Entrapment Of Married Woman Into Prostitution

Entrapment Of Married Woman Into Prostitution

It was her first day at the bank. Sree Lakshmi was transferred in this remote village branch last month. But as she was not actually in favor of this transfer, she desperately tried to cancel the transfer order by some political channeling. Earlier, she was in the town branch where her husband Mukundan also working. Mukundan is working as a clerk in Railway. They have been married for 9 years and led a very happy life with their one beautiful boy Siddarth aged 7 years.

They have a rented flat in the suburb of the city and Suddarth was studying in 2nd standard in a reputed school. The transfer order fall like a thunderbolt upon their happy life. Their married life was really happy, both sexually and emotionally. Both loved each other very much. They were planning to have a second child. Sree Lakshmi took one month leave soon after receiving the order, hoping the order.

I could be revoked by some means of influence but every effort went in vain. At last, she decided to travel about 150 kms to the remote village where the bank situated. Sree Lakshmi is a 28 years old with a voluptuous figure of 36C-28-37 and she has long straight hair which cover all her buttocks when leave free which she always does. Everybody admire her hair. She prefers to wear Sari / salwar kameej.

Saree is a perfect garment for her, as it perfectly fit in her body and shows her beautiful structure. She has a white, whitish skin, nice round ass and big tits. In nut shell she looks like a simple, conservative perfect, curvy malyalee, nair house wife. Sree Lakshmi was looking after the Draft section. As her was the first day in the bank, the manager gave her an easier section to look after till she get well versed with the bank.

Residence is no more a major problem for her as her husband arranged a working women hostel about 15 kms away from her bank. It was not an excellent accommodation as the place was very dirty and the room was very small. It doesn’t have an attached bath room. There is a common bathroom for every six occupants in the hostel. Mukundan unwillingly let her reside in it as he could not find any better accommodation nearby.

Sree Lakshmi was very sad leaving her husband and child. She never left her child even for a day after his birth. Both husband and wife engaged in serious discussion about it and they decided that Sree Lakshmi would come back to their home in every weekend. Sree Lakshmi was thinking about her kid and husband as there was no customer with her to deal with. She was thinking about her upcoming weekend and how she would spend her time with her family.

Her eyes became watery when thinking about the kid. She afraid of how Mukundan would manage the naughty kid and his schooling excuse me mam. I want to make a draft. Sree Lakshmi raised her head to see a middle aged woman of about 48 standing in front of her desk. She has a little fat body but not ugly. The specs which she put on really suit her white face. Her shoulder length hair were shampooed and kept loose.

The golden chain around her neck is attached with a small ‘holy cross. Sree Lakshmi imagined that the lady in front of her in black trouser and cream long blouse would have been a beautiful girl in her youth. Please fill up this form” Sree Lakshmi handed over an application form to the woman. So, you have come in place of Leena” the woman asked.

Sree Lakshmi thought for a moment. Who is Leena? Then she remembered, Oh, she has been transferred to some other branch, I came as her reliever. I was not in station for a fortnight. I could not see her off. Anyway, I am Susan George, Sree Lakshmi felt very warmth about the woman. Her body language and way of talking were very charming. She talks as if they are old friends.

I am Sree Lakshmi Nair, They engaged in friendly conversation while Sree Lakshmi was preparing the draft. The more she speak to Susan, the more closeness she felt. what a good natured lady, Sree Lakshmi thought. Where are you staying? Your home is far away from here, right? I asked Susan in a women’s Hostel at Vellanikavu, I know that hostel but that is not a good one, but you had no other option.

I fear exactly we didn’t have. We can’t expect much better facility in that small town, Sree Lakshmi felt happier, talking to this woman as there is no other customer in the bank, they could continue speaking without any interruption. I would you mind living in a better place, I asked Susan where can I get? We searched a lot and settled in the best. I know a better place and you don’t need to pay a handsome rent, where is it”? Sree Lakshmi wondered

It is at my home. I have a two floored house. If you want, you can live with me as a paying guest. I felt bored in that big house with nobody, except my servant. Moreover, it is only fifteen minutes walk-able distance from this banking where’s your husband? He is always busy with his business and is always on tour. He stays only 8 to 10 days in a month. My daughter is married and is staying with her husband in States.

You can use upper floor exclusively when he is at home. Sree Lakshmi felt it is a good offer. You don’t need to rush in a heavily packed bus in the morning and evening. I will think over it. I want to talk with my husband and let you know, Ok, that’s great. At least I will get a companion to speak with, if you shifted with me. When Leena was there, we lived just like sisters.

I was Leena staying with you!? Ya, we enjoyed a lot together, Susan left after some more chat. She comes almost daily in the bank with some purpose. Sree Lakshmi enquired the other staff about her. She came to know that Susan is one of the main customers of the Bank. She has Lakhs of rupees fixed in the branch and lot of money is being transacted from her saving account which is also having lakhs of money.

Everybody opined her as a good lady, and Sree Lakshmi should snatch the chance of accommodation. On Saturday, after banking hours, Sree Lakshmi set off to her home in town. She felt very happy seeing her husband and kid. She discussed about the paying guest offer with Mukundan soon after his collapse on her naked body after a marathon fucking session.

He also felt the offer is good, and he felt Susan must have been a good woman, otherwise Leena might not have been stayed there. Sree Lakshmi took early morning bus which passing through the village where her bank situated. Her body was aching because of tremendous fucking by Mukundan. They were in bed whenever they got a chance. Her sore pussy still wanted more. But she had to wait for another six days for that glory pleasure.

She even could not concentrate while sitting in the bank. Living apart is really sorrowful Susan did not turned up in the next two days. On Wednesday, she came and asked about her husband’s opinion. She seemed to be the happiest when she heard about Sree Lakshmi’s decision. Susan told Sree Lakshmi that she may shift to her home today itself. She offered her car to shift her luggage from the hostel.

On that day, Sree Lakshmi shifted to Susan’s home as a paying guest. Susan’s bungalow Pulickatharayil, I was really a big house. It was constructed in the middle of a 5 acre rubber estate. It will take about five to seven minutes on legs to reach there from main road. There is a big garden in front of the house. And there is no immediate neighborhood also. There always felt chillness inside the house because of the surrounding greenery.

It was really a secluded house. Now Sree Lakshmi understood how horrible Susan might have felt living in this house with no companion. Susan’s servant ‘Chirutha’ received her kochhamma (Mem Sahab) and new lady with coffee. Chirutha is a black, middle aged lady of 35 years of age. The only white part of her body was her eye ball. Even her nails were slightly dark. Her stout look and muscular body made her look like a boxer with an arrogant behaviour.

Sree Lakshmi did not like Chirutha. Sree Lakshmi assessed that chirutha must be a ‘Pulaya’(low caste) woman and she does not like living with such a woman. She is coming from a conservative nair family and her family does not even allow such low caste people to enter in her home, forget about working in the kitchen. But Sree Lakshmi pacify herself, thinking that she has no business with Susan’s servant.

