My Wife Aditi Fucked By Mechanic Gurnam Chapter 1

My Wife Aditi Fucked By Mechanic Gurnam Chapter 1

“Arjun…we have hardly spent time together in a month and now you are leaving again. You’ve been working overtime; at least relax for a day. And who is going to pick up the car?” I said.

“I am so sorry honey…but it’s urgent…the West Zone Head has flown in personally to meet this client. I have to be there…and why don’t you go and take the car. Gurnam said he will keep it ready by 3 pm. All you have to do is go there, pay the bill and bring it back.” Arjun said trying to calm me down.

“Pcch…Okay…alright…go to your meeting if it’s so important for you…but you better make it up for it.” I said.

“Ohh…don’t worry about the making up part…consider it done.” Arjun replied.

Saying that, he got up and walked to the bedroom. I continued watching TV and half an hour later, Arjun was ready to leave. I walked with him to the door and kissed him before he drove away. I knew the meeting was going to last the whole day and with no one in the house, I had no intention of getting bored to death here.

I called up a friend of mine and we decided to meet in the afternoon. I did my chores, had a shower and cooked a small meal for myself before getting ready. I was going to pick up my car from the garage and drive it over to meet my friend. I wore a white top and a pair of blue jeans, wore a nice perfume, took my hand bag and walked out of the house.

From the corner of the street, I took a cab and told the driver where I wanted to go. In 15 minutes I was at the garage. As the cab stopped in front of the gate and I stepped out after paying the fare. The garage gate was slightly open, just enough for a person to walk in. I wondered whether the garage was closed but Gurnam had told Arjun to come.

I looked at my watch, it was 2.30pm. I had come a little before time but it wasn’t a big deal. Gurnam said the car was ready and it wasn’t going to take more than 20 minutes to take the delivery of the car. I slowly walked past the gate and into the front yard of the garage. I couldn’t see anyone around. There was no sound of anyone talking or any tools being used.

I slowly walked in to the garage and looked around for any sign of movement. There was none. I then remembered that Gurnam’s office was in the backyard of the garage and so, I walked through the narrow lane around the garage to the backyard.

As I walked into the back yard, I saw my car standing. It did look ready. It had been washed and polished and did look much better than when I saw it for the first time. I smiled looking at the car but still looked around for Gurnam or at least someone who could settle the bill and give me my car back.

I saw Gurnam’s office at the far end of the backyard and slowly started walking towards it. As I got closer to the office, I saw that the door of the office was closed. Perhaps Gurnam had left and forgot to remind us or perhaps he did call Arjun but Arjun forgot to inform me.

I took out my cell phone and soon I realized that I had never bothered to save Gurnam’s number in it. ‘Heck! ‘I thought to myself. With no one around, I couldn’t just take the car away and I knew that keys to all the cars in the garage must be in Gurnam’s office, including mine.

As I was about to turn back and leave, I heard a faint noise coming from the office. I turned back and tried to listen hard. I heard it again but couldn’t clearly make out whom or what was making that noise. I slowly walked over to the office and placed my ear on the door of the office. Now the voice was a little clearer and it sounded like someone was moaning or perhaps crying.

I wanted to investigate further, so I walked around the office quietly to find a window and soon found one. I hid below the window and slowly raised my head, just enough to peep inside the office. The sight that I saw almost made me scream but I somehow managed to control myself and duck down. ‘Was it really happening?’ I thought. I again raised my head to peep and this time I continued watching.

Gurnam was standing in the middle of the room, buck naked and a woman was on her knees sucking his cock. Gurnam was holding her head and driving his cock into her mouth, where as the woman was just holding on to his thighs and taking his oral onslaught. I hadn’t seen the woman the last time I was here and looking at her delicate frame, she definitely didn’t work here.

