Samantha Makes Some Discoveries – Sex Stories

Samantha Makes Some Discoveries – Sex Stories

For those who would seek their destiny, there are always consequences. Wanting to be a real bitch and finding out that it comes naturally to you, are quite different things, and, although it took a few days to dawn on her, in the end Samantha knew that at 14 she had found the path she would tread for the rest of her life. And she loved it.

In truth, it nearly didn’t happen. The immediate aftermath of her first experience caused stress levels that were off the scale. Her agitation and discomfort at being knotted delayed her separation from the dog for nearly an hour. She’d lay there, trying to be calm, but acutely aware of the mess she had made of herself, the dog, and her room – all of which would need to be cleaned up, enough to pass a casual inspection, by the time her parents got home. Then there was Phil, her younger brother. How much had he actually seen or comprehended when he’d burst in on her. Oh God, what if he said something. She could blackmail him over the doctor and nurses episode with the little girl next door, but she’d have to get to him before he opened his mouth! Worst of all, there was no guarantee she would ever be able to stand up and walk again. She was totally drained, and sore! Very, very sore!

Eventually Rufus, the family’s white Akita she had initially seduced into helping her masturbate before it all got out of hand, shrank enough that she could ease him out of what, until two hours ago, had been her virgin pussy. He promptly curled round and proceeded to lick himself clean. That was good. Now free and in clean-up mode herself, her stress level dropped to barely intolerable.

She found, after learning how to hobble slightly bow-legged, there were two major difficulties facing her. One was the overpowering mixture of dog pheromones and her urine smell which had penetrated every crevice in the room. The other was the overwhelming volume of dog semen which had penetrated every crevice in her vagina.

A wide open window, a ceiling fan at full blast and a nearly full can of fabric deodorizer seemed to fix the first, but even a shower, a (very gentle!) scrub, and two douches, albeit neither very skilled, didn’t fix the second – it was to take two days of frequent vaginal deodorant applications and equally frequent sanitary pad changes before the persistent dribble finally stopped.

That first night she wasn’t finished in time to talk to Phil before their parents arrived back, so talking to him would have to wait. The following morning Phil thankfully had pre-school soccer training and left before anyone else was up; she’d have to catch him at school. Conversation among the rest of the family at the breakfast table was pretty much normal, even Sam’s glazed look was not viewed as out of place, they had long ago concluded she was not a “morning” person. She had, for the time being at least, escaped detection.

Rufus knew her secret of course, but then he couldn’t let on …or could he? For reasons Sam hoped only made sense to the two of them, he chose to lay beside her chair instead of the more usual spot next to her mother. Her mum’s raised eyebrow went unnoticed, but the slightly chagrinned “Hmmm, the little deserter must think you’re going to feed him this morning. Could you do that, sweetie?”, did cause Sam a couple of heart palpitations. Her momentary discomfort also went unnoticed, overshadowed by the dog’s instant reaction to the mention of food. After last night, he was hungry!

Over the next few days Rufus was constantly at Sam’s side whenever he had the opportunity. That wasn’t totally uncommon either, they’d always been close because more often than not, although not his primary food provider, it was Sam who took him for walks. Her mum did comment on the amount of hair he was shedding in her room though. Sam tried shutting him out but he just sat outside her door and whined. Phil’s subsequent complaint about the noise got a scornful reception from the rest of the family, the ultra, over-the-top, maximum plus, volume setting on his game machine counting heavily against him, but mum did relent. “Just make sure you give him a good brush every day, at least until he stops shedding. And don’t sleep with him in your room, ok?”

Ker-thumpa-thump. Skip. Gulp, swallow. Gurgle, “Er… why not, Mum?”

“Because it’s not healthy, is why not. He’s a male dog and the room will get a real musty doggy smell if he’s shut in. Besides, he may want to go out and ‘water the garden’ at some stage and I bet it’ll be me, not you, who wakes up if he carries on.”

Not even wondering at that point how her mum knew such stuff, Sam was just grateful the explanation didn’t involve the word ‘sex’. “Ok.” she replied demurely, hiding a twinge of disappointment that flickered up from her groin.

The soreness down there had gradually been replaced by a dull ache and the realization that she wanted more of Rufus and his tongue, and, oooh yes, maybe other things as well. Having cautiously quizzed Phil, she’d found out he didn’t really know what she and Rufus had been up to. He had guessed it wasn’t anything Mum & Dad needed to know, and anyway he claimed to be bound by the sibling code of silence, if she knew what he meant. She did.

