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Jaya – Young School Teacher Chapter 1

Jaya – Young School Teacher Chapter 1

Next morning when she wear saree she remembered about thnavel thing. Then she wear her saree 2″ below navel and cover the side portion by using safety pin. Then when she went near gate she see Rahim is sitting there. She noticed him that he watch her or not. Yes he watch her body. She felt shame and give a smile to him and walked out of the gate to get school bus)
…. ……………………… .

……. ….

When seeing her swaying round ass his hand rubbed on his Lund over the pant. Evening when she come back. He was sitting in his cabin with a cup of tea. She was look at him and smiled. He say hii her by waving his hand. She also raise her hand and say hii and moved to her apartment. She have some fear that if anybody notice her or not. At night around 8’o clock when Jaya and her in laws was having dinner she heard message notification in her mobile. She checked. It was a video from Rahim. She felt shame and bent her head down. She know what is in that video. So she don’t download and play. Because she was with her in laws. Next text message received.
“hii madam it’s a special video for you”
Reading the message she is very excited. But can’t open that time. She put the phone in silent mode and finish her food. After some time her in laws said good nit to her and went to their room for sleep. She finish the work in kitchen and went in her room with mobile. Change the salwar in to knee length night gown. She took her mob and lay on the bed and press the play button. That time her mobile vibrated and on the screen she see… *My love calling…. *
She attended the call.
J : hello Mahesh how are you….?
M : fine dear love you.
J : love you too. How is your day.
M : ya good. What about you
J : ya gud
M : I miss you a lot. Ummaaahh
J : I miss you too…. I need to see you..
M : mee too dear…. Hey did you use that vibrator?
J : noo
M : why?
J : I don’t know, how can I without you.
M : you just try by imagine our love making sessions before.
J : I can’t…. How can I… I don’t remember anything…. Errr…. You always lay top of me and we do that… Mmmm. (she was right, he always fuck her in missionary position for 10 min. She never see his cock clearly. She only remember his face expression and kissing.)
M : hmmm OK dear. One bad news for you.
J : what?
M : from tomorrow night shift started here because of high temperature. Dty time is 9 pm to 9 am. So I can call you ony after 11 am.
J : but that time may be I was taking class.
M : that’s very sad. But please we must adjust this for 3 months till the night Dty end.
J : hmmm I will try.
They talk some normal things and ended the call after 1 and half hour..
M : OK dear bye I will call you tomorrow 11:00 am here.
J : OK dear take care. Love you.
M : love you ummmaa.
They finish the call. She see the miss call notification on Whatsapp. It was Rahim. She opn his chat and play the video he send that evening. In that 5min length video a girl mastrubates by using dildo and on climax she using her finger and squirted her juice like a water output from a pump with loud moan. Seeing that girls expression Jayas pussy become wet. She rub her naked pussy over nighty.

[Image: gifs-query-squirting-pussy-1.gif]

She understand how much pleasure experienced that girl while squirting. She never squirt in her life. She agan play the video and rub her pussy. She another text message. She pause the video and read the message.
“hello madam r u sleep? Did you enjoy that video?”
She don’t text him back. He wait for some time and call her. She attended the call.

