A white teacher succumbs to her black submission fantasy

A white teacher succumbs to her black submission fantasy

I have been told many times by many people that I am an enigma. I am forty-five, a brunette, with brown-green eyes, long legs, a pretty firm butt and small 32a breasts, but very, very sensitive nipples. Although I have had four kids, I have stayed in pretty good shape through yoga and lately Zumba class, and still get a lot of turned male heads when I am dressed up. I have heard the term MILF more than once directed at me, which only enhanced my determination to keep my body hot.

In other words I look like a sweet librarian on the outside (which isn’t that far from the truth as I teach the third grade), but underneath I have a ferocious sexual appetite that has worn out many men…albeit usually only when my inhibitions were loosened up with some liquid moral eraser. Also, I must admit, I am rather submissive in the bedroom…usually. I mean I wasn’t into whips and chains or any extreme BDSM, but I was usually a very willing and obedient partner.

I love sucking cock. I mean I love it like most women love chocolate. I crave it. The feeling of a growing member in my mouth has always been a major turn-on, knowing I’m getting him all excited. A rush of power slithers down my body and sends a spark to my pussy every time I get a cock in my mouth. I wouldn’t say I am addicted to cum per se, but if I go more than a few days without swallowing the delicious seed I do go through withdrawal and begin to crave it (ok, in retrospect I probably am addicted to cum). When a cock is in my mouth, I enter an alternate universe. I shed my prudish, business-like teacher persona and become a cock-hungry porn-star whose only goal is to get the money shot, although in my case the money shot is the back of my throat.

My husband and I have had many marathon suck and fuck sessions, and we have role-played many scenarios including: nurse reviving a patient with no vital signs, a college co-ed who needs to pass class, a door-to-door saleswoman who sells vacuums by a very hands-on Hoover demonstration, a girl who finds a way out of her speeding ticket and some I won’t even get in to.

My husband has a thing for silk stockings, as do I, especially the old-fashioned stockings with seams down the back of the legs (way too sexy for the classroom, but über sexy for the bedroom). I have them in a variety of colours: black, coffee, white, red, burgundy, navy and beige. I also have a variety of two-tone: black-copper, pink-black, grey-black and red-black. I have stockings in a variety of colours for a variety of occasions. I love having my stocking-feet played with by my husband’s hands or mouth and he loves having my stocking-clad legs wrapped around him as he buries his cock inside my pussy. He also loves a stocking foot-job and he has many times come on my feet.

Although I am 5’7″, I still like to wear heels that make me even taller, and I always have my fingernails and toenails painted. Again, while I look all innocent and sweet on the outside, I am always ready to go on the inside.

After years of role-playing mostly his fantasies, we began playing one of mine. This fantasy I have had since high school; I’ve waken up sweaty and wet a ton of times from this one. I am a cheerleader who is forced to please a big black athlete, a football player or a basketball player (hard to call a baseball player a real athlete). John ordered some black condoms off the Internet, and watching a black cock slide into my pink pussy lips was a major turn-on and I had multiple orgasms, the thought of a big black cock fucking me triggering a naughty taboo pleasure.

My husband, like every guy I have ever dated, always loved the idea of seeing his wife with another woman. I wasn’t totally against it; the thought of being with another woman was a curious secret fantasy I had from time to time, although nowhere close to my obsessive black cock fantasy.

Luckily, for both of us, our fantasies came crashing together in a buy-one, get-one-free deal. Like most things, it started slow and innocent, but built to a life-altering, earth shattering climax.

The day I met Alicia was like so many others. It was the first day of yet another school year and I was already pissed off after our Director announced funding had been cut by ten percent and that to make up for it our prep time had been cut in half. There would also be cuts in supplies and resources, but we were expected to improve achievement by the same percent. I mean I love my job….the teaching part…but the political part and the beaten down economy were pushing out great teachers and slowly the bureaucracy and bullshit were wearing me down.

I was paged to the office, so I turned off my frustration mode and turned on happy face mode and headed to the office.

Sitting in the office was a ridiculously beautiful young black woman…my intern for the semester. We had talked on the phone a couple of times and sent dozens of e-mails back and forth but not once did it come up that she was black, not that there is anything wrong with that. Actually, having talked to her on the phone, I envisioned someone like me, but younger. I walked over and greeted her. “Well, it is great to finally meet you, Alicia.”

