How I Lost My Virginity To My Orthodox Aunt

How I Lost My Virginity To My Orthodox Aunt

I always wanted to write my first experience. So here I am with the story about how I lost my virginity. I had just graduated and was waiting to either enroll for my PG or start working. I was still undecided when I got a call from my mother’s maternal home, asking me to spend some time with them.

I had not been to my maternal grandparents’ home for quite a while. I thought it was a good idea to spend some time thinking about my future. It was almost 20 hours since I had landed in my maternal grandparent’s home near Mangalore. I was greeted by my grandfather at the entrance.

Then my aunty Suma came smiling. She bent forward to pick up my bag, which I had kept down after entering. When she bent, her nighty gave way. I could clearly see those lovely melons hidden in the bra. I always fancied my aunt be it in a sari or in a nighty.

I always had a dream of seeing her without anything. Would that become true? It was just a matter of a few days before it became a reality.

The same afternoon when we were seated on the floor for lunch. When my aunty bent forward to serve me, I could clearly see her cleavage created by those two mountains. She was in a sari though this time. But the sari had moved away considerably, giving me a clear view and a huge tent inside my dhoti.

She saw me staring at those and didn’t bother to set them right. But instead, just asked, “Saaka?” (Enough?) I just nodded and could see some naughtiness in her eyes. I was a little embarrassed and kept away from her for some time. That night, we ate dinner in the backyard.

After dinner, we were sitting in the front yard. I was telling my grandfather about my studies and plans. My cousins, who were 12 and 9, were playing. My aunty came and asked them to sleep. She asked me, “Haalu beka?” (Do you want milk?) I said no and went to sleep.

The next day morning, when I got up, everyone was up. I went to the kitchen to ask for coffee. My eyes were searching for my sexy angel, my aunty, or ‘athe’ as I called her. I found her sweeping the backyard. She was bending and sweeping, and I could see her huge ass. They looked like a pair of earthen pots.

I could clearly see the outline of her panty and had an instant boner. Oh God! what was happening to me? I managed to take coffee from my grandmother and walked towards my athe, calling her. She answered without looking up and asked what I wanted for breakfast.

I went near her and was waiting for her to turn towards me, which she did. I could now see my lovely athe bending, and sweeping. Her gorgeous boobs were shaking due to their sheer weight hidden in the bra. The mangalsutra chain hanging from the neck made the sight heavenly.

I just could not control myself. My hand involuntarily went to my dick, and I pressed it once. As I was pressing it, my aunty moved her gaze from the ground to my crotch. She had a smile on her face, and she laughingly said, “Hogu snaana maadu. Sari hogathe.” (Go take a bath, it will be alright.)

That night we were watching TV, and my athe was sitting beside me. She got up to go to her room. But I just held her hand and pulled her back, asking her to sit for some more time. In this melee, her glass bangles broke. I jumped to pick them up, but she stopped me saying she would do it.

While she was bending and picking up the pieces, I could see her ass. They were looking even bigger and sexier. I somehow stopped myself from feeling them. She threw the pieces away and came back and said, “Kothi kano neenu.” (You are a monkey.)

She sat next to me, and we were watching the TV. She took the remote from me and said, “Let’s watch some movie.” I was not interested in watching TV but was mesmerized by my athe sitting next to me. It was a three-seater couch, and she was sitting at some distance from me.

I put my right hand down on the couch. My hand now was inches away from her body. She put both her legs on the couch and folded them to sit like how we would sit on the floor for food. What this did was bring her ass so close that my fingers were now feeling the sides of her ass.

I kept it there for some time, and then I put my hand a little behind. Now my hand was feeling her ass mound and in such a way that if I had opened the palm, it would be holding the ass cheek. I did that and hurray! Now my palm was feeling the hard-ass cheek, and it was like I was being shown the way to heaven.

I kept it there for some time, and even she did not bother to move away or remove my hand. She was fiddling with the remote, and once I saw her bite her lips. I had heard that when a woman bites the lips, she could be horny. I increased the pressure on the ass cheek and then moved my hand up.

Now my hand was placed on her hips. The bare skin between her blouse and the sari tied on the waist was now my playground. I moved my hand around the waistline for some time and then put my index finger into the sari just below the tailbone. I could feel the petticoat now.

