Exhibitionist Sister – Chapters 4 – 6

Exhibitionist Sister – Chapters 4 – 6

Ashley and Madison bond through pleasure.

I went back to my house after breakfast. I had some work to take care of, and I was going to hang out with my parents and then see some other friends after that. I figured I’d head back over to Ashley’s sometime later in the evening.


Later that day at around 3 o’clock in the afternoon, Ashley and Madison were watching television together in the basement, though they weren’t paying too much attention to the show. They were mostly just talking. Ashley was sitting on the couch directly across from Madison. There were three couches total, each forming a side of a square. The TV was located where the 4th side of the square would be.

“So about this morning,” Ashley said, smiling.

“Oh no,” Madison laughed, rolling her eyes.

“That was fun, wasn’t it?”

“Yeah,” Madison said, turning red, “it’s a little embarrassing now, though.”

“How do you mean?” Ashley asked.

“Well,” Madison said, “I guess I was so horny earlier, I didn’t really think about what we were doing.”


“But now that I’m thinking more clearly…” Madison paused. “Well, that was just a lot. Like Brian gave me a facial, dude.”

“Yeah, he did,” Ashley giggled. “It was so hot, wasn’t it?”

“Well, yeah…” Madison said, her voice trailing off at the end.

“And you had fun, right?”

“I did.”

“So what’s the problem?” Ashley asked.

“I have a girlfriend, Ashley,” Madison said firmly. “I don’t think she would appreciate the fact that Brian literally fucking ejaculated on my face.”

“I don’t know,” Ashley said, shrugging. “Isn’t Alyssa into, like, group sex or whatever? You told me she has had a bunch of threesomes.”

“Yes,” Madison said, hesitantly. “But this didn’t involve her. It might be different if she knew about it and actually participated herself.”

“So why don’t you see if she wants to join us?”

“How exactly do I even broach the subject?” Madison asked, “‘Oh hey, do you wanna masturbate with my sister and I? Her boyfriend joins too and even jacks off onto us. Sometimes Ashley sucks his dick in front of me, too. It’s great!’”

“Well, maybe you could be a little less brazen,” Ashley laughed.

“I was being sarcastic,” Madison rolled her eyes. “I don’t know, Ash. This just seems wrong.”

“That’s what makes it fun,” Ashley said. “And besides, like you said, he’s already given you a facial. So just enjoy yourself, and work on figuring out how to get Alyssa to join us.”

Madison sighed. “Maybe if it was just us three at first, without Brian.”

“Sure,” Ashley said.

“And maybe if you were the one to initiate things,” Madison said, “then maybe I could just play along and she’d follow suit.”

“That could work,” Ashley shrugged. “Do you have anything specific in mind?”

“I’ll think about it more. But off the top of my head, maybe she and I could ‘catch’ you giving Brian a blowjob and then you could just be your extremely-sexually-open self and get us to watch.”

“That sounds good to me. It worked on you, after all. Let’s spend a couple days at least to think about it, though.”

“Right, yeah, we shouldn’t rush this,” Madison replied.

“Anyways,” Ashley began. “I have a question.”

“Oh boy,” Madison said. “What is it?”

“Why do you like facials so much anyways?”

“Somehow I knew you were going to ask me something like that,” Madison grinned. “I don’t know, there’s just something hot about — you know…” Madison blushed.


Madison sighed, “being covered in a guy’s semen. Having him finish on your face.” She was still quite red.

“Right,” Ashley smiled and laughed. “I just wanted to hear you say it. It’s, like, primal or something.”

Primal. That’s a good word for it, yeah.”

“You know,” Ashley said, cracking a grin, “you look awfully good when your face is covered in cum.”

Madison blushed again. “Jesus Christ, sis,” she said.

“Don’t you think I look good, too?”

“Well yeah,” Madison said softly, “of course.”

“Did it turn you on when I showed you my boobs and face covered in Brian’s jizz that night we had Alyssa over?”

“Yes,” Madison admitted, blushing yet again. “I had to calm myself down a bit before I got back to Alyssa. I felt dirty because you’re, like, my sister and all, but it was hot.”

Ashley was satisfied with Madison’s answer. She was silent for a moment. Finally, she spoke. “Are you horny?” she asked her sister.

Madison looked at her for a second before giving a subtle, embarrassed nod.

“I am too.”

“I can tell,” Madison laughed gently.


Madison gestured towards Ashley’s chest. Ashley looked down and saw that her nipples poking through the fabric of her shirt. They were surprisingly prominent. “What, because my nipples are hard?”

“Mhm,” Madison nodded again.

“Maybe I’m just cold,” Ashley said playfully.

“Well, you must’ve just gotten cold cause they weren’t like that five minutes ago,” Madison teased. “Are you cold?”

“Not particularly,” Ashley stifled a laugh.

Madison rolled her eyes and smiled, “you’re always horny, Ash.”

“You’re not wrong.” Ashley paused for a moment. “Do you want me to take them out?”

“What?” Madison asked.

“My boobs. Do you want me to take them out? I just thought you might like to see them since my nipples are hard and all.”

“What makes you think I want to see your tits?” Madison smirked.

“Well,” Ashley said, “you seemed to enjoy looking at them that night I flashed you when was in the shower…”

Madison swallowed hard. “I did, yes,” she said.

“Exactly. Or did you only like them then because they were covered in Brian’s cum?”

“No, no,” Madison blushed. “Although that was certainly a nice touch, what Brian did.”

“So?” Ashley asked. “Would you like me to take my top off?”

Madison nodded.

Ashley was wearing a white cami with a plain bra underneath. She pulled both the cami and the bra down underneath her breasts, freeing her tits which now sat perked up on her bunched up shirt and bra. Her nipples were pink and stood erect in the center of her boobs. Her boobs were naturally perky, especially considering their size, but they looked even better perked up on her clothes.

