re-connecting with Married, Preggo High school ex and the fun that follows

re-connecting with Married, Preggo High school ex and the fun that follows

True story about an encounter with a married pregnant ex girlfriend from high school (when I was 27)

Go easy on me it is my first time…..

Backstory: (summarized for context because it would be very drawn out into the story)

After having moved far away from the city I was from, an ex and I connected again (Facebook of course) and our chatting was friendly but of course flirting had occurred. We had not intended for anything to occur as we each thought the other was happily married. An illness in my family required me to travel back home often and by myself and when I returned my ex (from HS who we will call Christy) and I chatted and sometimes met for lunch/dinner. My story starts about 4 months after we re-connected and is about…. well no need to summarize the next part as I will provide the details.

After arriving back home and spending 4 days and nights in and out of the hospital visiting my sick grandma, I leave the hospital and turn back on my phone. As I walk to my truck as usual the phone goes nuts trying to populate all of my missed calls and texts.

Bzzz – Text and they come in, About 3 from the wife. The usual back and forth inquiries blah blah blah nothing exciting there, one from Christy

“Hey you, know you are probably not eating well or relaxing, come by tonight for BBQ with me and the family NO ARGUING, No is not an option”

I was not sure I was in the mood for any company but hey I have to eat regardless so I sent a simple reply
“see you at 5:00”

Off I went to my brothers showered, shaved, changed and headed to Christy’s house. As I knocked on the door I could hear the commotion coming from inside her place, 2 kids already and another on the way in 3 months I surely did not envy her situation as I had no children. However I do like other people’s, you can crank them up and leave or give them back for the parents to deal with 🙂 It had been about 3 months since I saw Christy and when she answered the door she looked to be about 9 months preggo and ready to pop any day. I said “Damn are you sure you are only 7 months along?”

She replied “Oh Jay still the charmer, you sure know how to make a girl feel special. And yes I am pretty sure although I am a lot bigger then with the other two…. maybe there is more then one in here” rubbing her belly and winking at me.

Other then her obvious baby bump, Christy carried her self well through her pregnancy, never gained a lot of weight anywhere else. She still looked great. Very pretty face and she did not need make-up, she always had huge tits and they still looked huge but fuller, and proportionate ass to her pre-pregnancy self that did not change as she got knocked up. I always found her attractive and now was no different. Christy always held a special place for me, in our youth we were as much best friends as anything else and we were each others “firsts” for everything.

As I walked through the house following her, as any guy does, I was staring at her ass I was actually getting turned on, I had never thought about sex with any serious thought outside my marriage never mind with a married pregnant woman, but seriously now, My cock was starting to stiffen….. she would see if it kept up. Not long after entering into the living room her other two kids, I am guessing aged 3 and 5 got excited to see me as they had a few months previous, Kids love me and were excited to show me everything they had on the go. This distracted me from having a raging hard on and it subsided, but Christy looked at me and smiled like I haven’t seen for years. She did notice….. My mind raced that “She must be checking me out as well”

As the initial excitement from the kids wore off, and we were able to have a drink and chat a little with small talk, the phone rang. She went to answer it, far enough out of range I could not hear but the facial expressions were unmistakable to a fellow married person. She was not impressed at the words coming out of the other end. Upon her return to the table, she sat down and relayed the content of the call.

“So it appears Roger will not be home tonight. He is stuck at the border waiting for paperwork so that he can cross with his shipment.”

She was on the verge of tears I could see it and she blurted out immediately after,

“He is cheating on me, I know it. Before I was pregnant he never had “paperwork” issues and hardly ever was late, held up or missed a return home. Now I don’t see him for days and he doesn’t even touch me or sleep in the same bed”

I grabbed her hand and replied “Maybe he just has a lot on the go, maybe you are over thinking it? I heard woman get extra emotional when they are pregnant, maybe that isn’t it at all?”

“maybe” she said ” “maybe not, either way we are on our own for dinner, I will go start the BBQ and get these steaks on for us, the kids have been fed and need their baths and they will be to bed early tonight as they have not had a nap today.”

