Babuji, The Old Fucker – Sex Stories

Babuji, The Old Fucker – Sex Stories

My name is Roma Chauhan, a 32 years old woman. I was married to Raman when I was 20. Raman works in his father’s business. Despite our best efforts I could not bear a child. My sex life has been ok. But now Raman has started spending all the time in making money. Last year my husband insisted that I go and live in my father in law’s village as my mother in law had died. Raman’s father Vijay Chauhan had become a widower and I had to help him in his meals and other household chores. Raman is tall healthy and so is his father whom I addressed as Babuji.

Babuji lived in his palatial house in the village. Raman dropped me at his father’s house and left for Banglore to attend to his business. Now Babuji is a man of 52, strong and muscular and wears kurta pajama at home. His hair has turned grey. On the second day of my life in village, I saw my father in law cleaning the top widows of our house by climbing a ladder. His pajamas were very loose and when I went to give him his tea, he was on top of ladder, From below, my eyes saw through his pajama that he wore no underwear. What I saw shook my whole body.

Babuji’s limp cock was enormous. Surrounded by balck curly pubic hairs, it must have been at least 6 inches. I returned after putting the cup on the table”Babuji, tea is here” I said and rushed back into the kitchen.
For the next few days I could not remove from my eyes the image of Babuji’s cock. Then I was missing Raman too. To make matters worse, one evening I saw Babuji coming out of bathroom with only a small towel wrapped round his body. His chest was broad and his biceps muscular. The bulge in the towel made me blush. That night I was lying in bed in a horny state. I had the covers kicked back and my body writhed on my bed. I slid my hands between my legs and began to play with my pussy. Quite unintentionally, an image of Babuji entered my mind, an image of him with his hard muscles flexing and the bulge getting bigger and bigger.

I began to rub my clit harder and my pussy grew much wetter. I knew it was wrong to think about Babuji in this way, but I could not help it, I could not get the sight of his cock out of my mind. I had not seen my Babuji’s cock but I suddenly imagined him lying on top of my body and that sent me over the edge.

I began to furiously finger my now dripping wet gash. I allowed a few low deep groans to expel from my mouth. I writhed and squirmed around on the bed, gripping my legs together as I buried my fingers deep in my pussy. With my free hand I took a firm grip on my large breast and pinched hard on my nipples.

I felt my pussy convulse and tighten, a huge wave of sexual ecstasy washed over me and I flung my head back, arched my back off of the bed and rode out the biggest orgasm I had ever given to myself.
“FUCCCKKKKKK……BABUJI…..I NEED YOUR COCK….I NEED YOUR BIG COCK” I moaned out as my pussy juices dripped from my hot, wet cunt.

As I opened my eyes, I saw a movement near the half open door. Who could it be? There was no one except me and Babuji . Was he peeping into my room. I felt hornier by the thought. For the first time, I began to think of Babuji as my sexual partner. I knew he must be horny after his wife’s death. Again I allowed my hands to wander over my large 36dd boobs and slowly down to my wet pussy lips.

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The next morning, as I walked to his room, reached his door and pushed it open as it was shut. I looked across the room to where his bed was. As my eyes focused more clearly, I could see Babuji laid out on his bed. His face looked so peaceful and his eyes were shut tight. He was laid flat on his back with his arm across his chest and his other one down by his side.
Then I saw it.

My eyes were immediately drawn down his body and his crotch. The bed covers had been completely kicked back and Babuji was totally naked. My eyes widened and my mouth dropped. I took an involuntary sharp intake of breath and my whole body jerked backwards.

I was staring straight at the biggest, largest, hardest cock I had ever seen. I stood transfixed as my eyes glued onto his gigantic length. It was raging hard and even from the distance away that I was, I could clearly see the thick veins that ran the whole length of this monster shaft.