She reached the conclusion that if she was careful, and planned things in advance, it wouldn’t be too difficult to continue hiding the activities she had in mind for her and Rufus. Her major concern was how to avoid letting him knot her again. That had been the really painful part. She discovered the school’s computer system had some fancy Internet filtering software that denied her that as an avenue of enquiry. The school library was no use either of course, and although she had a card for the local public library, it had a witch for chief librarian who was reputed to ban any one under 50 from accessing the “Adults Only” section. Her dad’s computer was an option, but she didn’t want to leave a trail for him to see (she well knew how to find out where he’d been surfing!). She tried running it past her older sister Julie, but she knew squat. “I dunno, what’s a dog knot?” had been the response.

There was a girl in her class who’d only recently moved into town after her parents sold up their farm. She’d probably know something, but Sam wasn’t anywhere near ready to share yet. She did come across a book on dog breeding in a local book store but it was too expensive for her to buy, and after three days of quick visits to sneak a look she wasn’t any wiser and the store attendant was getting inquisitive.

She felt increasingly frustrated, both by a lack of progress and a lack of congress. She smiled inwardly at the choice of words and determined she would find the answer, and before Rufus totally lost interest – she’d noticed he’d already stopped hanging around her quite as much. Almost out of desperation she checked her parents own library one afternoon when she got out of school early. She figured her mum’s background as a veterinary nurse, and her dad’s as the son of a well known horse trainer might mean one of them had some old reference books sitting forgotten on a shelf.

She wasn’t supposed to go into her dad’s study without checking with him, he often had confidential client information lying around, but he didn’t keep the room locked and she knew how to be careful and not disturb anything.

That’s how, nearly a week after her first dog fuck, she struck pay dirt, and not just any old pay dirt either, real dirty pay dirt. Golden pay dirt even. Within ten minutes of finding the tattered folder containing a whole bundle of almost new Internet and computer printouts, pictures and text, she knew both her parents were “zoophiles” and heavily into “water-sports”. Wow! And double WOW!

There were a series of pictures of her mum with Rufus. In several she had the dog’s cock in her mouth, including a couple of her smiling at the camera with streaks of dog cum running down her chin. There were even two with her on all fours while Rufus mounted her from behind. In one you could clearly see Rufus had his meat shoved right into her mum’s bum hole. Sam wet her pants, several times, just looking at the pictures.

In a separate section she found pictures of both her parents pissing on each other. At the same time revolted and intrigued by scenes of her dad directing a stream of his bright yellow piss straight into her mother’s mouth, her mind boggled at the size of his almost erect penis. What finally blew her away was a picture of her mum, who had obviously collected a mouthful of dad’s pee, leaning over his face and spraying it back into his own open mouth. Her mum was making her dad drink his own piss!


Shaking with pent-up sexual energy, Sam frigged herself through the thick material of her jeans and came almost instantly. “Oh shit. I have to get that dog into action.” she thought. Quickly going back to the section with her mum and Rufus, she began reading some of the earlier Internet notes. There she discovered about tying socks or other material around dogs paws to stop them scratching and how, unless a dog was exceptionally well trained (people actually “train” dogs to do this stuff?), preventing them from knotting their partner (partner?) was very difficult without the intervention of a third person. Shit, thought Sam, but she read on.

It seemed that the best solo position was “doggy” style where the partner had some ability to move away if the dog’s thrusting was too vigorous, and rounded human buttocks also made it difficult for a dog to get close in. On the other hand, the human “missionary” position let dogs get much closer, and also made it difficult for the partner to move away. Shit! now they tell me, thought Sam.

At that moment the sound of a car pulling into the drive-way brought her back to the present. “Oh God, Dad’s back early. Oh shit, it’s not early, I’ve been here an hour too long.”

Quickly closing the folder and shoving it back under the stack of papers in the corner, she glanced round the room, made sure nothing looked disturbed and raced out the door. Feeling very flushed, she called Rufus, grabbed his leash and ran out the front door, bumping into her dad as she went. “Oh hi, Dad!” she called back over her shoulder, “Just taking Rufus for a run. Come on boy.”

“Wait up Sam.” said her dad. “What’s the rush?”

“I want to be back in time for the news, there’s an item on stem cell research I want to see.”

