Mastering nikki – Sex Stories

Mastering nikki – Sex Stories

My passion. Watching you. Who was truly the Master here, me or you, I wondered as you writhed on the bed. Mesmerized by you, enslaved by my slave.I stood at the foot of the bed and whispered encouragement; “That’s it nikki, that’s my good girl, fuck yourself for me, fuck yourself for your Master”. You groan at the sound of my words. Three fingers of your right hand pumping in and out of your fuckhole as two fingers of your left sought your puckered ass. There, completely filled now, your eyes rolled back in your head, your rapture apparent. You loved your orgasms so, you would have a hundred a night if I allowed it. I never did.”Bitch, whore, slut”, I whisper sensing your climax near, knowing how filthy words excite you.

Watching you. Your nylon encased legs shaking from the force of your climax as it tore through you. One of your stilletto heeled shoes slipping from your foot as you fought for purchase on the bed. The tension of the garter straps on the flesh of your thighs. Magnificent. Who was the slave here? I watched your eyes devour my now hard shaft, the veins bulging with the hot blood coursing through them. I bent my head and let some spit fall from my mouth onto my tool. I run my fist up and down it’s length coating it, making it glisten in the half-light. I tease you with the sight of it, pumping the greasy rod with my hand. “You want this, don’t you?”, I hiss at your sweat covered form. “Yes, Master, please let me take your cock in my mouth”, you plead. “Crawl to me”, I answer, gripping my cock tightly, forcing the blood engorged head to swell purple. Like a cat you crawl to me, eyes glazed with lust. You open your mouth and I thrust my length into your throat and begin to fuck your hot mouth with long, slow, strokes. You fondle my heavy sac as you suck me, and I allow myself to relax momentarily, enjoying your expert ministrations. “Mmmmmmm, you’re a good little cocksucker nikki”, I say smiling down at you and you just grunt your reply, too busy at your craft to pause. I take your head in my hands and lift you off my cock and for a moment you smile at me as our eyes meet, but just for a moment, for in the next I send you sprawling back on the bed. You lower your eyes and say,”Master, what would you like me to do for you?” I pause to think for a moment, though I have already choreographed this evening’s game long before. “Crawl across the floor to my bag, and bring me my handcuffs, in your mouth, like the dog you are slutgirl”, my tone harsh now. You move to hurry off the bed but freeze when I speak again, this time softly, “Oh and nikki, crawl slowly, very slowly, you know how I love to look at your ass”, as I fasten a black leather harness under my overly large scrotum and snap the ring closed at the base of my cock.

I watched as you slowly crawled back to me, the gleaming manacles dripping from your bee-stung lips. I feasted on the sway of your provocative behind, how the garter straps from your corset dug into your ass flesh. You kept your eyes averted, downward cast as you had been trained, crawling slowly to your Master, the anticipation of the evening ahead making the nipples of your swaying breasts hard. I could only imagine the wetness between your legs, as the stink of your arousal permeated the room. I inhaled deeply, savoring your musk as I tightened my leather gloves across my knuckles.

“Stop”, I hissed when you were just a couple of feet from me. My cockmeat swayed obscenely in front of me as I walked to you. “Give”, I ordered, placing my gloved hand under the handcuffs. I stood up, savoring ther feel of the chromed steel through the leather. I looked down upon your form, now shaking with perhaps fear, perhaps anticipation, perhaps both. I slowly walked around you, inspecting. The off-black Dior stockings, the six-inch black patent leather “fuck-me” pumps. The black satin corset, tied tightly, forcing your hips to flare out to that magnificent ass of yours. That was it. Your ass. That’s where I would begin. I took a pillow off the bed and placed it on the ground in front of you. “Rest your head on the pillow and put your hands behind your back, I have work to do, nikki”, softly now, barely commanding. You turned your face to the side and placed it on the pillow, your breath coming quicker now. I snapped the handcuffs onto your hands and once again admired you. What a magnificent ass, sticking straight up, begging for my attention.

I knelt behind you and and ran my gloved fingers over your cleft. The leather gleamed with your wetness. I brought my hand to your mouth and ordered “Suck”, and you greedily sucked the slimy leather, enjoying the taste of yourself. I returned back to your cunt and rolled your very erect clit between my fingers making you gasp as I spoke, “What do you want slut, tell your Master of your dreams. Do you want my fingers in your cunt as I whip your ass? Or would you rather I fuck you with that twelve inch black dildo I know you spied in my bag? Hmmm, nikki, tell your Master what he should do to you.” I kept rubbing your clit with one hand while I slowly worked a wet leather finger into your rectum, all the while taunting. “Tell me, nikki darling, what would you like to start our evening of debauchery, a good old fashioned ass fucking perhaps, or maybe a spanking, or how about drinking your Master’s piss, tell me sweet nikki, tell me what you want”, I could feel you start to spasm, your climax building. As you neared your explosion I pulled my finger from your ass and stood up and grabbed my thick leather belt. I swung it at your ass, once, twice, a third time, making contact…..thwack……thwack…..thwack…… hard enough to raise welts. “Don’t you ever think of cumming without my permission you filthy whore!”, I barked at you. I walked around you again, snapping the belt, watching you wince to the sound. I thought to myself how I had made you mine. How I instinctively knew how to mix the pleasure and the pain, measure them out, always the correct ratio. I knelt in front of you and wiped the tears from your eyes, brought the wetness to my mouth and enjoyed the salty taste of your pleasure and fear, your cuntjuice mixed with your crying. No greater love.

