A romantic and sexy interlude that culminates in a sensual impregnation

A romantic and sexy interlude that culminates in a sensual impregnation

“It’s your wife,” my secretary said.

“Thanks,” I’ll take it in my office. I sat down at my
desk and picked up the phone.

“Hello, Beautiful.” I said with a smile.

“Hello!” came my wife’s sweet voice. “Guess what! Today’s
the day!”

“Really?” I said with some excitement. “So your sure

“You bet!” she said.

My wife and I were planning to have a baby. For the last
couple of months she’d been monitoring her body
temperature and her cervical mucus in an effort to
predict her most fertile days. Her ovulation had been
approaching and we’d been avoiding intercourse to build
up my sperm count accordingly.

“I’m very wet right now,” she continued, “right on
schedule. I’m as fertile as I get today.”

“Do you want to meet this afternoon?” I asked. “I could
leave work early.” My cock started to harden in my pants.
It had been four days since I had last ejaculated and the
slightest thought of sex felt arousing.

My wife laughed. “I don’t think we need to do anything as
drastic as that! Tonight will be soon enough.”

“Then tomorrow morning too, right?” I asked with

My wife laughed again. “Right. As often as we can for the
next couple of days.”

I felt horny the rest of the day. That evening we went
out for dinner to celebrate our first attempt at making
our baby. When we returned home it was already after

“Let’s go to bed,” my wife said with a sultry smile. I
grinned back as she pranced into the bathroom to clean

My wife was already in bed with her book when I had
finished in the bathroom. I didn’t bother putting on my
clothes so instead I just draped them over my arm. On the
way to the bedroom I fished some candles out of a drawer.
When I arrived at the bedroom door with my wares my wife
looked up from her book and smiled.

“Mmmmm,” she said glancing over my nude body, “how nice!”

I returned her smile and then, after throwing my clothes
over the back of a chair, I started setting up the first

“Special occasion, eh?” my wife said.

“Well,” I replied, “we don’t do this very often.”

“What are you talking about?” she said with a laugh, “we
probably have sex four or five times every week!”

I gave her a sidelong glance and she laughed again before
going back to her book.

I finished lighting the first candle and started setting
up the second one. As I did I reflected on what we were
about to do. Sure we’ve had sex many times before, but
never for the primary purpose for which sex exists. We
were going to create a life. It wasn’t something either
she or I could do alone. To make the child we needed to
connect our bodies together in primal lust and I needed
to ejaculate into my wife’s body.

As I thought about this — and especially the part about
ejaculating into my wife’s body — my cock began to
harden and lengthen in anticipation. By the time I had
finished lighting all the candles, I had a full, hard
erection jutting outwards and upwards from my loins. My
balls felt heavy and full of sperm.

I turned to look at my wife as she lay reading on the
bed. It was a warm night so she was on top of all the
sheets and blankets; only the bedspread had been turned
down and moved out of the way. She was wearing a thin,
white cotton nightgown that went down to just below her
knees. Her long black hair, which she kept in braids
during the day, was hanging loose about her head and
shoulders. I could tell that, as usual, she wasn’t
wearing a bra because I could see one of her dark nipples
through her nightgown where it was pressed against the
thin fabric. My cock throbbed.

I stepped forward to the edge of the bed and my wife
looked up from her reading again. She took in my body and
my erection in silence for a moment.

“Well, well,” she said as she let her book fall into her
lap, “you certainly look ready for this!”

I nodded. “It’s been four days since I last orgasmed.
Right now I almost feel like I could cum just looking at

She smiled and reached up to stroke my stomach. “I hope
that doesn’t happen. We’ve been saving those sperm up for
tonight. Let’s be sure they end up where they can do some

I climbed into the bed as she put her book aside and
turned out the light. The room was plunged into
candlelight. Lying back, she put her arms around me and
kissed me. It was a warm, gentle, and lingering kiss.

“Nice,” she said when our lips parted. I touched her
cheek. Her eyes were sparkling. “I am the fertile Earth,
my husband,” she whispered, “plant your seed in me so
that our child may grow.”

I kissed her again in response. I nuzzled her neck. “In
good time, my wife,” I replied, “but first let’s make
love together to celebrate this.” She nodded and then
added with a grin, “besides, I want to be a lot wetter
before you try to put that hard cock into me!” We both

We kissed and made out like teenagers. My wife loves
being kissed and I knew all her pleasure spots. It wasn’t
long before she was panting with arousal. I pressed my
erection against her belly as she caressed my body with
her hands.

“Mmmm,” she purred as she kissed my chest. “You smell so

“So do you,” I said as I nuzzled her hair.

I reached down and began to stimulate one of her nipples
through her thin nightgown. It was very erect and as I
rolled it between my thumb and forefinger my wife gasped

“I like that.” she whispered. I continued pinching and
rolling her nipple and she nodded, eyes closed. “Yes,
yes, oh, yes.”