“Well, okay, but take Rufus later, I need to talk to you first.”

It seemed he and mum had arranged, at the last minute, to have an evening out with an interstate friend who was in town for the night. Mum was going to go straight to the friend’s hotel from work, but dad had needed to come home first, partly to drop off some papers and partly to let them know they’d have to arrange their own meal. Sam said that was fine, and it was. It REALLY was. Five minutes later dad was backing out the drive-way again and she waved him goodbye.

Intending to go back and finish reading the notes she’d discovered, now that she had plenty of time, Sam re-entered the office. The folder had gone! She was certain she put it back in the right place and now it wasn’t there. Unless he was really quick, dad hadn’t had time to hide it anywhere else, he must have taken it with him, she concluded. What were her mum & dad really going to get up to tonight, she wondered. The tingling in her own groin stopped her dreaming and started her consideration of what she was going to get up to. Lots and lots, she decided.

First she wanted to find out where her dad had got all that stuff from. Obviously the pictures were taken with the digital camera he used for work, but where did he get the Internet stuff. She’d never found anything even remotely like it on the desktop machine in front of her.

Remembering he also had a laptop he used for work, she quickly checked the briefcase he’d left beside the desk when he came home. Sure enough, his laptop was there, so she pulled it out and opened it up. Turning it on she found he didn’t use the same id and password protection as he did on the desktop. Trust Dad to be organized, she thought.

Five minutes and several logon on attempts later, she gave up. Her attention turned to the small digital camera he also had in his briefcase. The preview window showed he had just 7 pictures stored and they were all work related. Putting the camera and laptop back, she spied a box of blank re-writable CDs and noticed the seal was broken. There were only eight left in the box but one of them had been used. It bore a hand written label “D/R & R/R” and a date less than a month ago. Her dad’s initial was D for David, her mum was R for Rebecca, and of course Rufus was R too. Could it be?

A trembling hand slipped the CD in the desktop machine and she switched it on. After logging on and locating the viewer she gazed in amazement at the list of files. There were about a dozen JPEG’s listed and 3 MPG’s. Dad had video’s on here! Within a few seconds of clicking on the smallest one she was treated to the most amazing sight she had ever seen. Her mother’s smiling face filled the screen, or what was left of it, after you allowed for the enormous penis that took up a fair slice. As she watched, her mother’s lips retreated and the jerking penis pulled back until it’s head appeared, then an enormous gush of semen jetted from it’s tip and splashed across her mother’s face, a great glob shooting up her left nostril. Jet after jet followed, her mum’s tongue snaking out and catching much of it. The clip ended with her mum’s mouth open wide to the camera, showing off her tongue floating in a sea of milky white fluid.

Sam had her hands jammed into her crotch trying to control the insistent throbbing in her pussy but she knew it was only a matter of time before she came again. Clicking the second MPG clip, her mother’s face re-appeared, in a very similar pose, but the penis this time was thinner and redder. Rufus! She watched in awe as her mother gave head to the dog with apparently as much enjoyment to all concerned as in the first clip. The result was certainly the same. About 30 seconds in the penis really started jumping around and she saw her mum’s hand grip the glistening shaft to control the wild thrusting. Thin, almost clear fluid, seeped from her mum’s lips as they slid off the end of the penis to reveal a very pointy tip and another stream of semen. This stream seemed to be more constant, but what it lacked in pressure bursts it certainly made up for in volume. That just has to be Rufus she thought.

As if reading her mind, (or maybe her pussy?) the dog, who’d followed her back into the office after the aborted “walk”, chose that moment to nudge her thigh. Sam, on the verge of climaxing herself, nearly jumped out of her skin. “Oh shit Rufus! Don’t do that!”

Instantly she regretted her tone of voice, “No, I don’t mean that at all, boy, come here”.

Swiveling in the chair she turned to face him, parted her denim covered legs and invited him to bury his muzzle in her groin. He did, and she immediately turned to jelly. Gripping the arms of the chair to control her jerking, she literally creamed in her jeans, and Rufus knew it.

Waggling his tail and snuffling deep in her crotch he nibbled at the damp material. “Oh fuck, Rufus.” she gasped. “I want lot more of that, a lot, lot more. Let’s get out of here.”

