Loyal wife degradation – Chapter 1

Loyal wife degradation – Chapter 1

Almost one month passed,Zoya always avoided pradeep and she was quite successful in it, Zoya knows clearly that best way to avoid Pradeep is keeping more distance from him.She now decided not to involve in her brother unnecessary problem which caused trouble to her . When her husband going office if she wants to go outside she always take the neighbour aunty with along her. She knows the best thing is not to talk or go the gaurd quarters & when the right time comes Pradeep will do mistake and he will be terminated.
She anyway wanted to send back Pradeep back at the earliest,so she decided to go and see his family background so that she will get some ideas to remove him from this position.But unfortunately against her plan her husband company has decided to send him for a project to abroad for two months.Zoya was sad but somehow she felt that it’s good so that she can solve all the problems with Pradeep before her husband comes back.

While hearing this news Sameer was happy,he knows now restrictions will be less to him for 3 months and he can go to night clubs and his sister will not know if he travels out at night from there house.

He wanted to inform this happy news to Pradeep, while hearing this Pradeep was overjoyed,he can’t believe his luck….He knows if he acts properly it’s going to be his time & he wants to utilize this time effectively so that he can work there forever & fuck Zoya whenever he needs.

Sameer Beta thank you so much … 2 months is a good time & we will enjoy this period properly,… Don’t worry I have many plans ….Pradeep was loud & happy.

Soon the day of departure arrived ,Zoya & Sameer went to Airport… After the departure it was little emotional for her.She will miss her husband but she knows that soon he will be back & she wants to throw out Pradeep from his job during this time & she wants to celebrate her success after that.

In the evening time Sameer came to guard room for big celebration and they start big celebration,they started drinking more and more…..

Sameer Beta today I wants to take to you a new place,… Try to come out of home after 8 in night & try to take Zoya madam car keys so that we will go there……..Pradeep first want to take completely control over Sameer and he knows Sameer will be excited to go to new places in night for enjoyment.

In night Sameer carefully come out from his sister’s house without her knowledge with her car keys….

Pradeep Bhai where are we going now?

I am going to take to you a very nice place Sameer Beta,you will always remember this day…. Firstly we will go to a dance bar and then after I will take you to Suma….

Oh who is she….Sameer was excited….She is a new item in my street, actually Suma is one of the prostitute where pradeep is a regular visitor ,he wants to take Sameer over there.

In the dance bar Pradeep was happy to see Sameer drinking lot and everything is going according to his wish…. Pradeep has some more more plan with him…..he wants to take Sameer to Sumas house and after he wants to go back so that he can try to his luck with Zoya……. While drinking Pradeep mind was full with Zoyas figure … Without wasting more time Pradeep take Sameer with him towards Sumas place… .

Sameer Beta today is going to be your day,I want you to enjoy more with Suma,She is very good in bed….Pradeep wants to make Sameer more excited.

You are my true friend…. thank you Pradeep Bhai.

Sameer Beta but there is one problem…..If I am completely out in the night that too with Zoya madam Car ,if someone know it’s a problem….. because if any neighbor see car is not there then they will doubt us….I don’t want to loose job here…. What will we do?

Pradeep shows that he is more worried….

When Pradeep arise the concern Sameer also feel same,he knows his Sister is very strict…if she catches him again it’s a big problem….

Sameer Beta there is one idea, you can stay with Suma tonight and enjoy full,I will come and pick you early morning before Zoya madam wake up…… Sameer also feel that’s good idea.

Ok Pradeep Bhai…..that’s good…. but make sure you come with car tomorrow early morning before Didi wakes up.

..I will definitely be here in early morning.

Pradeep now very happy……if everything goes good today going to be his night…..

Once reached Sumas home Pradeep told her everything and informed her to take care of Sameer for entire night.

Pradeep was cleaver that he has taken the house key from Sameer so that he can enter Zoyas house.

While driving back pradeep was in very rush ….ohhhh what a smooth car to drive …..I will drive Zoya today more fast.

Meanwhile Zoya got a message from her husband that he reached his room and he will come online within few hours and she was unaware that her brother gone outside with Pradeep.