Standing up I stated ” Point me to the BBQ I will handle dinner, take care of the rug rats and we can eat after they are in bed”

After half hearted protest she caved….. Must have been my seductive eyes and charming wit…. or not. In either event I cooked the steaks like a pro and the rest of the dinner as well if I might say so and after the kids were down we sat for our “grown up” dinner. We had some small talk, Christy kept pumping me full of beers and I was starting to feel slightly buzzed.

“Are you trying to get me drunk to take advantage of me?” I asked jokingly or I thought jokingly.

“Jay I don’t think you could handle the sex drive of a pregnant woman. I think I would eat you up and spit you out” She smirked as the words came out.

“That almost sounds like a dare, or a challenge? In either case maybe I would die trying to test that theory”

And there it was again, The familiar tightening of the pants. Where were these thoughts coming from. Sitting across from my sexy high school friend, ex and FWB that I had fucked ragged on so many occasions. She was still sexy as hell if I was single and she were single we would surely hook up again. Now both married her carrying another mans baby my mind kept going back to “how would my cock feel in her hot cunt? How good does her pussy taste still? Can I seduce her to fucking me? Does she want me right now as bad as I want her?”

My thoughts were interrupted by her suddenly as if she could sense my mind trailing off the beaten path to areas of the forbidden forest.

“I have to say something Jay, don’t take this the wrong way but, being pregnant comes with certain issues. I need to take care of something and I hope you don’t mind?”

Now being that we are pretty open and flirt a fair bit these words should only have generated a witty reply from me. Being the naughty thoughts in my head my reply was short and I can only imagine my face looked stunned.
“uh, ok I am sure I won’t”

“Jay…. I really need to get out of these clothes” she winked.

God yes she winked, and paused and then the shit eating grin.

” and into something looser fitting” Still smirking her demeanor changed to casual conversation. “it is brutal wearing tight fitting pants and normal clothing I need to piut on some yoga pants or something so I can relax a bit”

At that point I exhaled, I misinterpreted her meaning (I think) I stammered “Of course do what you have to do”

Rising from the table she said ” You almost look like you were expecting something else?” Winking again, Devilish grin she continued “Why don’t you make yourself comfortable in the living room, we can chat some more or watch a movie or…. something like that”

“sure” I said “sounds good, I just need to go take care of some of this beer”

As she walked away I knew I could not stand up with the enormous hard on I had without showing it off. As Christy walked away she bent over to pick up kids toys along her route I swear showing off her ass. On the third toy she looked back at me staring at her gorgeous ass she smiled. A smile I haven’t seen for years. Once up the stairs I rose and headed to the bathroom. With a huge hard-on there was no way I could piss. Needless to say the bathroom visit took a while longer then I thought and I thought for sure Christy would be back and waiting for me when I finished…. I was wrong.

When I returned from the bathroom to the living room, The lights were dim, the tv was on to a “music” channel and the screensaver images were lighting the room nicely. Not too much but not so you would be tripping over furniture. I sat on the larger of the two couches, “comfy” I thought.

Christy called down “I thought you fell in, I will be down in a sec. I realized my pants had the usual kid contamination and had to change.”

“OK” I called back.

This extra time was great, I had talked myself down to attributing my condition and interpretation of the night thus far into my buzzed state, distracted mind and of course being a red blooded man that thinks every woman wants to fuck me. After all a married woman with a nice family, and situation, not to mention with child would not risk it for a random fuck…. no matter how good.

I whispered to myself ” Your an idiot” and snickered.

What happened next changed my perspective.

Down the stairs (which are behind me) I heard Christy’s foot steps, From my peripheral vision I could start to see her, red something or other and skin, lots of skin. There she was wearing a red teddy, Something that probably fit her loosely pre-pregnancy, now hugging every curve and she had on a small robe that was not even long enough to cover the teddy. All it did was cover her arms slightly. Her tits were pressed into the top so much they were almost spilling from the tops and gorgeous. Her legs still shapely and curved and gorgeous. My mouth must have been open, my tongue probably hanging out one side.