Moreover, it is not humane thinking about the caste and color in this century. Sree Lakshmi settled down very fast in that big house. She has her room in the upper floor as offered by Susan. But in most of the time, she would be with Susan in the ground floor chit- chatting and watching television, every morning, she would go to the nearby temple and she watched intensely on the evening prayers offered by Susan. Some time they teamed up with Chirutha in kitchen.

By constant mingling with the black servant she even started liking her. But in some corner of her heart, she felt some hatred towards the low caste servant. From her talking, Sree Lakshmi understood that Chirutha is a low caste ‘Pulayathi’ widow. Her marriage was at her 23rd and her husband died two years after marriage after having their only baby boy. Her elder brother with family and mother lives in the same village. They also come in the bungalow to do outside work, if any.

When Susan goes out of station, Chirutha goes to her brother and lives with them, otherwise she never leave the bungalow. Her son comes daily after school in the Bungalow to meet his mother. His name was ‘Supran’ and is studying in 4th standard in the language medium school in the locality. He is also very black like his mother but has some cuteness and innocence in his 10 year old face.

Sree Lakshmi felt some strange feeling that whenever Chirutha looks at her, she has some strange smile in her face, as if ‘I know who you are going to be’. Susan really was a good companion. They chatted like old friends, in spite of their age difference. Sometimes, even their afternoon chatting after the working hours, leads in to sexual matters. Susan disclosed that her sex life is not so good, as her husband ‘George’ comes very rarely.

Sree Lakshmi replied that her sexual life was very excellent and their life was very happy with their kid. They talked about their old college days. Susan once said about her sexual encounter with one of her lecturers at college. She told that she is very much frustrated about her husband’s absence, she might go for other man. But as a conservative wife, Sree Lakshmi could not go along with the idea of extra marital affairs.

She tried to distance herself from such sexual conversation. But somehow, Susan often led the conversation into sexual affairs, extramarital affairs etc. One day Susan told her about a sexual affair with a college boy to satisfy herself as George is incapable of satisfying her strong sexual urge. Sree Lakshmi could not believe her ears. As a conservative wife she could not support the views of Susan.

Susan told her that she has only one life and there is no point in abstain from the sexual pleasures even if it is from other man. She explained that every man is sexually different. Every man treats different. If you intercourse with many man, you will get different, excellent types of pleasures. She then advised Sree Lakshmi to find a new man to have sex and feel the difference.

If Sree Lakshmi likes,she even can share her college friend. At that point, Sree Lakshmi became very much disturbed. She retorted not to talk to her like that. I will never, never cheat my husband and I don’t like talking to you. I will leave your place if you talk like that again Ok, baba sorry I thought as we were like friends, I can disclose my heart. I have no intimate friends.

When I first saw you, I thought, I found my intimate friend who died in an accident. I am sorry Sree Lakshmi, don’t leave me.. I don’t have any one to share my feelings even my husband don’t love and understand me. I thought you could understand me’ She started sobbing heavily, Sree Lakshmi felt very sad for her. She imagined how lonely Susan would have before her arrival in this house.

No body to talk to and confide the secret feelings a woman must have a good friend to talk to, I should not have talked to her like that, I am sorry Susan chechhi, I will not leave you. I know how lonely you felt I am sorry, Susan stopped weeping and embraced Sree Lakshmi. But even after incident Susan would lead their conversation to sex and Sree Lakshmi did not object afterwards as it may hurt Susan.

one month after her shifting with Susan, her husband George came. He was standing in the living room, when Sree Lakshmi enters. Mr George was a middle aged man of about 55 years. He was a big man with big belly and bald head. Gray hair on his head is limited to the side periphery but he has full of black and gray hairs on his ears and his whole body was covered with bear like hairs.

His hands were covered with black and gray curly hairs. Sree Lakshmi immediately understood that this was George, as he was always a character in the talks with Susan. Susan always elaborate their sexual encounters with George in older days, how hairy he is, how he licks the cunt of Susan, how he enters in to her etc. All these details flashed through her mind when she saw him but she has little doubt how he enter in to Susan with that big pot belly above his member.

She started introducing herself to him. I know you. You are Sree Lakshmi, right? Susan always talked about you when ever we talk through the phone. I am George; Sree Lakshmi felt that his eyes were on his breast and curves while talking with her. She blushed oooh ya. Susan chechi (chechi – addressing older woman with respect) always talk about you. Does she? I don’t believe, why don’t he believe, think Sree Lakshmi.
Any way, she didn’t want to engage in conversation. So she excused herself and left to her room in the upstairs.

She didn’t intend to go down stairs for dinner. But, Susan came and called her for dinner. So she had to go. She could not find much intimacy between them during the stay of George, Susan was also busy. She or her husband was always out of house. Sree Lakshmi didn’t know why.
Some times, some men came in house but they never tried to talk to her and but she has a strange female feeling that they had come to see her. Sree Lakshmi became very close to Chirutha during this period as Susan was busy and George around, she found friendship with stout, black

Chirutha. Chirutha always came in her room and talked about her family, son, brother, and gossiping about the village folks. Sree Lakshmi found her interesting and she noticed that unlike Susan, Chirutha had never led their talking in to sex. She started liking that ugly low caste woman. She felt very sorry for her when she heard about her dead husband. How they led a happy life for two years. Chirutha started weeping. Sree Lakshmi felt miserable for her as she imagined how miserable her life would have been without Mukundan.

Chirutha told that she did not even think about having sex with other man even after her husband’s death long before. Sree Lakshmi felt very sad hearing that; oooh you are so nice, I have been thinking ill about you in all these months. Actually you are a noble woman. When many women go for other man for sexual pleasure even when their husband lives, you lived for your son. Feeling sorry for Chirutha’s situation, Sree Lakshmi went near her and tried to console her but Chirutha continue weeping as Sree Lakshmi was patting on the shoulders, Chirutha leaned on Sree Lakshmi and rested her head on the chest of Sree Lakshmi.

Diary of Sree Lakshmi.
I felt really sorry for Chirutha. Oh, God! How she would have been felt without a male companion to support. I continue patting on the back of Chirutha. I felt some warmthness upon my breast.I look down and saw breast part of my night gown became wet of Chirutha’s tears. Oh Cheeru relax and tried to detached myself from her but Chirutha clutched me like a leech. I stopped my effort to free and continued patting on her back. I felt more warmth and force on my breast.

I looked down. I saw two of my upper buttons of my night gown became free and Chiritha’s black lips were pressed between my cleavages. I felt her right hand on my left buttock and started squeezing my buttocks. I felt her powerful black hand squeezing my breasts through my night gown.
I caught her hand in shock. I looked into her eyes and tried to resist her move but the shade of imploring in her eyes some how stopped me from resisting. She opened all front buttons till belly with her left hand while moving her middle fingers of her right hand through my ass crack.


She suddenly parted the front of my night gown exposing my milky white breast covered in black see through lacy bra and my deep navel.
She raised her head a little and looked into my eyes and with her left hand she hold around my neck and pressured down my head. I stared at my black short fatty servant, wondering what was going on in her mind. The next moment I came to know what her intention was. Her black lips brushed against my soft rosy lips. I trembled as she kissed my full lips. She pushed her tongue into my wet mouth. I tried to resist but only for a moment.

