have another little surprise.” From my night
stand he took some velcro straps that he had prepared
and wrapped them, first around one wrist, after
adjusting her bangles and then the other. She began to
protest but he ignored her as he quickly attached her
wrists to the bedposts, pulling her arms apart as he
snugged them tightly onto the post.

Zoya started to protest, but Salman put a finger to her
lips, saying, “This isn’t all, my love. There’s more
coming. You are now in my power and I’m going to seduce
this lovely young princess. ”

She bought into the charade and responded with soft
moaning sounds. He then bound Zoya’s ankles after
sliding the dainty anklets to one side. At first she
resisted, but now was becoming turned on at the
prospect of a little kinky sex with her husband. He had
tied her up once before and she had become very aroused

Looking at his lovely wife as she lay spread-eagled and
blindfolded on their bed, totally nude with her breasts
jutting up except for her black lace thong panties,
Salman wondered if he really could go through with it.
Once Dileep had seen her like this he would always have
that picture in his mind whenever he wanted it.

But Salman knew he couldn’t miss this chance. He was
way too excited to stop. After nuzzling and caressing
Zoya a little he put a padded stereo headset on her
ears. She objected immediately. But with a little
talking about how he wanted all of her senses focused
on touch she finally relented.

“And,” he scolded her, “If you keep on protesting, I’m
going to put a gag in your mouth. I’m your Master. You
are my captive, my slave, and you must do everything I
tell you. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master.”

Salman almost came. This was too good to be true.
Better than he had ever hoped.

Tuning in to her favorite music station he set the
volume fairly strong. Then, he tested her ability to
hear him when he talked. She couldn’t hear a thing.
Then he turned the lights on bright, and pulling out
his cock stroked it a couple of times while gazing at
her and thinking about what would be happening in a few

By this time he was literally shaking with excitement.
Dileep, who lived only two blocks away at the time, was
waiting. Salman placed the call.

“Everything is all set. The front door is unlocked.
Come in quietly and wait in the living room for me.”

Less than two minutes later he heard the front door
open. (He must have flown down the street.) Salman put
his cock back in the trouser, left Zoya and met him in
the living room.

“Are you ready?”

He nodded eagerly, and after cautioning him to be very
quiet, Salman led him down the hall. With his heart
pounding he opened the door to their bedroom. Salman
watched Dileeps eyes as he got his first sight of his
erotically dressed and positioned wife. They both just
stared at her for a few long moments. He just could not
take his eyes off her breasts the nipples of which were
quite erect. Salman was still nervous even though he
knew well that she couldn’t possibly hear anything, but
still he whispered, “Watch me, watch how I do this. ”

Moving around to the side of the bed he lightly began
to stroke Zoya’s hip and then the top of her leg down
to her ankles. When he moved to the inside of her leg
she began to moan and writhe slightly. Dileep watched

Excited by the prospect of talking out loud about
Zoya’s body in the same room about her to his best
frIend, Salman asked in a normal voice, “If you could
do anything you wanted to her, what would it be?”

Astonished, he looked at Salman and after thinking for
a moment said, “Oh, that’s easy, I would I would like
to make love to her,” Salman told him to quit sugar
coating his language and say what he meant.

Realizing that it was turning me on, Dileep said, “I’d
like to fuck her really hard.”

Drunk with excitement Salman reached over, pushed her
short dress aside and openly stroked her cunt through
her panties. She responded immediately moved her hips
up to his fingers and moaned softly. Here was his
pretty wife, getting more and more sexually excited
while his best friend watched! It was a dream come

But you can do everything except fuck her, Salman
said to Dileep.

Then Dileep asked if he could touch her. Salmans chest
was pounding with excitement as Dileep slowly began
stroking her legs as Salman had done. When his hand was
a couple of inches away from her panties he looked up
at Salman. With a pounding heart Salman nodded for him
to go ahead. He watched, his heart in his throat, as
Dileeps hand reached Zoyas panties and lightly
stroked her well shaped pussy through them. She then
responded to his touch! Here was the same pussy that
was under that lovely wedding-day saree on their
wedding day being stroked by his best friend, with only
the thin fabric of her lace panties separating his
fingers from her now very wet pussy.

Salman touched his arm to get him to stop because he
wanted himself to be the one to give Dileep his first
glimpse of her pussy. Pushing the crotch of her panties
aside Salman exposed first one lip and then her full
pussy to Dileep.