R : hello madam
J : hello Rahim, why you send me this video at that time?
R : what’s the problem madam? Don’t you like that video.
J : I was with my in-laws by taking dinner. Don’t call me or message me at that time.
R : ohh OK so you like that video.
J : she felt shame and don’t say anything.
R : tell me madam yo like that video or not?
J : hmm not bad.
R : ha ha so you like that.
J : don’t laugh I felt shame.
R : why…? We are Hume beings we have feelings. Then why you felt shame.
J : I don’t know. I am a married women. And how can I talk this to you.
R : ohh that’s the problem madam. I am watchman of your society. But I had an idea if you don’t think bad I will tell.
J : tell me.
R : but promise me.
J : yes promise you. I will Not think bad on you.
R : if you consider me as your watchman you felt shame. But if you consider me as a friend you will not feel shame.
J : but how…? I don’t have a male friend in my life. I was studied in ladies school and colleges. Even my cousins are also not close to me.
R : don’t think like that madam. If you have a male friend that will teach you how the men think about women and how to treat a men etc…
J : but Rahim if anybody know about this?
R : why you fear about this. It will be our secret at all. Nobody will know about this.
J : hmmm
R : if we are alone, we will become friend. If anybody around us I am your society watchman and you are my Jaya madam.
J : (she felt shame.) hmmm
R : are you accept it madam.
J : hmmmm
R : tell me madam are you accept it or not. Yes or no?
J : she said “yes” very slowly.
R : (he was very happy) ohh thank you madam. Thank you very much to accept me as a friend.
J : but Rahim. Don’t tell this to anyone.
R : did you think that I cheat my friend?
J : no
R : then why you feared about this.
J : hmm OK.
R : ok. Now tell me Jaya did you like that video.
J : (she was surprised that he call her Jaya directly, instead of Madam. She don’t replay anything.)
R : ohh madam don’t you like that I call your name. If I call you madam you felt again I am your watchman. That’s why I call your name.
J : hmm that’s OK you can call me my name.
R : thank you Jaya…… Maaaaaadaammmm
J : ha ha (hearing maaaadaaaammm she laughed.)
R : OK Jaya now tell me you like that video.
J : yes.
R : hey don’t feel any shame you can talk me openly. I am your friend.
J : hmmm, I don’t nee this type of things in my life.
R : what type. Yesterday you don’t see.
J : not like that, today’s video she was pi… She cut the sentence.
R : ha ha that was not pissing, she was squirting at climax. You see the girls expression? She was at the height of pleasure.
J : hmmm
R : don’t you experienced that.
J : noo…
R : that’s sad…. Actually Jaya, when women was in the hight of pleasure in sex they were squirted.
J : hmm
R : Jaya don’t your hubby about this.
J : noo.
R : Jaya, don’t you ask him about for using dildo.

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[he call her Jaya in every sentence that to remember her that he is her friend, not her watchman.]

J : Yes
R: then what he say?
J : he said me that use this by thinking about our love session. (she said with shame)
R : then what’s the problem Jaya. Use that dildo in your pussy by thinking of your fucking session.
J : ohh please Rahim don’t use bad words.
R : Jaya please don’t stop me to say bad words after some times you will ok with it.
J : hmmm but.
R : leave that what’s the problem using dido. You just think about your fucking session and rub that dildo on your pussy.
J : but I don’t have anything in my mind to remember.
R : why….? Don’t you both have sex…..?
J : yes we have.
R : then what’s the problem?
J : ahmm… Normally when we do….. He was lay on me and we do love making. I was lay on my back. He was kissing me. After 10 or 15 me we finish.
R : (hearing her words he was surprised.. Whats the fuck. What a fool was her hubby. How he can leave her body without eating. He is a real fool. Poor girl don’t know anything. She had only some education.)
R : so sad madam. Did you see his Lund.
J : Rahim please…..
R : ha ha OK did you see his ‘boy’
J : (hearing the word ‘boy’ instead of Lund she laughed and said) some times, but not clearly. We always do in dim light.
R : hmmm. So actually you never see a Lund in your life.
J : noo.
R : Jaya. Tell me did you have desire to see a Lund.
J :… Hmmmm
R : tell me Jaya.
J : yes…
R : (he think this is the best time to show his dick to her) OK Jaya I will help you. I will show my Lund to you..
J : ohhh noo Rahim it’s sin. How can I see your. It’s only for your wife.
R : eyy Jaya don’t think like that. Now you are my friend. And if my friend have a desire, it’s my dty to help her. But now I think you are not accepting me as a friend.
N : noo not like that. Actually I felt shame.
R : don’t feel bad Jaya. I am your friend. Wait I will send a pic of my Lund for you. (saying this he cut the call)
She was more excited now. She don’t know what to do. But in her mind she like the chatting with him.
After one min she see the notification light blinking.
She open his message with shivering hand. When she open that pic her lips shape like ‘O’

