A New Kind of Lesson by starrynight

A New Kind of Lesson
by starrynight

A New Kind of Lesson

An original story by Starrynight


I stepped over to the front door as quietly as I could and inserted the key into the lock. It was almost six o’clock in the morning on a Sunday, and my sister was right behind me. We were still slightly buzzed, and I had to steady myself before turning the key and opening the door. I tiptoed into the house, the early morning light shining in through the windows. We walked in, quiet as mice, and gently closed the door behind us. I felt a small sense of victory at the still silence of the house, telling me we managed to sneak out and not get caught.

“I’m gonna go get a drink of water before I go to bed” I whispered to my sister who nodded in agreement, and we continued towards the kitchen. We crossed the living and dining rooms before we stepped into the kitchen.

“Good morning kids” my mom said, nearly giving me a heart attack, and gave us a stern look. She was sitting at the table in her purple robe drinking a cup of coffee, her dyed red hair in a loose ponytail. Mia and I knew we were done for.

“Hey mom” I managed to say, trying to sound sober. My mother got up and gave my sister an I a look of disappointment and anger.

“Are you drunk?” she asked and took a step towards us. She could smell the alcohol on us and though its affect mostly wore off and we could think straight, we were both still slightly tipsy.

“No, not really” my sister said next to me and I wished she would have kept her mouth shut.

“Oh, is that right?” my mom asked, the anger creeping into her voice. “And do you mind telling me where you were?” she asked.

“At a party” I confessed and looked down at the floor, trying to escape my mother’s piercing gaze.

“And were you drinking at this party?” she asked, already knowing the answer.

“Yes” we both admitted shamefully.

“So, let me get this straight,” mom started saying while trying to keep her cool “you two sneaked out of the house, while you were grounded, went to a party and got drunk. And you did all this hoping you wouldn’t get caught?” she asked rhetorically, her tone raising towards the end in furry. We didn’t answer her, I just kept quiet and looked down.

“Well?” she asked louder.

“We’re sorry” my sister said from beside me. In truth we weren’t that sorry. It was one of Mike Allen’s legendary parties and there was no way we were going to miss it, even if we were grounded.

“You’re sorry?” my mother said sounding incredulous “I’ve had it with you two. No matter what I do, you keep causing trouble” she said, and she was right. Both my sister and I were quite the trouble makers. We were currently grounded for throwing a party while our parents were out of town. They caught us only because one of the neighbors called them to complain about the noise. Besides that, we would constantly break our curfew, fight amongst ourselves and skip school.

My sister and I were in the same grade, me being older than her by only two months. If the math doesn’t add up to you, you’re right. I was adopted when I was a month old and my mom, dad and sister were all the family I knew. As a psychology major, I could argue that my being adopted is part of what drove me to cause trouble, but I would often skip psychology class, so I could very well be wrong.

“Follow me” my mother said and walked over to the living room, leaving her coffee on the table, my sister and I obediently following her. “I guess that grounding you wasn’t enough to keep you in the house, so maybe this will.” she said and gave us a look that scared me. “Take your clothes off” she ordered in a firm voice.

“What?” I called back surprised, I was sure she was kidding.

“You heard me, take your clothes off, both of you!” she said again and gave us a serious look.

“No” I said scared and looked at my mom, not believing she was serious.

“William Bradley Banks, you take your clothes off, or so help me god…” mom said raising her voice and I started removing my shirt frightened. “You too young lady” she said to my sister who obeyed quietly.

Mom watched as I pulled off my black shirt to reveal my scrawny upper body. I continued by removing my sneakers, socks and jeans, piling my clothes on the floor. Next to me, my sister was also stripping. She removed her tight red blouse, brown sandals and tight black jeans. Within a minute we were standing in front of our mother in just our underwear, me in a pair of tight black boxers and my sister in a beige bra and pink panties, her long auburn flowing down her back.

“I meant all your clothes” mom said coldly.

“Mom, we’re really sorry,” I said with a pleading look, “we’ll never do it again and we’ll do whatever you ask in the house” I said almost begging. I had no idea what came over mom and dreaded the thought of her and my sister seeing me naked. I prayed that she would change her mind.

“I really hope you never do it again, but you’re still going to remove the rest of your clothes. You might be less inclined to sneak out of the house if you have no clothes on” she said and looked at us urgingly.

I gulped and looked at my sister who was looking at me back with moist eyes. There was no getting away and I knew we had no choice. I closed my eyes and slowly pulled my boxers down, revealing my limp 5-inch penis and thin dark pubic hair to my mother and sister. I was more of a grower than a shower, and my mother and sister looking at my unimpressive limp member was the most humiliating moment of my life. It was even more humiliating than the 17 seconds I lasted when I lost my virginity to Katy Becker.