Madison breathed in sharply, and then exhaled slowly. “Oh my God, Ash,” she said softly. Madison drank in the sight of her sister’s big, voluptuous tits. Ashley’s boobs were bigger than both Madison’s and Alyssa’s, and Ashley had the sexiest little nipples. Each was surrounded by a slightly darker areola.

Ashley reached up and grazed each of her nipples with her fingers. She pinched each between her respective thumb and index finger, rolling them gently between her fingers. She moaned softly.

“Does that feel good?” Madison asked in a hushed tone. Her voice shook a little. She was incredibly horny.

“Oh yeah,” Ashley said. “I love having my nipples played with.” She had her eyes closed, but then she opened them to watch her sister.

“This is hot,” Madison whispered.

Ashley pulled and pinched her nipples, and she then squeezed her boobs. She turned to the side briefly, rolling onto her back. She hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her shorts and pulled them down, pulling them down her legs and past her feet. She sat up and turned back to face her sister, setting her shorts down next to her. She was wearing a black thong underneath them. She spread her legs and leaned back into the couch, pinching and rubbing her nipples again.

“Do you wanna?” Ashley asked, smiling. She lightly traced her hand above her groin.

“Masturbate?” Madison asked.


“Yes,” Madison said. Madison was also wearing a black cami with a pair of girls athletic/running shorts on. She leaned back, mimicking her sister’s body position. Slowly, she slid her hand into her shorts and began to play with herself through her panties. Ashley watched her sister begin to touch herself before sliding her hand into her panties.

“Are you already wet?” Ashley asked. She slid a finger into her pussy, coating it in her juices, before pulling it out and showing Madison. “I am.”

Madison slid her hand out of her shorts and into her panties. She slid her index finger into her pussy and pulled it out, showing Ashley. Her finger was coated in Madison’s juices. “I am too.”

Ashley slid her own finger into her mouth, sucking the juices off her finger. She slid her hand back into her panties and continued to rub her clit, massaging her nipples at the same time. Madison followed suit, sucking her own juices off her finger before sliding her hand back into her shorts.

“God, I’m so horny,” Ashley moaned softly, enjoying the pleasure she was giving herself. “Do you feel good?”

“Yes Ash,” Madison moaned, “I really like touching myself in front of you.”

“Me too,” Ashley smiled. “Would you mind if I took my panties off?”

Madison blushed. “Whatever makes you comfortable.” She hadn’t seen Ashley’s pussy since they were kids. Madison felt herself get even wetter, and her nipples were rock-hard.

She watched intently as Ashley brought her legs together and hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her thong. Ashley slid her panties off and placed them on top of her shorts. Slowly, Ash spread her legs, revealing her pussy to her sister. She was neatly trimmed with a small landing strip above her vagina. Her lips were pink, delicate, and glistening.

“Oh my God, Ashley,” Madison moaned, increasing the speed of her fingers over her clit. “You’re beautiful.”

“Thanks, babe,” Ashley smiled. She pulled off her cami and unhooked her bra, placing those beside her as well. Ashley felt incredible, being completely naked and exposed in front of her little sister. She loved the look on Madison’s face when she first took her tits out, and that was second only to look on Madison’s face when Ashley spread her legs, showing her pussy to her sister for the first time. Ashley She reached down and spread her pussy lips open for Madison to see.

Madison just moaned again, loudly, and began furiously rubbing at her clit. She was intoxicated by the sight of her sister’s gorgeous body. Her pussy and her tits were absolutely incredible. If Ashley weren’t her sister, Madison would’ve already been on top of her, sucking her nipples and sliding her fingers into that gorgeous pink cunt between Ashley’s legs. Hell, a large part of her wanted to do that anyway, regardless of the shared blood between the two of them.

Ashley reached down and slowly slid two fingers inside herself, savoring the feeling and the look on her sister’s face. Ashley was incredibly wet. Madison bit her lip and watched as her sister fingered her pussy. Madison stopped rubbing her clit, pausing for a second. Ashley was about to ask what was wrong when Madison reached down and pulled off her cami. She was wearing a maroon lace bra underneath. She then hooked her thumbs into her shorts and pulled those down, revealing a pair of maroon lace panties. She reclined again, spreading her legs open wide. She reached into her panties and continued playing with herself.

“You look sexy, sis,” Ashley moaned. “Your body is incredible.” Madison’s large breasts filled out her bra. Though Ashley couldn’t see her sister’s butt, Madison’s ass was a little bigger than her own.

“Thank you,” Madison smiled at her sister. “I figured if you were gonna play with yourself naked, then I could at least get into my undies for you.

The two sisters continued to watch each other as they pleasured themselves. Each drank in the other’s body greedily. Madison’s eyes switched rapidly between her sister’s big, round tits with her hard, pink nipples and Ashley’s pretty pink cunt. She loved watching Ashley’s fingers slide in and out of her pussy. Ashley, on the other hand, drank in the sight of her sister’s tits contained within their bra as well as Madison’s gorgeous legs and thighs.

“I’m gonna come soon, Ash,” Madison said softly. She was arching her back and her toes were curled.

“Me too,” Ashley moaned. She shut her eyes, trying to time her orgasm with her sisters’. The room filled with the sounds of their moans. Madison’s orgasm was the first to hit.

“I’m coming, baby,” Madison cried. “Oh my God Ashley, I’m coming!” Her toes curled hard and she leaned back into the couch, bucking her hips against her hand. Her knees bent and retracted towards her body slightly. Ashley could almost make out the edge of her sister’s asshole through her panties. As Ashley stared at her sister’s almost-naked body writhing in pleasure, her own orgasm tore through her body, shooting waves of pleasure out from her pussy.

