Progression Of Shy Girl To Promiscuous Woman – Part 1

Progression Of Shy Girl To Promiscuous Woman – Part 1

Hi friends, today I would like to share with you some of my experiences which has transformed me from a normal shy Indian girl to a highly confident woman who knows exactly what she wants in her life. I am a middle-aged married woman. I am married for ten years and have two kids.

Coming back to my story, my story started in my family of six – me my three younger brothers and parents. As ours was a joint family, I was very close to my aunts, cousins who were all younger than me (as my parent were the eldest in their respective families).

Being raised in a joint family ensured that I always lived my life at home and when it was decided that I would be sent to a hostel for higher education, I was in tears and ensured that I stay with my family. Only after I completed my education and joined a job did I moved out of my home.

During my education, we were a group of four girls that used to stay together. I was one among the prettiest though not the smartest looking girl of our group with a size of 30, 28, 32.

In our group, we had Prerna, who had a boyfriend with a steady relationship (though she claimed that the relationship was only limited to kissing and fondling of the breast from above the dress).

This used to excite us but out of fear, I didn’t venture out with any boy in my class though many boys tried hard to voo me.

I had the largest breasts among our girl group, therefore, the boys used to have an eye on me. But owing to my shy and non-serious behaviour, they just left me alone and moved on to other girls of our college who can at least let them feel their breast and let them kiss.

My behavior didn’t change and we moved out of college and I got a job while Prerna decided to go for higher studies.

We moved to the new city where I took up my job and Prerna started her higher studies. Mukti and Sheshtra also moved along with us in search of a job to the city. We all rented a room in the city and started a new chapter of our life, away from home enjoying the new freedom of doing what we like.

Prerna’s boyfriend kept visiting us on weekends and used to take all of us to nearby picnic places and movies where both of them usually disappear and used to come up late after completing their weekend plans.

Two months into our new life, Prerna disclosed that in our last trip to a waterfall, her boyfriend had convinced her to remove her top and let him feel her breasts from over her bra in the bushes where they had escaped to from our prying eyes. This gave all of us goosebumps.

The feeling was something special as none of us had our breasts touched by anyone even from over the top and here there was Prerna who had shown her breasts covered in bra to her boyfriend.

One week later on the weekend, I had to go to the office as our team had to complete one of our projects to meet the deadline. Prerna and others had decided to go out with Prerna’s boyfriend.

I came back from the office to the room at 4 in the evening thinking that everybody was out. I used my key to get into the room. However, after I entered, I heard faint moans of Prerna from her room. I walked to her room.

Her room’s door was slightly ajar. As I peeped in, I was in a shock as I saw that Prerna was topless and her boyfriend was sucking on her nipples. Her bra and t-shirt were lying in a bunch on the floor close to the door.

I stumbled back and escaped into my room without making any sound. My heartbeat was running like Rajdhani Express as I had never ever seen such a thing in my life! I closed my eyes and lied on my bed. I never knew when I dozed off.

I woke only when Mukti woke me for dinner. Over dinner, I learned that Prerna was not feeling well and therefore had not gone out and instead asked the others to go out as planned and her boyfriend stayed back to take care of her. I now knew that it was their plan to have privacy for completing their unfinished business from the last trip.

This incident has opened me up further toward my sexuality. I realized that I had the best features among the group and yet I was not enjoying the fruits of my sex appeal.

I decided to be more open to advances from the opposite gender. I started wearing more revealing clothes including strapless bras, halterneck tops to show off my pretty size 30 bosom.

But alas, I found out that in this city nobody cared a damn on my dressing sense as they had girls here who carried off size 34-36 breasts, thanks to their boyfriends working hard on their small lemons during school and college times. So why to waste their time on developing a new item.

In between, Navratri holidays came and I went back home to celebrate with my family. I went shopping for my new Chaniya-Choli for Navratri. I had one of my distant aunts going to get married soon and hence we both went to the market. She was of my height, yet her breast size was a shade lower than mine.

