Cuckold Husband Ravi Naughty Wife Nisha – II

I came back from Bangalore and was busy with my business Activities but also managed to call up Ravi once in a while. Since we had met now I was more comfortable talking on phone and the anxiety attached to being known only online had faded away.

I could sense even Ravi had opened up a bit more to me and in a conversation had expressed how he felt turned on by the thought that I may one day make love to Nisha in front of him. Ravi one day told me that he has seen a huge change in Nisha’s mindset but he still doesn’t think that she will agree for a threesome.

I said I will ponder upon the issue and let him know if there is any idea that strikes me. A few days later I asked him whether Nisha likes going to the spa for a body massage, to which Ravi said that he had asked her a few times when they had gone on vacations but she declined saying that she is shy to shed clothes in front of a masseuse.

I asked Ravi that he could try and ask her to go to a nice spa where she will be massaged by a masseur. Ravi said that he doesn’t think that it will work since Nisha was shy to shed clothes in front of a female so doing so in front of a male is out of question. To which I asked him to try and push Nisha for and if she doesn’t agree then you can ask her to get a body spa at their home only and through a masseur.

I tried to explain that once she gets used to being semi nude in front of a man and starts enjoying the touch she may not feel awkward to have sex with a stranger too. The next day Ravi called me and told me that Nisha has rejected both the ideas and said that she does not believe it’s safe and plus she’s also shy about shedding clothes in front of a man.

I told Ravi that he should do some emotional drama and tell her how much work she does and how tired she is at the end of the day and a nice massage will relax her muscles and she will feel nice and if she’s fearing safety he could stay in the same room when the masseur will be with her.

The same day I had to plan another trip to Bangalore about two weeks from today and I messaged Ravi regarding the same. A couple of days later Ravi called me again and said that he spoke to Nisha again and though most of her concerns have been laid to rest she’s still feeling shy to get the same done through a man.

I told Ravi that you could blindfold her before the masseur arrives and that way she will not feel anything plus Ravi’s presence there will take care of everything else. He said that this time he will not let Nisha escape and will make her agree to the same.

He called me on Sunday and told that last night they had wild sex after watching a porn film and during the act he has convinced Nisha for a blindfold massage by a masseur. I wished him luck for the same and told him I will meet him once I am there the next weekend.

A couple of days later he called me again and asked me what my schedule in Bangalore is? I told him that I land on Sunday evening and leave on Wednesday morning so I can meet on Sunday night. He said ok to it and then called me again on Saturday night and what he asked me to do, had me in disbelief.

He told me that since he has got Nisha convinced for a blindfolded massage he wants me to do it to her since he did not trust any local masseur. Plus he also said since he was planning a threesome with me being the third person it makes perfect sense.

Though what he said made sense but I was not ready for this sudden surprise and was feeling goose bumps in my stomach as my long drawn fantasy was close to being a reality. He told me to be at their place by 8:00 p.m.. He also asked me if I need anything special for the occasion to which I said I will let him know if I need anything.

I said ok to him but could not sleep well that night and was pretty anxious till the time I checked in to the hotel in Bangalore. After that I had a nice bath and then proceeded to Ravi’s house with all kinds of thought about how to make Nisha feel good during the spa.

Finally I reached their house and rang the door bell which was answered by Ravi. We both greeted each other and he led me to their drawing room and made me sit in such a way that my back was facing their bedroom door which was closed. He said that Nisha was in the shower and will soon be out soon and just in case, if she decides to take a peek outside its better if she cannot see my face.

He asked me if I need anything other than oil for massage to which I replied that I do not need the oil at all and that I need a moisturizing cream and powder for the massage. He winked looking at me and said that I look prepared for the spa…. He told me to help myself in the kitchen if I need anything and went inside the bedroom.

A few minutes later I heard their bathroom door unlock and then it shut again. My heart started beating faster and I could feel anxiety all over again. After a few minutes I heard their bedroom door being opened and then Ravi came out and told me that Nisha is ready for the massage…. He proceeded inside their bedroom and I followed him a few seconds later.

As I entered I could see the beautiful Nisha lying on her stomach on the bed and Ravi sitting in one corner of the room on the sofa. She had put the towel on her naked back which was covering her back till her knees. Her hair were open and I could see a black silk cloth with which Ravi had blindfolded her.

The entire atmosphere of the room suddenly looked sensual and the most beautiful girl I had ever seen was lying in front of me, waiting for me to touch her sensually and make her feel relaxed. I greeted Ravi with Hello Sir and Nisha with hello mam to which both replied back and then I asked Nisha to shift to the center of the bed since that ways I will get to work from both sides of the bed.

As she slid I could see her boobs dangling and my dick was dying to get out of the jail it was in. I saw the moisturizing cream and the powder were kept on the side table and then I bent forward and adjusted the towel which was lying on Nisha’s back from vertical to horizontal position so that only her ass was covered with it and her entire back and legs upto her thighs were visible to me.