“I’m coming, Madison! Oh my God, oh fuck, I’m coming baby,” Ashley cried. Her body tensed as she frantically massaged her clit, riding out wave after wave of pleasure.

Finally, their orgasms subsided. They both sat their for a few moments, breathing heavily, not saying anything. They simply looked at each other’s bodies.

Finally, Ashley spoke. “That was fucking great,” she sighed.

“Yeah,” Madison said softly, “that was wonderful.”

“I love coming,” Ashley giggled, “I can’t get over how nice that felt. My pussy felt so good.”

“That makes two of us,” Madison breathed, “I love orgasms.”

“Well, I’m down to do this whenever you’re horny,” Ashley said, sighing. “Just let me know.”

“Me too,” Madison said, biting her lip. “Thank you for getting naked for me. Your body — all of you — is incredible.”

“You had already seen most of my body,” Ashley grinned, “but you’re welcome. I really should be thanking you — I haven’t seen that much of you in a while, not in this context at least. You are so sexy, Madison.”

“Thanks, Ash,” Madison said, smiling brightly.

The two got dressed and continued watching television like nothing had happened. Madison thought about the fact that they both called each other “baby” or “babe” when they were touching themselves. She thought that it was weird, but she liked it too. It felt right in the moment.

Chapter 5 – The Performance

Alyssa gets her first glimpse of Brian and Ashley’s exhibitionist antics.

The following Friday, Ashley and Madison were sitting in their basement again, talking. I was still at my house about to head over. We were having another movie night; Alyssa was coming over too. Ashley and I had a plan, and Ashley was currently discussing this plan with Madison.

“So Brian and I are going to leave to have sex again sometime during the movie, whenever we get horny, I guess.”

“Ah, so right at the beginning? And then again in the middle, and maybe a final time at the end?” Madison joked. “Or is that not enough for you guys?”

“Shut up, just listen.” Ashley laughed. “We’re going to leave our door cracked this time. That way, you and Alyssa will be able to hear us having sex.”

Madison was silent for a moment before speaking. “What’s the point of that, exactly? Not that I’m complaining.”

“Well,” Ashley said, “ideally, Alyssa is turned on by the sounds of Brian and I fucking. Plus, we’ll be coming back right after we have sex, and she’ll probably be wondering if he came inside me or something sexy like that.”

“I see.”

“So this is, like, the first step in getting Alyssa to join us.”

“Yeah, I got it,” Madison said, “that’s actually not a bad idea. I’m pretty sure she’ll be turned on by it, otherwise I’d tell you not to do that.”

“My first thought was to have Brian come on my face and then I’d come back without wiping it off, but that’s probably a bit too much.”

“You think so?” Madison laughed.

“Maybe we can do that next time,” Ashley winked.


About an hour later, Alyssa and I had both arrived and we were all in the basement. Madison was as bit nervous even though she wasn’t really actively involved in tonight’s plan. Ashley was definitely just excited though, as was I. I mean, I was getting laid, I had no reason to complain.

Madison loaded up the movie on Netflix. She and Alyssa were sitting on the couch directly opposite the television while Ashley and I were on the couch to their right. Ashley and I were horny from the beginning (duh) so we just decided to watch about half of it before breaking. That way, taking a break wouldn’t seem to suspicious from the get go. Or at least, that was our thinking. I guess that doesn’t make too much sense, but we weren’t exactly thinking straight.

The entire time, both of us were hardly able to pay attention to the movie. I’m pretty sure I had a half-chub for the entirety of the first half of the movie. Finally, we got to about the halfway point. We waited for a lull in the action, and then asked Madison to pause the movie. Ashley and I got up and retreated back to her room, shutting the door almost all the way.

“I’m already soaking wet,” Ashley said, dropping her sweatpants to her ankles. She wasn’t wearing panties underneath. She bent over the bed, sticking her butt in the air. “What are you waiting for?”


“What are they doing?” Alyssa wondered out loud. “They did the same thing last time.”

“I don’t know,” Madison said carefully. “They were only gone for a couple minutes before.”


Ashley wasn’t lying when she said she was already soaked. She had bent over such that she was facing the door so that her moans would carry out towards Madison and Alyssa. I dropped my own pants to my ankles and aligned my cock with her pussy. I held onto her hips and slowly slid myself inside of her. The feeling of her warm, wet lips surrounding my cock was absolutely intoxicating. She shoved her face into the bed and gripped the sheets, letting out a huge moan as I entered her before quickly shooting her head up. Muscle memory, I guess. Slowly, I began to slide myself in and out of her, savoring the feeling of her pussy lips gripping my cock.

Her ass looked incredible; it was so big and round. If we weren’t trying to be quick, I probably would’ve slid my thumb into her asshole. Ashley loved having her ass played with while we fucked. We even did anal sometimes — pretty regularly, in fact. I probably fucked her in the ass once or twice a week on average, but if she was on her period, then it might be about a week straight of butt-fucking. She and I both love it when I come deep inside her ass. She says she loves feeling my cock pulse and throb as I unload inside her butt. There’s just something extra sexy about coming in her ass. There was one night a few months ago where we got a little tipsy and she decided that I needed to fill every one of her holes with cum that night. We started with a blowjob. After filling her mouth, she rode me cowgirl, coming a few times herself before I blew a load deep inside her pussy. Finally, I fucked her in the ass — classic doggystyle. Coming deep into her bowels was immensely satisfying, as was knowing that all three of her holes had been filled. That was a good night. But I’m getting a little side-tracked — back to the present…

Ashley was moaning loudly, not bothering to try and control herself. Everybody else in the house was asleep so we had no risk of being heard except by the two people we actually wanted to hear us. I grabbed her left ass cheek and spanked the other. She let out another moan, and I began to fuck her faster. Her ass jiggled as I fucked her, her cheeks bouncing as I slammed into her from behind. I could tell she was in complete ecstasy, judging by the sounds coming out of her; I just wondered if Madison and Alyssa could hear her.