I pushed her gently onto her back and, with my other hand
began to give her other nipple similar treatment. She
threw back her head and moaned softly.

After a few minutes I paused and touched her nightgown.
“Why don’t you take this off?” I suggested. My wife
nodded and, sitting up, she quickly pulled the nightgown
over her head and threw it on the floor. She tossed her
head slightly to shake her hair down and it spilled over
her shoulders across her breasts. Then she slid off her
underwear and lay back on the bed completely nude.

My wife was very beautiful. Her eyes were a deep brown —
– almost black, and her skin was relatively dark as well.
Her breasts were medium in size, but firm and pert. They
were topped with brown, chocolate colored nipples, which,
at that moment, were very erect. She also had excellent
muscle tone for she worked out regularly with weights.
Her abdomen was taught and the muscles in her arms, legs,
and back could be seen beneath her smooth skin.

The most striking thing about my wife’s appearance,
however, was her hair. She had a thick and luxurious mane
of black hair, which draped in sensuous waves over her
shoulders and breasts. It was as black as the night and
yet it seemed to glimmer in the candlelight. Like the
hair on her head, the hair between her legs was also very
luxurious. She had a large, thick, tangled mat of curls
covering her labia, pubic mound, and the lower part of
her belly. Of all the women I had ever slept with, my
wife’s hair was the most extensive, exotic, and

I lay down beside her and we kissed deeply and
passionately. “Mmmmmmm,” she moaned softly. She writhed
on the bed pressing her body against mine. After a few
more kisses, she threw one of her legs over my legs and
hooked her foot against the back of my thigh. Using her
powerful muscles, she pulled me tightly against her; I
could feel my cock burrowing in her lush bush.

“Gnnnnnn,” she groaned as she began to rock her hips
sensuously, thrusting against me with a primal rhythm. I
replied with similar thrusts letting my erection slide
over her belly.

“You seem ready for this yourself,” I said softly during
a pause in our kissing. She smiled.

“It’s been four days for me too!”

“But at least you could masturbate.” I replied. “I
haven’t even been able to do that!”

“It’s not the same,” she said. We kissed again.

I wrapped my arms around her torso and with a powerful
heave I rolled her over on top of me. Aggressively I
licked her neck all the way down to her shoulders.
Occasionally we kissed, mouths open, our tongues darting
against each other. Her black mane flowed over us. Her
nipples pressed against my chest. Her legs straddled me
with our loins only a few inches apart.

I began to lick her breasts. I caressed them with my
hands, cupping them and stroking them as I licked. I
spent time first on one breast, and then after a few
moments, I went to the other. Back and forth I went with
a relaxed, sensuous pace. I nuzzled the skin around her
armpits, taking in her sweet, musky odor. I caressed the
undersides of her breasts with my fingers sending shivers
over her body. I let my tongue dance over her skin
leaving a warm, wet track as it went. I used my hands to
stroke her body from her shoulders to her belly passing
over her breasts smoothly as I did.

She stopped stroking my cock and just held on to me as
her excitement grew. “Ohhhh, you know how I love this,”
she hissed softly. She was panting. I could smell her
genitals plainly. I knew she was wet with arousal.
“Unnnnn, yeah, I love this.”

Her eyes were closed as she relished the sensual pleasure
of having her body stroked and touched. I sat up slightly
so that my hands could roam further. I caressed her hips,
her abdomen, and then her thighs. I moved a little and
let my hands slip down her calves and caress her feet.
She lifted and spread her legs slightly to make it easier
for me to stroke them.

I brought my hands back up her legs slowly. As I passed
her knees, she gasped and spread her legs widely, lifting
her feet off the bed for a moment. As I moved my hand up
her thighs, she gradually lowered her feet so that just
her toes where just the bed. She seemed profoundly open
and receptive.

“Unnnnnnnnnnn,” she moaned in sensual pleasure. Her
genitals were swollen and, even in the candlelight, I
could seem them glisten.

I slowly moved my hands closer to her pussy and she
waited in tense anticipation. Finally I slid my hands
through both the clefts between her legs and her labia.
As I did, I pushed her labia gently together letting the
motion of my hands pull them back over her clit.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh, yeahhhhhhh,” she hissed as she clutched at
the blankets with her fists. “Feels good.”

Her lower body relaxed as I moved my hands back up over
her belly, her breasts, and onto her face. Tenderly I
touched her forehead. She opened her eyes and looked at

“I love you,” she said seriously as she reached for me.
We kissed a loving kiss edged with passion.

“I love you too,” I replied.

I let my hands stroke her breasts again briefly and then,
gently, I let two fingers rub against one of her erect

“Ohhh, God!” she moaned breathlessly. “Oh my God!”

I started rubbing her nipple firmly between my thumb and
forefinger. “Unnn,” She groaned and bucked slightly.
“That’s so fucking good,” she panted.