The woman was dark skinned and slim. She had long black hair which ran down to her waist. She was wearing a couple of bangles on her left hand which made a clinging noise every time she moved. She was wearing an anklet on her left leg and her right leg was hidden from me. I saw Gurnam’s jumpsuit, his wife beater and his briefs lying at his side whereas the woman’s sari and her undergarments were lying in one corner of the room.

My eyes were soon focused on the woman’s mouth as I watched in awe as Gurnam’s cock went in and out of her mouth. Gurman was fucking her mouth roughly and I couldn’t see his cock properly but I could definitely say it was huge! He held on to her head as he drove his cock in and out of her mouth really fast and the woman would gag after every couple of strokes.

Gurnam had closed his eyes and had thrown his head back and was panting as the woman sucked his cock. The woman also had her eyes closed and was clearly enjoying being treated so roughly by Gurnam. The scene in front of me was just too much to handle and I gently put my hand inside my pants and started flicking my clit.

Gurnam kept hammering the woman’s mouth and the balls made a slapping sound as they slapped against her chin. The woman then took her right hand over to her pussy and started fingering herself. She was soon furiously fingering her pussy and sucking Gurnam’s cock and her shivering body made it very clear that she was going to cum.

As her body shook violently, Gurnam let her go and she just collapsed on the ground, screaming in pleasure, still fingering her self. She just had an orgasm and that too a massive one. I just kept staring in shock as the woman kept arching her back and moaning, as if she was being electrocuted rather than cumming.

She shook and shivered like that for close to a minute before calming down. She took the fingers out of her pussy and put them into her mouth. As she lay still, my attention went back to Gurnam. He was standing a couple of feet away from the woman, stroking his cock and enjoying the view. Now I could see his cock properly for the first time. I was right! He was massive! Easily nine inches and it was thick. It was like he had a tree between his legs!

The cock head itself was large enough to tear apart a pussy and the shaft got thicker till the base. It stood absolutely straight like an arrow and his massive balls hung below it.

Gurnam was a perfect example of manhood. He was tall, dark and ruggedly handsome. His naked body was something that any woman would desire and any man would be envious of. He had a large muscular chest with thick chest hair over it, he had broad shoulder and his shoulder muscles went all the way to his neck. His arms were large and tight and his cuts would show with every move.

His forearm was large, as large as my calf and it looked even more impressive with the ‘kadha’ around his wrist which connected to a pair of freakishly large hands. His butt was tight and legs were thick and calves which would embarrass a professional athlete.

Now that I had seen him in his naked glory; I too deep inside desired Gurnam. He was definitely not the man I would even look at on the street but after watching the spectacle in front of me, it definitely left a tingle in my pussy.

Once the woman was done with her orgasm, she tried to get back on her feet but the sheer magnitude of the orgasm prevented her from standing up. Gurnam grabbed her arm and pulled her back on her feet and into his arms. He squeezed her boobs really hard, making her squeal. He lowered his head on to her right breast and started biting the nipple.

The woman closed her eyes and ran her hand through his hair and moaned loudly as she enjoyed being manhandled by this beast.

After a couple of minutes, Gurnam pushed the woman away and started walking over to the table. He opened a drawer and took out a condom.

In the meanwhile, the woman sat on the couch and spread her legs wide, waiting eagerly for her lover. Gurnam walked over to her and stood by the couch. He tore open the condom pack and quickly wore the condom over his cock. He kneeled down at the edge of the couch and pulled her closer to the edge. His cock was now touching her pussy and he rubbed it a couple of times on the pussy before shoving it in one stroke.

The woman screamed as Gurnam’s cock was buried to the hilt inside her. Gurnam didn’t wait for her pussy to get adjusted to his cock and straight away started pounding her pussy. The woman’s screams soon turned into moans of pleasure as Gurnam kept pummeling her pussy. He held on to her waist and kept fucking her hard.
He kept fucking her for several minutes, occasionally squeezing her breasts and bending over to suck and bite them. After a while he stood up and placed his left knee on the couch and shoved his cock back into her pussy and resumed fucking her.

