Fantasy Sex With School Girl

Fantasy Sex With School Girl

Hi SEX STORIES Reader, this is dhruv’lovesx’ here with my nick name rickie in this storie and I am going to share my second story with all of u guyz.

Guyz i had the most amazing sex of my life. First to tell about myself, I m 5’11 fair average boy with strong build and good personality. And what to say about my beautiful girl ,she was a sex godess with figure 36-30-36 and was very fare looking typically delhi girl with whom everbody wants to sleep and date her. She was very bold and upfront to life.

We live in New Delhi and were in the same school from childhood . we both were fond of each other company from beginig. After school finished in 2010 we used to talk to each other about our life and personal life , like about our relationship and yeah sometimes about sex and we really enjoyed our company. But one day suddenly we realised the fact that we were in love and started to talk more and more and had couple of dates to in which she used to shop a lot and i had to pay a lot. We were so much in love that we started to fantasize our first sex because we were afraid to have it. We chated sex often on phone and Seriously guyz this stuff as too hot to handle… We started reading ISS and sex stories for good fanasy sex… After some time she started sending me nude pics of her while bathing , changing clothes, etc.It was going good as i was getting lot of hot stuff and tried to match her by sending some stuff from my side..

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Now the day of truth came , the day wen we finally had sex… It was sunny day and was 11 in the morning, I rushed to nearby chemist and bought dotted comdoms for safe sex. We planned out to meet at a metro station around 12 noon, earlier i had convinced my friend for his flat for a day(wow) and there was i arrived at the station and there she was standing in tight top revealing her sexy clevage with a short skirt and a naughty smile .. I scanned her like a machine, she was looking damn hot in the outfit and my dick was waiting to pop out and fuck her, the bra was slight visible which started to give me hard on and tested my patience to suck the juices of her massive boobs. She was also filled with lust in her eyes and she just immediately ran towards me and gave me a tight hug ooh i could feel her breast squeazing to my chest our hand explored our body and we hugged tightly not even the air could pass between us, then she hold my hand and pulled me behind a shop were there was dark and no one could spot us and said “rickie” just kiss me rubb me press me and make me happy” that made my junior rockhard and i hold her by her sexy waist and pulled her towards me and kissed her on lips and few on neck mean while i was pressing her soft ass with my hands just massaging them hard and it felt so good.. She was asking for more then and there but i told her i have arrangements like we used to fantasize about our sex on phone.
I arranged for music and roses to sprinkle on bed and bought some scented candles and the room was giving a very good ambience. Then i took her to the flat , first she was amazed to see the room and she also thanked me for all of this to make her first sex amazing. Then with pure desire i kissed her passionately and explored her bomb like figure body and then i slowly removed the top revealing her bra and mighty beautiful juicy melons , i kissed nipples from the bra and now i couldnt take it more so i removed the bra and there poped in front of her majestic boobs which i hold it with both of my hand sucked and bite her rock hard nipples for atleast couple of mins each as she moaned like a animal i also fingured her pussy which was dripping and waiting for me. Meanwhile she undressed me and lust fully straight away took my long dick in her mouth and started to sucking it and kissing it and she was taking it like a porm movie and sexy girl gave me nice blow job then after this i grabed her by her melons and inserted my dick into her pussy as she moaned for more and because of my constantly spanking her made her crazy and wilder and she started slapping me and saying “harder harder harder ricky fuck me harder baby” so i startd to drill her and as i was about to come she took my dagger into hermouth and i cum in her mouth, this is not end. As i m strong person my dick was up seeing such a sexy partner and she was healthy too and wanted more like a sex machine.. Now she gave me a “Boob Job” ya a hot boob job. She lied down on the bed and took my errected 8 inch between her boobs and

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squezed it hard between her boobs and stroked while kissing it from mouth and i was getting a pleasure of life after strong stroking of few minutes i cummed on her face and all over body. Not the end guyz ‘WE BOTH TOOK BATH TOGETHER AS SHE FIRST LICKED MY WHOLE BODY then washed and i return i gave her an orgasms too by sucking her cunt and pussy then her melons and kissed her and washed her . Then wegot dressed and we slept, our sex was over by 2:30 and started aroundnoon and then we slept with each other till 6 after that i droped her home and went home. This how i lost my virginity.

But the sad part she left me after a week as she moved out of country. Sad. Now i m looking for 2nd fantasy sex. I am 21 lives in delhi and is single ready to mingle!

Contact me for fun!

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Fantasy Sex With School Girl

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