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She stood up and shook my hand. “Nice to meet you too, Mrs. Smith.”

I replied, “Oh Alicia, please call me Pam.”

“Ok, Pam. I am really excited for the opportunity to work with you,” she replied, confidence brimming in her demeanour.

I joked, “Well, don’t get to excited until you get to know me.”

Our mid-thirties, black secretary Rose quipped, “Yeah, Pam is a real pain in the ass.”

I retorted with a smile, “There goes your sweet Secretary Day present I was planning.” Turning back to my young intern, I suggested, “Let’s give you a tour of the school. So you can see just exactly what you are getting yourself into.”

“Nice to meet you, Rose,” Alicia said, before adding with a promise, “And don’t worry, I will get you a really good Secretary Day present.” Little did I know then that the special present would be me.

We spent the rest of the day together and I tried to ignore Alicia’s stunning beauty. She was a glorious mixture of Beyoncé, Halle Berry and Tyra Banks. She had a smile that teased with sweetness, a voice that dripped with sexuality, eyes that pulled you in and long straight black hair that somehow perfectly crowned her beauty. At the same time, she was a mixture of shyness and confidence, as she presented herself very well; she constantly was asking my opinion on her ideas.

Although she was dressed very appropriately for school, she was unable to hide her voluptuous curves. Her breasts begged to be paid attention to, even though she was wearing a sweater that hid any signs of cleavage. Her skirt also was unable to hide her delicious backside, the epitome of black bubble butts. Balancing all this perfection were long, luscious legs. Unlike most young women these days who go bare legged, she was wearing coffee coloured pantyhose that gave her long legs that sexy shine that enhanced her perfection. While I admired her beauty, it never occurred to me that I would one day very soon be on my knees servicing her.

That night, while in bed, the kids finally asleep, I told John about how beautiful my intern was, and soon I was bobbing up and down on his cock as he talked dirty to me. “Maybe she is the one, baby. The one you have been looking for. Would you like that?”

I moaned on his cock, the naughty thought exciting me even if it was not realistic.

He continued, “What would you do, baby, if she demanded you eat her pretty black pussy under her desk at school? Would you obey?”

I again moaned, and began playing with myself while I eagerly devoured his cock.

John continued the naughty visual. “You would be her personal pussy pleaser, wouldn’t you, baby?”

I frantically pleased him, the thought of being a submissive lesbian to this black Goddess a devilishly delicious thought.

It was his turn to moan, my magical mouth doing wonders on his erect pole. “I give you permission, baby, permission to be a cunt-licking dyke, a submissive white girl, an obedient pet.”

It was too much and I came on the thought, never slowing down my cocksucking. A few seconds after my orgasm hit, my husband quenched my thirst for cum as he filled my mouth with his juice, my juice flooding out of me. Once I finished swallowing his load, I stood up and straddled his face and he brought me to a second and third orgasm.

Cuddling a few minutes later, my husband of seventeen years whispered in my ear, “I’m serious baby. You have my permission to play if the opportunity arises.”

I replied, “It’s a hot fantasy, but pretty unrealistic.”

“Why?” he asked.

“Where do I begin? It’s unprofessional, I’m her cooperating teacher, I am almost twice her age and I doubt she is a dyke.”

“Neither are you, baby,” he pointed out, his again erect cock doing some of its pen pointing.

“Not to mention,” I added, “even if she does play, she is in a whole other league than me.”

My husband’s cock slipped into my inferno as he said, “Baby, you are as fucking sexy and hot today as you were the day I met you.”

I moaned, his eight-inch thick cock always filling me so perfectly. “I bet you say that to all your wives you want to see dyke out.”

He laughed, picking up the pace of his deep drilling, before his tone shifted from amused to dominant. “I want you to allow yourself to open up with her, baby.”

His cock doing wonders to my brain, I moaned, “Kkkkkk, but I don’t want to just throw myself at her.”

“Of course not,” he grunted, my pussy walls being coated by his cum. Feeling his warm seed fill me, triggered yet another orgasm as well and I shivered as my orgasm pulsed through me.