We both selected the same design but the shopkeeper said that he had the dress only of my aunt’s size and not mine. I decided to not buy the dress and return home.

As I could not get the dress, I was feeling low. My aunt sensed it and decided to convince me to try on the dress at home. It was a backless choli with only one thread to tie at the back and one thread to tie at the neck.

Ghagra was a flowing umbrella design. I finally agreed on the condition that if it fits on, I would go back to the market and buy the remaining piece.

I was wearing a loose t-shirt and capri. I tried the Ghagra which had an elastic waistband. As I tried on, it was very tight on the waist and was just covering my knee role. I had the habit of tying the Ghagra about one palm length above my navel.

My aunt suggested me why not remove my capri and wear the Ghagra two palm length below my navel. I followed her first suggestion and sat down on the bed to remove the capri, but the Ghagra was so flowing that it was becoming difficult for me to remove the capri.

My aunt suggested that I stand up and hold the Ghagra while she moved down and tucked in the capri to remove it. However, along with it, my panty also came off slightly showing off my jungle down there. My aunt smiled and asked, “Kyun jungle uga rakha hai?”

I was pink with shame and adjusted my pantie and Ghagra accordingly. The Ghagra was looking stunning after I adjusted the waistband just below my navel. However, my aunt insisted that it would even look nice if I wore it two palm length below my navel.

I sheepishly told her that in that case it would show off my jungle and it would also mean changing my pantie as all my current panties were high-waist french cut panties.

My aunt went out of the room and returned with a razor and asked me to remove my pantie and shave off my jungle so that there was no growth of hairs which shows off when I lower my Ghagra to two palm length below the navel. I was feeling low with shame, so my aunt turned her face to the other side.

I slowly pulled up my Ghagra and tucked on my pantie to remove it. With shivering hands, I tried shaving off my jungle on fear of hurting myself as I have never ever used a razor down there.

After a painful 15 minutes, I had shaved off all the jungle and my pouted pink lips down there were shining in all their glory. This situation had even led to my vulva covered in sticky discharge laced with my shaved off hair resulting in etching and prickliness down there.

I asked my aunt to turn herself around. She was dumbstruck as the Ghagra was clinging on to me as if the tailor had put the cloth on me and stitched it to my size. She said, wow.

I was scratching myself due to the etching in my lower lips and vulva. When my aunt inquired, she said that it was because it was my first time of shaving and therefore this etching will continue for a day before sub-siding. She asked me not to scratch but to rub clean the area with a cold soft towel to reduce the itching sensation.

Now it was time for the choli. I picked the choli and tried wearing it over my loose t-shirt to which my aunt objected. I had to agree with her suggestion and removed my t-shirt. My bra was a strapless tube-type bra. The cup size of the padded choli was not able to accommodate my breast with the bra.

My aunt who was looking at me fighting with the choli snapped open my bra-strap from the back. Like the caged pigeons coming out of the cage, my breasts too sprang out as my bra fell down and as an instant reaction, my hands went to cover my jiggling breasts.

It was a strange situation, I was standing topless in front of a mirror wearing just a Ghagra without a pantie covering my breasts with my hands. My nipples had become erect and my lips down there had become more watery on account of my increased secretions.

My heartbeat was beating like a Rajdhani Express and to my amazement, I was no longer feeling shy but was feeling proud of my own body looking it in the mirror.

My whole body was soaked in a rich exhilarating feeling which struck me like lightning and my legs gave way and I slumped on to the bed. Later I realized that this was my first orgasm. This was the first sign of heightened libido.

My aunt was laughing and looking at me as if she has seen something very funny. I asked her why I was laughing. She said you are getting orgasms even when nobody has touched you. Now, think what will happen when somebody will rub his penis on your chut and then push it inside?!”

Those words had me think and laugh too. I stood up and removed my hand and saw myself in the mirror. My breasts with large areola and perky tight nipples were standing erect with pride.