Alyssa was looking at her phone, as was Madison. It had only been a couple of minutes at this point. Madison was listening intently for Ashley’s moans of pleasure. She first heard the sounds of her sister being fucked after I spanked Ashley the first time.

We were first noticed as I began to fuck Ashley faster and her moans got louder. Alyssa perked her head up and was still.

“What are you doing?” Madison asked, holding her breath.

“Shhh,” Alyssa said gently. “Hold on. Listen.”

Both of the girls were still. Ashley’s moans could faintly be heard over the white noise of the air conditioning.

“Do you hear that?” Alyssa whispered.

“What?” Madison asked, feigning ignorance.

“I think they’re having sex!” Alyssa exclaimed quietly. There was a touch of excitement in her voice. A good sign, for sure.

“What?” Madison said again. “No way, I doubt it.”

“Yes, listen. I think I hear Ashley moaning.”

Alyssa sat up, and then very slowly rose to her feet.

“What are you doing?” Madison said, alarmed.

“I’m going to investigate.”

“Jesus Christ,” Madison said as Alyssa began to tip-toe towards Ashley’s room. “Wait, Jesus, hold on.” Madison scrambled to her feet and followed Alyssa.


I was holding onto Ashley’s hips and I slammed my cock in and out of her. She was incredibly wet; fucking her felt heavenly. I alternated between squeezing her buttcheeks and spanking her. I called her slut and whore and pulled her hair.

“I’m gonna come soon,” I groaned. “Your pussy is so fucking incredible.”


Alyssa and Madison crept up to Ashley’s door, making sure to stay clear of the view from the small opening. Ashley’s moans could be heard very clearly now. In fact, they were close enough that they could hear my body slam into Ashley with each stroke — they could literally hear me fucking her. If I had known that Madison was close enough to literally hear her sister being pounded, I probably would’ve climaxed instantly.

“Holy fuck,” Alyssa whispered to Madison. “They are having sex. I can hear him, like, pounding her. Jesus Christ.”

Madison didn’t say anything. She felt her pussy getting wet and her nipples getting hard.

“Jesus Christ,” Alyssa whispered hoarsely. She stood still for a second. She and Madison were both up against the wall adjacent to the door now. “He’s really fucking her hard; you can really hear it! Holy fuck!”

“No kidding.” Madison said. She wasn’t really sure what to say, considering Ashley was her sister and all. She didn’t want to readily admit how horny she was at the sounds of Ashley getting pounded. Clearly Alyssa was enjoying this, though.

“Oh shit, are you uncomfortable?” Alyssa asked in a moment of clarity, a little horrified herself. She was now realizing the fact that she was talking about Madison’s sister being fucked. She had been a little too into what was happening to consider this fact up until now.

“No,” Madison said in a low voice. “This is not the first time I’ve heard them having sex. In fact, I’ve heard it quite a lot, so I’m sort of numb to it now.” She shrugged.

“Fair,” Alyssa whispered. She listened again. A second later, a distinct SMACK was heard. “I think Brian’s spanking her,” she breathed. Alyssa thought about Ashley’s big ass being spanked.

“Yeah, I’ve heard that before too,” Madison giggled.

“How often do you hear them?”

“Honestly, probably once a day at least. They have sex a lot.”

Alyssa resumed listening. Her pussy was soaked.


“I’m gonna come, baby,” I groaned, feeling the familiar pressure in my balls.

“Come inside me, daddy,” Ashley groaned, “fill me up. I need your cum inside me now.”


“Oh my God,” Alyssa said, “Brian’s about to come.”

“I think she just called him ‘daddy’,” Madison mused.

“Yeah, she did, I heard that too,” Alyssa said. “And she told him to come inside her; holy fuck.”

Alyssa and Madison were listening as I moaned and emptied my balls into Madison’s sister. Ashley cried out as I filled her cunt with my thick, warm cum, “Fuck yes, daddy. Come inside my pussy, oh my God. Fill my pussy with your cum!”

Once Alyssa heard that my orgasm had subsided, she and Madison scurried back to the couch.

“Jesus Christ,” Alyssa said as they sat back down. “That was fucking hot. I know she’s your sister and all, but good God. They literally took a break to fuck. He just shot up inside her.” She was breathing hard.

“That’s probably what happened last time too,” Madison said. “Like the last time we all watched a movie together.”

“You’re right,” Alyssa said. “Wow…”


Ashley pulled on a pair of panties to help contain the semen that was now dripping out of her pussy. She put her sweatpants back on, and I pulled my own pants back up.

“That was fucking amazing,” she said.

“No kidding.”

“Do you think they heard?”

“Oh yeah,” I said. “You were loud. They definitely heard.”

Ashley smiled from ear to ear.


“He came inside her,” Alyssa said excitedly. “So she’ll still be full of his cum when they come back out here.”

Madison laughed. She was surprised at how graphic Alyssa was being. Clearly she had enjoyed Brian and Ashley’s little “performance.”


Ashley and I took a moment to regain our composure before returning to Madison and Alyssa. We both walked out cooly and calmly, Ashley with a pussy full of cum, as if I hadn’t just shot a huge load inside of her.

“Okay, we can keep watching,” Ashley said, “I’m sorry about the wait.”

“No worries,” Alyssa said, trying to contain her smile.

Ashley and I sat back down on the couch, and Madison resumed the movie. Nobody was really paying attention, though. Everybody was far too turned on to follow the movie at this point. Alyssa and Madison were both replaying the audio in their head. Both were imagining my cock unloading inside Ashley’s pussy and me spanking her ass as I fucked her from behind.