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Both of us spent, my husband repeated his offer. “But seriously baby, I want you to slowly give hints of your interest when or if the opportunity comes up.”

“I’ll try,” I agreed, completely unsure how I would even begin such a plan.


The next month, we got to know each other really well both professionally and personally.

I learned that she had a steady boyfriend named Markus and they had been dating for almost a year. He was still in college, and wanted to be a lawyer. If I was in awe of Alicia’s beauty, I was breathtakingly captivated by Markus. He was 6″6′, built like a linebacker and he bubbled over with confidence. His bald head was also a turn-on I couldn’t even begin to explain.

I also began to notice she was very touchy-feely with me, nothing overtly sexual but her touch was always just a tad longer than normal social standards; her morning hello and after school goodbye hugs lingered just a tad longer than a normal hug. Obeying my husband’s suggestions, I allowed myself to melt in her dark chocolate arms.

It was in our second week that I noticed she started wearing more revealing tops that showcased her tantalizing cleavage. I imagined burying my head between her black mounds of perfection and was often distracted by her beauty. She also always wore pantyhose and heels, and while sitting at the back watching me teach she would often dangle her heel and allow it to sway on her toes. I would get distracted and watch it sway like a hypnotist’s watch. When I looked up she would be smiling and watching me intently, as if knowing the effect she was having on me. I felt that she could she through my facade of propriety and see the real me: a horny, white woman eager to submit to her.

She started with teaching one class and I watched as she commanded a presence with the students that few veteran teachers ever achieve. She instantly was in control and it only made her fascinating personality more intriguing.

It was our third Friday when I suggested that we go out for drinks after work.

Once a downed a few cocktails, Alicia got even more touchy-feely and like often happens when women and booze collide, the conversation drifted to sex, although it came out of the blue after over an hour of talking about our students and bland teacher politics.

I had never heard her swear until she shifted our conversation from academia to sex. “Fuck, I am so horny tonight.”

I coughed a little of my drink out of my mouth at the ‘out of the blue’ announcement. Regaining my composure quickly, I joked, “Aren’t we all.”

Putting her soft dark hands on mine, she complained, “No, seriously. Markus has some big paper he is researching and I haven’t been fucked in almost a week.”

“You poor girl,” I mocked.

Catching my tone, she said, “You don’t understand. We usually fuck at least twice a day, sometimes more, even during my period.”

“You have sex on your period?” I asked, stunned.

“Fuck yes, it may be messy, but it feels fucking amazing. You have got to try it,” she said with a glow in her eye.

“I don’t know, I am no prude and we fuck three times or more a week, but that seems extreme.”

Her hand squeezed mine and her tone shifted just slightly as she seemed to give me a command. “Do it, Pam. Tell me you will try it.”

My submissive personality coming through, the alcohol making me willing to agree to almost anything, “Ok, I’ll get John to fuck me on my rag.”

“You are such a good girl,” she purred, squeezing my hand that triggered an instant leak down below. “When are you on your rag?”

“As we speak,” I admitted.

“Delicious. So you will fuck John for me tonight?” she asked, her warm hand still burning through me.

“For you?” I blushed like a school-girl.

Before she could answer, her cell phone suddenly rang. It was Markus. As soon as she hung up she smiled, clearly excited. “Markus is home and says he has a big surprise for me. It better be his eleven-inch cock or I may burst.”

“El-l-leven-inches?” I stammered, in utter shock.

“And a half,” she added with a smile. “He hates when I forget the half.”

“Holy shit,” I said to no one, imagining eleven and a half inches of black cock sliding in my wet pussy. “How does that even fit in you?”

She smiled deviously, “The first time I actually passed out at one point from the pleasure, but now I can’t imagine anything smaller in me getting me off.” After a pause as I tried to comprehend this new piece of riveting information, Alicia asked, “Pam, I have to ask. Have you ever had sex with a black man?”

“Why would you ask that?” I asked, feigning shock.

“Just curious.”She shrugged, before adding, “Markus loves to be a white woman’s first.”

She left it there, a teasing, dangling carrot in the air. My pussy salivated over such a possibility, while my poker face pretended to hide my growing desire.