In the mean time I had an orgasm and another one was fast approaching. My fingers were driving in and out of my pussy really fast. I closed my eyes and bit my lip hard, trying to prevent myself from screaming. A few seconds later, the orgasm hit me. My legs went numb and I just collapsed on the floor.

I opened my eyes after the orgasm was over and again raised my head over the window. By now the woman was sitting up on the couch and was back to sucking Gurnam’s cock. After a few seconds Gurnam moaned loudly and started spraying his seed all over the woman’ face. Within seconds her face was covered with cum and a few strands landed on her hair.

Once he was done cumming, Gurnam just sat on the couch catching his breath while the woman had almost passed out. Gurnam’s cock was rapidly loosing erection but it still was pretty large. It was shining from all the saliva and cum and it looked magnificent.

A few minutes later Gurnam got up and walked over the table. He threw a towel lying on the table towards the woman the then opened the drawer. He grabbed his wallet and took out a couple of 500 rupee notes and threw them at the woman.

The woman collected the money and then walked over to collect her clothes. Gurnam by then started dressing up and I realized that it was time to scoot from here. I tip toed around the office and then gathered pace as I walked away from the office. As I was about to turn around the corner, my hand hit something and it fell to the floor making a loud noise. The empty and open garage amplified the sound and startled me.

I stopped and looked down and saw that a large spanner and fallen on the floor. I looked up and I saw Gurnam standing at the door of his office, only in his trousers. Our eyes locked for a few seconds and Gurnam smiled at me wickedly. His smile clearly told me that he knew I had seen him action back there.

I immediately turned back and started running. Within seconds I was out of the compound and on to the street. I managed to stop a cab outside the garage and got in quick. As the cab started moving, I saw Gurnam standing at the gate, staring at me!

As soon as the cab stopped in front of my house, I threw some cash at the driver and almost jumped out of the cab and ran towards the door.

“Arey…Madam….you forgot the change.” The driver shouted at me but I was beyond caring.

I hurriedly got into the house and closed the door. I just stood still against the door trying to normalize my breathing. I closed my eyes and the whole scene flashed before me. I opened my eyes and ran towards the bathroom. I washed my face with cold water for several minutes before I calmed down a little and walked back into the bedroom.

I was nervous, scared and turned on, all at the same time. Apart from porn movies, I had never seen other people having sex. Not that what I saw was any different from a porn movie. Gurnam, with his huge boner fucked the living day lights out of that woman. Gurnam with his long shlong looked just like a porn star.

I picked up my cell phone and called up my friend and cancelled our plan to meet. After going through such an incident, I wasn’t in the condition to focus on anything. I decided to change my clothes and get into something comfortable. My panties were still wet from the orgasms I had in the garage, it had left a small wet spot on my jeans too.

I took off my jeans and top and threw them in the laundry basket. I opened my cupboard and took out a T shirt and pair of shorts and kept them on the bed. I went over to the dressing table to comb my hair. As I was combing my hair, I started thinking about Gurnam again. I just couldn’t get him out of my head.

I threw the comb away and fell on the bed. I closed my eyes, trying to remove all such thoughts from my head but it was like the whole scene was embossed in my memory. As I thought more and more about Gurnam, I started visualizing myself in that woman’s place.

How would it be to be fucked so rough? How would it feel to have a cock that big shoved into my mouth? Arjun and I did roughen things up in the bedroom once in a while, but Gurnam’s style was inhuman compared to Arjun’s.

All these thoughts made me really horny and I started fingering myself again. I hadn’t masturbated so much ever in my life but I just couldn’t control my self. I visualized Gurnam fingering me with his thick, rough fingers. In no time I was moaning to a massive orgasm.

As the orgasm ended, I just laid still with my eyes closed shut. A few minutes later, I heard a car pull up in to the drive way. I knew it was Arjun. I had to have him. I needed a cock in me right now! I walked into the living room and I heard the latch of the door turning around.