I took on the choli and adjusted it over my breasts. The choli was able to cover my breasts only partially. The side of my breasts was quite visible with the single string holding the choli on my breasts.

The choli was open from below as the single string holding the choli was in the middle and hence if somebody wants to touch my breasts from below, he/she can touch the underside of my breasts with ease as the choli cloth was hanging in thin air. It was a classically revealing Ghagra choli inviting even a dead man’s penis to give me a salute.

Then and there, it was decided that the remaining piece with the shopkeeper would be bought immediately. I simply changed and ran to the market in my capri and t-shirt to buy the last piece of the dream dress.

Next day, I along with my girl gang, went to the Navratri ground to celebrate the festival. I had worn the same outfit and was looking stunning.

The Ghagra was worn two-palm length below the navel. However, today I had worn the panty as I had to go outside. Though the choli was worn without the bra, I had used my chunri to safely tug the open choli from below.

I had done that so as to ensure that while dancing my free-swinging choli would have revealed my underside and side of my breasts.

I proceeded to the dance floor but Prerna was a bit reluctant to dance and went to the dance floor only for a short duration. Her boyfriend had also come and was dancing with our group. When asked specifically, she told me that her periods had come and it was her first day and hence the flow was high.

All the male dancers had their eyes fixed on me. They never thought that a normal shy girl like me can be transformed like this.

Prerna went back early. Her boyfriend kept dancing with our group. After dancing for over an hour, I was completely fatigued and was also feeling an urge to pee.

Mukti and Sheshtra were still dancing. Sensing my discomfort, Prerna’s boyfriend Rahul asked me about my discomfort. After much asking, I said that I wanted to pee. The Garba ground was located in an open park which was bordered on one side by a residential colony. The car parking was also planned along the walls.

I glanced here and there and then decided to use the car park to go for peeing. Rahul also accompanied me as it was quite dark and desolate. My chunri had also by that time had come out revealing my breasts from sides.

Rahul’s eyes were transfixed on my bouncing balls as I was walking towards the car park. He was a step behind me and I could make out his eyes glancing my hips covered in Ghagra swinging from one side to other. All these factors fuelled my internal feelings and my vagina started leaking.

By the time we reached the end of the car parking just close to the wall, I decided to sit down in the space between the last car and the wall and asked Rahul to turn sideways so that he cannot look directly towards me and yet could gauge my presence.

I picked the hem of my Ghagra and lowered my panties revealing my shaved vaginal lips shining in the secretions secreted during my walk to the car park. Out of anxiety, fear, and excitement, I somehow ended up wetting my panty which by then was already wet with my secretions.

I decided to remove the panty or otherwise, the wet panty would have made impressions on the Ghagra. I could sense that Rahul with the corner of his eyes could see me removing the panties.

As soon as I got up, I found Rahul standing in front of me. He held my hand and got hold of the wet panty and smelled it! The scene was so exciting that I remain rooted to the ground seeing him licking and sniffing my wet panty. I didn’t know when he embraced me and started kissing me first slowly and then feverishly all over my face.

The heat was building within me, so when his lips touched mine, I ended up smooching him. I have never felt this feeling before. I cannot define this feeling in words. Girls who have first experienced smooch from their boyfriends in sexual heat would know what I was feeling.

Rahul pushed me on to the bonnet of the car and lay over me still smooching me. My hands were in his hairs pulling his face onto me. His hands started feeling up from my waist above, going inside the free choli and touched my underside of breasts. This gave an electric feeling inside my body and a moan escaped my mouth.

He supported me upwards and loosened the single string holding my choli. As soon as the string got loosened, Rahul pushed the choli upwards to reveal my firm breasts with erect nipples. A ‘wow’ escaped his mouth. He said that he has never seen such a beautiful pair of tits in his whole life.

When I asked about Prerna’s tits, he said that compared to me they are small with a small areola and just OK nipples. He started sucking on my nipples alternatively. By now my vagina was leaking heavily as I had already orgasmed once. I was lying with my hands above my head, with my eyes closed.