She stood up while I stared mouth wide open. Just before she left to get fucked, she winked, leaned in for a hug and whispered, “You should try it sometime.”

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Before I could respond, she was gone and my panties were soaked. I paid the bill, rushed home and followed through with a promise made to Alicia.

My husband was accustomed to the fact that during my periods, which came like clockwork, I was almost never horny. He may get a blow job or two if he was good, but that was it. So when I came home and whispered in his ear, “Bedroom now,” his eyes went big with surprise.

He followed me into the bedroom where I demanded, “Get naked, baby.”

He began undressing like a teenage boy would the first time he is guaranteed a sure thing. He asked, as I walked to the linen closet just outside our room, “Is your period late?”

Grabbing a black towel, I called back, “No, it is definitely visiting.”

I returned with the towel and laid it on the bed. A now naked John watched confused, trying to put two and two together.

I smiled and said, “Alicia gave me an order.”

He smiled back. “Aaaaaaahhh. Well, that is a start.”

I retold our entire conversation to John who showed his excitement by the stiffness of his member. When I told him the size of Markus, who he had met once, he responded, like any man would, “Fuck off.”

I shrugged and smiled, adding the part about how she suggested I should try it sometime. My husband was quiet briefly before asking, “Do you want to fuck him?”

“I don’t know,” I honestly answered, the idea both exciting and scary, both exhilarating and nerve-wracking.

“Do you think she was serious?”

I again answered, “I don’t know; I doubt it, but it is a fun fantasy to think about.” I got undressed myself and positioned myself on the towel. “Now get over here and help me obey Alicia’s order.”

John cautiously got onto the bed and looked at me questioningly.

Before he could ask, I said, “Yes, I’m sure.”

He got between my legs and easily entered my pussy. I don’t know what I was expecting, but the pleasure was very similar to non-period sex, yet I was turned on even more; maybe because I was obeying a suggestion made by my sexy intern, or maybe because period fucking was so taboo, but I was bursting at the seams only a couple of minutes into it.

I looked at my husband who had a surreal look on his face. I asked, “How does it feel, baby?”

“Amazing,” he grunted.

“Different?” I asked.

“I can’t even begin to explain it, but it is fucking hot,” he approved.

I came three times from the period fucking. Although I was so wet, a mixture of my own juice and blood, I must admit I didn’t feel John’s cum fill me. Only his trademark grunt told me he was exploding inside me.

Once done and showered, we cuddled in bed and watched one of our favourite movies, ‘When Harry, Met Sally’. We watched in silence for a long time before John asked, “Do you think she is serious?”

I really didn’t know. We had both been drinking and she was apparently going through withdrawal. I shrugged, “I doubt it. I imagine it was just girl talk.”

Not giving up yet, my husband asked, “But she was a bit bossy with you?”

“Yes,” I agreed.

“Well, my offer still stands. If you and Alicia get the chance to play, you have my permission.”

I don’t know why I said it, but I asked, “But not about Markus?”

He looked at me seriously. “What? My eight inches isn’t enough for you? You need some big black cock?”

I stammered, both excited by the idea but afraid to admit it to my husband, who I had apparently offended, “Um-no-I….”

His serious look broke into a big smile. “I am just messing with you Pam.”

I hit him playfully.

“But seriously, if the opportunity comes up for you to fuck Markus, you have my permission as well.”

“I do?” I said, unable to hold back my excitement.

“Of course,” John smiled, “I wouldn’t mind a piece of Alicia if the opportunity presented itself either.”

We had talked about swinging many times, both of us intrigued to explore our sex lives to the fullest, but our jobs were too high profile in our community, me being a teacher and John the town’s fire chief. We had even scheduled a cruise holiday for the first week of January, a swinger’s cruise, where we would be an anonymous couple exploring our secret kinky desires (but that was still months away).

I kissed him gently, my body tingling with the wide open opportunities that lie ahead.On Monday, the first words out of Alicia’s mouth were, “Did you do it?”

I replied shyly, attempting to hint at my submissiveness, “Yes.”

“And?” she questioned, wanting the details.

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A white teacher succumbs to her black submission fantasy

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