“Mia Banks, do you need a hand-written invitation?” my mom asked her angrily “You too, take your clothes off” she said and looked at her daughter as she stripped. Mia was bright red as she fumbled behind her back and unclasped her bra. She removed it and exposed her budding breasts. They were a solid B cup, with red medium sized areolas and small nipples. She placed her bra on the floor together with the rest of her clothes, then placed her fingers inside the waistband of her panties and shyly pulled them down along her pale skinny legs. She had thin slightly spread labia, allowing a glimpse of her bright red vagina, and her pubic mound was surprisingly covered with a meticulously trimmed triangle of brown hair.

I placed a hand to cover my genitals while my sister was getting undressed, and after she took her panties off, she looked over at me and did the same, placing a hand over her vulva and using the other one to cover her tits.

“Did I say you can cover yourselves up?” mom asked angrily “move your hands away” she ordered, and we obliged, exposing our nude bodies to our mother and to each other. “Good, now for the next week, you’re going to be staying like this as long as you’re in the house” she said.

“A week?” Mia squeaked “But what about dad?”

“What about your father?” mom asked playing it dumb.

“I can’t let him see me naked” she said alarmed.

“You should have thought of that before you snuck out” mom said without any sympathy. “Naturally you will get dressed for school, but you’ll be coming back home straight after school, and the second you get home you take your clothes off. Am I clear?” she asked and we both nodded helplessly.

“What if you have people over?” Mia asked cautiously.

“Either they will see you naked or stay in rooms” mom said and I kept quiet. “Now get to bed, you look tired” mom added and headed back to the kitchen while my sister and I quickly made our way to our rooms, careful not to look at each other as we did.

I woke up six hours later. My bladder was about to burst, and I was starving. I got out of bed, slipped out of my room and made my way over to the bathroom. Just as I got to it, the door opened, and my sister walked out. She was, of course, naked and looked at me embarrassed as I looked back at her petite 5-foot frame, her exposed lady parts making me uncomfortable.

“I can’t believe mom is making us do this” she said embarrassed after she quickly covered herself with her hands.

“Yeah, this so messed up” I agreed and placed both hands to cover my penis. The thought of my mom, sister and dad seeing me naked for the next seven days was intolerable. My sister continued to her room and I entered the bathroom, getting an involuntary glimpse of her skinny ass as I closed the bathroom door to relieve myself.

I went downstairs, thankful that the living room was empty, and walked into the empty kitchen. I was starving and grabbed the bread when I heard footsteps behind me. I nervously turned around and saw it was my sister.

“You want some toast?” I asked her, turning only my head so she wouldn’t see my penis.

“Sure” she said and instinctively covered herself up again. “I’ll get the plates” she added and started setting the table while I grabbed some stuff out of the fridge. We were careful no to look at each other as we sat down to eat. It was clear we could not continue covering ourselves at the table, and although our lower body was concealed, Mia’s perky breasts were completely visible. I tried no to look at them as she grabbed a toast, spread some peanut butter on it and began eating.

We started eating in awkward silence when we heard a car pull into the driveway. A few seconds later, the door to our parents’ bedroom opened and our dad walked into the kitchen. The look on his face was one of pure shock, and he couldn’t bring himself to speak as he looked at Mia and me, her teenage breasts visible until she put her toast down and quickly covered them with her hands.

“I’m home” mom yelled as she entered the house and closed the door behind her.

“Why are you two naked?” dad finally managed to ask and looked as embarrassed as we were.

“Ask mom” I said blaming, just as she walked into the kitchen, her hands filled with shopping and grocery bags.

Dad looked at mom as she put the groceries down and stared at her waiting for an explanation. “Michelle, why are our children naked?” dad asked still shocked.

“Well, these two snuck out last night, while they were grounded in case you forgot, and went to a party where they drank. I caught them trying to sneak back in this morning.” She said, and dad looked at her, still not understanding what that had to do with why we were naked. “I thought this would teach them a lesson, and that they would be far less likely to sneak out without clothes on.” She said and started putting the groceries away.

“Can I talk to you in our room?” dad asked mom who nodded. She followed him, and we could hear distant murmurs as they talked. A few minutes later, just as Mia and I were cleaning up, mom and dad walked out of their rooms and back into the kitchen. Mom continued putting the groceries away and dad just stood there watching us as I put things away and Mia washed the dishes.

Mia and I finished cleaning up as fast as we could, trying to cover our intimate parts as best we could until we finished and rushed back to our rooms.

I stayed in my room for the rest of the day and I’m pretty sure Mia did too. When my friends called me or texted to hang out, I just told them I was grounded. I did not want to share the humiliating punishment my mother was putting me through. I spent most of my time on my computer and phone.

