Gokuldham Society : Sonu, the Baby Hemamalini

Gokuldham Society : Sonu, the Baby Hemamalini

Sonu, Bhide’s daughter, just celebrated **yrs. her birthday. She was very beautiful, studious and intelligent, stood first each year and looked very much like her mother, Madhabi. Like her mother, she was also religious minded, chanted mantras in the worship-rooom before the marble statue of the Goddess “Maa Santoshi ” with her mother two times daily. And after puja she touched her parent’s feet ( Pranam ).

She was everything a father could want in a daughter. She loved and respected her parents dearly and was a great source of pride and satisfaction. They were very protective; but when Sonu smiled at her father, with that twinkle in her eye, she knew that her father would agree to anything she wanted.

Sonu was matured early and had been having regular periods for several years. Her body had filled out in all the right places and, like her mother, looked very much like young Hemamalini. She was a student of class-ix, practiced dances daily and played tennis. These activities kept her body firm, tuned and flexible. Her sexy demeanor also attracted the teenage boys in her school as well as the male members of the Gokuldham Society and that created a dilemma.

Sonu started dating with Tappu, only son of Jethalal and Daya Gada, an upper classman. Their marriage engagement was also completed, after four years on Sonu’s **birthday the official marriage would be held in the five star hotel Metro. However Bhide thought Sonu was too young but her mother was more willing to entertain the idea.

Sonu had always wanted to sit in her father’s lap while he was reading or watching television. As she got older and her body matured this habit became increasingly disconcerting to Bhide. She would come home from school, still wearing her short skirt and loose T-shirt, and hop onto his lap, straddling his legs with her knees under his arms, give him a big hug.

She would often say, “How is my favorite Daddy today?” Other times she would say, “Will you hold me tight, Daddy?” She would then turn around with her back against his chest, still straddling his lap, and pull both his arms around her body just below her full breasts.

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In either position she seemed to rub her soft ass excessively against his crotch. After one of these sessions Bhide commented to his wife, after they were in bed, that he thought she should talk to Sonu and encourage her to be a bit more demure. After all she was becoming a sexy young woman.

Madhabi smiled and said, “Oh, don’t be so old fashioned. Sonu is just practicing her sexual lures on you. I take it that her lures are working. Is she turning you on? Does she make your ‘dicky’ get hard?”

“Madhabi, don’t be crude, remember she is my daughter. I just think you should have a talk with her about sex and things… you know… what young ladies are supposed to do and the things they are not supposed to do.” Bhide smiled.

“Well, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to have a talk with her, as she is dating with Tappu. She did take that sex education class and I know the girls talk about boys. She said last week that some of the boys would try to put their hands under her skirt when they passed her in the hall at school. I think we both should have a little talk with her; so she doesn’t feel embarrassed during her sex with Tappu” Bhide explained.

“That seems reasonable to me. I’ll mention it to Sonu when we talk.” Madhabi smiled.

The next afternoon when Sonu came in from school Madhabi was in the kitchen. “Hello, Babe, how was school?”

“Same old, same old, Mummy. You know.”
“There are some pears in the fruit drawer of the fridge. We need to talk, Sonu. Get a snack and come into the bedroom for a few minutes.”
“Sure, Mummy, I’ll be right in. What’s up anyway?”

Madhabi got a glass of wine and Megan brought her pear into the bedroom. “What’s going on, Mummy? What did you want to talk about?”
“Well, you remember mentioning that Tappu had asked you for sex. I told your father about this and he thinks you are too young for sex. But I convinced him to let you start fucking. However we don’t want to interfere but you are so young and inexperienced.”

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“That seems a little ‘retarded’ to me, Mummy.”
“I-I know that you probably get some strange feelings when you think about boys. Maybe your nipples get hard or your cunny feels tingly. I just want to answer any questions that you may have.” Madhabi stated.

“Mummy, I do feel strange sometimes but what I need to know is what to do if a boy tries to kiss me or touch my boobs. Should I let him?” Sonu asked.

“If you like the boy it is OK to kiss him. Boys usually don’t stop with kissing. They do want to feel your boobs and to even put their hand between your legs. They will try to get you to spread your legs so they can touch your cunny. Sometimes a boy will try to get you to touch his penis. If he is ‘turned on’ his penis will get hard.” Madhabi said.