Deciding the rest of the CD could wait until she got another chance to view it, she quickly closed down the viewer, removed the CD and put it back where it came from. She shut down the desktop, carefully checking that nothing else looked disturbed and stood up. “Come on Rufus, we’ve got things to do and places to go. Oh, DO I have a place for you to go.”

Rufus, recognizing the tone of voice (or was it the intense aroma – or both) was instantly interested in following her to the ends of the earth. Either way, he knew what was coming.

Back in her room, Sam pretty much ripped her clothes off. The one tiny corner of logic still functioning in her brain reminded her to lock the door first and spread a large bath towel on the floor before she got down to business, and get down she did.

Laying on her side on the towel she called the dog over. His penis was already half way out of it’s sheath and she stroked it gently as he eagerly bent his head to her sopping vagina. Automatically spreading her legs she felt his tongue bring instant fire and she had trouble focusing on what her hand was doing. His back arched and he began humping her fingers. She tried to twist her head under his belly but the angle was wrong. She couldn’t tilt her head back far enough to get his penis to her lips, and what his tongue was doing to her lower pair of lips dissuaded her from changing positions.


Letting the dog pleasure her, she lay back and looked up at his shiny pole as it slid to and fro in her hand. A thin thread of pre-cum emerged and extended down until it waggled in front of her nose. Lifting her head a little she put out her tongue and caught the end of it in mid-swing. It tasted sort of bitter, but not unpleasant. At this point a mini climax overran her senses for a while and she just let the dog drip onto her face and chest.

When normality re-surfaced, she managed to get the dog to lie on his side so she could snuggle in close to him. Without even the slightest reluctance or moments hesitation, she lifted his extended shaft and slid her lips over it, drawing him deep into her mouth. Holding him around his knot, which had now emerged, she savored the taste of him and fell in love. Slowly she began bobbing her head as she’d seen women do to men in one of her dad’s blue movies she discovered some months ago. The dog’s penis felt strange in her mouth, sort of soft and hard at the same time, but she loved the way it twitched as she washed it with her tongue. She could taste more and more of his bitter pre-cum and wondered how long it would be before he released his real seed and what that would taste like.

She hoped he was enjoying her attention as much as she enjoyed his. He seemed to. He certainly wasn’t in any hurry to stop her. He stretched out and half rolled onto his back, spreading his legs and letting Sam have full access to his belly, shaft and testicles. She leaned over, caressing him gently with her free hand, all the while maintaining her soft rhythmic suctioning. Occasionally he twisted his head and licked whatever part of her he could reach. A budding right breast with it’s taut nipple seemed to manage more than it’s fair share of such treatment, and Sam, as had many of her sisters before her, learned of the direct neural link between nipples and the muscle tissue around her womb. Lick, twitch. Lick, twitch. Delicious.

Neither of them seemed in any hurry to progress to other things, but eventually Sam’s jaw began to ache and she decided the growing ache in another part of her anatomy could do with some attention too. Leaving the dog to the stroking of his own tongue for a while, she rummaged through her bottom drawer for an old pair of tennis socks and some ribbon. Finding both she could barely contain her excitement. Now they could fuck, but this time she’d make sure they did it right.

To her surprise, she had no trouble putting the socks on the dog’s front paws and tying them in place. He even looked quite happy for her to do it. He was. Because, like her, he knew what it meant.

As soon as she was finished he stood up and began nudging between her thighs once more. Not wanting to get caught off guard like last time, she made him sit while she got a pillow from her bed and put it down where she could rest her head on it. Kneeling down facing him, she patted his head and said, “Do you know what to do boy?” He seemed to nod in reply and leaned forward to lick her breasts again.

“I guess you do.” she whispered quietly. She gave him a hug and said, “Just be gentle. Ok boy?” He seemed to understand that too.

She turned around, leaned forward on all fours and looked back at him between her parted legs. He sat, tongue and penis both protruding, both drooling, waiting for her command.

“Ok, boy, do it.” He stood, moved forward, ran his tongue all the way from her swollen clit to her puckered bung hole and back again. He pushed a little way between her quivering vaginal lips and she used the fingers of one hand to hold herself apart for him. He pushed further in and twisted a little. Shivers ran up and down her spine and left her throbbing clit pulsing in time with her heart beat. The dog’s tongue withdrew and she saw a long thread of their joined juices drooping down between them. She could also clearly see his fully exposed penis bobbing between his legs. Oh god, I want to feel that inside me, she thought.