I started moving my index finger just a few inches inside the petticoat. But did not dare to push the hand further down. I mustered courage and then put my entire palm inside. Then I pushed it down to feel the elastic of her panty. She did not look at me but continued watching TV, biting her lips.

I could feel that her breathing had increased. She pushed herself back and pressed herself against the backrest of the sofa. Now my hand was sandwiched between the sofa and her ass. I further moved my hand down, and now my hand was in direct touch with her ass skin. It held it there and started squeezing.

It was not as easy as they were huge. She put her hand on my thighs and, in a husky voice, said, “Yeno maadthidya, bido beda.” (What are you doing, don’t, leave.) But I was not in control of myself. What made me bold was all the other people had retired to their rooms. We were the only two in the living room.

My aunt’s room was on the first floor, and my uncle had retired long back into his room. I held her hand with my left hand as the right one was busy inside, and pulled it towards my crotch. She immediately pulled it back but continued to keep it on the thighs. I again pulled it towards my dick and now pressed it.

She started feeling it over my underwear and then put the hand inside my dhoti and squeezed it once. Then she put the hand through the side of the underwear and started stroking my brother. I could not hold it. I was literally struggling like a fish out of water.

She put her right hand behind and holding the hand which was inside her petticoat. She pulled it up and placed it on the sides of her right boob to indicate that she wanted that to be taken care of. I pushed my hand to the front and held her right boob and started squeezing it over the blouse.

Meanwhile, she had increased the pace of stroking. I didn’t realize when I orgasmed, and her palms were filled with my steamy hot white liquid. She got up and ran towards the bathroom. She cleaned her hand and came back. I also ran towards the bathroom.

As she was coming out, I pressed her boobs. She stopped me and said, “Saku eega malko, yaaradhru bandre kashta.” (It’s enough, you sleep now. What if someone comes.)

The next day morning, she had got up early. By the time I got up, she was busy with her household chores. I was walking towards the bathroom, and she was coming out after switching on the geyser. She brushed her boobs on my chest and gave a wicked smile. My heart was continuously beating fast.

I finished bath, breakfast and then went about doing a few things. That evening also passed without anything eventful. A couple of times, when we passed each other, she made sure to brush her boobs against my chest. That night after dinner, she proposed the plan of watching a movie.

My grandparents would retire to bed soon, and my cousins would play for some time or watch TV and then go to bed. My uncle would watch the news for some time. Then he too would retire to bed as he always woke up early. The only ones remaining were my aunty and me.

She was around 35, but she was very active. Now I realized her sex hormones were also equally active. We started watching a Hindi movie. While everyone was still in the living room, we maintained a good distance. Not that anyone would doubt even if we sat close because I had that love and affection and the freedom in that house.

After everyone retired to bed, my aunty went to the restroom and came and sat next to me. The lights were on for some time, and then we switched off one of the lights. This time without any hesitation, I put my hand on her ass and started squeezing.

Then I put the hand around the waist and started squeezing the right boob. The best part was the sari was acting as a shield. Even if anyone came, they would never notice my hand there. I started pinching her nipple over the blouse and then slid my hand from the bottom.

It was very difficult. So what she did was unhooked the bottom two hooks of the blouse. I started kneading the boob over the bra and then inserted my hand inside the bra till I reached the nipple. The nipple was standing erect, and I pinched it.

A soft moan escaped her mouth, and she said, “Beda kano, saaku kano.” (Don’t, enough.) I did listen, but took her hand in my left hand and started playing with her fingers. Then I placed it on my dick and started pressing her hand.

She started stroking it again like the way she had done it the previous night.  That night also, my brother spit out the thick white cum. She went and cleaned it, and so did I.

My grandparents left home to attend a house warming ceremony. I was reading a magazine, and my cousins were watching TV. My aunt cooked lunch and came and sat in the living room. She was not looking at me but had this sexy cunning smile on the face.

She asked my cousins if they would like to eat, but they were not yet hungry. She announced that she was going up to the room to get clothes that need to be put to wash and started climbing up the stairs. Was it an indication to me? Well,, I was quiet for some time, and then I slowly crept up the stairs.

I went into my aunt’s room. She looked at me questioningly and said, “Makklu idhaare keelage.” (The children are there downstairs.) I was in no mood to listen to anything. I pulled her towards me holding her waist and kissed her. She pushed me and wiped her mouth with the forearm.