Zoya was wearing a white coloured transparent nightie which makes her more attractive and she was slowly getting sleepy.

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It was around 10 when Pradeep reached back…after parking the car in the compound he slowly enters to Zoya house through the back door.Pradeep was very careful not to make any noise but he was also confident that no body there except Zoya….He went upstairs were Zoya bedroom is located.

Soon he slowly enters to Zoya room…He understood Zoya is already asleep. Once inside the room he switch on his mobile light……Her 5 f 6 inches body, slender neck,pink nipples with aerola which all was visible since she was wearing transparent nightie..The lovely long legs and nearly shaped pussy was very inviting…..Pradeep got rock hard.

Hello Zoya madam….Pradeep voice was rough….He again called her.

Zoya was in her deep sleep but the roughness in his voice makes her awake….She was afraid to see Pradeep in her bed room…. Since she was in deep sleep she was not able to rise her voice and she can’t believe how he entered her home….. but soon she regained her composure and immediately switch on the light…

How dare you entered my room….Zoya was very angry to see him….

Zoya madam calm down….I am here to help you…

Shut up you rascal,get out from here immediately….I am going to call police….you are going to be in prison…..Zoya face was red with anger….

Zoya madam if you call police your brother will be in trouble….See what I told you was truth….he again left in night by keeping your house open.

Zoya calmed down by hearing it….She came out of the room for looking her brother…..She immediately walked towards her brothers room which is near to balcony…..Pradeep also walked behind her ….her ass swinging in the transparent nightie make him rock hard.

Zoya feels disturbed when she saw her brother not at home and she feels bad for his irresponsibility.

Zoya madam this is what I told you…. you always feels I am telling lies to you, but I really love you.

You Shut up! Zoya was irritated…. let Sameer come back I will teach him a lesson.

Pradeep was staring on Zoya from top to bottom…Zoya knows that pradeep getting a clear view of her picture due to her transparent nightie….

Zoya memsaab don’t be bothered about be. I am happy that you recognized that I am genuine person……I will be always loyal to you and will help you to make your brother in right direction.

Ok ok you can now go to your room…. thanks for informing,Zoya wants to send Pradeep back in a diplomatic way.

Zoya madam don’t feel bad about me,I have already deleted that clips from my mobile….Zoya was happy and surprised to hear it ….She feels good….

Thank you Pradeep…..I think God has given you his blessings…

Yes Zoya Memsaab I am really blessed to work for you…I want to learn lots of things from you….you are the most beautiful memsab even I worked for lot.

Zoya can’t hide her smile by hearing words from pradeep.

Zoya madam I am your gaurd so if you are not comfortable in front of me in this transparent nightie,it’s bad for me….I don’t want to remain dressed like this way when my madam is uncomfortable….. saying this he immediately started to remove all his dresses i and threw it outside …..He was now standing completely naked.

Zoya was shocked,she tried to stop him but he was very quick and but he threw his dresses outside through open balcony.

Ohh my God what you have done….Zoya got stunned by seeing his stupid activity…

Pradeep was now totally naked in front of her….His big cock was completely erect….Zoya got strange sensation while seeing it but she avoids looking him.

I am sorry memsaab….I got sad when you were uncomfortable in front of me in this transparent nightie…I never want to bother you…

Zoya again cannot hide her smile…. This is stupid action which bothers me more,… anyway she doesn’t want to create further argument and she wants to send him back….. but she knows sending him in this condition will be a problem if someone see it….it will be a problem since her husband also not at home.

She knows if they are standing like this near balcony someone can see image & she doesn’t want to spoil her reputation.

Pradeep come with me ….I will give you dress of my husband to wear.Zoya walked towards her bedroom…..Pradeep immediately followed her and his erect cock was touching her ass.

Zoya again got strange feeling this time….Pradeep please don’t walk that close with me…..She feels her throat wet.

Sorry madam actually my tool is attracted to your magnets which is in behind…that’s why my tool touching it.

Stupid!Zoya wants to send him back without noise….so she keeps patience…. but the large cock which touching her ass crack makes her heart beat more.

Suddenly while reaching bed room she saw her mobile ringing a vedeo call….Oh God it’s her husband….