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“Should I touch Tappu’s penis, if he wants me to?” Sonu asked. “That is surely a good idea. When you are enjoying being touched, you want to give the boy pleasure too. Boys like for you to rub their cocks. If you do it enough they will have an orgasm.” Madhabi smiled.
“Is this what the girls at school call ‘jerking off’?”
“Yes, it is.”
“The girls at school also talk about giving ‘blow jobs’. Is that when they use their mouth on a boy’s penis? You know..when they make him orgasm with their mouth.”
“Yes, but don’t spoil the semen, it is precious, you suck the boy’s penis and lick it with your tongue.”
“Ecchh, that is gross. Do you do that with Daddy? Does his semen get in your mouth?”
“Always. Your father kisses and licks my cunny sometimes, too. It’s the best fun for girls. Boys like to cum in your mouth. It taste too good and it doesn’t make you pregnant.”
“And when the boy slides his penis in and out of your cunny for a very long time, he will have an orgasm and squirt semen into your cunny. Then you could get pregnant.”

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“When we go to the mall some of the girls sit on the benches and watch the boys. They look at the boys’ crotches and try to tell who has the biggest penis, but they call them cocks. Do cocks come in different sizes?”
“Certainly they do, and size is the main part, it can feel good to have a really big one in your cunny… once you get used to it and, if the boy really knows how to use it.”
“Mummy, this has been really helpful. I have learned a lot and I think I know what to expect from your son-in-law. But I’m trying to be honest with you. I was thinking sometime at night, when you and Dad are going to… you know… f-fuck, if I could watch, so I could learn about how it is done.”
“I don’t know about that, Sonu beta. I’ll have to ask your Dad about that.”
“Yes, Mummy. I better go now and get my homework done now.”
“That’s a good idea because your Dad wants to have a little talk when he gets home.”

Sonu went up to her room to do her homework, although her mother’s mind was filled with all sorts of nasty thoughts about her husband. Madhabi went in the kitchen to start on the evening dinner.

When her husband came at 7 pm, she poured him a glass of wine. “Suniye ji, I had a good talk with Sonu this afternoon. I was very frank with her about sex. I told her you wanted to talk with her when you got home.”
“Sounds good. I’ll catch her after dinner.”

Bhide family all had dinner and discussed each other’s days. Sonu went up to shower, completed puja with her parents and went to her room to change the dress, put on over-sized T-shirt where as Madhabi and her husband were sipping wine.
“Suniyeji, Sonu did ask in our frank discussion, if she could watch us have sex so that she could learn more about it. What do you think about that?” Madhabi queried.
Bhide rolled his eyes and frowned, “I’ve never heard of such a thing.” But he felt a quiver in his dick. “What do you think?”

“Well, It is OK with me if it’s OK with you.” Madhabi answered. “OK. I’ll mention it when I talk with her in a little while. I have been thinking about your juicy pussy all day.” Bhide said.

Bhide leaned over and kissed his wife and nibbled her ear and whispered, “So you think you are going to ‘get lucky’ tonight and you might let Sonu watch us sexing. Will we show her everything?”

“Let’s just ‘go with the flow’ and see what happens.” Madhabi replied. After some time her husband just slipped on his loose shorts and walked down to his daughter’s room and knocked on the door, “Sonu beta, its Dad. May I come in? Can we talk a few minutes?”

“Sure, Dad, come on in. I’ve finished my homework”
“Your mummy said you wanted to talk to me. This is hard for me. You have turned into a beautiful young woman so fast. I still remember when you were just a baby and I could hold you in my lap.”
“Daddy, you can still hold me in your lap.”

Immediately Sonu rolled sat on her father’s lap, straddling his crotch, and put her arms around his neck. She gave her father a sweet kiss right on the lips.

“Daddy, you know not only I love you so much, I respect you also like my God. I would do anything to make you happy.”
“I know you would, baby. That is just the problem. You are becoming a young woman now and you need to be more careful with men so they don’t take advantage of you. When you sit on me like this it gets me, you know… turned on. You are rubbing your bottom against my crotch. Do you see?”
“You mean your penis. Mom and I talked about that. She said that rubbing it made it feel good. She said it would get hard if I rubbed it. I will rub it with my hand if you want.”

