Hema Malini and Her Servant Ramu

Hema Malini and Her Servant Ramu

After finishing Higher secondary exam Ramu realized that he wouldn’t
be able to pass. His father isn’t in the state of paying all of his
expanses as he is a very old man and about to retire from his job. So
he decided to leave his village and go to Mumbai where he thinks
he’ll be able to get some good job. He heard a lot about that city
and it was one of his dream to visit there.

One sunny day he reached Mumbai by train. After having some meal in
the local substandard hotel he looked at his dream city. He was
astonished by seeing the crowd and the high rise buildings . After
walking 30 minutes along the highway he reached the Juhu

Beach where he confronted the beauty of Arab sea. He spent 5/6 hours
on the beach. Suddenly he found that he is hungry. But soon he
realized that he doesn’t have any bucks.

Then he saw a big food shop and walked towards the shop. There he saw
a very tall person standing in front of the shop and eating `Dosa’.
Watching this his hunger rises with pace and he begged him to give
him some money so that he can buy some food.

The tall person looked at Ramu strangely and said ” You are a very
young and strong man and you are not supposed to beg”. “But I’m new
in this city and I have no money. Besides I don’t know anyone who can
help me” Ramu cried out. ” Well Don’t worry I can give you job but
you have to promise me that you will work hard” The man said
carefully.” “I will do whatever you say . Any job will be fine with
me” Ramu said confidently. The man laughed ” The job I’m gonna offer
you never even dreamt of. My name is Taman Shamrma. I’m the secretary
of the famous mature actress Hema Malini. As she needs a servant I
think you’ll be perfect for that job”.

Ramu was about to loose his sense while hearing this. Hema Malini! Oh
my GOD! How lucky he is! He thanked almighty to give him such a
wonderful chance to be with a famous celebrity. He was just able to
utter those word ” I can’t believe my ears Thank you very much Sir…”
The man smiled at him,” Ok! Then come with me!You must want to meet
her right now..!”

“YESSS!!!” said Ramu.


After 10 minuets that secretary’s car stopped in front of a very nice
apartment. Mr.Tamon pressed the door bell and after few seconds an
old servant opened the door. “Where is Madam I found a very hung
servant for her?” Asked Tamon Sharma. The old servant said “Madam is
sleeping. Tell him to wait”

“Who’s there Mohann!!” Ramu heard a sweet tone from upstairs.

“Maam! Tamon babu has come with a new boy” said that old servant .

Ramu looked at the corner from where the tone came . He saw a saree
covered body is stepping in slowly. OWO! He cant believe his
eyes .This is Hema Malini.. The famous dream girl of Indian Cinema
and mother of the young heroin Esha Deol is standing right here in
front of him. He was even more stunned watching the aged women wore
sarees very seductively. Her full deep navel was exposed through her
thin chiffon saree.. He thoroughly read her body top to bottom. Her
extra large boobs are jutting under clearly visible bra. And his big
round ass cheeks are producing lust in his evil mind. His 10 inch
member is getting a raging hard on watching all this. He cannot
believe a mature heroin like Hema Malini can dress up such a way.

“Saali Raandii” Ramu said to himself.

“Maam! This is Ramu! He is a very hard working young man just as you
wanted” said Tamon Sharma.

“Really!! Ummm!! I told you to get a boy who is new here” said Hema
looking at Ramu.

“He is new here Madam! He just arrived today”, said Mr.Tamon with a
huge smile in his face.

“Well! Did you tell him about his job”

“Madam! I told him that he had to do a lot of things! He is fine with

“OK! Lets see! ”

Now Hema asked Ramu “Hey! What is your name”

“Ji Raamu..Madam.”

” Ramu! Good name! OK! Well Tamon .. you can go now .. I’ll check
him ” Hema turned to Mr.Tamon.

Tamon Sharma left the house and Hema turned to Ramu,” Come upstairs”.

Ramu entered a big hall room by following Hema. Ramu found that there
is no one other than he and Hema in this floor. The hall room is well
decorated and full with latest furniture.

“Sit over there” Hema pointed to a chair at the corner.

“Ok madam” said Ramu staring at the floor. He is confused.

“Now listen carefully! You are selected not for a usual job of
servant. You have to……” said Hema with a nice smile.

“What I have to do madam? I’d do anything for money” said Ramu .

“You have to….”

“Yes maaam…what??”

“You have to chod (fuck) me ” said Hema with a shameless smile.

” What???” He cant believe his ears. He thought he is dreaming.

“Yes.. and you are not dreaming” said Hema with another huge
smile, “I know you want it! You’d love to do it ..wouldn’t you?”

“haa! Hemaji…..jorooor ( of course )”Ramu almost cried out with joy.

“Ok! Now get me a pail of water . I gotta take bath” Hema ordered him.

“OK. Hemaji” He is little bit confused hearing that. He thought she
would let him fuck her right now. He reluctantly went to bring water.

“Hemaji… take your pale” Ramu knocked the bathroom door.

