Ending the saga with perversion and intrigue – Indian Social Worker & Bully

Ending the saga with perversion and intrigue – Indian Social Worker & Bully

Next, I thought I was done with the story with the previous part. I don’t usually provide clear endings to my stories. I am not a professional writer. This is just an outlet for my kinky thoughts and dark fantasies. So I don’t feel beholden to readers to wrap things up. I stop when I think it has run its course for me and move on. On this one though, I got an unusually high number of requests to continue. So many requests that I gave in for a change and decided to conclude the story. This is the best that I could come up with. Hope it satisfies the readers’ expectations.


“Oh man…she is good.” Munaf inhaled as I pressed my tongue against his thick dick in my mouth. It stank and it had brambly pubic hair around it, but the filthiness of the situation was turning me on instead of disgusting me. Which made me feel disgusted about myself and the decisions I had taken to get here. I sucked at the dick hungrily, with my index finger and thumb grasping tightly at the base of the shaft.

Lallan had meanwhile rolled my formal skirt all the way up. The customary hard spanks were being delivered on my ass cheeks. I was wearing boyshorts style black lace panties. Lallan had pushed the fabric into my ass crack and my round exposed ass shone in the dim street light filtering through the truck’s windows.

“Where did you learn to suck dick like this, memsaab?” Munaf said, fondling my boobs over my top between changing gears as he drove the truck.

“I had to teach her. Earlier she used to be like no Lallan darling please I don’t like it. She didn’t know what was good for her.”

Although I had never once called him darling, he had indeed gotten me into giving blowjobs. I used to really hate it. It was one of my turn-offs for most of my life. But Lallan had bent me to his will in more ways than one. My husband liked that change in me though, now that I had started sucking his dick too. He had been very surprised the first night when he was back and I slithered down in bed and took his dong in my mouth. After years of dating and marriage, it was the first time I had initiated a blowjob. Thankfully, he was delighted rather than suspicious.

“She is a kinky slut this one.” Lallan pinching my butt hard. “She pretends to be all pure and noble and breaks up people’s marriages. But as the night proceeds, you will see what else she has learned from me. She can get really adventurous. We just need to give her some booze.”

“I can smell alcohol on her breath already.” Munaf said.

“Yeah, she loves to drink. And then telling wives to leave their husbands for drinking. Such a bitch. Here, memsaab, have some.”

A bottle of hooch was pushed towards me. I took a few big swigs of a strong fruity tasting alcoholic liquid and felt it sear my throat as it went down. During this, I still kept jacking off the truck owner’s dick with my other hand.

I could see Munaf’s face looking down at mine for a while, in his lap, and worried he wasn’t looking at the road. Sure enough there was a loud honk from an oncoming vehicle and he jerked the truck to avoid a collision. His dick slipped out of my mouth. That shaking made the bottle splash some drink over my clothes and his lap.

“Fuck!” he said and I felt the truck slowing down.

“Careful, Munaf bhai.” Lallan said.

“Sorry, this curvy memsaab’s gorgeous face in my lap, her lips around my dick, looking into my eyes, drinking hooch…it was too much distraction. You really have bagged quite the item, Lallan.”

The looking into into his eyes was another of Lallan’s teachings. He loved having eye contact during blowjobs, as if to remind us both of who we were and what we were doing.

“That lane looks dark and empty. Maybe it’s time for a break.” Tony said from behind, where the naked stocky Kanta was still sucking his dick making gagging sounds.

“Hmmmm.” Munaf said grabbing at my hooch stained chest. I started putting my mouth over his dick again when he pulled me up by the hair.

I looked into his eyes again.

“Enough with the mouth for now. Sit up.” he said and I did as was told.

We were still on the outskirts of Ahmedabad, but this was a dark lane for sure. Street lights weren’t on. No other drivers and no cops around, I guess they were okay having my head visible through the windshield. Soon it was more than just my head.

As Munaf slowly pulled the truck at the far end of the lane, Lallan took the bottle away from my hand and was rapidly stripping me in the crowded cabin. My skirt was pulled off with my panties and I heard Tony sigh and chuckle looking at my shaved pussy. Even Kanta was staring with some admiration. My jacket and top were off too and soon I was just in a bra. The truck had stopped by now. I expected Lallan to pull me onto his dick soon. But today, he seemed more keen on showing me off. And sharing my perversions with the others.

