Fun In The Theater With Girlfriend

Fun In The Theater With Girlfriend

Hello, everyone, my name is jerry and I am from Gujarat. This is my first story so I will try my best to entertain you guys. I am a 19 years old average looking guy with a height of 5’11 and a good build-up body with 6.5 inches of dick. So coming to the story.

I studied in an all-boys boarding school till the 12th. So after completing my board examination, I had a desperate wish to make a girlfriend. I was a bit lucky when I found my girlfriend Tanya (name changed)the heroine of the story. I met her online on Instagram.

She had a recent break up with his ex. Now about Tanya. She was small in height and but her assets were 34-30-32. she was a real bomb any boy would fell for her. She was like ‘chotta pack bada dhamaka’. We started to chat regularly. Then I asked her number after that we started to talk on the phone.

It lasted for 2 to 3 months. Then we decided to meet each other. We met at the cafe coffee day. we were going to watch each other for the first time. I was excited but a bit nervous. I was a bit early. She entered the CCD 5 minutes late. I was awestruck looking for her.

From that moment I planned to fuck her very hard at any cost, anywhere. So I proposed to her that time she said yes without any hesitation. Things were normal. But after 10-15 days we made a plan to see a movie. She was a big fan of Varun Dhawan. So we decided to watch ‘Kalank’.

But I had different plans in my mind. I somehow convinced her to wear one piece. So it would be easy for me making move on her. The theatre was Inox and the show timings were 10 am to 1 am. We reached the theatre 15 minutes early. She was wearing a cheetah type one piece.

Her boobs were tackling each other to pop out from the bra. We booked a couple of corner seats. So no one can see us what we were doing. As it was a morning show there were only a few couples and all of them had occupied corner seats. So the movie begins it turned out to be a boring one.

As it was our first time in the theatre I was a bit afraid to hold her hands. I gathered my courage and placed my hand on her hand she liked it. her hand was warm and very silky. She also liked it. Now I started to seduce her by caressing her hand by fingers she loved it.

Slowly slowly I slid my hand towards her waist and stomach. Now I started to play with her navel. She started to turn hot and was enjoying every bit of it. Gradually I started kissing her ear and to her neck. She was not responding nor she was against it. After some time we were kissing wildly each other.

We were sucking each other tongue and lips. She started to lick all over my face including ear, neck, forehead, nose, cheeks, My whole face was wet by her saliva. I was enjoying it very much. It lasted for 20 minutes. Then I started to press her boobs.

I slid my hand inside her one-piece and bra and started to caress it and press it hard. I unhooked her bra and started to lick her boobs. She was turned on and was in immense pleasure. Then the interval started so she dressed. We were normal again. I went out to the washroom and bought Dairy Milk Silk.

After the interval, we started again by kissing. MY one hand was on her pussy. I was rubbing her pussy. She loved it very much. Then I placed her hand on my dick. And told her to unzip my pants and hold it. She was not ready to do it but I forced her to do so. Finally, she agreed.

She unbuttoned my jeans and took my dick in her hand she was shocked seeing the size. I told her to stroke it and she started stroking it. I somehow convinced her to suck it. She gave me a blowjob for nearly 15 minutes. She licked the tip of my dick with her tongue and then I cum in her mouth.

Now it was my turn to lick her pussy. I sat down in front of her seat and started to lick her pussy. I was licking her pussy passionately until she cummed. My dick started to be erect again. I slowly asked her if she wanted to be fucked by me right now. Without any hesitation, she said yes.

She told me, “Jerry aaj main puri ki puri teri hu. Tujhe jo karna ho kar mere sath.” I removed her panty and told her to stand up and eat on my dick. We tried this position. She sat on my dick as she was virgin my dick went inside her pussy in the third stroke.

She was feeling pain for some time and afterward, she enjoyed it. She was moaning very loud that a couple around us saw us but they smiled and continue to watch the movie. I was fucking her wildly. I fucked her for 12 minutes and then I was about to come. I loaded my cum in her mouth.

We cleared ourselves and adjusted ourselves. Again we started kissing and licking each other’s faces like it was our first and last meet. We were gone mad. We enjoyed it a lot. After the movie ended she told to me. “It was the best the three hours of my life.” After that, we regularly had sex and enjoyed so much.

So guys please give feedback. Basically, guys, I am from Gujarat but right now I am in London UK. So any Indian or Gujarati(even if you are in Gujarat you can email me. I usually visit Gujarat on vacation. Girls or aunty looking for fun in London can email me on [email protected]

Fun In The Theater With Girlfriend