He could now see the most private intimate part of his
wife’s body. For some weird reason Salman was almost
embarrassed for her because she was so very wet and
obviously in a state of extreme arousal – then it
became the most exciting thing he had ever experienced.
Almost losing control Salman untied her legs and pulled
off her panties and let Dileep drink in this picture of
her swollen pussy. She must have been very turned on by
being tied up the second time in her life because she
was extremely wet.

After pulling her panties the rest of the way off
Salman gave them to Dileep and told him that he could
keep them. He jumped at the sound of Salmans voice
until he remembered that she couldn’t hear anything.
After smelling her panties he stuffed them in his
pocket. Salman left her legs untied.

Now she was slowly opening and closing her legs and
trying to get some satisfaction. Salman got the video
camera and tripod from the closet and began to
videotape her like this. He told Dileep to get his cock
out and rub it on her leg. He again said that Dileep
should not fuck her, but he could do everything else.

Instead of just taking his cock out, he undressed
completely, dropping his clothes in a pile on the
floor. Dileeps cock was at a full erection sticking
straight out from his body. Salman noticed that he was
a bit larger than Salmans, but not all that different.
Salman told Dileep to put his cock in Zoyas tied hand.
This was very risky because she might note the

He moved to the head of the bed and slipped his cock
into her open and unexpecting hand. She immediately
grabbed it. Later Salman wondered why he did not think
that Zoya could have noticed the difference. It was
larger than Salmans and a quite different shape. When
she grabbed, she murmured, “Oh, you’re so hard!”

For Dileep’s part he just groaned “Oh, man-n-n-n…”
and started leaking precum. He rubbed it on her fingers
and pulled back so he wouldn’t cum. Somehow she didn’t
notice the difference and Salman breathed a sigh of
relief. Then became excited as Salman looked at his
wife’s hand with another man’s cum on her fingers.

Since only one of them could touch her at a time,
Salman motioned for Dileep to go ahead who took teased
the nipple of her right breast with his tongue. Zoya
squirmed with pleasure and wanted him to suck it but he
just kept alternating between one nipple and the other
deliberately teasing them till they were fully erect.
His right hand stroked her right leg from her knee up
until it reached her cunt. This was the moment Salman
had been waiting for. He watched and stroked his own
cock as his friends fingers first touched his wife’s
wet slit. She began bucking and he slipped first one,
then two fingers into her. He then took his slick, wet
fingers and put them in her mouth. She greedily sucked
her own pussy juice off my friend’s fIngers until he
put them back In her soaking wet pussy. All the while
her ears were closed and music was playing.

Salmans cock was very hard. Although he did not want
Dileep to fuck her he did want him to jerk off on her.
And also wanted to catch it on film.

Now Zoya was humping Dileep’s fingers for all she was
worth. From her sounds, Salman knew she was about to
cum and cum hard. He was jerking himself off with his
other hand. He told Dileep to cum on her face. Her eyes
were covered by the blindfold, but her mouth, chin and
neck were exposed.

At first, Dileep was holding himself about level with
her shoulders aimed at her face, but as his
masturbation picked up speed he pulled closer and
closer to her chin. Suddenly he stopped, thrust his
pelvis towards her until his cock head was less than an
inch from her chin and pointed up to her mouth. Dileep
groaned and then exploded on Zoya’s face. She jerked in
surprise, and then laughed. Her chin and lips were
literally painted with stripes of Dileep’s cum. As the
last spurts landed on her neck, Dileep gently slapped
his now softening cock on her lips. Zoya opened her
mouth and hungrily took his cock in, sucking eagerly on
it. He pulled back, afraid she would notice the
difference, and allowed her to suck only the head of
it. Salman was circumcised whereas Dileep was uncut and
had a long foreskin. He rolled it back with his hand
and thrust just the head of his cock into Zoyas eager
mouth. She was masterful at this and soon his cock
began to harden again. In a matter of minutes he was
back to full staff.

Zoya began opening and closing her legs. This, for her,
was a request to be fucked and she was moaning softly
to enhance the seduction. Salman watched almost in a
trance as Dileep repositioned himself between her legs
and began stroking his dick, leaning closer and closer
to her very wet pussy. Salman should have stopped him
at this point but he just sat on the edge of the bed,
powerless to even move.