“You have the honor of getting her fully naked, Munaf Bhai.” Lallan magnanimously said, spanking my round ass a couple of times.

The chubby man looked at me hungrily.

“Get in the back.” he said.

I obeyed. It’s not like I had much of a choice. But more than that, I did want this. I wanted his thick circumcised dick inside me. Regular vanilla sex with Anup had been nice but had not been able to fully satisfy the way I wanted. Lallan truly had broken something inside my head. Wearing just my bra, I put one leg over the truck’s front seat. I could feel the cheap rexine edge of the backrest dig into at my pussy and even that tiny bit of pressure sent a thrill through me. I really was like an animal in heat.

“She’s a tall one, isn’t she?” Munaf said as one of my feet lightly hit his cheek while I climbed over to the back.

The back portion of the truck cab was small and dark. Tony and Kanta both reached over and fondled my ass as I slid all the way down. They both moved to other side of the bench, she still naked and on her knees. Then Munaf’s chubby middle aged body clumsily clambered over the back seat. He stood on his knees on the floor between me and the other woman. He squeezed Kanta’s heaving breasts. Then he felt mine over the bra.

“Hard to say whose are bigger.”

His hand went behind my back and fumbled with the bra for a few seconds before unhooking it, as if he wasn’t used to doing this too often. With the bra falling off, I too was now fully naked like Kanta. I was sitting on my ass nude, surrounded by these people that I barely knew. And yet I didn’t feel the slightest need to hide my nakedness. Munaf put one hand on each of our tits and started groping and squeezing like a doctor checking for lumps. Even this ugly fat man’s rough touch was making me horny.

“Both have beautiful big tits.” he started giving his judgment. “Kanta’s might be a little bigger. But memsaab’s are more firm. Her nipples are slightly smaller but I like that pink color more than Kanta’s dark brown.”

Tony next to him and Lallan behind me on the front seat started laughing as Kanta and I both blushed. In even the most extreme situations, there is no limit to male arrogance and female modesty.

“Anyway, enough chit-chat.” Munaf said.

No words were said for a while. The back of the cabin was a tiny space, barely 6 feet wide and maybe 3 feet deep, with a curving roof. It was soon full of just awkward movements and bodies hitting bodies and the occasional sigh as Kanta and I stared at each other solemnly. Munaf put one hand on my ass and another on my upper arm to pull me into a doggy position, 45 degrees to the bench, and my elbows resting on it. My long legs, even folded, just barely fit in that space. Kanta mirrored this on her own. She probably had been fucked in the truck before, she seemed more comfortable than me even in the cramped space. Although she was much shorter than I was. Both our torsos formed a V in front of the the bench, with our heads almost touching to make the vertex.

The burly Tony got behind her ass. As Munaf did the same, I looked at Tony’s dick, knowing it would be inside me eventually. It was longer than average but thin, a contrast from Munaf’s shorter than average but thick stump. I realized that of all three of them, Lallan had the most forgettable dick and the most petite physique and yet he was the one who had orchestrated this perverted gathering by sheer force. When Tony took his shirt off, he revealed a big muscular and hairy chest.

“Look at her checking out the goods.” I heard Lallan chuckle from the front seat. I blushed and looked away.

I felt Munaf’s hands on my waist, pushing me down to arch my back. I closed my eyes.

“On three…one two…”

I felt the thick helmet head of his dick pushing against my cunt lips.

“Three!” Munaf said.

He shoved his dick inside in one swift motion. Even though I had seen it up close and taken it in my mouth, I was still surprised by how thick it felt inside me. I was wet, but still, not used to the girth.

“Oh…fffuck.” I moaned as the dick hit my insides and my head hit Kanta’s who had also been penetrated simultaneously.

Munaf started fucking me at a rapid pace instantly. There was no build-up of any kind. He was just pounding me hard like a rutting animal, making my tits swing and hit the wooden bench. I opened my eyes and saw that Tony was going slower with Kanta. But her big tits were also hitting the bench, just a few inches from mine. And of course our heads kept bumping in that tiny space.