“Kids dinner!” I heard my mom call out a couple hours later. I was not looking forward to spending a meal naked, but I was getting hungry. I heard my sister open her bedroom door and made myself do the same. I saw her covering herself as she passed by my room, and I did the same as we climbed down the stairs.

“Kids, what did I say about covering yourselves” mom said as we entered the dinning room. She and dad were already sitting around the table, and they both looked at my sister and me as we reluctantly moved our hands away and blushed, me exposing my limp cock, and my sister revealing her young breasts and trimmed pussy to our parents’ eyes.

Mom and dad talked amongst themselves as my sister and I sat there eating in silence. I was somewhat relieved that the table was hiding my manhood, but my sister didn’t have such luck. With her titties displayed for all to see, she kept looking nervous throughout dinner.

After we finished eating, Mia and I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. We ran up to our rooms where I finished my homework then took a quick shower before going to sleep.

I never thought I would be happy to get dressed as the following day I put on my school uniform. I walked down to grab something to eat and was joined a few minutes later by my sister in her girl’s uniform. Even though it was only a day, it was strange to see her dressed.

For the first time in my life, I was hoping school would last and I would not have to return home. I enjoyed hanging out with my friends and even being in class, dreading the humiliating moment when I would have to take my clothes off at home.

This continued throughout the first days of the week. School suddenly felt like a haven and I hated going back home. Each day my sister and I would return home, mom would give us a look and we would go to our rooms to get undressed. I would stay in my room for as long as I could and would leave it as least as possible. I especially dreaded the shameful parade before dinner, when my father and mother would stare at our bare bodies as we took our place around the table, mom reminding us she did not allow us to cover our shame if we did.

By Wednesday I was going crazy in my room. I was so bored that I just lay on my bed day dreaming. After a few hours of doing nothing, I realized that the weekly episode of my favorite show was about to start in a few minutes, but there was a catch, the TV was in the living room. I knew dad wouldn’t be home for another two hours at least, but mom was home. I thought it over, considering if the embarrassment of being naked around mom was worth it. In the end I decided it was.

I opened my bedroom door and climbed downstairs. When I reached the living room, to my surprise, Mia was there watching some stupid girl’s show on TV. Mom was not there.

“What are doing here?” Mia asked me and instantly covered herself, putting the remote down.

“My show is about to start,” I told her “can I watch it?” I asked nicely.

“No, I’m watching TV now” she said firmly and returned her gaze to the TV.

“Come on” I said and took a seat next to her on the sofa, keeping my distance from her. I looked at what she was watching, and I was pretty sure she was just watching some rerun of whatever that was. “Didn’t you already see this?” I asked her.

“Yeah, so?” she said, getting on my nervous.

“Fuck this, I’m watching my show” I said and made a grab for the remote. I managed to take it and pull it away, switching to my show just as it was starting.

“What the hell are you doing?” Mia asked me in a shrill voice.

“Watching my show” I said, making sure to keep the remote away from her.

“The hell you are,” she said angrily “switch it back” she ordered me.

“No” I retorted amused.

“Switch it back you tiny cocked asshole” my sister yelled at me furious and hit a nerve. I knew I wasn’t huge, but when I was hard I was not tiny. I thought of someway I could insult my sister back regarding her appearance, but nothing good enough came to mind.

“Yeah, well at least no one broke up with me because he felt, and I quote ‘he was fucking a corpse'” I said with air quotes.

“What?” she yelled, her face red with anger and embarrassment “where did you hear that?” she asked.

“I don’t know” I said innocently, glad I got to her, “that’s the rumor around school” I added, the expression on her face priceless.

“That is so not true” she said back haughtily “I’m the one who broke up with Matt” she added in anger.

“Ok sis, whatever you say” I said sounding like I didn’t believe her, but in truth I knew she broke up with him. The rumor I said that was going around school, was actually something some other guy said about his ex-girlfriend and had nothing to do with Mia, but I thought it would hurt her and it worked. For the next minute we started screaming and cursing each other.

“What is going on here?” mom screamed looking at us fighting on the couch. We didn’t even hear her entering the living room.

“Will stole the remote while I was watching TV” Mia cried to mommy who switched her gaze between the two of us.

“I asked nicely if I can watch my show, but she said no just to spite me, she was watching reruns” I said trying to justify myself to mom. I was so mad at my sister. “Why does she have to be such a fucking cunt?” I said angrily, and mom’s eyes went wide.

“What did you just call your sister?” mom asked raising her voice.

“I called her a fucking cunt!” I said louder, I was so angry at her and wasn’t afraid of what mom was going to do, I was already grounded and naked.