Some thing with in me was driving me to succumb to this ugly woman. Our kiss turned more and more passionate as our tongues met and were wrestling with passion. I never felt so turned on even with my husband. Chiritha was trying to remove my gown with the other hand and she finally succeeded and my gown was lying around my legs. She cupped my breast through my bra and tried to unhook it from behind.
She took off my bra and I found Chirutha staring at my naked white breasts with blue veins passing through the white mount.

She got fascinated by its looks and took its red nipple between her black lips. She went on playing with them and I saw them hardened. My shaved pussy became swollen and wet and I am sure she could see my cunt lips which formed a big mound between my legs. She looked in to my eyes. She took me by hand and slipped into bed. She removed her blouse and dhoti in a fraction of minute. She was not wearing a bra. I wondered there might not be that sized bra in the market for that big tit. I became aghast seeing her body structure.

She was very fatty with very big black breast and heavy black buttocks. The areola in the middle of her slightly sagging breast was very big and black like hair. She even didn’t wear panties. I think that was not in her habit. Her pussy was surrounded by dirty thick pubic hair, through which I could not even see her pussy lips. She rolled me over on to my back and kissed me on my breast passionately with her ugly lips. I kissed my way down her back. She moved her hand under my panties and caressed my firm ass with both hands she slid my panties down to her knees and off.

My sweet white ass and cunt where now in full view and she rolled me over onto my stomach and caressed my firm ass. She licked her tongue over her lips and kissed my ass cheeks and runs her tongue through my ass cracks. Oh God! Some thing was blasting inside me. She kissed me on my mouth and I kissed back and our tongues met and played with each other, sucking each other. To my surprise her hand reached down between my legs.

I started to touch my wet pussy in no time she began to stroke my clit. She brought her mouth down on my honey colored body and began kissing my stomach, to my deep navel and her warm breath touching my bare skin close to my cunt. She spread me and slipped her hand down to my red rosy pussy. She slowly pushed her black dirty middle finger between my juicy cunt lips and began to rub her erect clit.

I afraid if I could get any infection from that dirty fingers. She then inserted two of her fingers deep in side my clit. I could feel my pussy juices starting to flow heavily now over her fingers. She removed her fingers from my pussy. She lay on her back and rolled me on top of her ugly body. I gasp as her arms went around my neck. I tried to squirm away, but she held me tightly.

Her hands pulled my mouth towards her unhygienic pussy. I felt a dirty smell on my nose and I tried to wriggle out form her hands. But her athletic and fatty hands were very powerful. I could not escape from her. My lips pressed on the hairy cut bushes and my lips touched her black dirty cunt lips aaahhh kiss me, mem sahib lick me mem saha, she screamed.

I some how gave her hot pussy a long, firm lick. I felt her cunt lips opening under my tongue. Her pussy juices flowed like river from her cunt. I gasped again and tried to withdraw my lips from her cunt bushes. I could not help, but drank her nectar but her strong hands kept on pressing me on her clit. She was mourning loudly of ecstasy. She again rolled me over on my back and finger fucks me.

I was in heaven. Chirutha was really a master. She then came between my legs and buried her tongue deeper in my pussy. Her tongue is so long and thick! She probed my pussy with her long, thick, and talented tongue .I felt a shudder again. My body stiffened as my juices flawed in to her mouth. My hip jerked several times as she drank deeply of my nectar. Finally, I relaxed with a deep shudder, with my body going totally limp.

Retold by author:
After that incident, Sree Lakshmi felt ugly about herself. She imagined her body also became black and dirty with the body contact with an ugly black woman. How on earth could led her to have sexual intercourse with a low caste ‘Pulaya’ middle aged ugly woman. She bathed again and again using dozens of bathing soaps. He remembered with distaste how Chirutha’s ugly black middle finger pierced her vagina

How she made her suck off the salty distaste juice from the cunt of Chirutha. How her red lips kissed the black lips and cunt of Chirutha. How their saliva intermingled. how her white naked body embraced an ugly black body of a low caste woman. How forcefully Chirutha suck her white boobs and red cunt lips. He could not believe herself when she remembered that she even once sucked those dirty black fingers of unhygienic legs.

Oh my god! What have I done, what any ugly woman I became with an ugly woman like her not even bath properly ooooh what I have done. How can I enter the temple tomorrow with this bad body ooooh what nasty creature I am, she did not go to the bank that day. She felt dirty. Chirutha came twice or thrice in her room, but she didn’t talk to her. She just lay down on the bed what happened Mem sahab, are you tired?

o you need some thing? Nothing, just leave me, Sree Lakshmi uttered with tears in her eyes Chirutha watched her intensely for some time and left. Next day was Saturday. She went to Bank and from there went to her husband and kid. She distanced herself from her husband when he advanced to her in bed room. She felt dirty afraid her husband would find out the nasty smell of the black dirty woman, radiating from her body.
I will give myself in the next week to him, when I felt some more relaxed and clean.

She set off to bank in early morning on Monday. She was in the bus when her mobile rang. She looked at the screen. It was Susan can you take leave today, Sree Lakshmi? I am depressed. George does not care me. I want to talk to you. I want to share my feelings, Sree Lakshmi I can’t not take leave today Chechi. Auditors will come today to check my section. I can not take leave today.

I will try to come early if situation allows ok, try to come early, bye. She hangs up and she tried to behave normally. She could not go earlier to Susan as promised, because auditors pointed out some discrepancy and Sree Lakshmi had to work overtime to correct it. Chirutha didn’t come near her nor did she go to her. She talked with Susan and George during dinner and left early for bed. She switched off the lights and soon fell in deep sleep in total darkness.

I waked up suddenly as I felt am sandwiched and some thing was lying on my body. When I opened my eyes I found the light was on and Chirutha already naked on my bed licking and sucking my red nipples what? Get off from me Chirutha and tried to rise from the bed but Chirutha pinned me forcefully on the bed while kneading both breast with her firm black hand.

My night gown was already open and some how chirutha removed my bra. I could see my bra lying beside me in pieces and a scissor was also lying beside it. Chirutha climbed on top of me, lowering her head between my 36 C inch breasts, she began to kiss, and lick each one of my tits in turn. She began to suck it like a child sucking her mother’s breast.

Chirutha moved her mouth from one nipple to the other, sucking each one in turn with a hungry passion. I tried to resist but all went in vain. She began to bite at my hard nipples, gently at first and then harder and harder. I was in heaven as Chirutha sucked and chewed on my nipples in turn. I felt some heavenly emotion filled my body and my resistance being evaporated off.

Oh! What a force full attack was that. My whole body jerked many times. I forget about the ugliness I felt for Chirutha the other day and started enjoying her finger fucking. We fucked like cats. Her long and powerfull tongue traveled every inch of my white body. Chiuruitha started biting my body parts, my thighs, breasts, buttocks, neck, lips etc. She wrestled me forcefully. This was different. It was different from the first encounter.

First encounter was smooth. But Chirutha became a wild tigress this time. She fucked me with some authority and I could not protest her. She forcefully made me lick her cunt and breast. She put all her fingers except thumb in my cunt and fucked me to heaven. She even made me cry in pain, when she byte my swollen cunt lips.