[Image: Ethnic3.jpg]

Dick was half erected with 6″ length. His balls hanging under his dick. Her heart beats increased throat dried. Nipple stimulated and pussy leaked. She felt strange feeling on her body when seeing Rahim cock. It was her first experience that see naked cock Cleary in her life. She watched his cock, it was not much black. Top head was well shaped with light brown color and balls hanging with full of semen. Public hair was Theron the dick. She can’t take her eyes from that dick, because it was her first experience that see a dick. She was watching the pic with excitement like a baby watch his new toy.
Rahim again call her with excitement. He have some fear how she accept the pic. Jaya slide the green icon to attend the call with shivering hand.
J : hee.. He… llo…. (her throat was dry)
R : did you see Jaya.
J : hmmmm
R : then how was it.
J : emmm I… I don’t know… Errr… It’s my first time I see a male…. hmmm organ.. like this… (her words brake due to excitement)
R : ha ha is OK Jaya. Now I am happy that I help my friend to fulfill her desire.
J : hmm
R : how you feel now, did you like it?
J : I don’t know. I felt something strange. Because I am see this first time.
R : Jaya now you understand how a male friend help a girl. A girl can ask anything to her male friend. But she can’t ask to her husband. Am I right?
J : yes.
R : you know it’s only half erect stage. When it’s is erected fully, become more big about 8″ length.
J : hmmm…. But I think my hubby…. (she stopped in half way)
R : but your hubby…?
J : no nothing.
R : please tell me Jaya. You can talk to me anything.
J : hmm but…. Err…. I think my husband have not much big like this….
R : how you know?
J : I told you before I see sometime his… Err… unknowingly.
R : hmmm. (he was very happy) Jaya now you can use the dildo in your pussy because now yo can imagine the shape of your husbands Lund. When he call him tomorrow you try to sex chat with him and try to put dildo in your pussy.
J : but Rahim from tomorrow he going to night duty. So he can call me only at day time around 1:30pm here
R : hmm that’s bad… (but in his mind he was very happy about that. He got an idea) but don’t worry Jaya I will help you.
J : but how?
R : that’s surprise for you. Tomorrow I will give you a surprise gift.
J : (she was excited) you always surprising me.
R : ha ha thank you. Ahmm Jaya I forget to ask you one thing.
J : what?
R : today you wear the saree below your navel. Isn’t it?
J : yes, but how you know? I cover everything with safety pin.
R : yes I know everything. Because I used to watch every women’s beauty. Then I can imagine how they dressed how they look inside their dress etc.
J : you are very naughty Rahim.
R : ha ha always….!
Suddenly she heard some sound from the hall room. She become alert and whispered to him.
J : Rahim shh…….. I think my mother in law is wake up. I will cut the call…. Byr gud nit.
R : OK Jaya good nit.
They ended up the call. She alert for sometime. But there is no sound. She think it’s risk so she switch off the light and come to bed. And open his message and watch his dick again.

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Seeing that she felt strange feeling. She bit her lips and move her left hand inside her gown and rubbed over her pussy. She felt some pleasure while rubbing her pussy by watching his dick. Her pussy become more wet than other days. She think “Rahim was right. He know more things about sex.” she put her middle finger inside her pussy by watching his dick and touch her clitorirs. “ahmmmm…….” a soft moan come out from her mouth. Suddenly she noticed light is On in hall room. May be her mother in law was wakeup to go to kitchen. She become alert and try to sleep. Before that she think did I delete his image or not. But she don’t have the mind to delete. Then she did one thing. She moved that image and video moved to a folder and hide it by using file manager. And clear the messages from his chat. Then he slept. But in that time Rahim was making plan to seduce her and make way to enter in her mind and her bedroom.

Next morning she ready to go to school by wearing saree below the navel and cover side by using safety pin. When she reached near gate. Rahim was there and waves his hand to say hii to her. She smiled at him and unknowingly looked at his crotch area. Seeing her look he put his left hand on his pant and rubbed over his dick. She felt shame and look forward and walk fast to the road.