Rahul had slid down a bit and was now licking my navel. I had my eyes closed. After some time, I felt my Ghagra was being raised. I opened my eyes to find Rahul standing and the hem of my Ghagra was in his hands.

He was slowly raising the Ghagra and kissing my calves and knees. I was aware that by now, with my wide open legs and the Ghagra above my knees, it was only a matter of time before my shaved vagina would be visible to him. To make his struggle easy, I bent my legs at the knees to lift the Ghagra even more.

A slight warm breeze hit my vagina and I moaned again with my eyes getting closed as I was intoxicated with the sexual awakening of my body. I felt his hands touching my vaginal lips parting the lips to see the slit. I was now moaning quite loudly.

After a minute of touching and feeling my vaginal lips, I felt a rubber-like rod touching the lips and entry of my hole.

I suddenly remembered the words of my aunt and the excitement went a notch higher. I knew that the rubber-like rod was nothing but Rahul’s lund (in aunty’s slang) and will soon be entering my chut (in aunty’s slang) to make me a woman from a girl.

It increased the wetness of my chut even more. Rahul’s lund was not firmly settled at the entrance of my chut. He started pushing inside. As soon as he started pushing inside, a burning sensation started in my vagina. The whole area started paining and I started banging my head from one side to another.

Tears started rolling by my side. Rahul had held my waist with his hands and was standing in between my legs forcing his lund slowly and slowly inside my virgin chut.

A slow but powerful push from Rahul pushed the top of his lund firmly inside my chut in the process of popping up my cherry. This pain was beyond my imagination and as a reflex action, I pushed Rahul back so firmly that he fell back on the ground. In the process, the top of his lund popped out of my chut.

I started crying heavily and Rahul who by then had stood up was rooted to his spot on account of fear. It was also his first time and therefore I was not aware much about the reaction of women when their cherries are popped. He and Prerna had also planned but due to Prerna’s period, they could not do it.

He was very much afraid and was trying to pacify and console me. He was repeatedly saying sorry. He was not even aware of what actually had happened. He was thinking that he instead of forcing his lund inside my chut has pushed it inside my ass and hence so much pain. Remember it was his first time too.

After about fifteen minutes, the pain subsided enough for me to get up and arrange my clothing. It was even difficult for me to walk straight. I was afraid of what I would say when my family would see me walking like this.

I asked Rahul for his handkerchief which he promptly gave me. I swiped clean my chut and saw drops of blood which confirmed the loss of virginity. I silently cried and tied the handkerchief below my knee so that if someone asks why I am walking like this, I can say that I fell down and hurt my knee.

Rahul slowly walked me back to the ground where both Mukti and Sheshtra were searching for me. I lied to them that I had gone for the pee and while coming back, I stumbled over a rock and fell over and hurt my leg. Both sympathized with me and thanked Rahul for helping me.

Both of them dropped me back home in a rickshaw before going to their home.

I told my family as planned and everyone accepted my explanation. I recovered in a day or two during which my chut was swollen and small spotting of blood was noticed by me.

When I went back to the city after the Navratri holidays along with others, Rahul came to me and said sorry and pleaded with me not to reveal this incident to anyone as he loved Prerna and would not like to ruin his relationship with her. I forgave him as it was not only his fault, I was also part-culprit.

Prerna went on to marry Rahul and they settled in the city whereas I got married to my current husband and moved to another city.

I feigned on my first night and thereafter as if I am in absolute pain whenever my husband tried to push in his lund in my chut.

In fact, it still pained as my husband’s lund was thicker than Rahul’s lund and eventually, after a month, I finally allowed my husband to push it in completely and reach the depths of my chut where nobody had reached before.

I don’t know whether Rahul would someday know that he was the one who popped my cherry.

After ten years of married life as I lay on my marital bed with my saree and petticoat bundled up and a new lund pressing on my chut, I am feeling the same excitement.

Wait for my next story to know who is this new man in my life.

Progression Of Shy Girl To Promiscuous Woman – Part 1