She said, “Hogu eega, aamele nodana.” (Go now, let’s see afterward.) I was in no mood to listen. I hugged her and moved my hand on her awesome ass and began squeezing. I then moved my hand to her boobs and started pressing them. She was trying to push me.

But at the same time, I think she was also getting into the mood. I pushed her on the bed and fell on her. I kissed her on the cheeks and then again on the lips while I was fondling the boobs over the blouse. I removed the pallu and started unhooking the blouse.

I was done with all the hooks, and now my angel’s boobs were seen hidden in a white bra. I removed one boob from the bra and put my mouth there. I started chewing the nipple. At the same time, my hand went down to her glory hole. I started massaging it over her sari.

She was like, “Beda bido, makkalu idhaare.” (Don’t, leave, children are there.) But I had reached a point of no return now. The sari was in a mess. The pallu was out of the shoulders completely and below the waist. The sari with the petticoat was raised till the knee.

I started moving my hand up and down her fair legs bereft of any hair. I started kissing her legs and then moved my hand on her thighs. I moved my hand further up and found the glory hole hidden under her panty. I inserted my index finger through the sides of her panty and felt the crack of heaven.

I could feel the warmth on her vagina, and there too, I found no hair at all. My aunty indeed took care of her grooming. I then moved my entire palm insider and took it all the way back and started feeling the ass. It was difficult as she was sleeping on her back. I held her shoulder and nudged her to turn around.

She did, and now I had access to her ass. It looked like a pair of earthen pots kept beside each other with their openings down. I started kneading both the ass cheeks with both my hands. She was unable to control herself. She lifted both her legs up below the knee.

The sari was strewn all around but still stuck to her body. The sari was nowhere to be seen on the ass portion. The ass was now covered with her petticoat and panty. As I had removed all the hooks of the blouse, the blouse was there loosely hanging on the shoulders.

I put my hand up, and since she was sleeping on her stomach, I could easily unclasp the bra. I inserted both hands on the sides and started kneading the boobs again. I bent forward and kissed her back and the back of her neck. Her long hair was smelling of shampoo. It was driving me mad.

I then moved my hand down and pulled the string of her petticoat. She tried to hold on to it, saying, “Yella bichabeda, makkalu bandre.” (Don’t remove everything, what if the children come.) I did not listen. I pulled the petticoat knot and pulled it down.

The black piece of cloth sliding down the fair thick thighs was euphoric. Now she was left with a red panty. I started sliding it down, but she tried to hold on to it. I could not stop. I removed it completely and threw it down. Now she was in an opened blouse, unclasped bra, and a sari that barely covered the body.

I had already removed my shirt. I was left with a dhoti and underwear. I removed the dhoti also. I took her hand and placed it on my erect member. She squeezed it once. I was about to remove my underwear when she pushed me and got up.

She started moving towards the door, saying, “Kathe, baagilu bolt haakilla.” (Donkey, you have not bolted the door.) She looked outside once and bolted the door. She came towards me and hugged me once. I pushed her on the bed and removed my jockey in a hurry and slept on her.

I put my dick there and tried to push, but it slipped. She held it in her hand and guided it into the hole and said, “Maadu bega.” (Do it fast.) I started pushing and pulling. She held my back with both her hands, wound her legs around my waist, and said, “Joraagi, amma, ayyo, thallo.” (Fast, push.)

I started increasing the pace and continued pushing. It must have been some 6 or 7 minutes when she started pushing her ass up. She also bit my cheeks hard in excitement and said, “Amma, aagthidhe nilasbeda.” (I am cumming, don’t stop.) I increased the speed and screamed “Athe” and fell on her breathing heavily.

I felt my warm liquid emptying into the well. I could feel the throbbing inside. I lay on her for some time and then rolled over. She cleaned her pussy with the sari, and then wiped my dick also. She said, “Bedsheet aagidhya nodu.” (Check if the bedsheet has stains.) I got up and looked there was a fresh patch of wetness.

She asked me to wear my clothes and go down. After some time, she came down looking satisfied with beads of sweat on the forehead and in the neck region. She was holding the bedsheet in her hand, and she walked towards the bathroom.

After lunch, she sat next to me, holding my hand and said, “Nanna ninna madya irabeku. Yaarigu helbaardhu.” (It should be between you and me. Don’t tell anyone.) I promised her. It remains so to date. I wrote this after asking her if I can write.

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How I Lost My Virginity To My Orthodox Aunt