I got scared when I found a long and big banana in her hand. She then started inserting it in my juicy cunt. She then move it forcefully inside and out of my vagina while probing her tongue in my mouth. I cried in ecstacy, and I fear if Susan or George might have heard that.

They fucked nearly two hours and both lying on the bed totally exhausted. Sree Lakshmi’s body was in pain as many of her body parts were bitten by Chirutha. Shefelt all her bones were broken. Sree Lakshmi felt some one was watching them. She once felt like Susan was suddenly vanishing across the door like a flash again she did not go to bank the next day. She took leave in the next two days, as she could not show up her swollen lips and scratch filled neck and stomach to the out side world.

She explained Susan that some insect had bitten her when she was in sleep last night. George joked about it saying that even insects infatuated with her and tried to kiss her. In two days, her lips got cured and again went to the bank with her beautiful face on that week end also she did not let Mukundan to fuck her. She was sure, if she got naked in front of her, he would get suspicious. He would definitely find out bite marks and scratches on her body parts.

She pretends as if she was in her menstrual cycle in those two days on Monday, when she came back from bank, she found two young boys , both looked identical, were sitting in the living room. They were talking with Susan. As Sree Lakshmi enters in to the living room, Susan looked at the men. They were staring at Sree Lakshmi. Their eyes shined as they looked at such a beautiful, voluptuous white woman.

One of them was staring at her beautiful long hair, which was covering her whole full buttocks. They looked back at Susan and smiled approvingly. Susan also smiled back. Sree Lakshmi could not make out why Susan keeps such disgusting young friends. She briskly went in to her room to freshen up. After five – ten minutes the she heard the men leaving the house on that day, after dinner, while Sree Lakshmi was preparing her bed for sleep.

Susan came in her room. She surprised seeing her, as Susan would never come in her room after dinner. Sree Lakshmi enquired about it. Susan face replied with a slight smile, there is something I want to tell which really is helpful to you what? I know you are having some financial problem in your home. You don’t have house of your own do you? Ya, we are trying to buy one house. Now we are living in a rented home have you seen any house to buy? We searched many but cost have sky rocketed in these days.

We can not afford such big praises right now. I can help you in buying one house for you how? I have you seen the boys sitting in the living room when you came back? Oooh yes, are they real estate agents? Oh no, but they can help you to buy a new big home. They are sons of a multi billionaire. How can they help me Sree Lakshmi’s eyes narrowed? They can help you financially; if you could give them some favour Sree Lakshmi became suspicious.

Susan continuedthey liked you very much, they will give you thousands of rupees if you could spend a night with them Sree Lakshmi reddened. She got angry what on earth do you think I am. I am a house wife and have a loving family; I love my family very much. I won’t ever cheat my husband. She fumed how you could utter those ugly words to me.

You are such an ugly woman I should have known about you earlier, when you talked about that nasty stuff on the other day. You nasty bitch Sree Lakshmi felt like she is standing in fire. She could not get any word to speak in her excitement Relax, Sree Lakshmi relax I am helping you out. I know you are in short of money to buy a house.

You can help your husband financially. Your husband never knows about it. I can assure you. Also you can enjoy a lot. Look at me. I earn lot money and enjoy a lot. Look at my home, how big it is. You can possess one also Leena made lot of money with me in this way.
No, I don’t speak to me. I will leave you early in the morning. I will not live with you, you pimp. Now I know how you make money where you are going and why you have so many male friends.

You pimp; I will not cheat my husband enough! You are also not as innocent as Sati Savitri. I know what you did in the last week with Chirutha.
Sree Lakshmi shocked. So Susan did see her encounter with Chirutha. But she pacify herself, even if she know about it, it will not affect her but I will not stay with you. I will not do what you said I don’t make hasty decisions, Sree Lakshmi. Do want to see your cry in ecstasy? Do you want to see your naked body on top of an ugly black woman? Do want to see a dirty black finger fucking you?

Susan took out a CD and put it the CD player in the room. Sree Lakshmi shocked seeing at her images running in the television screen. First scene shows her entering her attached bathroom. She was standing with her back facing the camera. Then she started removing her clothes at last she got naked but her naked body was not visible because her long free hair was blocking the view till back of her knee.

She then turned around and her full breast was in full view. There was lot of bathing scene inside the CD. Obviously, Susan had installed a spy camera in her bathroom. Then came the sex scene with Chirutha. She watched the movie in horror and with tears in her eyes. At that moment Chirutha came inside the room. Sree Lakshmi looked at her and she could see a slight smile up on her face.

Chirutha knows about all these! She noticed in video that her first intercourse with chirutha was not there. Obviously, that encounter was not planned. Even though, chirutha had been trying to trap Sree Lakshmi, she fell into her accidentally and they could not film it. There second encounter was well planned. The pictures in the television were from different angles.

She also noticed that whole lights in the room kept switched on, which she never does. She keeps only one light on in normal use. She remembered that she switched off all lights in the room, before went to sleep. Trapped, think Sree Lakshmi, she felt like sweating and fainting I got entangled in a big sex racket! What did you decide? Asked Susan Sree Lakshmi stared blankly on Susan.

She sat on the bed bend forward keeping her head in her both hands and weeping. She was sure and she is in a trap. Decide fast, other wise this video will fly around in the internet and we will send one copy to your husband. She left the room, leaving the door opened. Sree Lakshmi sat dumbfounded. She felt dryness in her mouth. Her recent past flashed though her mind.

She cursed the ill-fated moment when she first met Susan. How nicely she talked with her. How she manipulated her to this dreadful situation. Leena was also traded herself to make money? She remembered Susan mentioned something like that. I was she also trapped like her? What did you decide? Sree Lakshmi woke up from her thoughts and saw George, walking through the door.

He walked in near her are you going to make money or planning to do some thing else?, Suicide is not your option, I hope. And don’t try to run away; don’t force us to malign you. We don’t like that. We only think of helping you out and upgrade your financial situation. She looked dreadfully at the bald man. His head was shining like a mirror by reflecting the white light of fluorescent lamp.

His black hair on ears was prominent comparing with his bald head. He was wearing a Bermuda and a black t-shirt. T-shirt does not suit him with that heavy pot belly, she must not opt t shirt even at his house. Sree Lakshmi felt disgust towards this bald man you also knew all about this! George sir. Please help me sir. Please tell your wife to leave me. I can not cheat my husband ya. I knew but I can’t help you out.

I can not intervene my wife’s area of business. She recruites while I find the clients. He scanned her body through his specs with his brown eyes. His lusty eyes passed through the curves. At last his eyes focused on her 36 C white breasts. She dressed with a transparent cream coloured night gown. Black bra under it was clearly visible and her milky white cleavage was really an eye catchy.

What an excellent catch” thought George. Susan captured really a beautiful fish this time what a lucky guy her husband is. Woman like her must not be constrained to one man. They should be kept in a temple as a ‘devdasi. Any man, seeing her will pay any amount just for an hour. Many top heroines will never stand near her in beauty. What a beautiful face even with that red eyes and swollen face.