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“Baby, if you keep moving around like this, I may ……”
“If I moved aside my skirts and you opened your shorts would it stick up into my cunny?”

Saying this Sonu pulled up her skirts and Bhide noticed that her daughter have on a thin white panties. “Do you want me to open your shorts?”


Without waiting her father’s reply Sonu pulled down her father’s shorts. His hard dick popped up right in front of her little panty covered pussy and her eyes got wide. She leaned over and kissed her father again.

“Dad, it’s as big as Tappu. It would fit in my cunny.” Being ashamed Bhide quickly pulled his shorts.
“Well, I can see that you are becoming a sexy young woman. Your mother says you want to come into our room and watch us have sex. Is that right?”
“Well, I want to watch you… you know, f-fuck mom so I can learn how to do it properly.”
“Give us about ten minutes and then come over to our room.OK.”

Obedient Sonu nodded and Bhide gave her another kiss and nudged her off his lap. He got up and went back to talk to his wife in their bedroom. She was fresh from her shower. She was still a beautiful, sexy woman who looked 25, even though she was 34.

“Madhabi darling, I just talked with Sonu. She is coming over to our room in about 10 minutes. I think we need to show her the basics. I can tell that she is going to get herself thoroughly fucked by her husband in future.”
“I think you are right. That is why I was very frank with her today. I didn’t tell her what she could or couldn’t. I just told her about how she could get pregnant and what felt good.”

“Mom… dad, may I come in?”
“Sure, Sonu beta, come on in.”
Sonu opened the door and walked over to the couch/sofa. “Where do you want me to sit?”

“Sit beside your father “, saying this Madhabi rose from the sofa, opened the cabinet, took a bottle of wine and three glasses. Sonu was shocked when her mother poured her a glass as well.

“Drink up,” Madhabi told her surprised daughter as she sat on the sofa, put the bottle on the middle of the tea-table. “There’s plenty enough for all of us.”
“Are you sure?” Sonu asked looking at her father for surety. “Well, actually alcohol gives people the nerve to do things they already want to do in their heart,” Bhide said.
Madhabi interrupted before her husband could say anything. “Right you’re, It can make you do anything you don’t already want to do.”

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That’s why when his wife Madhabi had come up with the sug- gestion that their daughter was old enough to help out around the house, and certainly old enough to take over her chore of satisfying his carnal needs, Bhide had reluctantly gone along with his wife’s plan. After all, he did need sex, and Sonu was ** yrs old, so she was old enough to have sex without hurting her body.

“Go ahead, you’re mother is right.” Bhide said.
Sonu looked confused but tipped her glass and took a big drink, she crinkled her nose cutely. “Ewe ooooooo. . that’s strong.”

Bhide took his glass and swallowed its contents in one large gulp. “Another.” “Sure,” Madhabi said as she took the bottle and filled her husband’s glass again.
“Let’s have fun. Sonu? More?”
“Sure mom,” Sonu smiled holding out her half-empty glass and letting it be topped off. “This is fun.”

By the time Sonu was getting giggly from all the alcohol. “Oh! We’re all out. Time to get another bottle!” Madhabi laughed as she stumbled slightly to the cabinet and got another chilled bottle out of the fridge.

“Come on. Let’s all watch a movie together.” Madhabi led her husband and daughter to the couch where she made sure they were sitting beside each other and then went to turn on the movie she had prepared for this occasion. By the time the movie got started she had joined her husband and daughter on the couch and was sitting now on the other side of her husband. The quality of the recording implied that this was going to be a hard core 3x porno movie and he shifted uncomfortably in his seat.

The lead male, a man in his early 40’s walked up a flight of stairs quietly to a room that apparently belonged to a younger girl. Madhabi smiled at her husband and squeezed his knee as she continued to watch the movie.
“What movie is this?” Sonu asked as she watched the man sneak into the bedroom.
“Oh just a funny movie I saw and thought we might all like,” Madhabi said.
“Oh my God!” Sonu giggled when the man pulled out a stack of nude pictures from his back pocket and opened a dresser drawer that contained a bunch of girl’s panties. The pictures were of a young teenage looking girl playing wither herself.
“Is this a porno?” Sonu queried.