She tried to catch hold of it first thinking I was taking it off but let go once she realized I was only Adjusting it and let a sigh of relief. I then picked up the bottle of moisturizing cream and applied it on her entire back and then took some more in my hands and started the back massage.

I took my hand from near her shoulders all the way down to the lower back and applied just the right amount of pressure so that she feels good. The way up and down was smooth due to the lotion and in about 3-4 up and down movement across her back she said she is feeling very good.

After about 5 minutes of movement on her back I now took both my thumbs near her shoulders and moved them in circular motion there so that she gets relief there too. Then again I switched to the spinal cord region where I took thumbs in circular motion on either sides.

It was about 15 minutes now that I had started and I could feel she has relaxed completely in this time as when I had started I could feel her body was stiff with resistance. Ravi now asked her how she is feeling and she said she never thought a body massage can be as good and relaxing. In the meantime I shifted my focus from her back to her legs and applied the lotion on her foot.

I started from her heels and massaged her all the way till her toe fingers and she felt extremely relaxed with the same. I held her foot in both hands and applied pressure gently on her toe fingers then in the middle of the foot and then on her heels. She was feeling so nice that a mmmm escaped from her mouth.

After 5 minutes on the foot I moved to her legs and applied the lotion on her lower legs all the way up to a her thighs just stopping short of touching her hips. I had to adjust the towel a bit upwards for this and I could clearly see her cunt from the gap between her legs. I then started massaging her legs all the way from thighs till her foot.

Then in about 2-3 minutes I started massaging her lower legs first i.e from knees up to the foot and then her back thigh. As I was massaging her thigh I could feel her breathing get heavy. I now slowly applied some cream on her inner thigh too and started massaging there. I could feel her getting restless as my hands were working on her inner legs.

Seeing her discomfort Ravi asked her casually how she is feeling to which she didn’t reply. He then told her to relax as she is in professional hands and nothing untoward can happen to her. He also told her that the guy who is working on you is really sweet and professional. I could feel her get a bit relaxed after comments from her hubby.

I worked a bit on her inner thighs and then moved to her buttocks. I started pressing them from over the towel and I could make out from her body language that she was really loving this. For the first time I felt that she is enjoying the massage without any hesitation in her mind.

After about 2 minutes at her buttocks I moved to her right hand where I applied the lotion and started the tender massage. After spending about 5 minutes on her right hand I moved over to her left hand. I had to move to the other side of the bed and in doing so when I had a look at Ravi he winked at me and gave a naughty smile of appreciation.

After covering her left hand, I moved back to her back and now brought my hands right to the bottom of her back near her ass crack and stopped there for a moment. Then I started moving my thumb in circular motion there and there was incredible wriggle of joy from Nisha. Due to this the towel moved a bit lower and I could see half of her ass now.

After moving over her entire back for some more time I applied some lotion to her naked buttock and started giving tender massage there. Though she was stunned for a moment but she started enjoying the feeling and her facial expression was back to normal. I slowly removed the towel completely and looked at the naked beauty lying in front of me in awe.

Then I massaged the entire back from foot to neck for some more time and Nisha was enjoying every moment of it. I then asked her to turn over so that I can massage the front portion for her. I helped her turn around by holding her hand and then was awestruck by the sight of beautiful body that lay in front of me.

I could make out that even though in a blindfold Nisha was blushing as she knew that I probably am the only person apart from hubby who was watching her in this state since marriage. I then took the powder for the massage and applied it to her shoulders and breasts.

After this I gently started massaging the shoulder part and slowly moved down to her breasts and kept doing so for about 10 minutes. She was enjoying it very much and that could be made out by the happiness her face showed. The fragrance of the powder had spread to the entire room and it was intoxicating for Nisha too I guess as she was getting really turned on by this massage.

I now took her right hand in my hands and started the massage and then switched over to her left hand. After that I focused my attention to her thighs and applied the powder on her thighs and started massaging them all the way from her tummy to her knees. As my hand reached near her tummy I could feel her getting horny as she was wriggling more than she had done till now.

I did so for a few minutes and then moved to her lower legs and massaged the portion from her knees to her foot. Then I reached for her inner thighs and did it in such a way that my hand was sometimes touching her cunt.

I could feel a bit of wetness of her cunt and my dick was having giving me a hard time for the last 75 minutes since it was so tight and erect that I wished I could massage her while being nude so that I can sometimes use my tool to do it too. I did her inner thighs for about 10 minutes and then moved to her head.

I kept her head in my lap and then gave her forehead a nice tender massage and then moved over to her temples. After about 90 minutes I finally had finished the spa and asked her permission to leave. She kept quiet so I quietly removed her head from my lap and stood up and Ravi moved forward and guided me out of the room.

He asked me to leave immediately and he said he will call back tomorrow about what he felt for the same. I moved out and took a taxi to the hotel and during my journey I just couldn’t stop feeling lucky that I have made such a beautiful girl feel so much better and that in days to come I may get to fuck her too…

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Cuckold Husband Ravi Naughty Wife Nisha – II

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