“Get up!” mom yelled but I stayed sitting. “Get up!” she said again firmer, and I obeyed. She grabbed my hand and pulled me closer to my sister. “On your knees” she said, and I quietly complied, getting on my knees in front of my sister’s legs and not understanding what she was getting at.

Mia folded her legs and pulled them into her chest, hugging them as I got on my knees by her feet. She gave me a teasing look that said, now your going to get it.

“I’ll show you what a cunt is” mom said furious and stood next to me looking at Mia and me. “Mia, what did I say about covering yourself up” she yelled at her too and my sister unfolded her legs, placing her feet on the floor in front of me. “Now spread your legs” mom said to Mia.

“What?” Mia asked shocked, the victorious look on her face quickly fading as she looked up at mom.

“Spread your legs” mom repeated slowly and gave her a harsh look as she complied, pulling her legs apart and exposing her vagina to me. “Now Will, you’re going to lick your sister’s CUNT” she said with an emphasis on the last word.

“Eeww no way mom, that’s so gross” I said, the disgust visible on my face.

“So is using that word” mom said. She grabbed the back of my head and slowly pushed it down between my sister’s legs until my face was pressed against her vulva, my nose touching her pubic hair. “Start licking” my mother commanded after she let go of my head. I didn’t have much of a choice, so I stuck my tongue out and put the tip on my sister’s slit. My action repulsed me, but mom made it clear I had no choice and so I started running my tongue up and down her slit.

“Oh god mom, this is so sick” Mia said as the tip of my tongue brushed along her labia.

“Maybe this will finally teach you lesson, and you’ll learn to get along together better” mom said still looking down at us. I could smell my sister’s nauseating aroma as I kept running my tongue along her folds to my growing repulsion. My sister let out sounds of disgust while I was down there for about a minute, then I stopped and looked up at my mom.

“Is that enough?” I asked mom who looked down at me.

“Not even close,” she said “you’re going to eat your sister’s pussy until you she cums.” mom continued, and I felt sick to my stomach “you will keep going all night if you have to.” She said. I looked up at her to see if there was any chance she might take it back, but she was dead serious.

“Oh god” Mia said, her face full of disgust and looked at me as I turned my attention back to her pussy. My sister flinched when I pulled her closer to the edge of the sofa. I placed my hands on her upper thighs and pushed my head back between them, sticking my tongue out until it contacted her soft vagina. I thought the most humiliating thing that would ever happen to me was having to get naked next to my mom and sister, but it turned out I was wrong. Being on my knees naked and eating my sister’s pussy while my mom watched was so much worse.

I ran my tongue along my sister’s cunt while she looked at me in disgust for a few seconds, knowing I would have to take this further if I needed to make her cum. I’ve gone down on my ex a few times and knew my way around, but knowing that this was my sister, and knowing that she was disgusted by this as much as I was, made it difficult. I kept running my tongue along her outer folds, getting used the feel of her skin on my tongue before I mustered up the will power to continue. I brought my hands all the way up her thighs then placed my thumbs on her labia. I started rubbing her lips while I kept licking gently, then used them to spread her pinks petals and shove my tongue into my sister’s nasty snatch.

“Oh god, what are doing?” Mia let out in disgust as I pushed my tongue into her pussy. I could taste her tangy flavors on my tongue and realized that her pussy tasted very much like ex’s. It was just the knowledge that it was my sister that caused it to feel gross. I was surprised to find her hole wet, and started eating her out like I meant it, knowing mom would not let me stop until I made her cum.

I spread my sister’s pussy even more and started snaking my tongue around her forbidden hole. Mia kept letting out sounds of disgust, but occasionally, I noticed something that sounded more like a moan escaping her lips. As I explored my sister’s twat with my tongue, I noticed it was getting wetter and wetter. Her juices began to trickle out of her while I kept eating her out. Despite the disgust I was feeling about what I was doing, I could feel my cock getting hard. The pheromones her body was omitting were stronger than any feeling I might have, and I was sickened with myself for starting to get turned on, the taste of my sister’s pussy becoming less and less gross as I continued to eat her cunt.

I found myself licking my sister’s pussy more intently as my cock got hard. I moved my tongue to her now engorged clit and began to lick it as she fought the urge to moan. I moved my tongue back down to her vagina and licked it with a new-found hunger. I slid my right hand over to her pussy, and while still licking her, I pushed a finger into her sopping hole. As hard as she tried to stop herself, Mia couldn’t help but moan with real pleasure as I began fingering her, probing her intimate hole with my finger while licking her. I sped up the pace I was fingering her and moved my tongue up to her clit as she started moaning uncontrollably. I flicked her clit with my tongue, licking around it while still violating her hole with my finger, before closing my mouth around her sensitive nib of pleasure and sucking on it as hard as I could.

