Mother and son forced into sexual acts

Mother and son forced into sexual acts

It was a random attack in a sleepy Winnipeg suburb: A family of four was held hostage in their home by an armed stranger intent on inflicting horror and degradation.

Graphic details of the October 2010 incident in North Kildonan were revealed publicly for the first time Tuesday at the start of a two-day sentencing hearing for the hostage-taker, who is now 20 years old. He pleaded guilty to numerous offences including sexual assault, aggravated assault, forcible confinement and breaching bail on a previous charge that raised red flags about his emotional state.

The four victims — a husband, wife, 17-year-old daughter and 15-year-old son — suffered physical and emotional trauma. The accused selected them at random after following the daughter home on a city bus as part of a plan to rape, torture and possibly kill innocent people in an attempt “to become infamous,” court was told. In writings seized by police, he referred to stalking his prey as the Hunting Game.
The incident began about 10:30 p.m. on a Monday when the son answered a knock at the door — and faced a gun.

The invader pushed his way inside, where he saw the boy’s older sister sitting watching television. He forced them to go upstairs when told their parents were asleep in the bedroom. With the entire family now awake, the man made the mother tie up her family with duct tape.
The invader later pushed the father down a flight of stairs, which caused his tape to come loose. He brought him back to the top of the stairs, re-taped him and then shoved him down the stairs a second time. The father’s head struck a wall, creating a hole. The invader ordered all four family members to go downstairs, saying he’d have to kill them because they’d seen his face.

“You look like a good family, a nice family. But I have to kill you,” he told them, while holding a knife and pellet gun they believed to be real.
The invader smashed a television over the father’s head and stabbed him nine times in the stomach while laughing and joking that he was “bored and hungry.”

At one point, the daughter tried to save her family by urging the invader to “just rape me.”
He replied, “I’ll get to you.”
He repeatedly spoke of worshipping the devil and Adolf Hitler, and vowed to kill anyone who prayed. The family also tried giving him money and property, but he refused.

“I’m going to hell hopefully after this,” he told them.

The invader then ordered the mother and son to strip and perform sexual acts on each other. When they wouldn’t comply to his satisfaction or “faked it,” the man threatened to kill the father.

The teenage boy was ordered to lie on the floor and his mother was forced to perform a fellatio on him. Next the invader ordered the woman getting on top of her son and “putting his dick into her pussy”. First the woman pretended to do that but then, in fear for her husband’s life, she put her son’s penis into her vagina and began to move up and down.
“How does it feel to see what I’m doing to your family?” the invader said to the father.

The invader put a knife to the father’s throat and said he was about to kill him when the father fought back and, aided by his son, were able to subdue him.

He was quickly joined by his father who broke out of the duct-tape bonds. The mother and daughter ran upstairs and out the front door, screaming for help. Police arrived quickly and arrested the invader, who suffered extensive injuries. The family was also taken for treatment. The father was the most seriously injured.

All four family members gave heartbreaking victim impact statements, which spoke of the deep emotional scars they suffered. Only the mother was present during Tuesday’s hearing. Their words were read aloud in court by the Crown. Here are some excerpts:
“At first I thought he was joking. You only see this in the movies.”
“I felt we were giving our kids a safe, security and nurturing life.”
“The worst was for my son. He felt guilty because his penis hardened while I was sucking it and because he ejaculated into my vagina when we had sex.

Poor boy … I told him it’s not his fault because he was forced into it. We both were raped that evening”.

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Mother and son forced into sexual acts