Mind reading again, Rufus moved further forward and very gently lifted his front paws until they were resting on her back. Shuffling his back legs, he arched his back and Sam saw his penis drawing closer and closer, but it was too high! He was going to miss the target! Nowhere near ready for her first anal penetration, she reached back and tried to grab the slippery wand, but it slid up over the cleft between her buns. Reaching back further she instinctively lowered her head to the pillow and tilted her backside into the air. She could feel Rufus beginning to hump against her and on a backward movement managed to grab hold of him. Tilting his penis down, she tried to guide him into her, but he was too quick, his rigid tip sliding between her vaginal lips and bumping her clit. That did not help her concentration one little bit!

“Slow down boy, slow down.” she said, trying to calm him.

Rufus, not really interested in being calm, nevertheless seemed to understand she was trying to help him. He stopped humping for a moment and his hips wiggled from side to side instead. The combination of movement and their already prolific lubricating fluids made holding onto to him very difficult, but after a few more misfires they managed a direct hit, and he slid easily into her.

“Oooofff.” Sam gasped as the sudden thrust took the wind out of her, “Easy boy, easy!”

Wriggling her own backside to sit him more comfortably inside her, she found he was settling into a steady rhythm. She reached back further and felt his knot was still some four to five centimeters outside her and figured that unless she spread her legs more he probably couldn’t get a lot closer. She was nearly right. Rufus could, and did get much closer, but just not quite close enough to get that knot all the way in.

She felt him picking up the pace and left him to it, wanting to concentrate on her own sensations. She tried playing with her clit for a while but found it wasn’t necessary. The dog’s insistent thrusting was providing more than enough stimulation. She pressed her head into the pillow and her other end into the dog, rocking on her knees in time with his constant pistoning.

Her first climax came out of the blue without warning. She’d been having mini orgasms from before he’d even entered her, and she knew that when she finally came it would be a mind blower, but she had expected at least some warning. The first real full blown “Oh fuck, that is GOOD!” thunderclap just happened. Her cunt spasmed and clamped down, her hips jumped and the fireball just erupted. The dog responded by going into overdrive and her muffled scream into the pillow probably wasn’t heard by anyone further away than the next town, or so it seemed to her.

Hardly able to catch her breath before she felt the next climax start, she knew this was the one she’d been waiting for. She felt it build and build, the dog was as deep into her as he could get, his knot pushing up against her swollen and tender outer lips. She felt a flood of juices flowing down her inner thighs and she willed the dog to fuck her as hard as he could. She wanted him to empty his seed in her, she wanted him to make her come and come and keep on coming. She loved this feeling, the feeling of being filled and used, at his mercy yet somehow cared for and needed by him as much as he was needed by her.

“Oh god I’m such a fucking bitch. Make me come Rufus, make me come. Make me scream, fill me up, fuck me, fuck me. Oh sweet Jesus, fuck me until I can’t come any more.”

The dog did his best to comply, and Sam did more than enough to make it worth his while. To Rufus, much as he enjoyed his sessions with her mother with all her experience, she didn’t have the intensity of this younger version. This one was a real bitch. And she was his, all his.

The fire built and Sam began to brace herself, stuffing the pillow into her mouth. Her whole body trembled and she knew that as soon as she felt the first hit of his hot seed, all hell would break loose. She was teetering on the very edge, perspiration was dripping off all over her, her inner thighs were drenched in sticky fluid, her straining nipples were ready to burst out of her chest and she was going to pee any second. She was ready.

Joined together in a blur of movement they rose and rose to ever higher levels, Sam’s cunt screamed out for release, her lungs heaved for air and the dogs cock continued to ram into her. Ram, Ram, Ram, “Fuck, Fuck, Fuck.” The voice in her head rose to a screech then everything let go at once.

Not caring now if the dog knotted her or not, she thrust her hips back at him, letting the fire inside her explode around his pumping member, sucking out every drop she could get. Her long jet of piss splashed back over both of them, and the dog’s low howl resonated in her ears.

For what was probably only minutes, but seemed like hours, they humped as if the rest of their lives depended on it. Her swollen and flooded vaginal entrance learned to accommodate the beginnings of his knot as it stretched her young opening to it’s limits.

