Karen’s First Submission – Sex Stories

Karen’s First Submission – Sex Stories

As I exited the office of Mr. Derek Washington, my new boss; or at least the man who now controlled my future, my mind, swirled. He had forced me to remove my blouse; kiss his seventeen year old son; and then upon departing made me remove my soaked panties and make them a gift for the son with the magic fingers. Thinking back, I do not really know if the black boy had sparked my first orgasm in months or merely heated me to the extreme point of sexual arousal. The father prevented me from achieving my dream of black cock being inserted deep into my belly. But even with all of that said, my journey had just begun. I had been ordered by Mr. Washington, my new neighbor, in addition to my new boss, to prepare a cocktail party for him; his wife; his long cocked son; my husband and the three white couples in our neighborhood who signed my husband’s petition, asking that the Washingtons’ return to their previous neighborhood.

As these thoughts raced threw my overwrought mind, I could only think of the magnificent black cock that was nearly mine. The domination of this black teenager over my twenty five year old white body was complete. I adjusted to each of his moves and the arrogant black bastard mocked me, when I handed him my soaked panties. As my mind played back the humiliation and subservience, I felt a tingle charge my body.

When I walked to where my car was parked, the underground garage was nearly deserted. A cold wind blew through the unheated garage. Sliding into the drivers seat, I was startled when Jerome Washington; the object of my attentions knocked on the passenger side window. “Since we are both going to the same neighborhood, I thought I would ride with you Mrs. Anderson,” came the forthright statement.

I reached over and undid the lock on the door, allowing my jacket front to fall open and give the black teenager another glimpse of my small but firm breasts. Smiling, he easily slid in and made himself comfortable.

As I pulled from the ramp he told me to turn south; the opposite direction of where our homes were located. I turned to correct him, but decided to comply upon looking into his arrogant and self assured face. As we sped along in the wrong direction, he casually pulled my panties out of his coat pocket and brought the fabric to his face where he inhaled deeply. At the same time, he let his left hand fall to my right knee and innocently caress the tender flesh hidden below my black silk hose.

Since I did not know what to say after his casual stroking of my body only minutes ago, I sat quietly as he continued with ever increasing caressing of my right knee. As we entered the area of the black housing projects, his caressing became more and more forceful until he had my short mini skirt bunched nearly to my thighs and was stroking my soft woman flesh above the stocking tops. I was having a very difficult time keeping my mind on the speeding car, as his warm fingers continually searched for the wet opening at the top of my legs. My hands were trembling around the steering wheel, as the sensual stroking continued to reheat my aroused womanhole.

Jerome sat silently in the dark beside me, showing no emotion as he continued to play with my overheated and aroused body. On several occasions I attempted to tell him of the dangerous neighborhood, that we were driving in, but he merely brought his right index finger to his lips and hushed my protests.

I closed my emerald eyes when at long last his long black finger finally reached my drenched chamber of love. He continued his gentle stoking, letting his fingers outline each of my swollen pussy lips and then very gently let it rub over my tender blood engorged clit. Desperately, I opened my eyes and pleaded, “Please we must stop. I’m afraid we will get in an accident. I can’t endure what you are doing to me . . . . . . please . . . .”

Amused, he merely stated, “Continue to drive. I’ll fuck you when I’m ready. . . . . ”

Shivering with arousal, I continued to try and guide my powerful Z car down the darkened streets of the south side of Chicago. After what seemed like an eternity of passionate stroking, Jerome finally allowed his long dark finger to slip into my wet and willing pussy. It was instantly coated with my sticky discharge. He removed his finger and licked off my drippings, smiling at me as he reinserted the long finger into my hole.

Abruptly, he commanded me in a firm voice, “Turn left at the vacant warehouse and pull into that side door.”

Obediently, I maneuvered the sleek black sports car into the vacant building. Once we were in the building, he quickly departed and started to walk to a long stairway leading to what looked like a office at the top. Looking around at the depressing site, I quickly slid from my side of the car and followed him, like his little whore, catching up with him at the top of the stairs.