“I hope you don’t mind this outfit, most of my other clothes are kid stained and this makes me look presentable. With anyone else I would not wear this but yu and I have history and it seems OK”

My mind racing, I started to clue in quick. This is not innocent, this is pre-meditated. She wouldn’t come down here dressed so revealing if she did not want me and KNOW I want her. I told myself ” It is time to be your old self, Like you are single and cruising for pussy. Like high school….. That is what she wants SHE WANTS ME like we were in High School”

“Of course” I replied, “I have seen you in the most intimate ways possible and you don’t look like you have aged a day since the last time I saw you naked. However you feel comfortable is good for me. If Roger came home he may think something is up and not be as understanding though”

“Don’t worry about him coming home tonight, he called while I was upstairs to give me the hotel info where he was staying in case of emergency. Call display doesn’t lie and from the area code he is in, he couldn’t make it home in less then 6 hours anyways. We have all night to be “comfortable”

With that she leaned back while still standing in front of me, stretching like she was working out a kink. Thrusting her tits way out and when her arms went over her head and her teddy rode up. There it was under her protruding belly, No panties, and lovely pussy. Christy always had a gorgeous pussy, The type I have always compared every pussy to since I had it. Puffy with her lips protruding on either side, when she was turned on her clit would start to protrude and when we were younger, before shaving was the standard she had a thin bush that her juices would always glisten in.

Now I could see she made the effort to shave around her opening, but a top of her cunt where I imagine a landing strip used to be she probably could not reach. She saw me looking, hungrily staring and she held the pose longer because of it.

Not one to miss an opportunity I asked “back sore?”

“not my back, my neck and shoulders”

“Well come here and I will help you out.” As I spread my legs and patted the couch between them. “I am a helpful guy like that, never want to see a friend suffer”

She smiled “Ah aren’t you sweet?”

she came over as fast as she could turned to me, lifter her teddy just as she was sitting down so it was almost over her ass and nuzzled her ass into me.

“Maybe you should take off this robe so I can do a good job?”

As the words were coming out she was already pulling it off, not that it did much hiding anything. She knew she had me where she wanted, her ass was pressed into my cock, now unable to hide my excitement. I am not a huge guy, 7.5 inches proportionately thick, but the one quality most loved is that I have a curved cock that woman love to ride. As I rubbed Christy’s neck and shoulders she would ever so slightly hump back into me. I knew her eyes were closed and she leaned back further like she was melting into me, she started to rub my leg above my knee.
“This is it” I thought “time to go for broke and see what her intentions are”

I leaned to her ear and whispered “you want me to keep going? I know the answer from your body language but I want you to say it. You must know from what you feel in your back I am hot for you?

She turned her head to look me in the eyes “Yes I want you to keep going, I never have stopped wanting you from the second I found you on line. I thought it was just past lustful thoughts but you are the one I compare every sexual encounter too. I want to know if it is just in my head or my reality.”

I could see the desperation she had in her face but before i could reply she just kept going, spilling everything in her head to me “I didn’t know if you had the same thoughts about me or not, if you were able to forget and move on, I didn’t know if you found me attractive especially being pregnant, or if I was hoping against hopes….. Don;t get me wrong although you have a special place in my head and heart I am not looking to fuck up my life and start new with your never ending love. I don’t think you and I were ever about that. I just want to be physically with you. I want you to make me feel whole sexually, Take my body and do what you do to me”

With that she kissed me, stuck her tongue in my mouth and instantly i felt 8 years younger. She got up, turned around I could see the wet spot on the leather in from of me, but she straddled my lap, grabbing both sides of my face and pulled me into her mouth again. We made out like two high school lovers, Passionately, like we were just discovering each other for the first time. She was grinding into my rock hard cock through my shorts. I buried my head between her tits and she gasped and I could feel her heart beat in her chest.

“take me upstairs” she whispered “fuck me in my bed so that I can think of you every time I have to endure Roger touching me. or at the very least every time I use my Vibrator on myself since he hardly ever touches me”

“lead the way” I relied.

At that she grabbed my hand and led me up the stairs, throughout the double doors that led to their room and there waiting was a huge king size bed. She pushed me onto it “We need you on a level playing field with me”
She undid my belt and buckle and pulled off my shorts, then came the boxers, then the shirt. Suddenly I was naked sitting on the edge of her bed. As she started to go down on her knees I stopped her.