Mia’s moans grew until her body exploded against her will. She started thrashing around on the sofa, her body trembling. I could feel her pussy clenching down on my finger and kept sucking on her clit as she whimpered pathetically. She kept squirming on the sofa, her petite body sweaty and trembling as the orgasm rushed through it. She closed her eyes and tried to fight it, but it was no use and she let out a loud groan as the last of the orgasm ran through her.

I extracted myself from between my sister’s legs and looked up at my mother who nodded approvingly. I rose to my feet and took a seat next to Mia, the disgusted expression back on her face as she breathed heavily.

My penis was now fully erect, and I noticed both my sister and my mom looking at it, surprised how much bigger it looked hard. I have to say I was surprised to find my cock hard. Walking around nude and seeing my sister naked actually had an off-putting effect on me. I didn’t realize it until then, but I haven’t had an erection since Saturday.

“Mia, I think you should repay your brother” mom said to my shock and gestured towards my hard member.

“Mom, please don’t” Mia started saying and looked like she was about to cry.

“I think it’s only fair” mom said to Mia. “After all, you did call him, a, what was it you said… A tiny cocked asshole? It doesn’t look tiny to me” mom said and I wasn’t sure how she heard that. “You need to make it up to him” mom said assertively and looked at Mia who stared at my hard penis with the same disgust she had in her eyes while I went down on her.

While I must admit that the notion of my sister sucking my cock was still sickening, a small horny part of me found it appealing. I kept quiet, not arguing with my mother, and looked at Mia as she moved closer to me.

Mia got off the sofa and looked at me helplessly as she got down on her knees at my feet. She leaned into me and gently grasped my erect penis while I stayed quiet. Mia held the base of my cock firmly, bringing her mouth over until I could feel her warm breath on the head of my cock. Her eyes fluttered from my face to my cock, then she stuck her tongue out and licked the tip.

“Oh god, I can’t believe I’m doing this. This is so gross” Mia said and reluctantly started running the tip of her tongue along the head of my hard cock, licking it like a lollypop. Mia kept licking my cock for another few seconds then stopped and looked up at mom. “Is that enough?” she asked pleading. She was so sickened by what she was doing and her eyes begged mom to let her stop.

“No” mom said assertively “same thing goes for you. You keep sucking your brother’s penis until you make him cum, I don’t care how long it takes.” Mom said, and Mia turned back to my cock. She gave it a few more licks, but I assumed she knew if she was going to make me cum, she would have to do better than that.

I watched Mia and the loathing in her eyes as she opened her mouth. She cautiously moved it closer to my dick, then engulfed the head with her mouth.

“Oh god” I said repulsed by the thought and not the sensation. My sister closed her lips around my cock and started sucking on it. She started out with just the head, wrapping her warm mouth and sucking on it while she swirled her tongue around it, but she slowly got bolder and took more of me into her mouth, bobbing it up and down my shaft while she made slurping and sucking sounds.

I closed my eyes and tried to picture some hot girl from school was sucking my cock. Someone like Amy Williams, with her amazing breasts and thick lips, or Tory Dukes with her gorgeous red hair and perfect ass, anyone but my own sister. I would be lying if I said that the blowjob did not feel good and closing my eyes to imagine someone else worked at the beginning, but every time I opened my eyes there she was, my naked sister with my cock in her mouth.

I gritted my teeth and put on an appalled look as I watched my sister sucking my dick. The pleasure I was feeling increased as Mia closed her hand around the base of my cock and stroked it while sucking on it greedily.

I watched my sister as she gave me a blowjob, and it felt like she was starting to enjoy it. Her face still looked reluctant, yet her actions were hot and lustful. She pulled her mouth off my cock with a loud suction sound but continued to stroke my shaft, then took it back into her mouth and twirled her tongue around the head before taking it down her throat and continuing to bob her head on it.

As the pleasure of my sister’s mouth on my cock grew, no matter how much I tried to stifle it, a deep moan escaped my mouth. Her eyes looked up to meet mine, and I swear I could detect a grin on her lips as she slid them along my cock.

Mom was standing over us watching, and despite the perverse position I was in, I could sense my climax nearing. For a moment, the thought of warning my sister popped into my mind but it quickly faded. I was still angry with her for the crap she pulled earlier and thought it suited her.

I let out a raw primal groan of pleasure as my orgasm took hold of me, making me I shoot my first load deep into my sister’s dirty mouth. The expression on her face was priceless, a mix of surprise, disgust and a little lust. My body shivered from the orgasm and another load of spunk filled my sister’s mouth as she tried to pull her head back and off my spouting penis.