“Ohhhhh God” I muttered as I stood completely transfixed on Babuji’s hard cock. I had never seen a prick this big, It was easily 9 inches. I fixed my gaze intently on his cock, my eyes still wide and my mouth practically drooling. Every vein in his cock looked ready to burst out from under the tight firm skin. His large fat cock-head stood proudly just a few inches from his stomach, as he breathed it raised and fell ever so slightly. It was the most amazing sight I had ever witnessed.

My breathing had grown heavy and my heart pounded against my chest. My boobs heaved under my kurti and I felt an intense and immense feeling deep inside me. My pussy suddenly felt hot and wet, almost willing me to put my fingers down there.

My god I bet that giant thing could just rip any pussy apart. I noticed his big balls too, hanging below his legs and resting gently on the bed. I felt my pussy get wetter as his massive cock twitched, my breathing grew heavier and I had to press my hand to my mouth even tightern.

I must have stood looking at him for over ten minutes. I just could not pull myself away from this god-like cock before me. My whole body shook with intense excitement and at the same time intense nervousness. What would I say if Babuji woke up and caught me staring at his huge cock? His own son’s wife admiring that giant love pole?
Finally I stepped back, ever so quietly towards the door. I managed to get back through the door and gently pull it back shut.

I ran into my own bedroom, closing the door behind me. I darted across the room and took off my kurti and pajamas. My huge tits leaped forwards as I threw myself down onto my bed and onto my back. Now naked, I spread my legs wide and slapped my hand between my legs, teasing my fingers along my pussy lips. My heavy breathing caused my tits to fall and rise across my chest and my whole body shook with excitement. I had never been this turned on in the whole of my life.

“OH FUCK!” I groaned out loud as I shoved three fingers deep into my wet cunt, grabbing my boobs with my other hand. I pumped my hand against my wet cunt and dug my fingers in deep. I could feel my pussy muscles tighten and clench around my fingers, my whole insides felt on fire.

The sight of that huge cock just burned into my thoughts as I picked up the pace of my deep finger fucking. I could hear the wet squelching sounds get louder as I forced a fourth finger up myself. “Oh my god that cock is soooo fucking big,” I moaned as I imagined it sliding up my wet pussy.

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My heartbeat raced and my breathing grew very loud as I kept slamming my fist towards my insides, slapping my knuckles against my clit each time I drove my fingers in. “OH FUCK YESSSSSSS BABUJI,” I now screamed.
All of a sudden I felt a man’s hand on my breast.

My eyes opened. I was stunned at the sight of my naked Babuji. “I am sorry Babuji, I forgot to bolt the door.”I muttered. “So did I. Did you like what you saw in my room Bahu? I know I have a good cock and you are one hell of a sexy woman. My son is lucky but the man is a fool to let you away from him. I am the lucky bastard to have you in my house”

I listened as he ran his hands over my trembling naked body. Although his words shocked me but I felt my pussy getting hot just seeing the naked figure of my Babuji. I felt my pussy getting wet and I had to squeeze my legs together to contain my sexual urges. Babuji was now all over me.

“You know Bahu, there is no reason why you should be lonely…you are really hot…You should get my big cock into your cunt and be happy. And you got great great boobs too…I want to suck your tits. Has Raman sucked on your boobs?.” I felt a huge rush of excitement shoot through my whole body as I listened to Babuji’s words. “Yes Babuji, Raman sucks on my boobs like a child”

“He is a child then. Bahu hold my cock. It is a man’s cock not a child’s” Babuji rested my trembling hand on his massive cock. Taking it in my hands I could hardly contain my excitement. I had seen the monster cock and now it was in my hands. The veins bulged from the sides. The big head looked ready to to fuck me.

I was getting very hot and horny, running my hand along this huge cock. I scrapped my fingernails along the mighty girth and jacked it off. I could feel my pussy tightening and contracting, a deep sensation in my cunt. Babuji’s hands were all over my body. He began to kiss my naked body, his hands cupping my ample buttocks as he bent over me and I played with his cock.