After the movie, everybody quickly returned to their own rooms. Ashley and I had a quick round two. She rode my cock to a nice couple of orgasms before climbing off of me and taking me into her mouth. She bobbed her lips up and down my shaft for thirty seconds before taking me out of her mouth. She pumped seven or eight thick ropes of come out of my cock and onto her face and tits, massaging my balls gently as she stroked me.

At the same time, Madison and Alyssa were 69ing. Ashley was on top, and both were using a dildo on the other as they licked their clits. Madison squeezed Alyssa’s ass cheeks as she slid the dildo in and out of her cunt. Alyssa returned the favor, fucking Madison hard and fast with a thick, wide dildo while she licked Madison’s clit. Madison climaxed, and then Alyssa had her orgasm. After she finished coming, Alyssa rolled off of Madison and laid down, exhausted. She was out almost immediately. Madison got up to go to the bathroom. This happened right as I finished coming on Ashley’s face and boobs.

Ashley heard Madison’s door open. “I wonder if that’s Madison,” she whispered. She got up and opened her door slowly, peeking just enough of her head out to see. Indeed, it was her sister. Ashley waited for Madison to get closer to the bathroom before whispering, “Pssst.”

Madison saw her sister and said, “hey.”

“Where’s Alyssa?”

“Asleep, I think.”

“I’ll be right back,” Ashley said to me with a wink. She darted out of her room and went into the bathroom with Madison, who was now wearing her pajamas. Ashley was still fully naked.

Madison turned the light on and looked at Ashley, who has semen dripping down off of her face. Her tits were plastered with my cum as well.

“Looks like you guys were busy,” Madison giggled. “You look nice.”

“Oh yeah, we were. And thank you!” Ashley smiled. “This is actually fresh. Do you want any of it?”

Madison hesitated briefly. Her girlfriend was sleeping in her bedroom just twenty feet away. But she really didn’t want to turn down Brian’s fresh cum, even if she’d have to lick it off of her sister’s tits. In fact, it was all the better that she had to lick it off of Ashley’s boobs. She nodded back at her sister.

“Take whatever you’d like,” Ashley said, puffing her chest out towards her sister. Truthfully, Ashley would not have minded it one bit if Madison licked Brian’s cum off her nipples. In fact, she would’ve loved it if she did.

Madison held onto the sides of Ashley’s stomach and bent down. She paused once more with her face in front of Ashley’s boobs before sticking her tongue out and running it up the side of Ashley’s left tit.

Ashley moaned quietly. “That feels good,” she said softly.

Madison held Brian’s cum in her mouth briefly, savoring its taste and its warmth before swallowing it. She moved to Ashley’s right breast, starting from the bottom-right of her nipple. She licked upwards, following the curve of her sister’s tit, licking all the way up to Ashley’s collarbone. Once again, she held Brian’s semen in her mouth briefly before swallowing it. Back again she moved to Ashley’s left breast, this time licking up the cum on the opposite side of her nipple. Finally, she licked the last of the cum on Ashley’s right breast, leaving only the cum on Ashley’s nipples.

Again, Madison paused. She wanted nothing more than to take Ashley’s nipples into her mouth and suckle on them gently. And Ashley too would have loved for Madison to take her nipples into her mouth, sucking Brian’s cum off of them. But Madison slowly stood up, deciding against her sexual urges.

She smiled at Ashley. “Thanks, Ash.”

“Of course,” Ashley giggled, not voicing her disappointment. She didn’t expect Madison to suck her nipples. That would’ve been a bit much. “That felt really nice.”

“Well,” Madison said, “licking cum off of a gorgeous pair of tits has got to me one of my favorite things in the whole world.” She giggled.

“It’s great to be on the receiving end of that too,” Ashley laughed. She grabbed some tissues to wipe the cum off of her face and then her nipples.

“When is Alyssa leaving tomorrow?” she asked innocently.

“Pretty early, she’s opening [at her restaurant].”

“You should come to my room when she leaves,” Ashley said.

“I will,” Madison smiled.

Madison pulled her pants down and sat on the toilet. She started to pee.

“Good.” Ashley smiled again. “So could you guys hear us?”

“Oh yeah,” Madison said, “we could hear you alright.” She finished peeing and grabbed a piece of toilet paper. “Alyssa actually got up and crept up next to your door so she could hear you more clearly.”

“Really?” Ashley said loudly, before catching herself. “Sorry,” she whispered.

“Yeah,” Madison said. “We heard you tell Brian to come inside you. And we could hear him spanking you.”

“Holy fucking shit,” Ashley whispered excitedly. “So she liked it?”

“Oh yeah,” Madison said. “She definitely thought it was super hot.”

“Awesome,” Ashley said, “fuck yeah, that’s great.” She paused for a second. “What did you think?”

“About what?”

“Hearing Brian fucking me.”

“Oh,” Madison said, blushing. “I felt the same way Alyssa did. Like, that was hot. It sounded like he was really, erm, pounding you.”

“He was,” Ashley said, “he fucked me hard.”

“Do you like getting pounded like that?”

“It’s my favorite type of sex. I love the hair pulling and the spanking and the name calling.”

Madison didn’t say anything. She thought that was hot as Hell, though.

“Well, you’re welcome to, uh, ‘tune in’ next time Brian and I have sex,” Ashley giggled. “Although I’m sure you hear us whether you want to or not.”

“I think I usually hear you guys, yeah,” Madison laughed. “But thank you, I’m definitely going to start paying closer attention now.”

“Sounds good,” Ashley smiled. “I’m gonna go to bed now. Don’t forget to come by tomorrow morning.”

“I won’t. Goodnight, Ash,” Madison smiled. “I love you.”

“Love you too. Sweet dreams,” Ashley whispered. She walked back to her room. She and I both fell asleep almost immediately.

Chapter 6 – Morning Fun

Brian gets to see a little more of Madison.