He opened the door and walked into a dimly lit room. My eyes tried to adjust to the darkness; I felt a tremor shoot through my body. I could not see anyone but I could sense that we were not alone in the dark and forbidding room.

“On your hands and knees Mrs. Anderson. It’s time for you to fell my black dick in your pussy,” Jerome ordered.

I started to protest the arrogant order, but felt his strong hands on the back of my shoulder and felt him as he shoved me to the hard wooden floor. The black silk hose ripped as my knees were the first to hit the floor. As I looked back over my shoulder, I could see the black teenager unbuckle his jeans and slide them down his hard legs. What I was unprepared for was the size of his black man weapon; a full ten inches of solid flesh. My eyes widen as I tried to comprehend not only the length but the girth of the solid muscle. It was nearly as thick as my wrist and the dark purple head was leaking a small drop of pre cum.

Unromantically, he dropped to his knees and grabbing the hem of my short mini skirt pulled it up to my waist. He then inserted his knees between my legs and quickly forced them further apart. I tried to continue to look over my shoulder at the arrogant black teenager but a quick and painful slap to my right ass cheek forced my head forward.

“Do you want a little black cock Mrs. Anderson ?” he questioned.

My pussy stretched to the limits with his knees continuing to force my legs apart, I merely sobbed.

As he lodged the dark purple head against my opening, I could feel my pussy wetness coat the huge log. I could not believe the fullness that had inserted itself into my pussy; and the only thing that had entered me was the head of his huge black cock. I felt his hands grasp my thighs and in one brutal stroke, he crammed another five inches of solid muscle into my canal. The scream emitting from my throat, should have wakened the dead. This black teen age boy was deeper into my woman chamber than my husband had ever been.

I should have been prepared for the next black cock insertion, as I felt his strong hands again grasp my upper thighs, the moment before the black pile driving propelled his huge black cock deep into my womb. Although he had not yet buried his entire ten inches into my stretched and filled pussy hole, he had penetrated entirely virgin territory. Jerome then allowed for my constricting pussy muscles to push his black flesh out of the taunt cubicle. The emptiness lasted only seconds, as he reared back once again and reinserted his dark manhood into my willing body.

After recovering from the initial fullness, my vagina stretched to nearly accommodate the thrill producing black flesh. I attempted to adjust to his every movement but he was always ahead of my reactions. He seemed to sense whenever I become accustomed to the large black tube and shifted his weight and long black cock to achieve maximum insertion into my warm and willing body. Never in my life had I achieved such sexual pleasure as this black animal had brought to my aroused sex.

As his hard pounding continued, I had my first orgasm. Jerome did not slow down and it was only seconds before he brought on my second; and then third; and then fourth mind blowing orgasm. I was screaming for him to stop; that I couldn’t endure another orgasm. But rather than stopping he merely pounded his huge black log deep into my belly.

His endurance was something that I could not comprehend. My only other experience was with my own husband; and his pathetic four or five grunting strokes. This black boy had the endurance of a stallion. After my fourth orgasm I tightened my pussy walls in hopes that it would force his to bust his nut into my willing womb. The tightness only forced him to continue his forceful pounding of my helpless white body.

As my exhausted body dropped to the wooden floor I at long last felt his release. . . . . . . The boiling man cum felt like a firehose as it flooded my cunt hole with its salty discharge. Only as I felt the salty fluid burn my torn cunt walls did I realize that his huge organ had more than stretched my previously under utilized chamber of love. His discharge caused my body to again tremble with release; release that his black cock produced.

I further slumped on the hard wooden floor and I felt him get up and as he stood over my prone body stroke the remainder of his nut sack over the back of my head coating my auburn hair with his discharge.

It was only as this point that I realized that we were not alone in the dark room. I could hear deep breathing coming from the corner of the room and heard the footsteps of two men as they advanced towards us.

“This little white housewife craves black cock. Why don’t you brothers take your turn with her. I’ll be waiting in the car when you are done,” Jerome stated as he pulled on his jeans and shuffled out the door.

