Hot Wife Fucked By Her Boss In Front Of Me

Hot Wife Fucked By Her Boss In Front Of Me

Hi readers, my name is Kumar. I am from Chennai, age 30 and works in an IT company. I am married and my wife’s name is Manju who also works but in a different company. Her stats are 34-28-34. She is such a hot wife.

Our sex life is very good for the last 5 years. I fuck my wife nicely at least 5 days a week.

Coming to the story, we use to party at our home once a month. I and my wife would enjoy the evening with a beer. After one beer, Manju will start getting high with alcohol.

My wife is an expert in giving blowjob especially after she is drunk. After the nice blowjob for 15 minutes, I would fuck her in her pussy and ass. The feeling would be completely different at that time and I can’t express. Manju turns into a dirty slut after boozing heavily.

Coming to the main story. My wife’s boss Venkat was very close to her. He used to drop her after the office hours and spend time at my home drinking, having food together with both of us. He was unmarried even at the age of 35.

Recently, we arranged a party at my home on the occasion of my wife’s promotion. We invited her boss too for that party.

The party started around 8 pm. My wife was wearing mini shorts and a sleeveless top. Her beautiful thighs were exposed and whenever she bent, her beautiful cleavage and half of her boobs were visible.

My wife and her boss were sitting on the main sofa and I was sitting on a single sofa. I noticed that my wife’s boss’s eyes were often at my wife’s thighs and cleavage. I neglected as he was unmarried and common among men when such a beautiful lady was sitting next. My inner feeling was proud to have such a beautiful wife.

After some time, we dimmed our lights. My wife was getting high due to the alcohol and she started falling on her boss while chit-chatting and laughing. I also drank more than 3 beers but her boss was drinking slowly and steadily.

I noticed Venkat’s hand moving and he placed it inside my wife’s t-shirt. Then I started realizing that he was taking advantage of my drunken wife. Venkat started getting more closer to my wife, touching her and keeping his hand on her body frequently in a casual manner.

I excused myself and went to the toilet. Purposefully, I had hidden myself to see his act further without getting noticed. Venkat started making further moves by kissing my wife and pressing her boobs over her t-shirt. My wife who was high and tipsy was trying to stop him but she was not in a position to stop him.

Venkat was biting my wife’s lips and pressing her boobs hard. I decided to see what will happen and to what extent he will go. For some strange reason, my mind wanted to see how my wife would get fucked by her boss!

Then I closed the toilet door making a sound. Venkat stopped immediately and moved aside from my wife. I could see some tension on his face.

We started to chit chat again and kept drinking beer. My wife who was so drunk couldn’t understand what was happening. Even I soon got high. So I pretended to have a headache and went to sleep. Venkat also advised me to sleep for some time and said that he will wake me up after an hour for dinner.

After I left, his hand was behind and inside my wife’s t-shirt again.

I went inside my room and pretended to be sleeping. After 10 minutes, I saw Venkat coming near my bed and checking whether I was asleep or not.

After confirming I was asleep, he back to the hall. After a while, I quietly went back to the hall and hid near the kitchen wall to watch them.

Venkat had taken control over my wife by hugging and kissing her badly. My wife was in a very bad shape with alcohol and didn’t have the strength to protest her boss. Her sleeveless was half raised and he was pressing her boobs over the bra continuously.

After some time, my wife started to respond positively. They both started to hug each other in a very passionate way. I was standing behind the wall where her boss cannot see me.

Venkat started unhooking my wife’s bra. He took her boobs outside and started to suck them nicely. My wife started moaning, “Han han.. no no.. slowly.. don’t bite…”

Her boss was not in the mood to leave her and he least bothered to see whether I will wake up or not. He started to enjoy my wife further by kissing on her neck, lips, stomach, cheeks and boobs. I could see clearly that my wife was also enjoying her boss’s foreplay.

Then Venkat kept kissing on my wife’s lips for a few minutes. Then he turned back suddenly and realized that someone watching his acts. I hid completely in the dark. Then he removed his dress and became naked. He removed my wife’s clothes also.

Venkat made my wife to sleep on the sofa and he lied beside her. I came back to my original peeping position to see what was happening. I saw their legs lying side by side. Venkat was lying beside Manju and he was kissing and playing with her boobs.

Then he came over my wife and started inserting his penis inside my wife’s pussy. As I use to fuck her almost every day, his penis went inside my wife’s pussy easily.

Then he started fucking my wife hard. Manju was moaning in a very low voice. I could see that the effect of booze had come down and my wife was enjoying despite knowing that she was sleeping with her boss.

I removed my shorts and started stroking my penis watching my wife being fucked by her boss. It gave me an exciting and erotically different feeling.

They hugged each other tightly as Venkat increased the speed of fucking my wife. He fucked her for 30 minutes straight in missionary, doggy and lift up positions.

My wife had at least two orgasms and they were about to reach another climax. My wife requested her boss not to cum inside her as she was not in her safe period. He got up from her and gave his penis in my wife’s mouth for blowing.

My wife gave a fantastic blowjob for the next 10 minutes and Venkat reached his climax and cummed on my wife’s mouth and boobs.

After a while, my wife came to my room and went inside the toilet. When she switched on the bedroom light, I acted like I just woke up. She came and hugged me. I realized her bra was missing. I asked her that and she said as she was feeling hot, she removed it when her boss was in the toilet and had kept it aside.

Then I went to the hall to join the party. I drank for a while and had dinner together with my wife and her boss. I could see the happiness on her boss’s face.

I felt pity for him after imagining how difficult it will be for him to live without a female and sex at the age of 35 without female and sex. So I felt somehow okay with him having sex with my wife.

Then we made arrangements for him in our guest room as my wife invited him to stay back for the night.

When I started moving towards my bedroom, suddenly I saw him holding my wife’s hip and kissing lips. Both of them seemed to enjoy that. After some time, my wife came to our bedroom. With everything in mind, I started fucking my wife very rough by thinking of the scene happened in front of me.

Later that night, when I woke up to go to the toilet at around 3 am, I noticed that my wife was missing in the bed. Without making any noise, I went towards the guest room. My wife and her boss were lying naked there. My wife was riding him on top.

The action went for 40 minutes. After they reached climax, they put back their clothes. I went back to my room back and pretended to be sleeping.

My wife thought I was in deep sleep and she slept next to me. Her extramarital affair and sex journey with her boss continued in the next days. I came to know about all her sexual encounters through a hidden camera which I secretly installed in my house.


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Hot Wife Fucked By Her Boss In Front Of Me