I am going to make lot of bucks using this sexy woman for years. Many men will pay good money for her even when she reaches at 55. Sree Lakshmi try to cover his transparent breast part of her night gown with both her hands, what a situation I landed up cursed Sree Lakshmi. She could not have imagined about this situation a couple hours ago.

Please leave me alone, sir. I am like your daughter. I have the same age as your daughter. I have a husband and a kid. We both are from very respectable families. They all will suicide if they ever come to know about this. Please sir, Sree Lakshmi implored. I don’t cry Sree Lakshmi; nobody will ever come to know. You can be a millionaire, if you follow our instructions. You might have heard about Leena

You might have heard about Leena. She was also married and has a good family. She came here three years back on legs and went back in an ‘Innova. She is nothing in front of you. She is like a charcoal comparing with you. Still she made lots of money. She is still making it in new place by working with us. Job in the bank is now like side business to her.

This beauty will not stay with you for ever, Sree Lakshmi. Make use of it when it is available. It is also not about money. You can enjoy and get sexual pleasure by mate with different types of men. Sree Lakshmi sighed in desperation. You trapped me. Please don’t treat me like that, we will treat you like a queen if you follow us. We had to use this trick just because of you. Susan tried very hard to divert your mind.

She talked about sex, debauchery and making money whenever she got a chance. She did all this to understand your mind. But you behaved against our wish. You threatened to leave her. But we can not leave such a sexy woman like you. You were our precious catch. We did not have a beauty like you. We can make heavy amount using you. We do have young girls but even they will not stand in front of you.

So Susan cried, implored not to leave her and you did what Susan wanted. From that day we planned to trap you. We set up spy cam in your bathroom. You did not suspect any thing when we place a pot plant in the bathroom. We instructed Chirutha to get closer to you and seduce you. You fell in her sad story and tears, which was earlier than expected.

So we could not film those scenes. But once Chirutha told us about this, we were sure that Chirutha can sex with you at any time afterwards. So we installed five spy cameras in your bed room using your absence on Saturday and Sunday. You were with your husband at home. You might remember when Susan phoned you on Monday morning to come straight to house from your home but you derailed our plan.

The camera catches images only in day when light is available. We afraid you might find out the cameras if our plan extends longer. So we decided to execute our plan in the same night. Chirutha came in your room fully naked while you were sleeping. She switched on all lights in the room and kept it on through out and the rest you saw on the television. I am sorry, but we had to manipulate like this.

We did not have to try anything to Leena. She fell easily in Susan’s words and it was Susan who initially seduced her. But you were very hard. Sree Lakshmi wept silently. She felt like the whole world is spinning around. Images of her husband and kid flashing in front of her eyes. Can’t I escape from them? Don’t cry Sree Lakshmi, nobody is going to know about you.

She felt his big hands on her shoulders. He was standing in front of her. Her face was just in front of his big belly. He was standing about one and half meter away from her. But his belly was just inches away from her rosy lips. He started caressing her shoulders. He slowly slides his finger on the back of her white neck under her long hair.

He slightly pushed his hand downwards through the space between her back and gown and finally touches the hooks of her black bra. Her face touches his belly. He unhooked the bra from behind and he pushed his other hand down through her neck and big cleavage and finally cupped her right breast under her bra. ‘Oh what a white mount she has, delicious. It felt like soft sponges. He started kneading the other breast under her bra.

His bald head shined. With other hand he holds her neck and raises her face upwards. He removed his specs and through it on the bed and slowly lowered his face to her lips. He tastes salty as he understood this was because of her tears. “Oh! How delicious her rosy lips are. He sucked both her lips with his fatty mouth, inserted his tongue into her mouth and tried to find her tongue.

Their saliva got intermingled. Sree Lakshmi felt disgusted. George tried to remove her gown. He finally torn it off and he himself removed his t-shirt. Oh how disgusting. What a body he has! She cursed herself and she cursed Susan in her mind. This ugly man is trying to explore her body and he is now squeezing her milky white boobs with both hands.

Torn parts of her cream coloured night gown were flying around with wind blowing from the ceiling fan. He held her right hand in the wrist and placed on his crotch. It was throbbing under his Bermuda. She tried to remove her hand from the bulge but he forcefully guided her hands through his Bermuda and placed it on his naked cock. Sree Lakshmi realized that he came prepared in the room with no underwear beneath that black Bermuda.

She closed her eyes. She tried to remove her hands as if she got an electric shock. But with his strong hand she pressed her palm on his dancing cock. She felt his cock was wet with pre-come. It was only 6 inches and it does not suit such a fatty man like him. He removed the bermuda and stand naked with her white beautiful fingers around his manhood.

He forcibly slided the foreskin back with her hand started masturbating with her hand. After some times, he tried to push her head downwards. She understood his intentions. She tried to free herself from her clutches. But she could not. He keeps on pushing her head downwards and finally it reached just inches away from his crotch. She did not open her eyes.

She could smell sweat and salt of his pubic area. He then pulled her head towards his crotch take it in your sweat mouth, my dear take it uttered George. He kept on pressing her mouth on his cock. She did not open her mouth. Her lips brushed on his cock and he kept on pressing her face inside. Sree Lakshmi got suffocated. She could not help but open her mouth to breath.

George’s 6 inch manhood finally find its way inside a salivary mouth. His cock finally engulfed by red lips. She opens her eyes. Oh! What a disgusting his heavy belly rested on her head. He tried to push his cock fully inside. He started pushing and pulling her head. His cock was glistened due to her saliva.

It was nice scene as red and full lips of a beautiful, white woman of 29 encircle a 6 inches cock of a pot bellied middle aged bald man of 53 years but George could not watch that scene as his belly blocks his view downwards. He closed his eyes and feels the pleasure resulting from her red lips and mouth.

Tears streamed down through her beautiful rosy cheeks. What a degraded position she fell into. A beautiful conservative mother from an aristocratic high cast family doing blow job of a fatty, pot bellied bald Christian man, who is old enough to be her father. She left everything to her fate.

He then pushed her on bed and for a moment he looked at that 28 year old angel, old enough to be his own elder daughter. He brushed his lips with his tongue watching such a divine beauty lying on the bed what a beauty, what a beauty, he uttered. He has not find any other woman as beauty as this.

He felt en electric current passed through his body as watching Sree Lakshmi’s golden coloured body curves, blue veined big breast with black areola, slender hips with deep naval , big soft buttocks shapy leg blue coloured veins were also visible in the inner thighs. He took one of her breast in his mouth and sucking it. He licked in her cleavage over her ‘Mangalsutra” which was lying in between her golden mount.

He pushed aside her ‘mangalsutra. His other hand traveled downwards and slides her panties downwards and removed it through her legs. He then put his middle finger inside her clean shaven vagina and started fucking her. Finally she started responding to his works. Her pussy got moistened by flowing juices. He took both her red lips in her mouth and start sucking.

He then climb out from the bed, standing on the floor and pull her outwards and he laid her on her back at the edge of the bed and took her both beautiful white legs in his fat hands. He then moved between her legs and spread them apart. His big pot belly was just above her stomach. His pushed himself forward as his cock reached just inches away from her rosy moist cunt.