I tried to rise but this terrible day had taken the last of my energy. I could not even raise to my elbows as I heard the distinct sounds of zippers being released. Raising my head, I could see one of the two black gang members sit on his ass and scoot towards my face. His legs wrapped around my shoulders and held my face in his huge hands. “I thinks its about time you sucked on some Arkansas Black Snake little housewife,” he smiled as his semi hard black cock slapped my cheek.

Frightened, I opened my mouth and his black cock quickly inserted itself in my parched mouth. I could feel it harden as my tongue explored its thick girth. He pulled my head deeper on the throbbing black organ.

I should have resisted; I should have attempted to escape. I should have done a lot of things but the problem was that I craved his thick black cock. It was no longer a fear but had rapidly turned into a craving. I craved to be dominated by these black men. Before Jerome and his father moved next to our home I had virtually no contact with black men; now. . . . . . in less than a day I couldn’t think about anything but the feel of the hard black meat that was making my tight firm body quiver at every new assault.

As the first black inserted his cock into my mouth, I could feel the second one straddle my legs and lay his long cock on my firm ass cheeks. My ass cheeks clenched shut trapping the long thin cock between their tender flesh. I tried to scoot forward but could not move because of his weight on my upper thighs; and his black partner who had lodged another several inches into my throat nearly gagging me.

Although I should have been outraged at this brutal rape, all I could think of was the intense sexual arousal that these black gang members were causing. My pussy hole was still discharging Jerome’s black man cum as the second black man was forcing his thinner black cock into the nearly virgin love shute. Although the black cock slipping deep into my belly was at least two inches longer than Jerome’s cock it was much thinner. My stretched pussy walls tried to collapse to grip the pleasure giving organ as it slipped forward through my messy woman hole.

As both the oral and pussy assault was fully underway, I tried to adjust my weary and bruised body to conform to the huge black cocks blasting their way into my warm white body. I pulled myself up on my elbows and reached forward with my delicate fingers to grasp the egg size testicles of the shorter black man who was now raising his ass off the wooden floor in his attempt to lodge more and more of his rock solid black cock into my throat. As I gripped the huge nut sacks I felt him tighten. . . . . . . . and then his long shute blasted its thick discharge into my willing and eager mouth. The quantity of his black spunk made me nearly choke and I could not keep swallowing enough of his gism to prevent a large quantity from running out of my slurping lips.

As the gunk dripped from my lips, I heard him order me to “Look up at me sweet cheeks. There is nothing prettier than a little white girl with her mouth full of black cum”.

I twisted my head back from my prone position, as I tried to look up at the smiling black face with two missing front teeth. When our eyes met I forced some more of the spunk to slide from my red lips and drop to the dirty wooden floor. The black gang member grabbed his still hard cock and stroked the last vestiges of life giving sperm out so that it dripped in my hair and on my face.

During this time that the small man had been orally fucking my face(skull fucking is what they called it), the second thinner black man was thrusting his huge black plunger into the deep recesses of my womb. I could feel the tip of his woman tamer tingle my cervix, as he tried to insert an ever greater length into the warm chamber. As much as I tried to adjust he drug me over the floor. Finally I was able to raise my firm ass by pulling my knees forward. This had an immediate effect on the thrusting black animal who had his long cock buried deep in my quivering body.

I felt the hard black cock tighten and as he violently gave a final hard lunge, the black baby juice blasted against my tender womb. I screamed at the top of my lungs and the thick black cock lodged between my lips spurted it’s thick gooey baby mixture deep into my throat. I nearly gagged as the abundant supply of gism careened down my parched throat. The continual discharge in my mouth and deep into my womb caused my over wrought white body to continually climax.

Eventually my two black masters withdrew their still hard cocks from my body. Each of the two gang members stroked the excess baby juice on my still writhing body. My eyes closed as the two blacks mocked the white wife rolling on the hard floor.

As I heard the door open and close I let my weary body slip off into a deep slumber. My dreams quickly focused on my recent black experience. Where would it end . .. . . . . or was this just the beginning………..

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Karen’s First Submission – Sex Stories