A man is drawn to a house after a sexual encounter

A man is drawn to a house after a sexual encounter

I waited. I didn’t think anyone would actually come,
but soon a light come on through the windows next to
the door. A curtain rustled briefly. Then after a few
seconds I heard the front door unlocking. I guess when
he or she saw me they must have assumed I was safe
enough. The porch light came on and the door opened.

My mouth fell open and I felt the blood drain from my
face. This woman could have been the twin of Talia.
Only older… She must have seen the look on my face.
“You saw her, didn’t you?” I tried to find the words
but all I could say was, “Talia?”

She gasped. Grabbing my hand she pulled me in the
house locking the door behind us. She shut off all the
lights and dragged me upstairs.

We went into a room [her bedroom?] and she locked the
door. “My mother’s asleep. She takes sleeping pills.”
I looked around and found pictures of 2 girls that
looked just like Talia. Some the girls were younger.
“Talia is – was – my twin sister. She died a few
minutes after midnight… 30 years ago.

“My sister had a lot of emotional issues, things
doctors hardly knew anything about back then. At least
around here. We told each other everything. Confided
in each other. She never dated, never had a boyfriend,
she had this worry she would die a virgin. I told her
that was silly to think that but she honestly believed

“As the days passed, her certainty grew and grew. A
few days before Halloween she was excited. A boy asked
her out on a date. She washed her hair and styled it,
put on her best tan blouse and brown skirt and waited.
He never came.

“I found out later it was just a joke played on Talia.
By then it was too late… When she realized he wasn’t
coming she broke down in tears and ran up to her room
locking herself in. She wouldn’t come out. The next
day either. Mom said let her be. By the third day I
was so worried and dad came home from a business trip,
got the door open but she was already dead. The
medical examiner said she had been dead a day. Natural
causes he said. My sister had lost the will to

She looked like she was about to cry. She was wringing
that sash of her robe. I didn’t know what to do. She
looked up at me and smiled. “What’s your name?”

I told her.

“Eddie, I’m Layla. There’s a little more to the story.
For years people had claimed they’d seen the ghost of
my sister wondering the cemetery after midnight on
Halloween. I wouldn’t have known what to say to her so
I never went to see for myself…

“As the years went by if anyone saw her they had to be
people that didn’t know her because we didn’t hear the
stories anymore. You’re the first in 20 years. I want
to know how you found the house but I want all the
details. Tell me exactly what happened.”

I felt my face get hot and I swallowed hard. From the
look on her face, I had the feeling Layla knew what

I told about the church bell tolling midnight, the
fog, almost running into Talia, what she wore, what
she said, getting lost in the fog, letting her wear my
jacket because she was cold, her stopping and…

I felt my face grow hotter. “Go on,” Layla smiled. “I
really need to know.”

I told her in intimate detail what Talia did to me,
what I did to her, the positions we made love in [I
noticed Layla squirm at that], how when I came in
Talia what she said and did before I black out. Coming
to alone, the fog gone, the air warm, finding her
panties with her name in them on top of the tomb
stone, getting the address from information, and
finally coming here.

Layla was crying now. But they were happy tears.

She smiled, stood up from sitting on her bed and said,
“I promised myself when Talia died a virgin I’d never
have sex. I had been saving myself for marriage
already, but I never married and I kept my promise.”

I don’t know why I did it but I pulled Talia panties
out of my pocket and showed them to Layla.

She threw herself into my arms and hugged me. “Thank
you!” She said. “Not for me, for Talia. Thank you…”

Then something happened. I felt a sense of deja vu as
my cock got hard as Layla hugged me. Twice in one
night. And I knew for a certainty it was going to
happen again… Layla felt my hard on. She looked up
at me, smiling, and rubbed her crotch against mine.

“It seems fitting to me…” She stepped back and
slipped out of her robe. Layla had on a silk bra and
panties underneath. She undid my jeans and my cock
popped out. She stroked it a few times before she
undressed me. I kicked off my sneakers so she could
get my jeans off.

I helped Layla out of her bra as she slid off her
panties. Her body was identical to Talia’s – her face
looked somewhat older, but it was as if her body
hadn’t aged. Layla rubbed her bush and grinned.
“Sorry. Since I wasn’t having sex I didn’t see a need
to shave it.” I moved her hand and touched her
dripping pussy. “I LOVE hairy pussy, Layla.” She
giggled and pulled me to the bed. She fell back and I
landed on top of her. Layla spread her legs and took
hold of my cock.

“I’m not Talia,” She said. “I don’t need you to make
love to me…” I already knew Layla was the get fucked
type. She guided my cock like a horse to a well and
slid it in. Layla was as tight and wet and Talia. But
very warm. I slid forward and found her cherry.

I started fucking her hard up to it. Layla was gasping
and groaning. When she came I slammed my coal through
her cherry and fucked her harder. She came about a
dozen times before I shot my load into her womb. Still
hard, I rolled over until Layla was on top. She
grinned and rode me hard. I sat up and sucked on her
nipples back and forth.