“All things equal time to lose the teddy”

“No, you don’t want to see my belly, I have stretch marks, I am not the woman you knew and I want you to fuck that girl and remember that girl and make me feel like her”

“Nonsense” I said “You are as sexy and gorgeous as I remember, I am not the same guy as back then and neither are you but that is fine. If I am going to fuck you, pregnant, I want to see every gorgeous inch of you.”

She smiled, stood up and removed her teddy. Now I have to say. I have not been with a naked pregnant woman before, nor seen one other then magazines. Sure she had stretch marks, what woman can go through 3 pregnancies and not. She was still gorgeous and sexy and other then my wondering how it would feel and how she would respond, I was hot to find out.

Again, she started for my cock. I stopped her ad said “No, you first”

I laid her on the bed with her legs hanging off the end. i spread her legs and got to my knees. As I was about to go to her pussy she said “I thought you didn’t like eating pussy?”

“A lot has changed over the years, I have learned to enjoy it and what it does to my partners. Just enjoy it and lets’s see where we end up”

For the first time I got a good look at the cunt I haven’t seen for almost 10 years. Surprisingly (I don’t know why) it was the same as I remembered. Christy had tried to maintain a shaved pussy I learned (not easy being pregnant) and it was appreciated by me. I love shaved pussy. Her lips were perfectly protruding as I remembered and her clit was already very much visible. She had cum everywhere, her lips glistened with her cum, I could visible see it leaking out of her. Not just clear wet lubricant but becoming white cum like I had already fucked it out of her.

After admiring the beauty in front of me, I went for it. Not pussy footing around (no punn intended) I took her entire mound into my mouth. Moving up to where my tongue could penetrate her and I had her clit in my mouth like it was the nipple of her tit. She moaned and bucked to me. Instantly I felt her gush into my mouth and down my chin. The amount she came I could never hope to consume it all, no man could.

I took her clit, suckling it and flicking my tongue over it. I have a technique where a like to think of my tongue as an artists brush. As every woman is different so is every work of art, Once I find the right strokes, flicks and drawing the right shapes and patterns, the art of eating pussy is revealed. As I would change rythhm, pressures, strokes, Christy’s body would move correspondingly to me technique.

“My god Jay……..OOHHHHH MY GGOOOOODDDD…… I have never felt anything so god damn amazing……. FFUUUUCKKKKK”

I have never had a woman cum so much regardless of what I did oral, anal, pounding her pussy. Never had I experienced so much. I could even make my wife squirt but that was different type of wet. This was insane. She bucked against my face as her most intense orgasm took her over.

“FUCK don’t stop…..wait stop….. no don’t stop. FUCK, FUCK FUCK FUCK…… I don’t know what to do it’s insane… OOHHHHHH MY FUCK……GOD…..Oh My God” What are you doing to me?”

To me to make a woman feel as orgasmic as Christy must be feeling is as much of a turn on as anything. It takes a level of maturity to get to that point in your life I believe. As a teenager I remember being almost selfish and assuming that when I was done my partner was done. Had I made that assumption with Christie I was going to make it up to her all in one night if I could.

“My GOD…..Jay, Fuck don’t stop….. I Don’t know what is going to happen next but FUCK……. Oh God>… OOHHHHHHH”

Christy was loosing it, I stuck my tongue into her pussy as deep as I could. My chin was soaked, the bed under her soaked, I could feel her cum come in waves out of her. I do not recall her tasting as good as she was now in our youth, maybe I never tapped the well as deep as I had her now. She tasted amazing, Tangy but sweet and so very plentiful I was amazingly aware of my throbbing cock,matching me heartbeat, hoping I would not be a two pump chump when the time came raced through my horny mind when it happened…..


And an indescribable scream from deep within her soul that could never be transcribed. If her neighbours lived closer they would be over. I do not know how her kids did not wake. She came and cum she did. Her cum just flowed, hot over my tongue, she even started to squirt. Not in quantities I had seen before with my wife but with pressure, and then the milky cum form deep within her pussy. Christy pushed my head back “I can’t take it anymore”

Then I got to see her pussy contracting and releasing from all of my efforts.