Her other nipple was standing proudly above her other
breast, pointing upwards reaching for attention. I leaned
over and licked it and then, after a moment, brought it
into my mouth. I clamped my lips over her areola and
started sucking on her excited nipple as I started
stroking her breast with my hands.

“Unnnnnn!!!” she moaned loudly as she writhed and
wriggled beneath me. I sucked on her firmly as she
groaned and panted in pleasure. After a few moments, I
moved to sucking on her other nipple with similar
effects. Back and forth I moved between her two breasts
giving her pleasure from one nipple while I gave the
other chance to recover a little.

I paused to blow a stream of cool air across the nipple I
had just been sucking. She gasped and shuddered from the
new stimulation. “You will feed our child from your
breasts,” I said taking a breath. “You will nourish the
life that we will make.” I sucked on her nipple again
this time using a pulsing rhythm squeezing against her
areola as if I was actually trying to draw milk out of
her breast. She purred with delight.

“Fuck me…” she panted softly. “Fuck me now. Let’s make
that baby!”

“Turn over, my Love,” I said. “I want to do you doggie
style today. Besides, that’s supposed to be a good
position for getting pregnant,” I added with a smile.

“Of course,” she said, “that sounds great.” Then, getting
on her hands and knees, she turned to present her
buttocks to me. She leaned forward to expose and open her
wet, turgid genitals in lewd invitation.

“Do it!” she said. “Fuck me now!”

I mounted her immediately, my cock slipping into her body
effortlessly. “Unnnnn!” we both groaned at the same time.
We giggled. I buried my cock into her as far as it could
go on the first stroke and then I withdrew slowly but
steadily until I was almost falling out of her.

“Yeah,” I hissed. “I certainly need this!” I thrust into
her again all the way, pushing her slightly forward in
the process. I grunted as I touched bottom.

“I’m not going to last long.” I said with a gasp.

“That’s ok,” my wife said, “I’m not expecting you to.”

I began to fuck her steadily and powerfully. I loved
fucking my wife from behind. It was my favorite position.
It was so animal and primal and the penetration was so
deep and satisfying. I fucked her with an urgency I
hadn’t felt for a long time. My body needed to cum — to
plant my seed into her — to start our baby growing.

“Yeah,” I hissed. She made appreciative noises as we
fucked. She whimpered and moaned. She grunted and
groaned. She clutched at the blankets and thrust her
buttocks at me eagerly. She put her head down on the
pillow to further accentuate her position and to give me
even deeper penetration. My wife loved sex and I loved
her all the more because of that.

“Unnnnng!!” I groaned and she returned my groan with one
of her own. Her voice was light and feminine compared to
mine, but still laced with building passion. I grabbed
her hips with my hands and used my arms to guide her
motions. I impaled her dripping wet, wide-open cunt onto
my hard cock over and over again.

“Ohhh Yeahh!!” she cried out, “Fuck me good!!”

“You are the fertile Earth, my wife,” I cried out.

“Ohhhh, yeah,” she said softly.

“You are the fertile Earth and I’m going to plant my seed
in you.”

“Yeahh. Cum in me,” she replied panting.

“Our child will grow in you from that seed.” I was
getting into it.

“Unnnnggg, yeah. Cum in me,” she said breathlessly. “Cum
in me.

Fuck me and cum in me.”

I changed my position slightly so that I was leaning over
her more. The angle of my thrusting changed slightly and
my wife groaned in appreciation.

“You are the fertile Earth,” I said.

“Oh God!!” she replied with a desperate yell, “I’m gonna
cum! I’m gonna cum!!”

I fucked her steadily. In her position she could barely
move was really quite powerless to resist the sensations
that were building in her. In seconds her orgasm overtook

“UNNNGGGHHH!!” she screamed into the pillow by her face.
I could feel her vagina grabbing at my cock, but I fucked
her with the same steady rhythm regardless. “Unngg!
Unngg! Unngg!” she grunted helplessly. It was an
unusually strong climax for her, and very beautiful.

As her climax finished, I felt my own brimming over. “I’m
gonna cum!” I cried out. I thrust into her deeply,
planting my cock into her body as far as it would go. I
held it there with my hands firmly holding her hips
against me and ejaculated. “UNGHH! UNGHH! UNGHH!” I
grunted with each pulse. It felt exquisite. I looked down
to see just the base of my cock outside my wife’s cunt. I
could feel the semen squirting from the tip that was
lodged someplace inside her body.

“Whew,” I gasped afterwards as we were disengaging
ourselves. “That was powerful.” My wife quickly moved to
a position where the semen would stay close to her cervix
and I laid down next to her.

“Yeah,” she said, “that was unusually good fun.”

We kissed and I snuggled against her shoulder. Neither of
us spoke for a time. Then I lightly touched her belly
just above her pubic bone.

“So,” she said, “what about names?”

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A romantic and sexy interlude that culminates in a sensual impregnation