A sexual predator takes advantage of trusting friend

A sexual predator takes advantage of trusting friend

My wife and I had made friends with Christie and her mom
about four years ago. Christie was only sixteen and still
in high school when her parents divorced and it was kind
of rough on her. My wife and I took Christie under our
wing and ‘adopted’ her as the daughter we never had.

Two years ago Christie moved on to a college in
California and, again, my wife and I stepped up to the
plate and covered the cost of books, tuition, and a small
stipend so that the young lady did not have to work. She
did well in her studies, but problems at home led her to
abandon her college plans and move back with her mom in a
crappy little town a couple hundred miles from here.
Things promptly went down hill for Christie and my
marriage also went down hill at the same time.

About two months ago I came home from work and found four
empty walls facing me. All that was left were a few
pieces of furniture and my clothes. There was some
bullshit note about how my wife, “couldn’t take it
anymore!” so I set about rebuilding my life. In the
middle of all the crap in my life, Christie and I became
closer friends and we devoted more time to each other on
the telephone and online. I became obsessed with this
young lady who saw me only as an older friend.

One night I’m sitting at home and Christie called and
told me about how her mom had gone off for the week with
some guy she met at work. Christie was in tears and
mentioned how it would be nice if I was closer and not so
far away, she really needed my company this evening. I
knew she meant she wanted my friendship, but I felt that
this was the time to pursue my obsession.

I found an excuse to get off the phone and I packed a bag
with a few things and hopped in the car. It was almost
midnight when I knocked on the door of the little
apartment and a bleary eyed beauty opened the door and
rushed into my arms. We sat together on the sofa and she
poured out her soul to me and then fell against me just
wracked with sobs. She was never one for strong drink,
but she didn’t argue with me as I started to feed her the
best part of the bottle of brandy I had brought with me.
Granted, the first two drinks took a little coaxing, but
the next five went down like warm milk. The clock struck
one and my darling fantasy was now emotionally and
physically exhausted and further impaired by the brandy.

I told her that it was time to go to bed and she nodded
her agreement. With that I picked her up and made for her
bedroom. She almost passed out as I lay her on the soft
comforter, but briefly came to her senses to ask me why I
was taking her nightgown off.

“I can’t make love to you if you’re wearing it, sweetie.”

I thought for sure that my risky reply would result in a
rebellion, but she was too far-gone for even a feeble
argument. I lifted the garment over her head and revealed
her luscious little titties. I found myself enraptured at
the mere sight of those precious mounds that I had dreamt
of for so many long, sleepless nights. Her nipples were
perfectly centered and were just the right proportion to
what I took to be 34C breasts.

I eased her back to let her lie down on the bed and then
went to work on removing her delicate panties. I firmly
grasped them at either hip and worked them back and
forth, almost like flossing, until they were out from
under her amazingly perfect ass. It was nothing from
there to lift her legs and pull the dainty little things
completely off.

After I put her legs back down I just sat back on the
dressing chair in her room and stared at her naked
beauty. I adored how her chest lightly rose and fell with
each breath and how the light from the little lamp on the
bedside table alternately shadowed and illuminated her
perfect form. The thought occurred to me that she seemed
almost to have been carved from a piece of marble, like a
statue by Michelangelo or DaVinci. Her legs were a vision
of glory; their golden hue leading from her perfectly
manicured toes to the lovely brown bush at her belly.

I could wait no more. I shed my clothes and joined my
angel on her bed and lay next to her warm, supple,
vulnerable body. I gingerly tested her awareness by
lightly touching her arm and I received no response. I
soon found myself eagerly exploring her every curve and

I tenderly touched her little nipple and it rose in reply
to the stimulation. I called to me and I soon gave it the
attention it deserved; my tongue descended and I soon had
the bud of her bosom as hard and wrinkled as a raisin. My
attentions lingered there when I heard a faint moan rise
from her lips, as if to urge me on.

I wanted this to be wonderful for her, too, and I
continued to pleasure her bud while my free hand sought
out the cleft that was my ultimate goal this evening. The
soft hair greeted my fingers and quickly surrendered
their defense of my angels’ awaiting pussy. First one,
then two of my fingers probed into her body. My thumb
exposed her hardened clit from under its hood while my
fingers gloried in exploring her tender folds.

My attentions were soon rewarded with a subtle thrust of
her pelvis and the very faintest of moans from her mouth.
I held back my urges for a moment to explore where this
moment may lead. I intensified my ministrations to her
body and found her drifting back to consciousness,
moaning and mumbling and lightly writhing from the
pleasure I was inflicting upon her.

Christie truly surprised me when she moved her hand down
to her pussy and pushed my hand out of the way. I thought
the night would soon end with her realizing what I was up
to, but then found myself utterly stunned as she began to
masturbate herself into a furious orgasm. I damn near
blew my rocks just watching her rub furiously at her bush
as her breath came in deeper and deeper gasps. And then,
like an earthquake, it was over and she fell back into
the veil of the brandy.

Christie had now fully relaxed and my fingers, when they
explored her pussy, found a moist and almost soaking
result from her lovely release. This was my moment.

I committed myself to fulfilling my fantasy and slowly
spread her supple legs apart and then I knelt between
them to kiss her belly and revel in the scent of her
musk. That wonderful smell was a victory to me as it
meant that I would soon conquer her lovely body.

I eased myself down on her lithe form and kissed my way
up her belly, nibbled up her nipples, and finally
lingered on her soft, pouty lips. She resisted ever so
feebly as I kissed her our first kiss on the lips, my
tongue gently exploring her soft lips and the yielding
interior beyond. I fought to stop myself from attacking
her and simply ravishing my little jewel. It took a
moment, but I regained my composure and then eased my
cock right up to the wet gates of her treasures.

Oh, the absolute glory as my cock met her awaiting pussy!
My heart beat through my chest as I began to consummate
my felony. I felt her body suddenly yield as my cock slid
in just a bit and then met a certain resistance. I
wondered for a moment if she had a tampon in her and then
I realized that I was taking her precious virginity! This
glorious beauty had saved herself and I was to be the man
who would feel the pleasure of her womanhood for the very
first time!

Her eyes fluttered open at that moment and she just
stared at me as I kissed her and began to deflower her.
Her hands rose to my sides and seemed to encourage me to
go on with my task. Four, then five, then six strokes
against her barrier as we kissed and then she gave the
very quietest cry of pain as my cock passed fully into
her depths. Ohhhhhhhh…

Mere words cannot begin to express my joy as her warmth
closed about my throbbing cock. I slowly plunged myself
to her virgin depths, withdrew, and then began the
adventure anew. Each time I probed into her pussy I could
feel the cum building in my balls like a flood behind a

I had wished to make this last all night but I could not
prevent the surge that caused me to impale her precious
body with my thickened cock as I spewed spurt after spurt
of my eager sperm into her untainted pussy. It was a good
five minutes before my cock stopped its twitching and I
allowed myself to slip out of her drenched body.

She was still looking at me when I finally ventured to
look her in the eye after my awful deed, maybe twenty
minutes later. I thought for certain that my jail
sentence was, at best, maybe only a month away when she
said, “Aren’t you going to do it again?”

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A sexual predator takes advantage of trusting friend