He hold his cock with his right hand direct it to her leaking pussy. Sree Lakshmi lay motionless across the bed keeping her eyes closed. With one slight move, George inserted his cock inside the moist red pussy of that young nair woman, who has the same age as her elder daughter. He closed his eyes and started pumping in and out.

He could not see his cock sliding in and out of that rosy cunt lips for the first time in his life he cursed his fat pot belly. Sree Lakshmi was crying in pleasure. George, with his both hands was holding her both ass cheeks and kept her hip raised to enable him for easy access in her cunt. His palms could not be able to cover even half of her ass cheeks and he felt they are as soft as rubber balloons with warm water filled in it.

He increased his pumping rate and started grunting. His face moistened with sweat. His small cock moved like a piston in her tight little pussy. His body stiffened and his groan became louder. He pumped forcefully for the last time and then he stands motionless with eyes closed. With that final hard inward thrust and a sound of extreme pleasure he kept flexed his fat muscular ass cheeks.

I was unloading his aged cum deeply into me. His body was trembling in ecstasy as he ejaculated his full load into her sweat, fertile young pussy. He collapsed on the bed beside her, drenched in sweat with one hand on her breast cupping and kneading. Some semen was oozing out from her vagina lips.

George dressed back in his Bermuda with T- shirt and Sree Lakshmi was still lying on the bed. She covered her body with a bed sheet and was crying bitterly. Now she really became dirty for her husband. More over, George ejaculated full load of his semen into her fertile womb. These days were her fertile period and she was keeping her fertile womb for Mukundan for their second child.

She comforted herself thinking the chance of her pregnancy is almost nil because as the bald man is older, the mobility of his sperm must be less and therefore will not be able to reach her fertile egg in her womb. George was about to leave the room, when Susan entered. She looked at George and he smiled gleefully. Susan smiled back understandably.

I understand that you decided to be a millionaire. Don’t worry Sree Lakshmi. I assure you that the other will never know about all these. All your activities will remain a secret. Trust me , we will make you a rich woman. Sree Lakshmi looked Susan imploringly. She stopped crying and she felt some kind of detachment. She is a dirty woman and she does not deserve Mukundan but she loves her husband.

She wants to live with him and their children in their own home. She continued staring at Susan with a blank look. Susan continued, you are lucky Sree Lakshmi. You are already booked for one lakh. I am sure you did see that young boys who were in the drawing room when you came back from the bank. They are twins studying in plus one at a school at Ernkulam. They are sons of a multi billionaire Muslim who has big businesses in gulf.

They have tons of money to spend. They are my regular customer. Leena made lots of money from them. Sree Lakshmi stared speechless. Twins studying in plus one!

They are so young, must have the same age as her younger brother. Her brother is also studying in plus one in Ernakulam. Searching for sexual pleasure at this young age and they are spending money like water!! Sree Lakshmi could not believe her ears.Susan continued; “They were waiting for you to have a look. They are very much impressed by you Sree Lakshmi. They were ready to pay any amount for you. Any of my girls have never ever got even half of this amount. Even Leena got only twenty thousands. Both boys liked you so much Sree Lakshmi.

We never give a girl to any one to keep permanently. Other wise they would have kept you as their mistress. I could see their hard on through their jeans while looking at you. They praised you a lot. I think one of them even ejaculated inside while you were climbing upstairs. I noticed his crotch part of his jeans wet, while watching you climbing the stairs.

He was praising endlessly about your long hair and round buttocks. Even now, he was talking about that though phone. So that’s why they were devouring her body like that. Thought Sree Lakshmi I sent them unanswered of your availability as I was not sure of your mind. They spoke many times in the last hours to know about your consent.

They were even ready to pay more than two lakh for you. But as they are our regular customer, I told them to pay only one lakh. While George was in your room, I informed your availability on tomorrow. They were very happy hearing your consent. They might come with many present for you, I hope”

So both that young Muslim twins are going to come on tomorrow to fuck a high caste Hindu mother of 29 years who has an young brother with the same age. Sree Lakshmi laughed at herself! What am I doing, fucking with Muslims who always think nasty about hindus and believe in fucking or raping a hindu woman would make Allah forgive their sins and open the gates of heaven.

She heard about their circumcised penis and the power of their cock and two of them are coming tomorrow to waive their sins by shagging a Hindu high caste woman. Take leave on tomorrow, Sree Lakshmi. They will come around 11’clock as they can not get absent from their boarding at night. Give me an application for leave. You need not go to bank tomorrow.

I will go and give in your bank, Good night, Sree Lakshmi. Sleep well and her words do not sound like a suggestion, rather it sounds like an order. I lay motionless on the bed thinking about my transition from a conservative wife to a high class prostitute. I could not believe all these happened only in a coupe of hours. Only after 4’clock on the same day. She looked at the wall clock; it was only twenty past ten.

Monday was not a good day for her. She thought about her husband and kid with heavy heart and slowly slipped in deep sleep as usual, Sree Lakshmi rose up early in the morning and bathed. Usually she goes to temple after that but she felt dirty and with this dirty body she doesn’t felt he has the morality to enter in a holy place

She put on ‘kumkum’ on her forehead as it intends to increase the life of her husband as per hindu belief at about half past nine, Susan came in her room with a black coloured sari and matching blouse. She gave it to Sree Lakshmi and said; wear this sari Sree Lakshmi, it would suit you very much. I don’t use it any more as the blouse does not fit me. I put on much weight in three years, you know after she left the room,

Sree Lakshmi took the sari in her hand. It was a costly black sari with lots of stone works. She noticed that the sari and blouse are very transparent and it would show off her body shape very much. She started wearing the sari. After completion she looked in the big mirror in her room. She felt ashamed of wearing such a transparent dress.

She doesn’t have so transparent sari in her cupboard neither she ever wanted top wear. Her white body was clearly visible through the sari. Upper part of her white breast was seen bulged through the black low cut blouse. Most of her white coloured back was naked because of low cut. Her deep naval and milky white flat stomach was visible through the black transparent sari as the sari stick to her body, it clearly

Showed her curves and bulges instead of covering it and she never did wear such flimsy cloths in her life and she ashamed of herself. She was still sitting in the room when she heard the sound of a car. She made out from the sound that the passengers were that twins who came lusting after her.
Diary of Sree Lakshmi

I was sitting on the bed when both brothers enter into the room. Both were tall, identical and boyish. They both dressed up in similar coloured jeans and t-shirt. “Do they have same testes also! I wondered. They are white in color and have a boyish innocence in their face. I felt deep shyness. At this young age they have come to shag me.

My first night on my marriage day with Mukunadan was flashed through my mind. It reminds me of my shyness on my wedding night while waiting for the arrival of Mukundan. I stood up and stay motionless. I could not raise my head of shame to look at those young Muslim boys who were standing in my room devouring my body with their lustful eyes. Both boys came near me and were standing on my both sides.

I tried to raise my head but I could not. I felt ashamed of my situation. Hello it was the boy on my left. I glanced through my corner of my eyes. He was staring at my big round white boobs through my blouse which was visible on the left side. Hello, I replied.