Pradeep also understand thle situation…. Madam don’t worry attend the you attend the phone I will keep very quiet.

Zoya got very nervous….. she was afraid that if her husband saw Pradeep in this stage in her bedroom…..her life will be gone….. but she wanted to attend the phone so that her husband will not call again & he will not be worried since she is alone.

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Pradeep I will talk to him … Please don’t talk or come near to me.

Madam you carry on I will sit in the floor…..

Zoya lied in sleeping position in her bed so that her husband will feel she is sleepy and he will talk for small time.

Hi Zoya how are you? Her husband was happy to see that she is comfortable.There conversion proceeds regarding the accommodation and travel etc… Very soon pradeep utilize the situation…….He immediately put her nightie upwards from her legs to her thighs….Zoya is now in trouble,She doesn’t want to shout at him since she is conversation with her husband.

She immediately closed her legs…. so that atleast he will not access her pussy lips…..but Pradeep forcefully apart her thighs and he was easily successful in it since she can’t stop him ….He opened her pussy lips and darted his tongue inside.


Zoya don’t know how to stop him …. but at the same time her body started reacting to it.she started to breath heavily….She immediately excuses her husband telling that she feels too tired and disconnected the phone.

Stop pradeep, please don’t do it! She tried to stop him.

Memsaab I have a deal,I will suck only…. please don’t stop me….. I want to taste your sweet pussy.

Zoya was surprised to hear his words.,..she knows that he always lust her badly….. but she wants to finish and send him quickly….

Pradeep wait are you sure you will leave after it…

Yes madam deal….I agree….I will not fuck your pussy unless you say.

Ok deal ….Zoya agreed thinking she can send him back soon.

Hearing this pradeep was very happy & he knows slowly she started acceptiing him…he slowly lifted her knees and spread her legs widely & Zoya cooperate in that to finish quickly.

He started running his tongue between her pussy and under ass.Zoya closed her eyes and trying to ignore what he was doing to her….Pradeep soon understand her body started to react it.

Madam I know we have a deal….. but I have a another deal for you which is good for both of us.

Zoya got uncomfortable again… what do you want now?she doesn’t have to speak to him.

Zoya madam I can always look Sameer vets and show him right direction….I will make sure he don’t go to any bad friendship…..I will also stop working here if you agree this.

Zoya was happy to hear this,these is the deal she also needs.

Ok how much money you need….Zoya was thrilled that she can send him back from job.

Memsaab I don’t need money,if you agree I will not bother you after this deal…

What you need pradeep…Zoya also feel anxious.

I need to spend very good time with you for next 7 days…. you should allow me to duck you whenever I need….if you agree this i will not bother you again.

She was in trouble again…. this idiot is trying to blackmail her again….if she accepts she knows now one week will be nightmare for her… but after that she will be free.Zoya was in dilemma whether she should accept his offer or not….whether that bastard pardeep is worth being trusted or not….earlier also he had taken her advantage on the name of her brother twice and now he is repeating the same tactics…whether she should trust him again or not??…but she does not have much options….for her brother’s bright future she have to do this ….. she was forcefully fucked by pardeep twice before but both the times she had enjoyed it even though she felt guilty after getting fucked by pardeep…and not to forget her body has voluntarily responded to his actions and he has got much bigger and thicker tool than her husband and he is much more aggressive and wild in bed than her gentle hubby….Her hubby will also not be here for another 3 months….So there is no risk of him except few video calls of her hubby during which she can manage pardeep to stay away from him….But what if sameer came to know about it?? She will loose her respect infront of him….

Pardeep- What are you thinking mam??

Zoya- How can I trust you that you will leave my brother and this job forever after this week?

Pardeep- you don’t have any other option mam…and don’t forget I deleted your video even though I could blackmail you….I think this is more than enough for you to trust me…

Zoya- What if sameer found out about out about you and me??

Pardeep- Don’t worry about him I will take care of it….I know how to control him.

Zoya- Promise me that you will leave this job as well as my brother’s company forever thereafter and you will not stay here even an hour more than a week..