“Oh Babuji, your cock is so fucking big…..Roma wants it.” I had at last said to my horny Babuji what I wanted. Hearing myself say that made my pussy burn with heat and I could stand it no longer. I threw myself onto my back and spread my legs high in the air and pulled Babuji over my lust filled body. “OHHHH BAHU, I WANT TO FUCK YOU TOO. MY COCK HAS NOT RESTED SINCE I SAW YOU STARING AT MY COCK,” he said as I held his cock in one hand and guided it to my cunt.

My tits heaved on my chest as my breathing grew heavy as Babuji pushed the bulbous head of his cock into my steaming pussy. I had never taken anything this big inside me . I was desperate to try it now.
“TIME TO FUCK YOUR DIRTY BAHU BABUJI,” I cried his giant wand moved into my wet wide open pussy.
“OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH” I screamed out as the big thick head entered me. I felt my cunt muscles clench around the shaft as it plunged it deeper in.

I grabbed hold of Babuji’s buttocks as he rode me, pushing his cock slowly into my cunt.
“OOOHHH FUCK YES,” I growled. The huge thick girth drilled deeper and my cunt oozed with hot wet juices.
My insides gripped and then contracted around the huge cock. . “MADERCHOD…FUCKING….BHAGWAN…ARRRRGGGH,” I screamed out so loud. I felt the large head hit the very hilt of my insides and I looked at my fuck partner, my own father in law.

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“YES YOU BASTARD….KEEP FUCKING ME WITH YOUR HUGE COCK..FUCK MY DIRTY CUNT.” I began to really fuck my father in law and he was slamming in and out, pulling nearly the whole cock out of me then into my cunt again.
“YES FUCK….OH FUCK THAT HUGE MONSTER IS RIPPING ME APART.” I could not contain my yells of pleasure. I was breathing hard and my huge boobs raised and fell on my chest. My nipples were hard and wished I had my Babuji to suck on them right there and then.

With my legs spread open like a whore, I fucked that massive big prick of my Babuji.

Babuji picked up speed and was fucking me furiously, his hands gripped my ass and his mouth bent on my nipple. The old fucker pounded my pussy without mercy and I was loving every minute of it. His balls struck my slit as he fucked me. “OHHHHHHHHHH FUCK. BAHU, YOU ARE A WHORE….MY SON’S WHORE…MY WHORE….YOU ARE A FUCKING BITCH IN HEAT…I LOVE FUCKING BITCHES…..I LOVE YOUR BOOBS, YOUR CUNT….YOUR CUNT NOW BELONGS TO ME….YOU ARE MINE….YOUR CUNT IS MINE TO FUCK, OHHHHHH BEHNCHOD I LOVE YOU BAHU…TAKE MY COCK IN YOUR PUSSY…LET ME FATHER YOUR CHILD….OUR CHILD….IT WILLL BE YOUR HUSBAND’S BROTHER OR SISTER, MY CHILD IN YOUR WOMB ” Babuji was saying things which I did not understand and I screamed at the top of my voice as a huge orgasm shot through my whole body. My insides tightened and clung onto the 9 inch fuck stick that my Babuji continued to pump into me. My pussy gushed and fired large amounts of my juices. I held tightly my new lover whose cock rammed again and again into the very depths of my cunt.

Gush after gush shot from my pussy which was dripping wet.

I clung to him like a creeper as he fucked me with all his might. Hot lava began to come out of his monster cock. I felt hot juice spray the insides of my choot. His juices filled my hungry choot. I felt another huge wave of sexual ecstasy. My Babuji and his huge cock just filled my cunt.
After a good 10 minutes we collapsed and he finally pulled his cock from my sopping wet pussy. “Oh fuck, Babuji it was great, the greatest” I said.

We lay there for nearly an hour, still reeling from the fucking I had got from my Babuji. “Now you know how it feels when a real man fucks a real hot woman like you Bahu. I have only started, not finished. But we must be careful during the day. At night I will show you what a real cock can do. Now get me breakfast so that I can show you the stars at night.

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Babuji, The Old Fucker – Sex Stories

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