You are very hot and sexy Sree Lakshmi! The other boy on my right side said. They know my name. They addressed me ‘Sree Lakshmi no suffix! I am twelve years older than them! I glanced on my right. He was looking at my midriff and buttocks. I saw him wriggling and found a tent in the crotch part of his jeans both boys looked at me with their ‘killer eyes’ and ravaged my body with their eyes.

I am Aamil and he is Aalim. He said. You are married, aren’t you? I felt ashamed I can see your “mangalsutra’ and kumkum on your fore head hmmm I could reply only with that groan. I looked at my mangalsutra it was lying between my cleavage and the boy was devouring my breast. No, it is not good wearing this mangalsutra’ and cheat my husband. I tried to remove through my head.

Keep it around your neck, Sree Lakshmi, we‘d like to fuck a Hindu married woman with her holy mangalsutra around her neck. I stopped removing it what should I do? I am letting down even my religion. Should I have to sex with these boys at the same time? I wondered Aalim came near me and without having any hint, he lowered his lips on my breast and kissed between my white breast where my ‘mangla sutra’ lying.

He removed my pallu from my shoulders and started licking the top of my naked breast. Aamil started removing his t-shirt and jeans and stood in his jockey under wear. I could find a huge bulge in the front of the underwear. What a huge tent. How big his cock could be. I could not believe my eyes when he removed his last fabric through his legs and tossed it aside.

Can a boy of this age could have such a big cock! The boy with such a slender body has a monster cock between his thighs! It must have about 10 inches long and thick like a wrist of a body builder. I noticed that his cock was circumcised and the head is reddish and pinkish mixed color.
Aamil pushed me onto the bed He crawled quickly up and started removing my sari and underskirt. In a minute I laid on the bed only in my blouse and panties. Meanwhile Aalim also got naked.

They are identical in their body also. I think. They were also thick and about 10 inch long. Aamil start unhooking the blouse. In another second he slide offs my blouse exposing my black silky bra. He then rolled me on to my stomach rolled down my panties and removed it. He sniffed my long black hair which was lying covered my white buttocks. He then pushed aside my long hair and was watching my soft buttocks intensely.

He then started rubbing his cock on my buttock. At once I could feel some wetness on buttocks and legs. Oh! I could not believe! He ejaculated while rubbing his cock on my buttocks but his cock did not soften. It was still erect as strong as an iron rod. Aalim rolled me on my back and he spread her beautiful legs of this sexy married white married hindu.mother.

Aamil put his huge cock in me mouth and started pushing it inside but I could not swallow even half of his length. His huge white cock between my full red lips glistening with my saliva. He flexed his black teenage hips back and forth fucking my red married mouth. I cried in pain as Aalim pushed his gigantic cock mercilessly inside my wet pussy.

My pussy slowly adjusted with the length and size of that cock and I start enjoying that erotic sensation between my legs .He pushed in and out frantically as if world is going to end in few minutes. His huge teenage cock going further and further up into her. By constant pushing by Aalim my head went out from the bed and it hang down from the side.

Aamil took this opportunity to push his cock further inside my red and moist mouth. He stood on the floor and pushed his cock deep in my hanging mouth. He could push in two third of his huge cock in my mouth and I felt gagged. I felt suffocated. Oh, These muslim studs are like animals. They keep on ravaging my pussy and mouth alternatively.

For God’s sake, don’t come inside me Aalim please I feared he would ejaculate his fertile virile young cum in my fertile womb. If happens do, I would definitely become preganant from these Muslim studs. I didn’t want to become pregnant by these Muslim cocks. I want to deliver a baby of my husband ok baby, I will not Aalim was telling while kept on pumping frantically in and out of my hindu rosy pussy.
aaaahh at last

Aalim removed his cock from my cunt and started spraying vigourously on my vaginal area and white stomach. His muscles on his ass continuously flexing and relaxing with the shooting of his semen. It’s force was so strong that it reached up to my face and even to the cock of aamil which was fucking my mouth. He then called his brother while moving to my head.

He rubbed his cock on my mangalsutra which was lying on my breast. He then moved his cock into my mouth . I started licking off his remaining cum from his penis. His penis glistened of the mixture of his own cum and my saliva. Mean while Aamil was damaging my cunt by rampaging my pussy with his huge cock.

Oh! What an experience it was. Two young Muslim huge cocks made my vagina sore. Even my tonsil was paining of the ravaging by two muslim cocks. My body was covered with smelly white cum of these two young muslim boys. They fucked like kittens. They never got tired. One after another they kept on pumping my pussy from different positions.

Aamil fucked me twice in doggy style as I imagined he liked my buttocks very much. Now I understood about whom Susan talked about. Aamil had ejaculated in his jeans by watching her back when they visited the house to assess Sree Lakshmi both boys kept their words. They didn’t come inside me as promised. They kissed my red lips passionately before they left at 4’clock.

Aalim gave me a golden chain and Aamil given me a bangle with diamond embedded before they left the bed room. They kept on telling me, how beautiful I am. Aamil even told me that he would marry me if I gave him my consent and ready to convert in to Islam. He was ready to pay any amount to Susan to buy me. When I said, I could not take their offer; they told me that: they won’t take my No for my answer.

He was ready to pay any amount to Susan to buy me. When I said, I could not take their offer; they told me that they would definitly come in the next week to fuck me. If they get a chance, they would come in this week itself. I prayed God not to get a chance to come in this week. My body was aching and it will take one whole week to repair the damage they have made up on my body.

Susan gave me one lakh rupee on the same evening. She came in my room at about 7’clock. I was still in the bed. I was totally exhausted and I could not even rise up in the bed. She asked about my health and enquired if I need any medical attention. I replied in negative. She kept the amount on my bed and left. The boys must have given her two lakh rupees to fuck me. She sends my dinner with Chirutha in my room. Now I could understand the meaning of her smile which she showed in our first meeting.


From that day onwards, I became a high class prostitute. I was fucked my many men there after. I found many big personalities in the society in my bed. I found many faces of their personality. Many high class politicians became a regular customer. And I found many have many kinky fantasies. Many of them tried to fulfill their fantasies through me. I remember one minister was trying to tie me up on my bed post and tried to fuck me forcibly. He was around 70 years old! Bit older than my father!! But the poor chap! Susan had to rush him to the hospital in between as he had developed an ache on his heart. He was so much excited by seeing me and was anticipating fulfilling his kinky fantasy.
I discovered many things afterwards. I once found Susan with “Supran’, Chirutha’s son. Susan was giving blow job to the kid.He was studying in 4th standard! I regarded him like my kid. He was also regarding me like his mother. Obviously it was the kid’s maiden encounter. He was not aware of any thing about sex. I could perceive it through his immature actions. I could not sense any rat when Susan called the boy in to her room to help her in cleaning her room. But after half an hour, when I passed across her room, I could hear some vague screaming sound of the kid. I eavesdropped a while and understood that it was the screaming of Supran in ecstasy. It was the kid’s first heavenly feeling through his organ.