Pardeep- I promise I will do anything you say after this week if you spent this entire week with me but in this one week you will have to obey all my orders and you wont resist me for anything in this week…I can do anything with you…

Zoya- Ok Deal…

Immediately pardeep liplocked zoya without wasting a second….zoya’s breaths got harder with his rough lip lock…..but she did not resist him….after few seconds she too got comfortable in kissing and she started responding to his kiss by kissing him back…She knew that this whole week she is going to get badly fucked whether she wishes for it or against her wish so there is no use to showing reluctance to pardeep…. She should enjoy these moments instead….so that she can enjoy as well as through pardeep out of her and her brother’s life permanently….so for the first time she willfully started cooperating with pardeep…Pardeep too used this opportunity fully and started squeezing zoya’s soft spongy breasts while kissing her lips….He lifted her nighty up and try to remove it….zoya too lifted her arms up so that he could remove it….now she was left only in a black bra and black panty….Pardeep got crazy after watching such a hottie like zoya in a sexy black bra and black panty….It was all perfectly fitting on zoya’s sexy model’s figure….on the other hand pardeep was tall dark well built man like south Indians while zoya was fair 5’6’ tall girl with perfect figure like models. Both pardeep and zoya were looking into each other’s eyes….Zoya very well knew what’s going to happen next….so deep inside her mind she was preparing herself for the upcoming moment….Pardeep once again kissed zoya’s lips and this time her big round black bra covered breasts got gently pressed with pardeep’s hard chest during the kiss and pardeep started fondling her back from top to her asscheeks….and during that he also unhooked her bra and then he started gently caressing her asscheeks….Zoya too was loosing control over her body…now she herself was kissing pardeep on his lips and also caressing the back of his head then finally he lifted zoya in both his arms and headed towards her bedroom….

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Pardeep lifted zoya in both his arms and headed towards her bedroom….He laid zoya on her bed and brought his thick long black uncut cock near her lips and rubbed his cockhead on her rosy pink lips….Zoya got the signal of pardeep what he wants but zoya shaked her head in no because she has never done it before not even in her dreams and not even with her husband…but pardeep started forcefully inserting his cock into her mouth…she turned her face and said

Zoya:- yuckkkk….no pardeep….plzzz don’t do it….I can’t do it plzzz….this is yuck……

Pardeep(by holding her face and again pushing his cock into her mouth ):- we have a deal…in this week you can’t say no to me for anything… have u forgotten or u want me not to leave this job ever and not to leave your brother’s company ever???

Zoya:- But I have never done it before…..and I don’t like it… I am cooperating with you in all other things na??

Pardeep:- I don’t care whether you like it or not but you will have to do this or else you know…..This may be your first time but I promise this won’t be your last time…you will enjoy this….now suck it….suck it bitch….suck it willfully or else I will make you suck in my own way….

Zoya knew that this bastard won’t listen to her…this whole week she will have to behave like his bitch….If she follows his orders then perhaps after this week this bastard will get out of her life otherwise he won’t and will ruin the life of herself and her brother…. So with little reluctance she started kissing his cockhead and started licking it….there was dirty smell of urine over his cock because he has not washed it but zoya ignored it completely and started licking it and slowly she started taking his cock inside her mouth and started sucking it…

A rich high class woman zoya was giving blowjob to a low class watchman pardeep who was also not of her religion and but pardeep’s cock was too long and thick so zoya was unable to take even half of it in her mouth although she tried her level best…pardeep’s cock was hitting her throat now she was quite comfortable in sucking his cock but this was not enough for this bastard pardeep…he started forcing zoya to take more n more of his cock in her mouth…he literally started fucking her mouth….zoya had tears in her eyes…but pardeep didn’t have any mercy for her he kept on pushing his cock more n more inside her mouth which led zoya the feeling of vomiting and she kept the reluctance on and she tried to pull her mouth away but pardeep has held her head hard from back of her head so was unable to do so and all she could do was to shed the tears which had no effect on him…she finally used her teeths on his cock which made pardeep literally cried and he pulled back his cock from her mouth and gave a very tight slap on her left cheek which turned her left cheek red like a tomato which made zoya cry…

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Loyal wife degradation – Chapter 1

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