“My FUCKING GOD ALMIGHTY” she gasped “You have learned a lot since the last time we did this. I have never, never, never ever had an orgasm like that. I know I have been over the top horny when I am pregnant but could never imagine such pleasure being possible. It Is your turn get up here”

I was not about to argue. I laid down on her bed. Christy said “Let me show you the things I have learned over the years. Although even with all my practice on Rogers’ 5 inch cock I might not be able to take you all”

With that she sure tried to take it on one gulp. No easing into it for this horny preggo cock fiend, she jammed 5 inches in easily and I felt her throat contract around the head of my cock, she gagged and coughed a little and spit came out all around my shaft. When she came up for air right after she said
“I remember that curved beast now, let me move a bit”

She went from straddling me to facing my throbbing soaked cock sideways. Most woman including my wife do this because of the curvature of my cock. I actually prefer it because it gives me access to play with there tits, and finger their pussies. Christy engulfed my cock again like ti was her let meal. This time she almost got it all, let me tell you sucking cock was always what I loved about her… in the past. She did not disappoint. Drooling all over my cock and playing with my balls, she knew ho to give the best “dirty”porn star blow jobs known to man.

I don’t know how long I could last, I could feel my balls tingling my cock was on fire and Christy must have sensed it because she slowed down her efforts to prolong it as best as she could. I knew I had to distract my mind from the impending explosion of Cum from my balls that I am sure she would drown in. I started to reach for her pussy to play with it and she shot up.

“I can’t handle you on my clit just yet but how about this” She reached into her nightstand and pulled out a pink dildo about 6″ long and continued “Fuck my pussy with this while I suck your cock. I want you to cum in my mouth, we have all night and I know I can get you hard again to fuck me, Let’s get the first one off and out of the way”

I didn’t need to be asked twice, I knew there would be no need for lubricant as she was dripping. I don’t mean dripping like some people describe as a measure of wetness. Her pussy literally had strings of cum dripping from it. She went back to work on my cock, This time fucking it deep into her throat and when that dildo opened her lips and I thrusted it into her she inhaled my cock even more. I knew I wouldn’t last long so I matched the thrusting of the fake cock in her to the pounding her mouth was doing on my cock. This was driving her wild and she started to muffle moan into my cock.


With those sounds she started to buck again and I could feel cum running down my hand and wrist. I couldn’t take it anymore.

“My god Christy….. OH MY FUCKING GOD …. I am going to cum, Are you ready…. Oh god You Horny preggo slut of mine>…… FUCK”

And with that I blasted stream after stream down her throat. She took the first few shots with out hesitation, the third and following ones must have caught her off guard as she had to pull back, but never taking her mouth off of my cock. When the shooting stopped she took my still hard cock out of her mouth, Opened her mouth and showed me my load on her tongue. She smiled, closed her mouth and smiled.

“My god” she said “you are amazing, I need a drink, for some reason I feel dehydrated.”

She skipped off to the bathroom as I watched her sexy ass sway, she looked back at me and spanked her ass and said “I will be right back Stud”

As I lay there I could not help but notice for the first time in as long as I remember. Porbably since High school or maybe college, My cock was still hard, rock hard and pulsating. “Must be a mental memory of the amazing piece of ass I had again fucking me” I thought.

In either event I was not going to waste this chance….

As Christy came back, she too noticed the obvious.

“Is that still ready for action?” She asked

“It would appear so” I shot back

As she laid back down she asked
“How do you want me?”

“I will be honest Christy, I am not sure how to fuck you being pregnant, Can I hurt you? Hurt the baby? Can you do the same types of things?”

She giggled and said ” You can not hurt the baby, Your cock may hurt me, but that would be that same regardless. You should also know I had my other two C-section so my pussy will feel the exact same as it did when we were 16. Although I don’t know if it matters either way. Riding you may not be as easy but I am just as flexible and able to spread my legs wide and you can fuck me as deep as you want. From behind you wouldn’t know I was pregnant so the choice is your sexy.”

“Well I want to watch you as I fuck you right now, Lay on your back and let me pound you like you have been missing”

With that she laid down, she propped herself up with some pillows behind her neck and I positioned myself between her legs. My cock did start to deflate a bit but I knew once I was being squeezed by Christy’s tight wet pussy I would be my full hardened self. I reached in to kiss her before i was going to fuck her. Our tongues fought in her mouth for dominance and my cock was teasing and rubbing outside of her soaking wet pussy.

