Eli’s Big Surprise

Eli’s Big Surprise

Hey guys! This is Aryan Kapur from South Kolkata. Friends can call me Abhi too. So, I am 30 now and can be called a later bloomer. I’m 5’6″, good looking and blessed with a 6.5″ dick, which is enough to please any girl, woman, milf, etc.

All my stories are real-life experiences and this one is about a big surprise. I hope you read my previous stories. I have thoroughly enjoyed speaking to the ladies and gentlemen who wrote to me with feedback, and I hope to get more.

So, I had been fucking Mary and Eli whenever the opportunity presented itself. Eli made sure she had an off day on a different day than Mary. She made sure she milked my cock thoroughly.

On the other hand, Mary had started to get annoying with nagging. Her post-alcohol behavior was now intolerable. She used to pick fights after getting drunk in clubs for no reason, and I can’t stand people like that. I started phasing her out of my life.

Due to Durga Puja, Mary and Eli would fly back home. I had decided to break up with Mary then. On the other hand, Eli would shift to Vizag to be with her fiancé after Durga Puja. I was going to face a dry spell. But Eli and the Gods had a different plan for me.

Mary had flown back home. I was to go and live with Eli for the one week before she also left for Mizoram. We finished our work and headed home. Eli seemed to have a wicked smile on her face. I knew something was, and my dick-sense was tingling. Eli changed into a red baby doll dress and turned to me.

Eli- You know you’re the best thing that has happened to me in a long time. And I want to do something for you.

Me- You know I would let you do anything to me.

She hated my being cheeky, but there was something different this time. She took something out of the wardrobe and approached me. She made me lie down on the bed and told me to close my eyes and just let her take over. She placed a blindfold on my eyes and tied my hands on the headboard of the bed.

She went down and pulled my boxers down and started giving me a blowjob. After about 10 minutes, she started sucking again, but it felt a little different. I felt the force of the sucking was harder. Then I got hit with lightning as someone started smooching me as I was getting my dick sucked.

I got a little nervous about what’s happening, and Eli, sensing that opened my blindfold. She was the one smooching me, and Jenny (the Thai milf I told you about earlier) was sucking my cock. She didn’t stop sucking my dick but just looked up and winked.

Eli- Relax, this is my gift for you.

Eli started kissing me again. I was confused, elated, and was being pleasured like a king or a God. I let the pleasure take control of me. Eli untied my hands, too, and sat on my face. I started licking her pussy. She started moaning loudly.

After 15 minutes, Jenny came and sat on my face, and Eli started riding my dick. Jenny’s pussy was sweet and smelled nice. Milfs do it better.

After fucking me for 10 minutes, Eli rested, and Jenny came down to kiss me. We smooched for the first time after having done oral on each other. I had a feeling Jenny wanted to feel me do the cervix rubbing trick I did on Mary and Eli, which drove them crazy.

I got on top of Jenny and started sliding my dick in. It was already wet from my licking, and my dick was drenched with Eli’s juices. My dick felt massive in Jenny’s hot tight pussy.

Jenny- You have a very big dick, Kha (a word Thais often use in their speech). My pussy feels good. OMG!

I started fucking her hard as we both knew we were close after what we did for each other. I lifted her legs on my shoulder after 10 minutes of hard fucking. Now I was going to make her cum on my dick. I started pushing my dick deep in her pussy, stretching her out as much as possible.

Jenny- You are stretching my pussy out too much, Kha! Do you want to kill me?

I reached her cervix and started rubbing it with my dick. She dug her nails deep into my back. Eli lying there looking at us, started smooching me. Her lips gave me a fresh surge of energy. I started banging Jenny’s cervix and fucking her hard, making her scream as she orgasmed on my dick.

Her pussy grabbed my cock hard, and her cum flushed all over my dick. Eli suddenly started kissing Jenny. That was too much for me to bear, and the confusion was going to make me cum. Jenny sensed it and immediately took my dick in her mouth and started sucking the sperm out of my dick.

She took the whole load and kissed Eli, surprising her. I was beyond turned on. I was feeling like a motherfucking pornstar. Some sex God. I collapsed between Jenny and Eli, and my question was conveyed through my eyes. What the fuck happened? Eli spoke.

Eli – Look, first tell me how you liked my surprise?

Me-  I feel like the king of the world, but seriously, what the fuck happened?

Eli- I was going to miss you and wanted to leave a parting gift for you. After you dump Mary, and with me gone, someone should be there to service your dick. It has made me very happy and doesn’t deserve to be lonely.

She grabbed my dick and started rubbing it gently. Jenny put her head on my chest, pulled her hair back, looked into my eyes, and spoke

Jenny- Kha, I also like you. I didn’t know Eli was fucking you, else I would have also tried. After my ex broke up with me, I stopped going to the party and all. I have been lonely for three months. But you seemed like a nice boy.

Eli- Jenny and I sometimes felt each other and kept each other company. Two weeks ago, when I was texting you and smiling, Jenny asked me who made me smile so much. I knew I could trust her, so I told her.

Jenny- I told Eli I also liked you and that if I can approach you after she leaves. She proposed this idea which I liked very much, Kha.

Eli- See, my idea was so good. Your dick also liked it.

I was so lost in my new situation and trying to understand it all. I didn’t even realize my dick was getting hard again. I smooched Jenny and squeezed her titties (reminder that Jenny looks like the Latin pornstar Bianka). On the other hand, I started fingering Eli. They deserved another round of great fucking.

After smooching, pressing their tits, and fingering them both for 15-20 minutes, they were both raring to go. I stood up and made Eli stand up too, turned her around facing the bed, and bent her over. I made Jenny lie down on the edge of the bed, and I grabbed Eli’s hair and shoved it in Jenny’s pussy.

This wasn’t the first time Eli and Jenny were going to taste each other. I shoved my dick in Eli’s pussy and started fucking her. Jenny was moaning loudly. I thought if Eli could suck dick so well, she could lick pussy well too, and she did.

I slowly grabbed Eli’s tits with my right hand and reached in to finger her clit while fucking her like that. Eli was going crazy and moaning while licking Jenny’s pussy. I soon grabbed her hands back and started fucking her hard, she started grunting, and her orgasm was nearing.

She came and almost lost her balance. After Eli came, she got up on the bed and sat on Jenny’s face. Jenny was all too keen to return the favor. I moved in and started fucking Jenny. I grabbed both their tits with one hand each and was thoroughly enjoying my time with these two angels.

Jenny was below me, and Eli’s back turned towards me was giving access to her tits. Eli turned and started smooching me. She kissed my lips, neck, and chest and tried to lick my crotch area while lying on Jenny.

Shortly after that, Eli and Jenny were in 69 position. I was fucking Jenny, and Eli licked Jenny’s pussy and my dick while it was going in and out. It got too much for Jenny, and she climaxed hard. I kept fucking Jenny for a few more minutes while Eli got up and started smooching me.

I was squeezing her tits, and she was making me feel light now. I gave in and was going to cum. Jenny sensing my climax, approaching licked her legs around my waist and made sure came in her. I came a lot, and the three of us collapsed. We sort of just melted in each other’s arms and passed out.

I know this story was long, and the best parts are coming up. But I assure you, it will be worth the wait. If anyone wants to send me feedback or call me an idiot, write to me at [email protected]

You can also add me on Instagram by searching writer_abhi.kapur. Also, don’t ask me for the contact details of the girls in my stories.

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Eli’s Big Surprise