Ashley and I woke up around ten the next day. We went into the bathroom together to brush our teeth, and then we returned to our room. Ashley began to fill me in on the details from last night.

“So obviously I saw Madison in the bathroom last night right before bed,” she began.

“Right. Did she tell you what happened?”

“Yep,” Ashley said. “She also licked your cum off my tits.” Immediately I got a boner. Ashley noticed, seeing the tent in my shorts, and laughed. “She didn’t lick my nipples, though. Just everything around them.”

“That’s so fucking hot,” I breathed. “Your own sister licking my cum off your tits!”

“Yeah, it was awesome. Anyways. Apparently they could hear us loud and clear.”

“Did Alyssa like it?”

“Yep. They actually went right up to our door and sat outside it. They heard you spanking me and me telling you to come inside me. Apparently Alyssa was very excited about the whole thing.”

“Well,” I mused, “that was quite the success.”

“Yep. I’m hoping the next time that Madison, Alyssa, and I hang out alone, Alyssa brings it up somehow. Then I’ll try to move things along from there.”

“That sounds good to me,” I said. “Make sure to keep me updated with whatever happens.”

“I will,” Ashley replied. “That reminds me, Madison and I masturbated together the other day.”

“Ooh, give me the details!”

“It was the day that you gave her a facial in the bathroom. We were sitting the basement watching TV, and we got to talking about what had happened.”


“Well, unsurprisingly, I got horny and wanted to masturbate.”

“Of course.”

“She could tell I was horny because apparently my nipples were hard and you could see them through my shirt. She called me out on that, and I offered to take my boobs out.”

“Ah, well that was the most logical response you could’ve had,” I joked.

“So I took my boobs out and then asked if she wanted to masturbate. She did, so we started touching ourselves.”

“Did she show your her tits?”

“No, but she did strip to her bra and panties.”

“What?!” I exclaimed, “lucky you!”

“Yeah,” Ashley laughed, “her body is amazing. I don’t think she was initially going to show that much skin, but I got entirely naked in front of her so I guess she felt compelled to take off some clothes.”

“So she saw your pussy?”

“Yep,” Ashley said. “I could tell she really liked it. I spread my lips for her, and I fingered myself.”

“Damn,” I said. “That’s fucking hot.”

“It was pretty fuckin’ great,” Ashley said.

We spent the next thirty minutes or so talking about random stuff. Then Ashley’s phone buzzed.

“Madison texted me.”

Ashley typed out a response to Madison’s text. Then her phone buzzed again, so she typed out another response. She and Madison went back and forth a few times before Ashley put her phone back down.

“You horny?” she asked me.

“Uh, well I was really horny when you told me about what you and Madison did. I’m still, like, pretty horny now. Why? Are we about to do stuff?”

“Mhm,” Ashley said. “It hasn’t been formally decided, but that’s probably what’s gonna happen.”


A couple moments later, Madison knocked on the door and then opened it, closing it behind her.

“Morning guys,” she said, smiling at us and sitting on the bed.

“Morning Madison,” I said.

“Morning sis.”

“I’m surprised you weren’t sucking his dick or something,” Madison laughed.

“I mean, I can if you want,” Ashley shrugged.

“Maybe in a little bit,” Madison giggled. She looked at me. “Did Ashley fill you in on last night?”

“Yeah,” I said. “So Alyssa really liked it, then?”

“Yeah,” Madison replied. “I don’t think she was paying attention at all for the second half of the movie. As soon as we got back to our room, she was all over me.”

“Hot,” I said.

Ashley chimed in, “Brian and I had sex again right away too.”

“No shit,” Madison said. “I saw the aftermath all over your face and chest.”

Ashley shrugged.

“So what happens next?” I asked. “I think Ashley had a plan?”

“Yeah,” Ashley said. She turned towards her sister. “I’m hoping it comes up the next time the three of us — you, me, and Alyssa — are alone. Then I can hopefully progress things from there.”

“I don’t think you’ll have much trouble with that,” Madison said. “Alyssa doesn’t seem to care about the fact that we’re sisters. Like she was saying some graphic stuff about y’all last night.”

“Like what?” I asked, “and is she gone now? Like did she go to work?”

“Yep,” Madison said. “And she was really into the fact that you finished inside Ashley, for one.”

“What else?”

“I think she just liked how much she could hear. Like, we could hear your body slamming into Ashley’s, and we could hear you spanking her.” Madison blushed hard.

“That’s so hot,” Ashley said.

“For real,” I said. I had been sitting with my legs extended, leaning back on my hands. I had sat this way intentionally because my boner was quite visible.

Madison noticed. “Ashley,” she said, “I think your boyfriend has a boner.”

Ashley looked at the tent in my pants. “Are you sure?” she asked in an innocent tone.

“Well,” Madison said, “it certainly looks like it to me. I can’t say for sure though.”

“Hmm,” Ashley frowned. “You think I should maybe take a look?”

“That would probably be for the best,” Madison said, nodding.

Ashley crawled over to me on her hands and knees. She grabbed my dick through my pants and squeezed it gently. “Hmm,” she said slowly.

“What do you think?” Madison asked, looking intently at Ashley’s grip on my erection.

“You know,” Ashley said, rubbing me up and down slowly, “you might be right. Tell you what, I think we need to get a better look. Just to be sure.”

“I think you’re right,” Madison said, giggling.

I had a stupid grin on my face. I don’t know why they were doing this, but it was honestly kind of cute. I just sat back and let them continue to play their little game.

“Madison, could you take off his pants for me? I think that would help me — erm — verify the situation.”

“Me?” Madison blushed. She hesitated for a second. Slowly, she grabbed the bottoms of my shorts. I lifted myself up a little bit and she pulled them down off my legs, tossing them on the ground by the bed.