“Ok… the door is open.. come on in” Hema said with loud voice from

When Ramu entered the bathroom he saw an unforgettable thing. He saw
Hema was full naked and pissing in the commode. His lund (dick) got
its maximum length right at that moment.

“Ok… now come here .. ” She didn’t stop pissing.Rather she put a huge
smile in her face and turned to him. When he was moving towards
Hema , he experienced something that is very taboo for a
sophisticated mature honorable actress like Hema Mailini. Hema hold
her pussy like a hose pipe and showered some pee on Ramu. She laughed
out loudly while doing this shit.

” Hi hi hi…see what I have done to you .. hi hi ” Hema kept on
laughing. “You know why I did this?”

“Why Hemaji?”

“Hey Maderchod!! ( mother fucker ) I did it to make you hot”

“Ok Hemaji”

“What Hemaji..Hemaji..! Put your lungi off …show me your Lund
(dick)!!”Hema shouted.

He did as she said. His already erect cock was pointing to the
roof. “OWO!! You got a very large dick!! I have taken at least 500
dicks so far ..but this is surely the largest and nastiest ..owww…
I’m so lucky to have you as my servant” said Hema while looking at
his dick . Ramu moaned with a husky tone.

She moved close to him and hold his hard cock .She spitted on it and
started to message firmly. “You know I like nasty sex. While having
sex I do lots of pissing and spitting stuff ..!! You have any

“NOOO.. Hemaji .. but I like to fuck your tits .. that’s a request”
said Ramu closing his eyes.

” My dear chudu… You’ll fuck my tits, spit on those and you are also
allowed to piss on those … happy???”

“yeah …Hemaji ”

” And another thing.. you must finger ,lick and fuck my dirty
asshole .. that’s compulsory … are you ok with that?” said Hema

“Sure .. I’ll eat your shit in my breakfast if you want ” said Ramu
with a smile.

Hema took his dick in her mouth and started to suck gently. She brings

her tongue to the red head of his cock. She first licks the head,
then takes only the head inside her mouth. The cock fills her mouth

completely. Hema now is sucking her Ramu’s dick like she used to suck
the stick candies in her high school days. She takes more than

half the cock inside her mouth and gives the best blowjob in Ramu’s
life. Ramu simply can not say anything, but comes with strong

force in Hema’s mouth. Hema swallows all the cum Ramu has to offer.

Ramu didn’t think what a slut she is. If she is so much sex crazy at
this age ,what might have she done at her early age .. he just
couldn’t think much.

“Say bad thing to me … “Hema shouted .. still tasting his sperm.

“Saalii randii auraaattt …( slut ) I’ll fuck your brains out you
nasty whore ” scolded Ramu loudly.

” yeah…say it again..call me whoreeee…call me bitch….!!”Hema went mad
with lust.

“Whore.. stinky bitch …randiiiii “shouted Ramu while fondling her

After 5 minutes Hema told Ramu to turn around. Ramu asked “Why

“Sala .. tera gaand chatna hainn (I’ll lick your asshole)”

“Randii…” Ramu moved his ass closer to Hema’s mouth. And our
honorable actress Hema Malini spread his ass cheeks wide apart by one
hand and started finger his dirty and hairy butt hole by another
hand .

“Ahhhh…..Hemaaa…that feels so gooodd” Ramu cried with pleasure as
Hema kept on fingering furiously. After 10 minutes of ass fingering
Hema put her finger in her mouth and tasted Ramu’s ass juice and
smelled the kinky aroma.”Ohh…your ass tastes so good.. Ummm!!”

Then Hema licked his asshole through her tongue and sucked all the
gooey juice of his ass. His ass was full of her saliva.

” Owo! I don’t think I deserve such a lovely mistress you psycho
bitch” Ramu was mad with pleasure.

“Now I want to fuck your tits” Ramu requested Hema while she was
taking rest.

“Sure .. come on ”

Ramu hand on her tit closed tightly around the firm globe

and he humped his cock deep into Hema’s cleavage. He kept on pushing
through her fair moisture tit valley. He was moving his dick in and
out while holding the tits tightly. “Spit on my face ” ordered Hema.
Ramu was eager to do the nasty thing. He kept on spitting
continuously on her beautiful face while doing the tit fuck. After 10
minitues of such filthy activity , Ramu was about to cum. Then he got
another idea to make thing dirtier. He pulled his dick out of her tit
valley and started to rub on her face with a great force. Her face
skin was already wet by his spitting. “Ooohhh!… Hemmmaaa…” He
started to shoot his thick jeez all over her beautiful face and tits.
And the slut was fingering his ass to make it worse.