I walked behind you again and tossed the belt onto the bed. “I know what you need, nikki. You need my fist up your cunt, perhaps up your ass”. I knelt behind you and spread your cheeks and let my tongue find your darkest area. I fucked your ass with my tongue for perhaps a minute. Standing once again I walked to my bag. Reaching in I pulled out a bottle of Astroglide lubricant and started to coat my leather encased hand, as the long night beckoned us both.

I knelt next to your face and drank in your submissive beauty as your head rested on the pillow. I gently stroked your hair with my left hand and spoke gently, “Look at you nikki, you’re such a shameless slut, my slut. Here you are on your knees in a hotel room, dressed like a whore, your hands cuffed behind your back, waiting for a man you hardly know to shove his fist into your cunt. You are a slave to your passions nikki and for that I forgive you.” You whimpered softly, my words arousing you even more. I knew your girl cum was probably issuing forth from your gash, puddling beneath you as I spoke. “Open your eyes, sweet nikki”, I bid. Your eyes opened to the sight of my blood engorged cock head just inches from your face, my leather trussed scrotum red with the hot jism that would be your reward later. A pearly drop of pre-cum glistened in the slit. “Go ahead, nikki. Stick out your tongue, you may taste it”. You greedily lapped at the tip of my penis, scooping up the tiny pearl with your tongue and bringing it into your cock hungry mouth. “Was that good, baby?” I asked as I stroked your cheek. “Yes, Master. Thank you Master”, you whispered gently. I held my oily, greasy, leather wrapped right hand in front of your face so that you might glimpse the instrument of your defilement. “I think it’s time I tended to business, don’t you slave?” As I stood and walked behind you.

Kneeling behind you I gently ran my index finger up and down your slit. I took one of the swollen lips between my greasy fingers and squeezed tightly, pulling it down as far as it would go. I gently stroked your clit with my thumb until you gasped. “Shhhhhh, bitch. Don’t make me gag you”, I ordered. I thrust a finger into your hole, deeply. I worked it in and out, first slowly, then at a quickening pace, enjoying the squishing sound it made in your sopping pussy. I then inserted two fingers into you and once again worked you slowly, then faster, then faster still. I slowed down for a moment and let a third slimy finger join the pair. Now all three were deep within you as I fucked you slowly now, very slowly, enjoying your building rapture, for the pain was about to start. “Don’t you dare cum, you lousy whore!” I barked. Squish, squish. You were moaning softly now, unable to contain yourself. I watched your cuffed hands clench and unclench, I watched your ass flesh quiver, as my three fingers steadily ran in and out of your hole. Holding my three fingers at your yawning entrance I made a flat plane of my gloved hand and started to work all four fingers into you, twisting my hand as I went. “No, no, please, Master, God, no, I can’t……..” you pleaded softly as I pushed harder into your fuckhole. Thwack! Thwack! “Shut up you stupid cunt”, as I slapped your meaty ass with my left hand. “Shut the fuck up. Master knows what’s best for his slut”, as all four fingers disappeared into you. I paused for a moment allowing you to enjoy the sensation, as I slowly massaged your throbbing clit with my left hand. I gently pulled the four fingers out, not quite completely. I paused and then thrust them back into you. I withdrew them again and again thrust back into you. I continued this, building a rhythm, my hand like a knife driving in and out of your tortured pussy. In and out, faster and faster, “Don’t even think about it nikki”, I admonished, knowing yet another one of your uncontrollable climaxes was building within you. As my hand became a blur I suddenly stopped. You let out an animal-like moan in frustration, you were so very close. Poor nikki. With my four fingers now half way out of your cunt, I placed my thumb alongside them. I placed my left hand beneath you, on your belly, and started to push back. Slowly I eased my whole, slimy, leather encased hand inside you. I watched as the four fingers disappeared within you, then my thumb. In time my whole hand was in your fuckhole. You groaned a low, gutteral, inhuman sound. There, my fist was in you. Your swollen cunt lips formed a seal around my wrist. What a sight! “You’re a good girl nikkislut. You’ve taken your Master’s fist in your cunt. Good baby!” I said. “Now I’m going to fuck you with my fist, and you know what nikki? I’m going to let you cum!”, I laughed as I slowly started to work my fist like a black leather piston in and out of your insatiable cunt.

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Mastering nikki – Sex Stories