“Oh no you don’t” mom said and to my absolute shock grabbed Mia’s head and pushed her mouth back onto my cock. My third load hit her on the chin, just as she pulled her mouth off, but mom grabbed her head and bobbed it up and down my cock as I continued ejaculating, making me moan and groan like an animal.

Mom let go of Mia as my orgasm ended, but Mia continued sucking on my cock for another minute until it started to recede. “Good girl, now swallow it” mom said to our mutual disgust, and Mia closed her eyes while gulping down the mouthful of cum.

“I think I’m gonna be sick” Mia croaked, appalled by what our mother made her do. “Can I go now?” she asked helplessly and after mom nodded, rushed upstairs. Mom looked at my limp member then turned around to walk away.

Mom didn’t call us for dinner that day and I was glad she didn’t. I had lost my appetite after what she made Mia and me do, and I didn’t leave my room.

The Following morning, I was in the kitchen dressed and eating a bowl of cereal before school when my sister walked in. She made herself a bowl of cereal and milk too, and sat around the table next to me, giving me uneasy looks.

“Did Matt really say that about me?” she asked me after we ate our breakfast in silence for a few minutes.

“What?” I confused, not sure what she was talking about.

“What you said yesterday, that you heard at school that he said he broke up with me because it was like…fucking a corpse” she said nervously, and I understood what she was talking about.

“No,” I said with an obnoxious grin “Tommy Wright was the one who said it about Jessica Smith. I knew you were the one who broke up with Matt. I just said that to mess with you” I said and could feel her eyes on me.

“You are such a jerk” she said to me, and I thought I noticed her grin.

The days until the weekend continued uneventfully but still embarrassing. Mia and I stopped covering ourselves next to each other, but other than dinner, I rarely left my room, no matter how bored I was.

Friday after school, on our way home, Mia caught me and pulled me aside, so no one would hear.

“You know tomorrow night is Daren and Anna’s birthday party?” she asked me excited.

“Yeah so?” I looked at her back uninterested.

“Don’t you want to go?” she asked me.

“Sure I do” I said and looked at her like she was crazy “but in case you forget we’re kind of grounded and naked” I added and looked around to make sure no one could hear. Daren was a good friend of mine and Anna was one of her best friends.

“I’ve been thinking” Mia started saying and looked at me excited “we’re grounded until Sunday, right? What if we asked mom to let us go to the party on Saturday and extend our grounding until Monday. Maybe even add another day or two.” Mia said and looked up at me hopefully.

“You really think she’d go for it?” I asked unsure. My sister’s idea was good, and I really wanted to go the birthday party, I just wasn’t sure what mom would say.

“If we ask really nice and say how sorry we are, I think she will” my sister convinced me, and we agreed to ask her later. When we got home, mom seemed to be in a good mood. She saw us entering and we went to our rooms to remove our clothes without having to be reminded.

An hour after getting home, Mia knocked on my door and I followed her to ask mom to go to the party tomorrow. Needless to say, we were both naked.

We found mom in the living room reading some life style magazine. She was wearing short worn out jeans, a black tank top and had her reading glasses on.

“Hey mom” Mia said, and mom lifted her gaze to meet ours. We did not cover ourselves and mom gave us a small smile as she stared at our nude bodies. “Can we ask you something?” Mia continued, and mom put her magazine down on the coffee table.

“Of course.” mom said relaxed and continued looking at us.

“Well, we were thinking…” Mia started.

“We know we’re grounded,” I jumped in “and we’re really sorry about what we did” I added and put on my most sincere look.

“Yeah” Mia said, taking back over, “and we were thinking, that maybe, instead of being grounded until Sunday, we could be grounded until Monday” she said, and mom gave her a strange look. “Or even until Tuesday or Wednesday” Mia quickly added nervously.

“Why would you want to do that?” mom cut her off and asked cautiously.

“If we do, we thought you might…let us go to Daren and Anna’s birthday party tomorrow” Mia quickly said and looked hopefully up at mom.

Mom studied Mia, moved her gaze onto me, then back to Mia. “I’m sorry kids but no” mom said, surprised by our request.

“Why not?” I asked disappointed.

“Why not?” mom repeated my words surprised “do you really have to ask?” she added.

“But you can ground us for longer if you let us go” Mia said in a girlish voice.

“I don’t know what you think, but I do not enjoy grounding you” mom said in a condescending tone.

“Please mom, just this once” Mia begged. She really wanted to go, and she was sure mom would say yes.

“My answer is no” mom said coldly and reached for her magazine.

“Come on mom,” I said frustrated “why do you have to be like this?”

“Yeah,” my sister added next to me, her frustration much bigger than mine. “why do you always have to be such a bitch?” Mia said to mom and my eyes widened as our mother lifted a pair of cold eyes to my sister.