“Now let’s see…” Ashley said carefully. “You know, I think there’s definitely something going on here.”

“Yeah,” Madison said. She was still a bit red in the face. “It definitely looks like it. Perhaps you should feel him again?”

Ashley grabbed my hard dick through my boxer briefs. She stroked me a little bit, eliciting a slight moan out of me.

“I think he liked that,” Madison said. “Keep rubbing him like that.”

Ashley began to stroke me a little more quickly. I moaned again.

“I think you’re right, Madison,” Ashley said. “I think he’s definitely hard, but there’s only one way to be absolutely sure…”

“Should we take off his underwear?”

“Yes, definitely,” Ashley said, still rubbing my dick.

Madison looked excited as she took ahold of my boxers. Ashley released her grip on my dick, and I lifted my butt up again. Madison slowly pulled down my underwear, tossing them atop my shorts. My hard cock sprang free and pointed up at the ceiling. Madison looked at it hungrily.

“Well, would you look at that,” Ashley said, smirking.

“Gosh, it’s so big!” Madison said innocently. She scooted over and sat herself down next to Ashley.

“Should I continue to stroke it?” Ashley asked.

“Yes, definitely,” Madison said. “He really seems to enjoy that.” She watched intently as Ashley wrapped her hands around my cock and began to pump me up and down.

“I think we need some sort of lubricant,” Ashley said, frowning a little.

“What do you have in mind?” Madison asked.

Ashley thought for just a moment. “I think some saliva would be sufficient. Would you mind?”

Madison blushed again. “Are you sure?”

“Yes, I think he would like it,” Ashley said, looking and smiling at me.

Madison leaned over my cock. She looked at me, and I gave a slight smile and a short nod at her. She looked down at my cock and slowly spit onto it. Ashley let her sister’s saliva run down my cock for a second before she began to stroke me again. “Could you give me a little more?” she asked.

Madison nodded and spit again. Ashley began to stroke me faster. I couldn’t help but moan. “That’s much better,” Ashley smiled.

Madison looked down at my balls, which were bouncing with each pump of my cock from Ashley. “What about his balls?” Madison asked. “They look so nice and smooth,” she added.

“Ah, good idea,” Ashley said. She reached down and gently cupped them, rubbing them with her fingers. I continued to moan, enjoying both the handjob and the audience.

Ashley stroked me off for another minute before Madison’s spit began to wear off.

“I wonder if he’d enjoy this more if I used my mouth,” Ashley said, looking at Madison. “What do you think?”

“Hmm,” Madison said, pretending to genuinely contemplate Ashley’s suggestion. “I think you might be right. That would probably make him feel really good.”

Ashley adjusted herself, getting into position to suck my cock. “Could you hold my hair out of my face for me, Madison?”

“Yeah, sure,” Madison said. She gathered up her sister’s hair up in a ponytail and held it for her. Ashley lowered her head down, taking my cock into her mouth. She held onto the base of my shaft as she twirled her tongue around the head.

“Does that feel nice?” Madison asked me, still maintaining her innocent tone.

I looked at her and managed to say, “yes” before continuing to moan.

Ashley slowly took the rest of my shaft into her mouth until her nose was against my thighs (she was to the side of me). She held my cock in her throat for a second before coming up, gasping for air. She began to bob her head up and down my shaft more quickly now, taking my balls in her hand and massaging them. Madison continued to hold Ashley’s hair for her.

“I’m almost there,” I said quietly as Ashley began to slurp and lick me faster. “Where should I, uh –”

“Finish in her mouth,” Madison said, gently.

Hearing Madison say something dirty to me directly like that just about pushed me over the edge. I nodded. Madison smiled.

I threw my head back and closed my eyes. My body tensed up as I began to ejaculate down Ashley’s throat. She didn’t slow down; she continued to bob her lips up and down my shaft, gently caressing and massaging my balls as they were emptied into her welcoming mouth. Madison held onto Ashley’s hair, making sure to keep it well out of her face. My cock throbbed and spasmed as it painted the back of my girlfriend’s throat with my cum. As my orgasm finished, I laid all the way down and kept my eyes closing, breathing hard. Ashley came up off my dick. She was also breathing hard.

“How did it taste?” Madison asked her sister.

“Great,” Ashley giggled. Ashley squeezed the base of my thick and slid her hand upward. Another drop of cum came out. She used her finger to swipe it up and extended her hand towards Madison, who happily sucked it off Ashley’s finger.

“Yummy,” Madison said.

Ashley scooted back towards the head of the bed, leaning back against her pillow. She slid her pajama pants down, revealing the black thong she was wearing underneath. She hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her thong and pulled that down as well. Madison inhaled sharply as Ashley spread her legs wide open, putting her gorgeous pink pussy on display for us.

I took the initiative here, getting up and crawling in between her thighs.

“Oh my, God,” I heard Madison say quietly behind me.

I looked up and watched as Ashley unbuttoned the flannel she was wearing. She pulled each side of the shirt down past her breasts, revealing her belly and both of her boobs. Her pink nipples stood erect atop each of her tits. I reached up and caressed her breasts as I planted kisses along her thighs. I couldn’t really believe that I was about to eat my girlfriend’s pussy in front of her sister.

I heard Madison shifting around a lot behind me; I assumed she was getting herself comfortable so she could masturbate. I hoped Madison was an ass-gal, because from where she was sitting, she would have quite the view of my ass.

I began to lick up and down Ashley’s pussy, wiggling my tongue in between her lips. I held onto her thighs and slid my tongue inside her, tasting her juices. I heard Madison moan behind me. I continued to lick my girlfriend’s pussy, switching between running up and down the length of her cunt and gently circling her clit. As she began to grind herself against my lip, I slid two fingers inside her and massaged her g-spot. I could tell she was getting close already. Sucking me off in front of her sister and now getting eaten out in front of her sister must have really gotten her going.