Then there were a few bright flashes and I looked back. Of course Lallan was in the middle of the front seat, taking pictures with his phone.

“Oh man, what a sight this is. If we were to turn this into a porn film, we could be rich.” he said, with his usual arrogant laugh.

“Unhhh!!” I groaned as Munaf started pounding me even harder. It was the thickest dick I had ever experienced and I was feeling discomfort and pleasure in equal measure. Instinctively, one of my hands reached over and grasped at Kanta’s. She was also moaning although not as loudly. Her hand responded and our fingers were interlocked tightly. And just like that a bond of sorts was formed between me and this woman, as we held and braced each other getting fucked side by side in the back of a truck at some random spot in Gujarat. Munaf noticed.

“Looks like…these two women…are becoming…friends.” he said breathing heavily as his dick kept ramming my cunt hard.

“Memsaab has a way to bond with maids.” Lallan snickered and then he turned on the light in the cabin.

Kanta and I looked into each others eyes, our mouths open and moaning loudly. I could see from her expressions and her body language that she was in a similar position as me. Her mind was not happy to be there but her body was glad she was. Lallan had been right that in terms of free will, she was there just the way I was there.

“This light isn’t too good for a video.” Lallan grumbled holding his phone up and showing us all the grainy footage he had just captured. Even in that bad resolution, the scene looked so insanely perverted and also erotic.

“You can try in the morning again.” Tony said, still fucking Kanta in deep luxurious strokes.

By this stage I had admitted to myself that the pictures and videos didn’t matter, so I didn’t feel anything about him capturing this foursome either. As Neeta had said correctly during the therapy sessions, it wasn’t really about the pictures and videos. And even if it was, he had enough of them anyway. The truth was, I had changed, and had fallen into a destructive spiral of sexual abuse, which I had somehow started enjoying. I was no different than Parvati or Kanta here, no matter how educated and qualified and self-righteous and self-piteous I decided to be. Even in the middle of that intense rapid fucking by a complete stranger’s thick dick, it was like an epiphany.

“Hrmmhrmmm.” I heard Munaf make a guttural sound and felt his dick thick throb a little inside me.

“Bhai, not inside.” Lallan said. “Don’t want the cunt all sloppy and messed up.”

“Of course.” he nodded.

The chubby middle aged man moved with surprising speed as he took his dick out and pulled me into an uncomfortable kneeling position. I opened my mouth thinking he wanted that. But instead the thick dick shot a big load all over my face. It was a lot of cum. He splashed my forehead, eyes, cheeks, lips, hair, and some landed on my boobs.

“I love these kinds of pictures of her that you showed me. Her face all happy and well fucked with jizz all over it.” Munaf said. “Don’t wipe it off yet.”

Munaf bent down and posed with his face next to mine and holding up a victory sign. Lallan took a bunch of pictures as keepsakes. A permanent reminder of me naked on my knees, face covered with the cum of a man I had barely met an hour before, in the back of a truck.

I wasn’t expecting a break or a respite, but was still surprised at how quickly the configuration of our sweaty naked bodies changed. Clambering over me, Munaf went back to the front seat. Tony took his dick out of Kanta and slid over behind me as Lallan climbed into the back. Soon Tony’s tall swarthy body was behind my tall curvy one and his longish dick was inside me, reminding me of how it felt with my husband.

Soon Kanta and I were forming that V again, cum dripping from my face to the seat. Lallan made Kanta lick the drops from the seat as he fucked her. He watched with a proud look on his face as the swarthy Tony slowly and skillfully fucked me in deep and meaningful strokes. It wasn’t the one-pace pounding that Munaf had given me, although I had liked it. But the handsome and well-built Tony was clearly a more experienced and more knowledgeable lover. Within a couple of minutes of his fucking, I could sense that I was going to cum soon. He varied his pace masterfully, shifting between deep rapid thrusts and slower strokes. His hands were also doing more than just spank my ass or squeeze my tits. Tony kept one hand under my body all the time playing with my clit.

