Interesting affair with new neighbor

Interesting affair with new neighbor

Hello all S4S readers. This Mr K here again from Bangalore. Thank you for the good responses for my previous story. Today I am sharing one more of my memorable experiences.

The story involves an interesting affair with my neighbor – Disha (name changed). She stayed in the same floor of our apartment building and had recently moved in with her husband and daughter who was around 3 years old. She was in her early 30’s which I got to know from her later. She was easily looking like a college going girl with well-maintained body. I used to look at her for nice physical assets but careful enough not to get caught. Our families got to know each other slowly like any other neighbors.

Once I forgot to take the apartment keys when going to office but I came back early that day. I was sitting outside near the stairs as there was no at home and it would take few hours for anyone in my family to be back at home thanks for the never ending traffic in Bangalore. Disha noticed me and inquired why I was sitting outside. I told her that I am about to go to nearby mall to watch some movie and kill time. But she invited me to her apartment and watch TV in her place. I was hesitant initially but I gave in because of her kindness.

I was sitting and watching TV while she went in to prepare food for dinner. Her daughter was sleeping in the bedroom. Disha’s husband would be usually come late at night due to his business. I heard a loud sound from her while she was in kitchen. I inquired about what happened and it looked like she sprained her back while trying pick some things from the upper shelfs which was bit higher for her. I offered her water and told her to relax for some time. We both sat in the sofa and started to chat in casual way. But I could see she was still having the pain in her back and it was making her uncomfortable. I suggested to her to apply some pain relief ointments in the back so she could get some relief. Disha told there was a pain relief massage oil at home but she cannot do it herself as her hands were hurting when she tried to reach out for her back.

I was thinking for a while and asked her if I could help but she was confused and gave no reply on that. She tried to get up and go to bed room but the pain increased for her. So she finally agreed to take my help with the pain relief oil. She went to the other bedroom and lied down on the bed. She was wearing a Sari that day and told me to apply a little oil and then spread it across the back. I proceeded to apply the oil below her blouse and it was slowly working as she was letting out of signs of relief. Disha asked me to continue for some more time as it was reducing the pain greatly.

Interesting affair with new neighbor

I applied oil under her blouse too as she said there was pain further up too but it was difficult because of her blouse and I told her the same. She adjusted the Sari completely off from her topside and she told me to unhook the blouse to my disbelief but I knew I am having control over her now. I played my hands over and above her black bra with the massage oil with my intentions set on something else. She was slowly moaning while enjoying the massage and I stopped suddenly. She asked why I stopped to which I replied the bra is blocking the free flow of my hands over her back. She told me to unhook that one as well. Now I was massaging all over her naked back with her smooth silk which started to drive me crazy.

Then I intentionally touched her boobs from the side couple times. She turned over and told me she knows where this is going. While she turned over, her 34 size boobs were set free but she did not bother cover her melons. I tried to look down to pretend that it was unintentional.
She held my face and told me to stop acting then hugged me tightly. She said that I have helped her to kill the pain but also made her horny. She signed at me to lock the room door as her kid was sleeping in the next room. We then kissed deeply for a minute or two. Disha made me also topless and I kissed all over lovely boobs with her erect nipples inviting me. She demanded that I give equal attention to both her boobs which I licked and sucked them one by one and also bit them.

It was time for the next level of the game, I removed all her dress and made her completely naked. I started to finger her clean shaven pussy which I stopped once she started to shake her whole body. I covered her whole pussy with my palm so as to delay her orgasm. The pressure was building up inside her and she asked to release my hands which I did not do immediately. She held me over my shoulders and then released her juice which I started to feel over my hands. She slapped me saying naughty boy it was a first time experience that her pussy was blocked while was about to orgasm and in turn it gave her even more pleasure when she finally released her juices. She was blushing so much that her level of happiness was visible in her reaction.

Interesting affair with new neighbor

She said she wants me insider her now and luckily there was a condom in the room. I put in on and entered her slowly while she lying down on the bed with open arms inviting me. It was so tight and difficult to enter as she told me her husband rarely makes love to her. Once my dick was in her pussy, she loud out a loud moan and I had to close her mouth with my hands to maintain silence. I fucked her in that position for few minutes and fell over her. She was wondering if this was another trick and I told her yes. I resumed to fuck other and finally I had orgasm but Disha was not yet done.

She wanted to take over the control and wanted to ride me for which I agreed as my tool was raising again slowly looking at her hot body. She made me lie down and rode me from above while I was enjoying the view of her bouncing jobs which I tried to hold but I could not due to the speed at which she was fucking me. We both had our orgasms and she collapsed over me. Then I had a quick shower in her place and left from her apartment soon before anyone could notice my presence. We got couple of chances to make love again whenever there was no one at my place and in her place also.

That was from the story from me today. Please share your feedback or comments at [email protected]
I will maintain the confidentiality and keep it a secret.

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Interesting affair with new neighbor