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Neither Madhabi nor her husband answered her as the man in the movie spread out the photo’s on the girls dresser and began unzipping his pants as he carefully looked at each picture. The young girl in the photos was wearing a pink silk nighty that she had pulled down to expose her naked breasts. In picture after picture she was either squeezing her breasts or fingering her own pussy as she held the crotch of her nighty open.

“I can’t believe you’re letting me watch this!” Sonu smiled as her mother handed her the new chilled bottle of wine.
“You’re old enough to know about all this anyway,” Madhabi said. “Have another drink.”

Sonu took a long swig from the bottle as her father grinned at his wife. In the movie the man pulled out a big thick prick and began stroking it as he stared at the pictures.
“That’s my sweet baby girl,” the man groaned.
“Oh ya, get it ready daddy.” the teenage girl in the movie said.
“Oh God! she is his daughter???” Sonu became stunned as she handed the bottle back to her mother across her own father. “Right you’re Sonu beta,” Madhabi said as she took another drink herself and watched the movie.
“That’s sick!” Sonu smiled “Isn’t it dad?”

Bhide simply looked at his daughter and said, “No no Sonu beta, it’s natural nowadays.”
“Your father is right beti,” Madhabi said as she leaned over her daughter “Tell me you wouldn’t fantasise about fucking him if your father had a cock like that guy!”
“Oh mummy, you’re so naughty !” Sonu laughed as she pushed her mother back. ” I can’t believe you said that.”
“And you also can’t deny that you wouldn’t want to fuck HER,” Madhabi nudged her husband in the ribs.
“Mom! I can’t believe it. Hand me another peg.” Sonu laughed even harder.
Madhabi handed the bottle eagerly to her intoxicated daughter. Sonu giggled as she took a long swig of the bottle and handed it back. “Daddy would never want to do something like that with me. Would you daddy?”
Hearing his daughter ask him that question made Bhide’s cock harden in an instant. “Uh…” he stammered for the right words to say. He didn’t want to admit it but by the same token he couldn’t lie about how he really felt.

“Please don’t ask me that question,” Bhide said as he took the bottle out of his wife’s hand and took a long drink.
“I’d say by the feel of things he would,” Madhabi said as she put her hand in her husbands lap and squeezed his hard cock through his pants.
“Feel that Sonu beta!”
“Are you serious mummy?” Sonu giggled as she uninhibitedly put her own hand in her father’s lap and felt around. She felt the long hard contours of her father’s shaft and pulled her hand away reflexively.
“Oh my God! daddy’s penis is already hard!” Sonu laughed as she blushed bright red.
“Did you feel how big it was?” Madhabi asked as she took the bottle of wine back from her embarrassed husband and took a drink.
“I didn’t get a good enough feel.”
“Go ahead,” Madhabi said. “Feel it again. He won’t mind, will you honey?”
“I…I guess not,” Bhide stammered as he looked down at his own crotch that was bulging with his hardness.
“Are you sure daddy ?” Sonu asked.

Bhide laughed out loud at the absurdity of the question. If only she knew how much he wanted her to touch him again. He nodded and put his arms up on the back of the couch so his daughter could get to it easier. Sonu put her hand directly on her father’s bulging crotch and squeezed the sides of it to check it’s thickness.

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“Oh my God!” Sonu blushed. “That’s huge!”
“Ever had something that big inside you before?” Madhabi asked as her daughter continued to work her fingers up her father’s cock until she reached its head.
“Ya right!” Sonu nodded “I’ve only had sex once with Tappu and it was as big as dad.”
“You would realize later what it means to be a woman until you’ve had something like this inside you,” Madhabi said as she grabbed her daughters hand and moved it to her husband’s zipper.
“Go ahead, unzip it.”
“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” Sonu said as she gently pulled on her father’s zipper and smiled at him.
“That’s a good girl,” Madhabi said as she pulled the shoulders of her dress down and peeled it down over her firm breasts that were still cupped in a black lace bra.
“What are you doing Mummy?” Sonu asked as she finished unzipping her father’s pants and began working at the button holding his pants together.
“This is making me so horny,” Madhabi said as she pulled her dress around her stomach and quickly unsnapped her bra.

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Gokuldham Society : Sonu, the Baby Hemamalini

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