She bucked as it hit trying to make me thrust in her. I steadied the head of my throbbing cock against her opening and she moaned

“Please fuck me, I desperately need your cock, It has been so long since any flesh and blood cock has fucked me but I want you. From this day on and forever you can fuck me anytime anywhere. I will make myself available to you and only you.”

How could any man argue with that, I pressed into her hot wet cunt. The heat from her was incredible, her wetness would have to be described as legendary. I didn’t thrust all of it into her, not wanting any type of pain. I am sure she probably should have handled it, I wanted to feel every inch go in, every fold and muscle inside of her hole as I pushed.

It dawned on me as I was on my first full thrust into her. We had never fucked bareback. The closest I ever came was just wet humping her pussy while she was a virgin. I would rub the entire shaft of my cock while she road me and came on me but never penetration without a condom.

For some reason I wanted her to realize this as well.
“Christy, babe. You feel amazing. I will fuck you anytime and every time I can. Do you realize this is the first time I have been inside of you with out a condom?”

“Oh GOD YES, I know I can’t stop cuming on your hard cock, I want to feel you shoot your load into me. Not yet OHH GOD but please….. fuck me… I want to feel you in a week from the soreness of my cunt.”

I don’t know what it is about a woman talking in such a filthy way, but words can fire me up like no bodies business. I took it almost as a challenge and put her legs over my shoulders. I started jack hammering my cock into her pussy like I was drilling for gold.

“OH OH OOHOHHHHHH FUCK ME JAY. FUCK ME LIKE MY SMALL DICKED SPERM DONOR OF MY CHILDREN NEVER COULD….. FUUUCCCKKK. I wish that small dicked fucker could see what a real man fucks like”

As the words were leaving her mouth so was another wave of cum, if I could describe the sounds of my cock pounding her pussy and the wetness of it all I would win a pulitzer, there may not be words enough to satisfy the description, squishy gushing noises both from the opening of her sopping cunt and my balls slapping against her dripping ass. Mixed with the squirting she was doing I wasn’t sure how she would hide the wet mattress from Roger. I really didn’t care at that point as these thoughts were merely distracting me from blowing another wad of my baby making juices in Christy.

“OH GOD you fucking stud, You are my sex God Jay. Please let me ride you as best as I can, I remember how much you love to be fucked. If I sit up I can still get good depth with your cock”

With that it was my turn. I laid down and Christy was ready to take her turn. I really am trying to communicate the insanity of it all when I say. As she stood over me, straddling me and readying herself to lower her gorgeous, sopping swollen pussy over my cock. Her cum was dripping, strings of if trailing behind as each drop left her lips and cunt. I am not exaggerating in the slightest as I have never experienced anything like this before or since her. It was such a turn on to know that I made her this way, this crazy, this lustful.
As she was mere inches from me she asked

“Are you ready my fuck god to have my soaking pussy engulf you?”

All I could do was nod and mouth “FUCK ME”

The level of pleasur I was having was legendary. Here I was laying in another man’s bed, my wife a thousand miles away, him 500 miles away. His horny pregnant wife my long ago high school fuck buddy, girlfriend now she was my cock slut. Begging me to allow her to be my fuck toy. She was seconds from sticking my throbbing cock inside her pussy and using me to cum again. If there is a heaven it must feel this good. I saw past her belly although sexy and also a whole other level of kinky.

She says “Ready for a surprise?”

Before I could answer She has my cock against her puckered but still soaking asshole and with a plop fucks it all the way in in one stroke.

“OH GOD JAY…. I have never had another cock on my ass…. OOHHHH GOD”

ANd with that another wave and gush came out of her pussy and run down to my stomach.

“Please stud play with my clit, can you reach it I will lean back and fuck you with my ass. PLEASE I WANT TO CUM WITH YOU IN MY ASS”

As far as a pregnant woman goes, she fucked me better with her big belly then I have been fucked on top by anyone. I gladly suffered through to reach her clit, it was protruding far enough I could sneak my hand around the side.


This time it was both of us screaming these words. When my cock hungry MILF slut started to go the wetness of it all was insane. She came,,,, and squirted. Had her belly not been there to block the squirting explosion I would have needed a face shield for sure. AND SCREAM


she fell on me my cock popping out of her ass.