“What did you say?” mom asked furious.

“Nothing” Mia mumbled, realizing she screwed up.

“Get over here and sit on the sofa, both of you!” mom screamed at us and rose to her feet, the anger flashing in her eyes. We kept our heads down and did as she told, taking a seat on the sofa next to each other.

Mom waited for us to take our place, sitting on the sofa next to each other, then sat down next to me. Mom gave us a long look while I made sure to keep my eyes down. She kept looking us in silence, until I saw her hand reaching out and felt her warm touch as she placed it on my limp cock and grabbed it.

“Mom, what are you doing?” I asked nervously.

“Be quiet!” she screamed at me and I stayed quiet as she started stroking my flaccid member. She gave it a few tugs, then pulled her hand away. I heard her spit into her palm, and quickly return it to my penis, using her slick saliva coated hand to jerk me off.

I was shocked and disgusted as my mother began to stroke my shaft. It felt so humiliating, but despite all of it, I was starting to get hard. I closed my eyes and tried to think of things that will stop me from getting an erection, but it was no use. My mother’s skillful hand managed to get me hard within less than a minute. Once my cock was completely hard, mom let go of it and rose to her feet.

“Get up!” mom ordered and I quickly obliged. “Mia, get over here and lean back” mom said assertively pointing to the side of the sofa next to me.

“Why?” Mia asked in a weak voice.

“Just do it” mom said angrily and I heard Mia moving around. “Will, turn around and face your sister” she said, and I turned around. Mia was sitting down in front of me. She folded her legs onto the sofa, hugging her knees close to her chest, and looking at me and my hard penis with a frightened look.

“Mia, stop covering yourself and get you your legs down, now!” mom said and Mia looked at her scared. She gave me a look, then reluctantly unfolded her legs, placing her feet on the floor. I was standing over my sister, my hard cock leveled with her eyes and my gaze on her naked body. I studied her petite frame, her cute teenage tits, her flat stomach and trimmed bush. Her legs were tightly pressed together, preventing me from seeing her vagina.

Mom kept us in that awkward position for what felt like and hour. My cock refused to go down and all I could do was stare down at my sister as her eyes moved from my hardon to my face, her teenage breasts raising and falling as she breathed.

“Now Will,” mom started saying after I thought she felt she had tortured us enough, “I want you to put your penis inside your sister” she said, and a horrified disgusted look formed on our faces.

“Mom no” Mia squeaked and we both turned our heads to her.

“I might be a bitch,” mom said “but at least I’m not a hoar.” She spat out at my sister. “Will, do it” mom said.

“No way mom, this is going too far” I said quietly, my body refusing to move.

“William, you better do this, and you young lady better let him, or you will both be sorry” mom said with an angry look. I turned my head back and Mia and I looked at each other disgusted. I looked at the area between my sister’s thighs and felt goosebumps form on my skin at the thought of having to fuck her.

Neither of us moved as we looked at each other. We could not bring ourselves to do this, no matter what mom threatened to do to us. We kept looking at each other, waiting for mom to keep threatening us, when a sound of a camera taking a picture broke the silence. I looked over to mom and saw her holding her phone up.

“Either you do it, or this picture goes out to all your friends” mom said, and I couldn’t believe she would stoop so low. My mind was racing and my heart pounding as I thought of a way out of this but found none.

“If we do it, do you promise to delete the picture?” I asked mom, still not grasping what it really meant.

“Yes” mom said casually.

“You can’t be serious” Mia said to me on the verge of tears, “mom won’t really do it” she said but the uncertainty was clear in her voice.

“Do you really want to take that chance?” I asked my sister and she turned quiet. I looked at her waiting for a response, but instead she started spreading her legs. She had a reluctant and disgusted expression on her face, but it was clear she was not willing to take a chance.

“Just make it quick” Mia whispered while spreading her legs wide, exposing her tight pussy to my hard member.

I grabbed my sister and pulled her over to the edge of the sofa, my mind still not comprehending what I was about to do. I leaned in, moving my penis closer to Mia’s vagina until I was less than an inch away. I looked up at my sister and she looked back at me. We were both disgusted with what we were about to do, but nevertheless she nodded, giving me her unwilling permission to do the unthinkable.

I lifted Mia’s legs off the floor, tightening my grasp on her thighs and moved my cock the rest of the way. I pushed forward until the tip of my cock touched her delicate folds, then continued slowly.

I parted my sister’s labia with the tips of my spear, fighting the sickening feeling and the urge to stop, and kept pushing in. A hot steamy sensation washed over me as the head of my cock entered my sister and made me keep going. I shoved my five-inch shaft, penetrating my sister’s forbidden snatch until I was balls deep inside her.