I looked through the key hole. Fatty Susan was naked in the upper part and she forcibly held the boy. She was masturbating the boy with her right hand and with her left hand she kept the boy’s right hand on her big breast which was sagging. After a while Susan took his organ in her mouth and started moving fore and aft. The kid obviously was feeling a sensation which was anonymous to him till now. He was wriggling. Some times he was laughing and some times screaming. That bitch was teaching that innocent kid his first sex lessons. I found his pleasure when he ejaculated first time in her life. It was a scene. Susan was moving fore and aft. Suddenly, the kid gave out a loud scream and bend downwards. With a jump he wriggled out from her clutches and started spurting his debut semen up on the face of Susan. Susan tasted some of the semen which fell in to her mouth.

I hated Susan more than ever. She was such a nasty bitch! At this age, what on earth drive her to teach that innocent kid about sexual matters? I know Chirutha was not aware of this. She was not at the home at that time. The entire world of that kid had changed by Susan’s immoral act. I found him many times there after looking at me in some peculiar way. He started behaving oddly when I was around. I noticed that the kid was not behaving as before. I sensed he looking at my boobs and butt when I was not noticing. But I still regard him like my son. I didn’t encourage him. I always kept him at a distance there after.

I was being controlled by Susan and George. Susan was more assertive than George. But George was not around so often. I think he was canvassing the client while Susan, hunting the prey. George came to my bedroom one more time. But his intention to have intercourse with me failed because I didn’t want to fuck that ugly man who drove me in thisw disgustful situation. I strongly protest even to touch me. I threatened him to commit suicide if he touches my body without my consent. He succumbed. He was not able to leave me as I was their precious catch. There after he did not dare to come near me. He behaved me with respect there after. Even Susan behaved me with respect.

But my theory about the mobility of the old man’s semen proved wrong. George’s sperms travelled the whole way from my vagina and reached my fertile womb. I became pregnant by that old sperm. It was the destiny. Otherwise how could the old George semen reached my uterus in a single fuck. My young husband tried number of times to get me pregnant. All his hard work proved futile while a single fuck by the old man made me pregnant. Now I am a mother of two children- one boy and one girl- Obviously, the baby is fathered by bald; pot bellied and fat George who is a Christian.

But Mukundan is not aware that the girl child is not belongs to him. Still he truly believes the child is belonged to him. The kid has many resemblances with George. She has got the nose and ear of George. Even Mukundan would have started doubting me if he once came and meet with George.

George and Susan kept their words. Still the whole world thinks I am a good Hindu Nair mother and a ‘Pativrata’

Many months have passed. Sree Lakshmi became mother of a cute baby girl who is fathered by George but nobody doubted about the child’s paternity only Sree Lakshmi knew who the real father was even George did not have any idea about it. She had intercourse only with Aamil and Aalim during the period of her pregnancy. She could not trash the twin’s insistence. Also, there was immense pressure from Susan but the boys were very caring when they intercourse with her.

They did not put much pressure on her belly as it might harm the baby. Susan and George were against her pregnancy, as it will hinder the money flow through her and pregnancy means she is out of business for almost a year but they had to agree with her decision because abortion was not even in Sre Lakshmi’s hands her pregnancy revealed when she was at her home, with Mukundan. She got unconscious when at home, during a weekend and the doctor confirmed her pregnancy in presence of Mukundan.

So abortion without his knowledge was out of question. Her beauty increased many folds during the pregnancy. Susan’s aim was obvious when Sree Lakshmi sees her care towards her during pregnancy. She was their precious catch they can not afford loosing her Susan was very much aware that she will get prettier even after her baby born. She hasn’t told any one that the new baby who she has given birth is half Christian. She wanted to make it her own secret as even revealing it to George may lead to some problem in the later stage of her married life.

Mukundan thinks the cute white baby is his. Sree Lakshmi sometimes feels sad, when she sees Mukundan’s affection towards the child. She would go to the bank daily any one seeing her going to the bank or temple thinks her as an aristocratic Hindu lady. She has ‘clients’ daily but she has been given liberty to take free time at her own will even if her charges were high, any one fuck once comes in every other opportunity they get and she was not always available. She has to weigh many options. She has to keep the secret the only holydays she gets are when she is with her family in the weekends.

Soon after her delivery of her baby, after 2 months, she had to resume the business upon the insistence of Susan. The baby is now stay with her at Susan’s home. Chirutha would look after her when she is at bank or with some client at night. She no more goes to her home in the weekends to meet Mukundan and her boy as travelling with the infant is very difficult and dangerous instead Mukundan would come in the weekends but he did not stay with her as he felt it is improper to stay with some one who is not a relative to him.

So he would come in the Sunday morning and return in the afternoon but he can not come in all Sundays as his job in the railways follows a shift system and he has duty on every alternate Sundays. The Sundays on which Mukundan doesn’t come is a working day for Sree Lakshmi. She has an average three men, morning, afternoon and night, to deal with but she enjoyed every session she engaged with her beauty increased mush after the delivery her already white smooth skins got more smooth and radiant her breast grew bigger and firm with breast milk.

Her bank also got many new customers, as many would come to devour her with their eyes. One fine Sunday morning, after two and half months of her delivery of her new born, Sree Lakshmi was lying idle in the bed. She listened to the “Venkateswara Supraphatham’ which was coming from the nearby temple where she goes every day. She normally would rise up early in the morning around 5.30 but today she just lying thinking about her husband and family.

The delivery of her girl kid was at her home, with her father and mother. Father retired from the Government service and they lead a peaceful life with the pension and income from their coconut farm. Now they have to put their effort to give best education to their only son ‘Sree Hari’ and make him stand on his legs. It is also her duty to support him to get better education. Subsequently, he is the person who has to support the older father and mother.

I must go to my home in the coming month decides Sree Lakshmi. She looked at her baby. She was still fast asleep peacefully what a beautiful girl she is, thinks Sree Lakshmi. In some angle she looks like George. She even has a black mole on her left thigh which was identical with George. She glanced at the wall clock. It was getting ten to six. No men today she made herself free today to relax and rejuvenate her self. She made some Ayurvedic preparations which her mother taught her to massage on her body and face.

She used to do some home made beauty treatment in every Sundays but now it became difficult and she decides to do it on this Sunday. She rise up from the bed and walk to the bath room. She met Susan at the drawing room, reading news paper when she was coming back from the temple. Susan smiled and Sree Lakshmi wished her good morning. She doesn’t like Susan and she is responsible for her bad situation and she felt like in a cage and being remote controlled.

How is the baby? Inquired Susan and she’s fine, she is with Chirutha nobody is coming today, as you wish, Sree Lakshmi what are you going to do today? I asked Susan nothing special and I just need some rest. I want to do some home made medication make money when you are young. This beauty will not stay with you forever. Umm she just glanced at Susan sideways and climbs the ladder to her room.

Bitch, who want to make money? Leave me alone, I am ready to leave every thing at this moment thinks Sree Lakshmi but in her deep mind, at some point of time, she started enjoying the extra marital activity she was leading. She was applying ‘sandal wood’(chandan) mixed herbal pastes on her face and body when Susan came in her room with mobile in her hand. She looked at her golden body for a minute.

Sree Lakshmi, can you postpone your medication for a week? Aamil called me up. They want to see you today. Sree Lakshmi glanced Susan enquiringly. She always disliked that bitch who caused her to fall her in such a nasty situation.

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Entrapment Of Married Woman Into Prostitution