“Fuck Jay, I can’t think of anything but your cock. OH GOD I have given everything I have to you, take anything you want. I will suck you, Fuck you with my pussy, my ass my tits, anything anywhere. Promise me you will put your load deep inside of me and I don’t care anymore”

“Well Christy, My sex toy, Clean my cock off with your mouth and I will bend you over and pound you deeper then you have ever felt before”

I am not a total pig and would never expect any woman to suck my cock after being in her ass. I can’t imagine any woman outside of the controlled environment of porn doing something like that. The reality is I did wiped it off for her. But when I returned from the bathroom Cleaned up but still throbbing hard it resumed.

Without any hesitation that dirty cock fiend gobbled down my cock slurping every but of it, right down to my balls. She faced fucked my cock with out any extra guidance from me.

“Christy, I want you to know you are the best cock sucker and fuck I have ever had”

taking my cock out of her mouth, she looked up at me and said “You too stud, I meant what I said about being your fuck toy anytime. My only regret is you live so far. I hope I motivate you to come home more often then you have in the past”

Quickly shoving my fuck stick back down her throat

“Oh GOD babe bend over for me and get ready for the pounding of your life.”

She turned over legs bent and knees on the edge of the bed she shoved her ass and pussy so far back I knew I would be bottoming out on her pelvic bone with my thrusts. I wondered if her baby would truly be out of reach of my cocks wrath of destruction as I attempted to beat Christy’s guts out.

I aimed my cock at her cunt and while holding her hips pounded as deep as I could, She took t well Screaming “GOD DAMN” as I pounded off the inside of what must have been her cervix.

“Fuck JAY, Fuck me like there is no tomorrow, CUM SO deep in me I spit your load out. FUCK MY CUNT!!!!”

That was the last straw for me, I couldn’t take much more three more thrusts and I grabbed her hips on the final one and pushed till her eyes must be bulging.


and stream after stream of cum shot out of my balls , up my shaft and like a fire hose coated the inside of her burning cunt. That wasn’t it though, as I came so did she, I thought she pissed the bed she squirted with such ferocity and the cum leaking around my cock was surely hers since mine could not make it back from so deep inside of her yet.

As Christy collapsed my cock popped out. I had to stand there admiring this sexy woman who I had used and had used me for 2 hours plus. I watched what eventually was my cum ooze out of her and add to the collection of her juices from before.

When the our orgasmic high came down Christy asked “want to shower with me? was my back?”

“Sure, I need one as bad as you”

As we walked to the ensuite she said “I have never came so much, NEVER knew it was possible, It was kind of embarrassing.”

I had to laugh “Fuck babe it was the horniest most exciting sex i have ever had do not be embarrassed. What about your bed?”

“Don’t worry, If you will help me change the sheets, Roger doesn’t sleep in here anyways so we can just flip the mattress and he will never know. My pussy is never used by him anyways, it is yours now”

“sounds good” as we stepped into the shower

After helping Christy clean up the evidence I left for the night. I walked to my brothers leaving my truck as I was probably not in condition to drive. When I went back for it the next day Roger was home. We made small talk he probably though I was a retard for the grin on my face. Why you might ask….. well beside the obvious reason I railed his wife all night and she was going to be my sex slut anytime I was in town as his back was to the house Christy was flossing my her tits and rubbing her cunt in the window behind him….. Thank god for sunglasses and stupid neglectful husbands and wives.

I hope you guys enjoyed the story. It is 100% true, actually it is probably toned down from reality as I am not a professional writer and articulating reality is not as easy as you would think. Words are easy to type but the intention, feelings, and tone of the moment is sometimes hard. I tens to write things as I would say or think and sometimes I am sarcastic or playful and those things do not come through.

I had many encounters with “Christy” over the years. If appreciated I will write more. Although the sex is pretty wild each time, locations and situations change. Not to mention she wasn’t pregnant after.

Other then Christy I did eventually get out of my sexless marriage and date. I led another life that has involved a fair bit of swinging, a lot of threesomes with couple friends that I made over the years and also became the lover to a few married older ladies.
Hope you enjoy

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re-connecting with Married, Preggo High school ex and the fun that follows