Mia gave me an incredulous look and stared down at my penis buried deep inside her. I was surprised how wet her pussy was, allowing me to easily slip inside it, and I marveled at the warm tightness of her box, enjoying the wonderful sensation of my sister’s womanly haven even though I knew I shouldn’t. I kept my rod buried inside her for a few seconds, our bodies adjusting to the act, then slowly pulled it out.

I pulled my cock out of my sister, leaving just the tip inside and looked at her. She was biting her lower lip and trying to fight the pleasure she was feeling. My mind was disgusted by what I was doing and I’m guessing that so was hers, yet our bodies craved the depraved pleasure. She looked at me again, unsure what to say or do, then she let out a little moan as I pushed my cock back inside her.

After breaching my sister, a second time, I started thrusting myself into her. I was going slow, switching between looking at her face and at her pussy as I violated it in this unholy and taboo union. I couldn’t believe I was doing it, couldn’t believe I was having sex with my sister and without realizing it I began to go faster.

Mia closed her eyes and began to moan. She had given in to the incestuous pleasure of our merging bodies. I too started moaning, the initial disgust of fucking my sister fading and making way to carnal pleasure. I brought a hand to my sister’s breast and began playing with it, fondling it and pinching her erect nipple.

“Looks like you are enjoying yourselves” mom said and we turned to look at her. She took a seat on the couch next to us and watched as we fucked. I noticed her nipples poking through her top, her large heavy breasts stretching the fabric. She had a hand inside her pants and was playing with herself. I prayed to god she would not make me fuck her too and turned back to my sister, continuing to thrust myself into her tight twat as our mother watched.

My sister became more and more vocal as I desecrated her vagina. She was moaning and groaning like crazy, throwing all modesty away as her body succumbed to the sexual pleasure. She spread her legs as wide as she could, making sure I could shove my cock deep into her and seemed to buck her hips against my cock as I kept pushing it into her.

“Harder!” mom called from next to us “Fuck your sister harder!” she ordered me, and I started ramming my cock into Mia’s pink hole with everything I had. “Yes, just like that, fuck your sister, fuck that little hoar” mom said while I moaned and groaned. She sounded sickeningly excited by the entire situation.

“Oh yeah, yeah, YES!” Mia screamed as I plunged my shaft deep into her intimate hole. The sound of my sister screaming in ecstasy to my fucking her was too much. I felt I was about to explode and moaned louder as I switched to long powerful strokes, trying to prolong the act.

“Yes Will, yes!” mom started screaming as she kept playing with herself. “Fuck your sister like she deserves. Shove your cock inside her until you cum” she cried out and that was too much for me. Just as she finished saying it, I felt a wave of pleasure surging through me and let out primal groans while I began to ejaculate inside my sister’s sweet pussy.

“Oh fuck” I yelled as my body shivered and I continued groaning as I filled my sister’s snatch with my sperm.

“Yes William, cum inside your sister. Fill her filthy pussy with your cum” mom said and started moaning loudly while I assumed she made herself cum. Mia continued moaning as I thrust into her heavily, the last waves of my orgasm rushing through my body until I completely drained my cock inside her. I pulled out of my sister and we watched mesmerized as my sperm trickled out of her freshly cream-pied cunt.

“Are you still on the pill?” I asked my sister, relieved when she nodded. I got off her and sat down on the sofa next to her, placing my hand on her soft thigh while we caught our breaths. Mom looked at us flustered as she too recovered from her self-induced orgasm, a large wet spot staining her shorts.

“Are you going to delete the picture now?” Mia asked mom after she caught her breath. Mom looked at us pondering for a few seconds.

“No, I don’t think so” mom said to my alarm.

“But you promised.” I said alarmed “we did what you said” I added.

“Yes, but then it occurred to me, that now that I have this picture, you two might start behaving” mom said and I traded a helpless look with my sister. “Now go wash up before your father comes home” mom said and got to her feet.

Mia and I got off the sofa and looked at each other not knowing what to do. The whole reason we went on to commit this unspeakable act was because of that picture. Now that mom had it on hand, there was no limits to what she could make us do. My mind started racing with how I was going to steal her phone and delete it.

We started heading upstairs when mom called us. “And one more thing” she added, making us turn around to look at her. “I decided you can go to the birthday party tomorrow” mom said and we both looked at her shocked as she walked away.

My sister and I gave each other amazed smiles and we quickly headed upstairs to wash up. I followed Mia up the stairs, looking at her bare ass. As I was doing this, the disgusting realization that I had enjoyed fucking my sister started to sink in. I reached my room and just as I was about to enter, I turned around and found Mia standing there staring at me. We looked at each other sheepishly for a few seconds, then Mia gave me a little smile and walked away.

Hope you enjoyed.

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