Dileep began sliding his cock along the inside of her
thigh leaving a thin trail of wetness. Salmans mind
continued telling him to stop his friend. He even
motioned him to keep his cock away from her Zoyas
pussy but Dileep said that he would take care not to
fuck her. Salman just watched as the head of his cock
came into contact with the lips of her pussy. Now Zoya
was straining at her bindings and trying to bring the
head of his cock more into contact with her cunt.

As Salman watched, Dileep spread her cunt lips wide
with his thumbs. Then he began rubbing the head of cock
up and down her wide open slit without actually going
inside of her. Zoya for her part began humping his cock
trying to get it inside.

Both Dileep and Zoya moaned. Dileep tried to remain
still, but he just didn’t have the will power to pull
out, and Zoya used that three inches to begin fucking
him. Salman watched in horror and excitement as Dileep
gave in and began fucking her back. Dileep looked up at
Salman and said, “I’m sorry I really am, but her pussy
is so wet and so open! I can’t stop!”

Salman was aghast. Taking Salmans silence as
permission, Dileep began fucking her harder and harder.
He untied her ankles and folded her legs upto her
armpits. He then kept the soles of her bare feet on his
shoulders and started fucking her. He was really
pounding into her, much harder than the way Salman
usually fucked her, and she was loving it. He was
driving into her with so much energy that Salman was
afraid that the headphones might come off. He would
withdraw his cock fully leaving just the head inside
Zoyas pussy and then shove it right in upto the hilt
till it was difficult to differentiate between their
pubic hair. The motion was such that their pubic bones
made a clapping noise each time he thrust his cock into
her cunt. Zoya’s hands were tied and her breasts were
bobbing up and down with each thrust. It was a unique
sight. The pink lips of her pussy being pried open by
his cock and then those lips holding the cock in a
vicelike grip till he withdrew and whammed it in again.
It was now that Dileep started squeezing her breasts,
playing with her nipples and finally sucking them.

Salman moved the tripod with the camera into a better
position to capture his cock plunging into his wifes
pussy. Then Salman also removed his clothes and sat
back on the bed and began stroking his cock as he
watched this incredible scene.

Salman knew this couldn’t last very long and suddenly
Dileep groaned and, driving hard into her with all of
his strength, he came deep inside of her. It was so
very exciting to Salman and as he was stroking his
cock, he too came at the same time. It was an
incredible experience. Salman just couldn’t believe it
his friend Dileep was cumming inside the pretty pussy
of his wife, and that too right in front of his eyes!

Suddenly, Salman realized that Dileep didn’t have a
condom on, and Zoya didn’t take birth control pills
because they made her sick! She depended on Salman for
birth control. Oh, shit! That too should have made him
stop Dileep then and there from fucking Zoya. Now what
if she becomes pregnant!

Meanwhile, Zoya was twisting and squirming, wanting
more. Dileep’s cock was still inside her and he just
lay there. As she squirmed he began to get hard again,
and soon he started fucking her again. Dileep also
sucked her pretty toes and played with her anklets.
This time, they fucked hard for a long time until Zoya
began to cum and cum hard!

Dileep exclaimed to Salman, “It feels like her pussy is
milking my cock!” Salman knew exactly what he was
talking about. When Zoya was really turned on she could
grab his or any cock with her cunt. It was like a
little hand down in there grabbing your dick. He
watched his wife have the most intense orgasm he had
ever seen her have with his friends cock shoved up in
her. Her climax lasted and lasted and finally he could
see that Dileep was coming again. Her pussy was
certainly full. He was spent and this time they just
lay there together, breathing hard. Finally, he pulled
out and backed away from his friends lovely wife.

He gave Salman a big bear hug, and said, “Thank you my
very dear friend, for the most wonderful night of my
life. ” Then he quietly gathered his clothes and left.

Salman looked at his lovely wife lying there, and his
cock came into action. As he heard the front door open
and close, he mounted her and slipped his cock into her
very full pussy. They fucked very slowly for a long
time until they both built into an incredible climax.
Afterwards, Salman washed and dried her and then, after
putting the camera and tripod away and with all the
lights turned off again, he removed her blindfold,
earphones and untied her arms. She wrapped her arms
around him and cried softly into her husbands neck.

“That was a very wonderful night of fucking. I’ll
remember that forever!” Then she turned over and
promptly went into a very deep sleep.