Layla came about 20 times before I shot my second
load. We laid there kissing for a while as I kneaded
her big tits. Then Layla got on her hands and knees. I
got behind her a stuck my cock back in her pussy. I
squeezed her tits making Layla squeal. I fucked her
hard and rough then I’d slow down and tease her. Layla
would then beg me to give it to her hard. I made this
fuck last longest, at least 30 minutes.

We were covered in sweat by the time I shot my third
load in Layla. I rolled off of her and she curled up
against me as we fell asleep.


When I woke up I wondered where I was. Then I
remembered. I opened my eyes. Layla was still there.
She was smiling at me. “Hey, stud,” She said with a
kiss. “You were amazing last night… You made me feel
so good, so alive…” I smiled and kissed her.

Layla got up and threw on her robe. “Go take a shower
while I make breakfast. Mom won’t be up for a while.”
Layla showed me where the bathroom was and I took a
quick shower. I went down and we ate breakfast

She was about to take her shower and said she’d give
me a ride after. “You already gave me a ride,” I
winked. “Several.”

Layla laughed and playfully punched me in the arm. I
told her I’d walk. I added I hoped to see her again if
she didn’t think I was too young for her. She smiled.
“I don’t care what age I is.” Layla took my number, I
kissed her and left. I had one more place to go…


It was gloomy out this morning as I made my way back
to the cemetery. I knew exactly where I was going.
Once I entered I went right back to the tomb stone
Talia had stopped in front of. Folded neatly in front
of it was my varsity jacket. I read the inscription:
TALIA MARIE FIELDS 1962-1980 There was an epitaph but
what caught my eye was writing that looked like it was
carved in with a knife. Or finger nails… A WOMAN NOW
it said.

An ice cold breeze blew through the cemetery and the
wolf howled again as last night. The sky grew darker.
I picked up my jacket and stood up, expecting Talia to
be standing behind the tomb stone… Nothing. I looked
around but there was no sign of her. I left the
cemetery and the sky brightened. The sun soon came out
and the temperature rose.

I got home and no one seemed surprised I was just
coming in. I went straight to my room. I opened the
door and Talia’s panties were on my bed! I locked the
door quickly. I picked them up amazed. I’d left them
in Layla’s bedroom…

“They’re yours now…” I whirled around. Talia stood
there smiling at me. “As am I, Eddie…” I pulled her
to me and hugged her. “Eddie, I want to have more sex
with you. And I want to try oral and anal sex, too.”

I blushed. “Can anyone-”

“Hear me?” She finished.

“No. When we’re together no one will hear anything we
say or do.” I grinned and undressed. Talia did the
same. Her body was so perfect. She reached out and
stroked my cock. I moaned.

She let go and bent over leaning on my bed. I entered
her tight, hot, wet pussy from behind. He both moaned
in unison. I sank my cock in deep. I moved in and out
of Talia slowly. She moved her butt back to meet my
thrusts. She started having her first orgasm when
something occurred to me.

As her orgasm subsided I pulled out and went to my
night stand. I got out a jar of Vaseline and went back
to Talia. I slid my cock back into her pussy and I
opened the jar, took out some of the jelly and smeared
it into Talia’s butt hole. She moaned then giggled. I
fingered the jelly into her butt hole.

I slid I second finger up her butt and fingered her
slowly. I pulled my fingers out and my cock out and
guided it into her even tighter butt. Talia groaned. I
slowly filled her butt with my throbbing cock and
began pumping in and out of her. Talia’s moans grew
louder. She stiffened and I felt my balls get wet. Her
pussy was squirting! It squirted about 4 more times. I
kept pumping her butt and Talia started to giggle.
“That was weird. But fun.”

I made her cum another 5 times – with a second
squirting episode which made her giggle once more –
before I filled her butt with my jizz. I pulled out
and lay on my bed. Talia crawled forward. “Can I try
oral sex now?” “You don’t have-” My cock was already
in her mouth, and she sucked my cock clean. I stayed
hard and she kept sucking me until I came in her mouth
some 10 minutes later. We spent the rest of the day
fucking and sucking [I had no classes that day].

As we lay in bed exhausted that night [I’m glad Talia
had her limits, too] she turned to me and said, “I
don’t own you. I want you to keep having sex with
other women.” Before I could reply that I didn’t want
to be with anyone else, Talia added, “Especially
Layla. You made her happy. You made us both happy.
Fuck Layla good.”

I realized I did want to fuck Layla but no one else.
The next evening I went to see Layla. We went right to
her room.

Talia materialized and the twins hugged and cried. The
3 of us undressed and while I fucked Layla, Layla ate
her twin’s pussy. I had sex with both of them and
Talia ate her sister’s pussy, too.

The next few weeks I got busy at college and Layla was
busy at work so we couldn’t meet. I got the call
before Thanksgiving. Layla was pregnant. With TWINS.
[I teased Talia about it, asked her if she had
something to do with it; she said she doesn’t have
that kind of power].

I moved in with Layla and her mom and Talia

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A man is drawn to a house after a sexual encounter