“Oh my, God,” Ashley moaned, “don’t stop, Brian. Please don’t stop.”

I was circling around her clit with my tongue and massaging her g-spot with my fingers. The room was filled with the sounds of two sisters moaning in pleasure. The fact that Madison was behind me touching herself to this was driving me crazy.

“I’m gonna come, Brian,” Ashley groaned. Her body tensed up and her thighs closed in around me. I kept licking her clit, trying my hardest to keep my rhythm and pace unchanging. Ashley moaned and whimpered through her orgasm, her body writhing underneath my tongue. As her orgasm subsided, she let out a huge side. I slowly sat up, wiping her juices from my mouth.

“That was great,” she breathed slowly, smiling.

I turned around and looked back at Madison. My mouth fell open as I saw her sitting back before me wearing only her bra and panties. All that rummaging around earlier was her getting undressed! Her tits, which are almost as big as Ashley’s, were almost spilling out of her bra, and the thong she was wearing left little to the imagination. She looked absolutely incredible.

“You alright there?” Madison asked me softly. Ashley laughed at my reaction.

“Holy shit!” I said.

“What is it, Brian?” Ashley asked.

I just stared at Madison’s tits. Even though they were covered by her bra, they looked fantastic; they were almost as big as Ashley’s. I wondered what her nipples looked like. Madison’s legs were toned, and her thighs looked sexy. Even though she was sitting, you could tell that she had one Hell of an ass. Her stomach was flat and toned, and her skin looked smooth and soft.

“Your body is incredible,” I said to Madison, who was still touching herself.

“Thank you,” she cooed softly. My erection was very quickly returning as I watched my girlfriend’s almost-naked sister play with herself. Madison giggled as she watched my cock slowly rise up until it pointed straight out at her.

“You made his cock hard again,” Ashley smirked. She reached up and gave it a few quick pumps.

Madison blushed. “Well, that’s flattering.”

“There’s a hot, half-naked girl playing with herself in front of me. What can I say?” I shrugged.

Madison smiled. “Do I get to see that thing come again?” Man, she really loved cum.

Ashley walked over to me on her hands and knees. Without her hands, she took me into her mouth and began to suck on the head of my cock. Madison whimpered slightly, watching as her sister sucked my erection. Ashley ran her tongue around the head of my cock, slurping loudly as she blew me. Madison moaned softly. I watched Madison’s eyes trace over the curves of Ashley’s hips and ass up to Ashley’s tits, which were hanging down beneath her. Then she would look at my cock and her sister sucking it. Madison saw me watching her and met my gaze. She bit her lip and blushed.

Ashley’s tongue running all around the head of my dick was very quickly getting me off. “I’m gonna come soon,” I groaned.

Ashley popped me out of her mouth briefly. “When your close, I’m gonna lay on my back. Jerk off onto my tits, okay?”

“Got it,” I nodded.

Ashley reached up and began pumping the base of my cock with her hand as she sucked the head. I could the feel the orgasm building.

“I’m almost there,” I moaned. “Holy fuck!”

Ashley slid my dick out of her mouth and leaned back. She spread her legs and held her tits together for me. “Come on, baby,” she cooed softly. “Come on my tits for me and my sister.”

I stroked myself wildly, using her spit as lube. I looked over at Madison who was frantically rubbing her clit, staring at my hand flying back and forth over my cock. I turned my attention back to Ashley and her lovely tits. I moved a little closer to her, walking on my knees, and aimed myself at the center of her chest. I groaned loudly as my cock throbbed and the first shot of jizz erupted out of me. It flew and landed right in the middle of her boobs. I shot another two ropes of cum, one landing on her left breast and the other on her right.

“Oh my, God,” I heard Madison cry out. I looked over and watched as her face contorted in pleasure. Her thighs came together as she continued to rub her clit. Our eyes met and we rode out the rest of our orgasms together, never breaking eye contact.

I finished coming and look back at Ashley. She was grinning and both of her tits were covered in my cum.

“C’mere,” Ashley said, looking at her sister.

Madison was breathing hard. She looked at me for a second, giving me a brief smile, before crawling over to Ashley, walking on her hands and knees. Ashley laid back (still completely naked, mind you), leaning on her elbows. I sort of backed up a bit and watched as Madison climbed on top of her. I was essentially behind the two of them now, and I had an incredible view of Madison’s ass. She arched her back, sticking her ass up in the air, and began to slowly lick my semen off of Ashley’s tits.

“Holy fuck,” I said softly. Madison heard me and slowly rocked her hips back and forth. I watched her ass as she licked my cum off her sister’s chest. She still didn’t lick Ashley’s nipples, but she came awfully close to doing so. Plus Ashley was entirely naked and Madison was half-naked and on top of her, showing off her ass to me in a doggy-style-esque position. This was crazy.

Madison finished licking my cum off of Ashley’s chest. She slowly backed up towards me, still giving me a fantastic view of her huge ass. (I can safely say now that it is even bigger than Ashley’s, by the way.) Slowly, she turned back towards me. As she came to face me, I could see that her mouth was open. She was holding the last of my cum in her mouth! She swallowed it once she was sure I had a good look.

“How’d my butt look?” she asked, giggling.

“Amazing,” was all I could manage.

Ashley wiped the cum off of her nipples and then put a t-shirt on. “Well, that was fun,” she said.

“I agree,” Madison said, stretching. She got up and threw back on the clothes she had come in with. Everybody was acting so casual.

“Breakfast?” Ashley asked.

“Yeah, I’m hungry,” Madison said.

“Even after all that cum you just ate?” I teased unabashedly.

Madison laughed. Ashley rolled her eyes. “Jesus Christ, Brian,” she said.

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