Salman lay awake for a long time thinking about what
had happened and whether or not he should ever tell her
what happened. However, he agonized over it for a week,
and had just about decided that the only honorable
thing he could do would be to tell her. He was sure
that she would be angry, but since she was broadminded
he hoped that she would understand. Who knows? He just
had to find the right time.

Since that night, Salman must have watched that video
twenty times. Dileep has asked to see it too, and plans
are being made by both of them to get together some
evening soon to relive that wonderful night.

Last night, Salman and Zoya were petting and about to
make love, when she pushed him over on his back and
slid down between his legs. She took his cock in her
mouth and began to give him a wonderful blowjob.
Usually, when he used to come, she used to pull his
cock out and finish his climax with her hand. This
time, however, she swallowed every drop. Afterwards,
when they were lying there with her face cuddled under
his chin, she remarked, “You taste very different from
Dileep, did you know that?”

Salmans heart pounded; he was speechless! After a few
minutes, he asked, “What gave us away?”

Zoya smiled. “The first hint was that his cock is
shaped different… It’s a little bigger, too, but it
was the shape that confused me. When it was in my hand,
I just thought you had a different erection, but when I
was able to get it into my mouth I knew something was
wrong. The head is larger, and he tasted very
different. My first reaction was total panic coz I was
absolutely nude, but then I realized that this was
something that you had planned carefully, and must have
wanted very badly so, after getting my fears under
control, I finally decided to go along. In any case
there was nothing much I could have done. I was naked
and tied, with my pussy jutting out. It was good that I
was not fucked right away. When I took the cock in my
mouth I knew that it was not you and it gave me time to
prepare myself for sex with somebody else. I had no
idea who the other man was, but he was being gentle
and… well, it felt good. When he was getting into the
position between my legs to fuck me, it just didn’t
feel the same.. You know, you and I, we just fit
together so well. Another man? Well he’s different. You
have a certain way of getting on and getting off. He
was a little clumsy.

But the real giveaway was when he started fucking me.
The radio was a good idea, and I couldn’t hear
anything, but at one point, the station took a pause
between songs, and during that quiet period, I heard
him say something about being sorry, that he just
couldn’t stop. I immediately recognized Dileep’s voice.
At first I was embarrassed that it was him – somebody I
knew, but then I thought about it and was flattered and
delighted that he would want me. Then he started
fucking me very hard, and by then it felt so good, I
didn’t want it to stop. Also, I was very excited about
the thought of you watching us. ”

“It was a wonderful night. Thank you. There is one
small problem though. He wasn’t wearing a condom and…
well, I think I might be pregnant…. Zoya sounded

‘Are you serious?’ Salman was appalled. This was
something that he was most apprehensive about.

She nodded solemnly and after what seemed to be an
eternity to Salman, she laughed. ‘No. I was just
pulling your leg. But don’t you think it is risky if
you invite any of your friends to fuck me when I am
thinking that it is you whose cock is inside me. This
time I did not get pregnant but next time suppose I do.
What will I tell the world? That I am carrying Dileeps
baby? All this should be done only during my safe days
or when I am taking pills. By the way why did you not
ask Dileep to wear a condom?

‘I—well, It just did not cross my mind.’

Be careful next time. It Is so typical of you to be
careless. All men are. Imagine, letting your wife be
fucked without ensuring that the man is wearing a
condom. You must be the only one to be so careless.
‘she said in mock anger. Not only pregnancy there are
a number of other diseases that have to be taken care
of. We know Dileep so that is not a problem but,
darling, please be careful next time. By the way, don’t
let Dileep know that I know that it was he who fucked
me. What do you say?”


“No particular reason. It Is just that I’ll feel shy
and odd.”

“Shy! After he has fucked you!”

“Come on now. He still thinks that I was letting my
hubby fuck me. You are very sweet. Unlike chauvinists
who get all uptight if somebody sees their wife’s tits
although they are dying to screw other’s wives. You are
really a darling. Broad minded in the true sense of the
term. But give me some time. I’ll let you know when to
tell him. And I still don’t know how Sunita, his wife
will react when she comes to know that Dileep has
fucked me. And what about you, you naughty stud. Whose
wife have you been fucking lately?”


Okay. Tell me whenever you feel like” And she planted
a kiss on Salmans lips gradually working her way down
to his fly, unzipping it, taking his flaccid penis out,
taking it in her warm mouth and started sucking it till
it was rock hard.

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A husband blindfolds a wife and lets a friend have some fun