Location : At school

Around 1:40pm Jaya was checking assignment paper after taking lunch. Other staffs are in small sleep after lunch. Their lunch break was from 1:00p m to 2:00pm. She looked at the mobile screen when she felt vibration on mobile. *My love calling…… * she smiled and attend the call and walked out of the staff room and talked to him by walk on the corridor. The staff room was on the first floor. She walked near to the corridor and stay near a corner and talked to her hubby by looking to the ground. Students are playing there. From there she got a clear view of ground. While talking in phone she is watching the students also. The higher secondary students are playing football. Some other playing cricket in one corner. She sow a black lean boy running fast behind the foot ball and take control and hit in to the goal post. All team members shouted “Goal……. ” and they come there and wishing him. She think in her mind “hmmm good…” when 1:50pm the first bell sound is shout out. All children stop playing and take their playing kits and run to class rooms.

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She see that black boy who hit the goal before is running towards the direction of her. She was watching him. When he reached near the compound wall he looks around and open his pant zip and take out his black snake out. She can see his crotch area clearly from side. When she see he took out his dick she felt shame and think to go on other area. But in her mind she got the view of Rahims dick. Due to the curiosity she stay there to watch his dick clearly. She felt that was big as his body size. He wat hold his right hand on his 4.5″ flased dick and support his left hand on his waist. She felt her nipple become erect and felt some wetness between her legs. She roamed her tongue between her lips. After pissing he shake his dick and put it inside his pant and run to classroom. She was stay there in a dream. On the other end of the phone.

M : hello Jaya…… Helloooo…. Are you there…. Can you here me…
Suddenly she wake up from her dream.
J : ahmm M….mahesh it’s time to to class room OK bye call me tomorrow.
M : hmm OK bye. Take care.
She cut the call and walked towards the staff room. She was thinking of that black boy. “cheee how can I watch him while he was pissing. I was stare at his organ. Did anybody see… Ohh I can’t imagine. He is a student in my school.” when she enter in staff room all other teachers are get ready to go to class. She take her text ad walked to the classroom. While teaching she forget about the incident. But after school when she walked toward the school but she see that the same guy walking opposite direction of her. Her heartbeat raise and unknowingly her eyes moved on his dick area. She cant find anything. Then she go to her apartment by school bus.

When she reached near gate, Rahim was sitting on the chair. Seeing her he raise his hand and say hiii to her. She smiled at him and walked to her apartment. After finishing dinner her in laws went to their room. She finished the cleaning and switch off the light from hall and went to her room and close the door. She went to bathroom and take a small shower for her body and dry with a towel and wear a knee length night gown and lay on the bed and took her mobile. There is no messages. She remember that her husband have night dty so he will not call her. She just go through the messages in whatsapp and remember about Rahim. Her face become shy and she giggled and suddenly open file manager and open the folder of which she hide yesterday.

First she open the pic of is dick and again watch. She felt some strange feelings in her body when watching his dick. She also think about that. “why my body become like thin when I see other men’s penis. Today noon when I see that boy penis I felt same. Is it sin to watch other men’s penis. But I felt a good feeling on my body.”when the phone vibrated she wake up from her thought. It was Rahim.
J : hello… R… Rahim..
R : hello madam, how are you.
J : fine… mm… Why you call now…?
R : I call my sweet beautiful friend. Did you have any problem.
J : ohoo.. Sorry sir I don’t have any problem.
R : ha ha how was your day?
J : ya it was good.
R : I think now you was talking with your hubby. When I see you are in online then I call you.
J : no his night duty started today. Yesterday I told you.
R : ohh ya I forgot. So from today I can call you this time. He giggled
J : why you call me?
R : because you are my friend.
J : no you are my society watchman. (she tell this to teasing him)
R : ohh OK then why I call you. I think you are a good friend of mine. OK bye I will not call you again. Good bye. (then he cut the call.)
When he cut the call she become frightened. Is he take it serious. Is he tell about dildo to anybody.

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Jaya – Young School Teacher Chapter 1

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