Lallan’s short wiry body meanwhile was banging against the stocky Kanta’s with his usual intensity and rhythm. As she and I locked hands again, with our eyes and mouths wide open and moaning in rhythm, it was clear to us both that we were about to cum. Maybe at the same time. Munaf was now at the middle of the front seat, recording all this on his camera and taking a few pictures in between.

And sure enough, it happened. I gripped Kanta’s fingers tightly as the orgasm from Tony’s talented fucking hit me. And maybe it was a coincidence or just seeing me in that state that pushed her over the edge just a couple of seconds later. The two men proudly kept banging us as the two of us moaned and shook and screamed through simultaneous orgasms.

“That was amazing! Both sluts came at once!” Munaf said, phone still pointed at us, as Kanta and I recovered from our orgasms.

Before either of us could think or say anything, the two guys withdrew their dicks. Knowing the drill, we both faced them. But both dicks were in my face and the sperm from both Tony and Lallan hit me again. Kanta’s face escaped the mess.

“Hahahaha!” all three men were laughing as my face was caked in their ejaculates while I sat naked on the floor of the truck cabin. Kanta was sitting next to us breathing hard.

There was another photo session. Tony with my cum-covered face. Then Lallan and Tony together on their knees with their dicks bracketing my cum-covered face. Then Kanta licking my cum-covered face. Then Kanta and my big boobs next to each other. And so on. The three men kept laughing and exchanging high fives as the two of us pliantly took whatever poses they wanted and submitted to more electronic records of our depravity being created.

Soon they realized that they were falling behind in terms of their deadline and the truck got moving again. The three men sat in the front fully dressed. And the two of us, naked on all fours, were told to crawl around naked in that tiny back space “cleaning” the jizz from the floor and bench. In that tiny space, our asses hanging in the air, Kanta and I crawled around, bumping into each other. Munaf kept driving but occasionally looked back. The other two kept looking at us and taking pictures even in the dim cabin light though, reaching over to pinch or fondle our naked bodies.

“Shit! Police checkpost!” Munaf said as I felt the truck slowing down. The cabin light was quickly turned off and it was all dark again.

“You two, go in the back now! And stay quiet!” Lallan said, a rare worried edge to his voice.

I was confused for a few seconds. We were already in the back. What did he mean? But Kanta clearly knew her way around the truck because I saw her big dusky ass swing as she crawled past the bench and to the back wall of the cabin. And then she opened a small slotted window that I had not noticed before. It must have been 2 feet by 2 feet, if that. Kanta put her arms and head through it and started crawling across. Her dark asshole and cunt flashed right in front of my face and I looked away out of courtesy. It was a tight fit for her stocky body but she managed to go through.

“Go go go, you cunt!” Lallan growled.

And I too was climbing through that tiny square in the back of the truck cabin. Wondering how my own asshole and cunt must have been clearly visible to the men. But I doubt they were watching. They seemed clearly worried. When I landed with a thud into the back deck of the truck, Kanta reached over and closed the small door. And then she sat on her ass naked, her legs folded, with her palm over her mouth. She seemed to know what she was doing. So I did the same.

Even in the darkness, I could make out that we were surrounded by boxes and crates piled up all around us. Except for a short space that we were occupying, the rest of the space seemed packed. This was such an unfamiliar situation, I had no idea what to do or say other than follow Kanta’s lead. But I could overhear what the men were saying.

“Just like the last time, remember? Potato chips and other snacks. You know the boxes they will check.” Munaf said tensely as the truck was close to stopping.

“Will your memsaab keep her mouth shut?” Tony said.

“Don’t worry about her. She is my bitch. Besides, she doesn’t know anything.” Lallan said trying to sound his usual arrogant self, but I could sense the tension in his voice. I did not know what he meant by my not knowing anything.

There was silence for a while as the truck stopped completely. Then I heard a door open.

“Salam, sir.” Munaf’s voice.

“License, insurance, permit, invoice.” a policeman’s voice, presumably said.

There was silence for a while again. There was some ambient light coming through the holes in the tarp surrounding us. I saw Kanta curled up and really terrified. I didn’t understand why.

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Ending the saga with perversion and intrigue – Indian Social Worker & Bully