“You are really a nasty whore Mrs. Hema Malini” said Ramu with great
pleasure. After 2 hours of that raunchy , filthy action Hema Malini
and her dear servant Ramu slept together.When Hema woke up it was
midnight. She looked at sleeping Ramu and his naked body. His 10 inch
member was now at its minimum length. Hema spitted a small amount
saliva on his lund and started to pump it slowly. Her handjob made an
immediate impact on his lund and it was getting harder. Ramu moaned
with pleasure. Hema put a large amount of saliva on his balls and
started to lick. Ramu woke up with pleasure and said ”
Oh ..yess..Hemaji…that feels great…ooo…lick my balls harder.” “Would
you want me to suck your asshole ..”Hema said with a wicked
smile. “Ohh…yes ..Hemajiii…do it..” .

“Then.. turn over “said Hema. Ramu turned towards the bed sitting
down on his hands and knees and sticking his buttocks into the air.
Hema then rushed between his buttocks and started to lick his sweaty
cheeks. “OOOhh…..hemmmaaa…randiiiii..chaaat (lick) my anus..u nasty
whoreee….” Ramu shouted with pleasure. After licking his butt cheeks
for 5 minutes she poured a large amount of spit in his nasty hole and
licked around his anus . She inserted her tongue fully into his
shitter and started to poke it in and out of his anus.

“That’s.. uuu..keep doing that Hema..randiii..owwwoo..” Ramu was mad
with so much pleasure.

Hema did this yucky thing for full 15 minutes and then put her tongue
out his anus . Hema showed her tongue to Ramu “See… I literally lick
out your shit…see the gooey thing all over my face…umm.. your ass is
so yummy and nasty.. I like nasty assess.. you know I have eaten a
lot of male asses but the best so far is yours.” Hema said with full

“Now .. kiss me …lets have a romantic kiss.. come on maderchod ” Hema
ordered Ramu.

Ramu first licked her wet face covered with his own anal juices and
found it so yucky that he was about to vomit . He controlled himself
and kept licking the shit. “How this mature bitch likes this shitty
smelly thing…” Ramu got hornier thinking that.

During that full 5 minutes of romantic kissing Hema and Ramu
exchanged their saliva . Hema was smelling so yucky that Ramu had
hard time controlling himself not to vomit in her mouth. But her
shitty smell increased his lust .

” Hey hema ..randiii…I want to fuck you now.. “said Ramu pressing her

” I don’t have vaginal sex nowadays because of the risk of
pregnancy ” said Hema cupping his balls. ” So.. all I do now is
Anal.. understand u maderchod … anal sex is what your are allowed to
do to me… now I am sitting on my hands and knees.. fuck my asshole …”

” Ok.. randii.. I also don’t have any interest in your cunt .. I do
like your big fat nasty ass..whore.. ” said Ramu.

Then Hema positioned herself on the bed like a bitch in heat sticking
her ass into the air. “Spread your buttocks wide apart kutti…”
shouted Ramu.

Hema then moved her both hands back and did what Ramu said. Ramu
started to run his tongue up and down her crack. He got mad with the
taste of her ass and increased the speed of his sucking. He made her
ass fully wet with his saliva and started to bite his both fat fleshy
ass cheeks . Her white ass changed to red for this furious biting. He
licked out her anal juices from the hole and put on his cock and
started to message . He took approximately 40 minutes to taste her
ass. After eating her ass he shoved his cock slowly into her anus. He
started to push his lund deeper and deeper until it was all the way
in. Then slowly he increased the speed of pumping her ass. “Sala..
chodu..fuck my ass … meri gaand chod ..rock that ass … uuuu…” Hema
started to use slang words . “Yes ..randiii…. I `m fucking that
famous ass.. the very famous gaand of Hema
Malini..saaliii..ranndiii….. nobody can ever imagine what a nasty
whore you are unless he gets in touch with you …uuu..ahhhh…” Ramu
cried with pleasure while fucking her shitter. During this filthy ass
fucking , Ramu played the ass to mouth game . After every 5 minutes
he shoved his cock out from her ass and put it in Hema’s mouth to
make her feel the taste of her own ass juice and then went back to
fucking her ass . After near about 30 minutes he approached to his
first orgasm and shot his thick load all over her hair and back.

“AAAAAAhh…. I’m cumming over your hairrrr….uuuuuuu….fuck…
ranndddiiiii….whooreee..I’m cummingg..” Ramu cried out.

Hema already experienced two great orgasms by that time.

“Hey.. why did cum over my hair…. Maderchod .. . it became
sticky ..fuck you..” Hema shouted with anger .

” yeah.. u needed a shampoo to wash your hair .. so I just served
that shampoo..madam..” Ramu laughed .

“Well.. this is the first time someone cummed on my hair .. owo ..
what made you do that.. my sexy silky hair? ”

“Oh yeah.. I saw you doing an advertise of shampoo ..where you showed
your silky hair ..ohh you were looking very slutty in that ad
film.. ” said Ramu.

“Well.. then consider yourself lucky that this famous hair is now
covered with your own seed …” said Hema fingering her hair to collect
some sperm ” Now enough talk… lets have some food .. you have to go
to toilet with me … I got a very wicked and nasty idea what we are
gonna fulfill in toilet”

“Always at your service .. madam ” said Ramu rubbing his cock.

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Hema Malini and Her Servant Ramu