“Aditi…I am home honeyyy…What the!” Arjun said as he looked at his half naked wife standing in the hallway.

“What’s happening?” Arjun asked with his eyes wide open in shock. I just didn’t say anything and ran towards him and jumped on him.

Whaoo!” Arjun yelled before falling on the floor with me on top of him. I just didn’t let him talk anymore as I had my mouth on his. Arjun was too shocked to respond for a few seconds but the man inside him bounced back and he started kissing me back.

We were lying on the floor, in the living room, right next to the door and were hungrily devouring each other. I got off Arjun and pulled him up. I grabbed his tie and started walking towards the bedroom. Arjun dropped his brief case on the floor and dumbly followed me.

“Adu…what’s this?” Arjun asked. He wasn’t used to such behavior from me.

“Shut up and follow me.” was the only thing I said as pulled him inside the bedroom and pushed him on the bed. I stood in front of him and took of my bra and my panties before kneeling down in front of him. I pulled the shoes off his feet and threw them away. I then untied the belt of his trousers and started taking off his pants. As soon as the pants were off, I grabbed his penis and put it into my mouth.

“Aahh…” Arjun moaned I sucked on his cock hard.

“Fuck my mouth!” I said to him.

“What?” Arjun asked.

“I said…fuck my mouth with your cock.” I almost screamed at him.

Startled, Arjun stood up and started fucking my mouth. Arjun was fucking my mouth but was only shoving half of it in to my mouth. I had never been mouth fucked, so this was thrilling enough for me.

Arjun fucked my mouth for a couple of more minutes before I pushed him back on to the bed.

Arjun was lying on the bed still wearing his suit, shirt and his tie. I climbed on top of him. I held his cock with my left hand and placed it at my pussy. I slowly sat on his cock and sighed as finally, I had my pussy stuffed. The relief and the pleasure I felt was amazing.

I got into a squatting position and started jumping on his cock. The whole bed shook and creaked violently as I jumped harder and faster on Arjun’s cock. I squeezed my breasts and moaned loudly as Arjun cock drove deeper into my pussy.

I was so turned on, even after cumming so many times, that I orgasmed within a couple of minutes.

My screams pushed Arjun off the edge too and he came deep inside me. I collapsed on him and he wrapped his arms around me and hugged me tight.

We just lay there, not speaking a word to each other, trying hard to catch our breaths. I rolled over him to his side and rested my head on his arm. Finally after a few minutes, I opened my mouth to speak.

“So…what’s new?” I asked Arjun.

“Well…you tell me…what the hell was that Aditi?” Arjun asked.

“You didn’t like it?” I asked back.

“Did you hear me complain?” Arjun replied.

I giggled at him and hugged him tight. We soon stopped talking and my eyes started closing as I drifted into sleep. The day had been too heavy on my senses and I needed to rest.
After a long night of passionate love making, I woke up to see my husband packing his clothes in a bag. I was naked under the sheets. I covered my breasts as I sat up and looked at the clock on the side table.

“Good morning baby…” Arjun said, smiling at me.

“Good morning Arjun. I am sorry; I couldn’t get up on time.” I said, still a little sleepy and tired from last nights romp.

“Don’t worry dear; after last night, even I had a difficulty getting up and after all, you did all the hard work last night…he he…” Arjun giggled as he continued stuffing clothes in his suitcase.

Last night was really wild. In all our married years I had never been so wild with my husband. I was an initiative taker and unlike several women, liked being in charge once in a while but last night, last night I was possessed.

Last night came to me in flashes. Arjun was lying on the bed and I was sucking his cock, I rode him again to another massive orgasm. In the middle of the night he woke me up and took me from behind. It was the most sex we had in a single night since our honeymoon.

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My Wife Aditi Fucked By Mechanic Gurnam Chapter 1