With each forward thrust she resisted the urge to move away, holding herself firm, even pressing back into him to get the maximum possible feeling. The awesome power in the dog’s haunches almost lifted her knees off the floor with each thrust, jamming her bouncing breasts into the rough toweling material beneath her. Her body was aglow from end to end, every part of her aware of his hot seed filling her up. This was what she wanted. This was what she craved. This was what the primordial part of her brain demanded. She wanted to be, she had to be, she WAS, the world’s greatest fucking bitch that ever opened her cunt to man or beast.

Eventually exhausted, she slumped forward, but still her vaginal muscle continued to milk him dry, the dying spasms in her hips encouraging him of their own accord.

Slowly the dog too pulled back, they hadn’t knotted and she felt the last of his cum dribble down the burning cheeks of her backside.

They were both satisfied…for the moment. Had she been thinking with her brains instead of her pussy, Samantha could have worked out that hiding her “extra curricular” activities, particularly from her mother, would be next to impossible. Rebecca, her mum, was smart. She was a mother, a trained veterinary nurse and a practicing zoophile herself. Sam was aware of all of this, she just never thought about it rationally, but then she was in love, and what’s rational about that.

It was inevitable Rebecca would put the pieces together. There were at least four major clues, and she picked up on all of them. First, there was the almost overnight change in Samantha, from an frowning uptight teen with low self- esteem to a relaxed confident young woman with an inner glow. Second, as is common in established households, the three females in this one had closely matching cycles and none of them was due – so why the sudden diminution of the emergency sanitary pad supply. Third, Sam, who had never been keen on even the simplest of household chores, was now willing, even eager, to feed and groom Rufus, the family’s white Akita, and finally, as if the other three were not enough, there was the animal himself.

In the five years since she and husband David had specially selected Rufus as a pup, he had become very attached to Rebecca, in more ways than one, as they had intended, but in only a few days that allegiance had changed. Now, whenever he had the chance, he preferred Sam’s company. He still performed for Rebecca, but required encouragement where previously, of his own accord, he would come to her while she and David were watching late night TV and nuzzle into her crotch to let them know he was ready any time she was.

It took barely three days for the pieces to ‘click’ but Rebecca monitored the situation for another week or so before voicing her thoughts to David. Snuggled up to him one evening in front of a boring sitcom repeat, she ran her observations past him and questioned whether it wasn’t time to share a little of their own life style choices with their youngest daughter.

David responded by telling her of a few odd things he’d noticed himself, like the papers in their ‘personal’ folder not being sorted the way he thought he’d left them, and someone leaving his back-up CD out of the desk top computer. That wasn’t overly strange in itself except, when he checked, he’d found references in “Recent Documents” to files that only existed on their ‘private’ rewritable CD – the one they’d created a few weeks ago and which he thought they’d only viewed on his laptop since. He’d not said anything because he wasn’t sure it was any of their three children, it might just be his memory slipping, but he had noticed the pleasant change in Samantha about the same time. She did seem a lot more agreeable recently, a bit like her mum after a good ‘session’.


The comment cost him a playful thump, but his next remark earned him a more serious rebuke.

“Perhaps if Sam already knows our little secret, we should invite her to join us.”

“David! That’s our 14 year old daughter you’re talking about. That’s disgusting. It’s bad enough she might have seen the pictures. How did she manage that, you said you put them safely away, and how did she find the CD, don’t you keep that locked in your briefcase?”

“I don’t know for certain she has seen anything, I don’t even know for sure if anybody has. It’s just I’d sorted the photos and the internet pages into a particular sequence and they weren’t in that order the night we went to visit Jim and Stella. Remember, I couldn’t find some of the ones of you and Rufus to start with, the close-ups of him in your ars…er, rear end. They turned up with that raunchy set of you kissing me and passing back my own piss.”

“Yes, I do remember something about that. Didn’t Stella comment she thought the ones with Rufus were really clear compared with the others and you said something about being in control behind the camera for those and infront of it and out of control for the others.”

“Yeh, something like that. That’s when Jim chipped in and said Stella complains about him not being in control of anything he gets behind.”

“I remember, she even admitted that was true, but said it wasn’t a real complaint when it was her ass he was behind, only when he was behind the wheel of a car and trying to feel her up at the same time.”

“That’s only because they’d copped a ticket on the way from the airport that evening in the hired car. I mean, what do you expect. You get pulled over for weaving across three lanes, then tell the cop you were feeling for the street directory between the passenger’s feet – and the book’s in plain view on the dash! Having the cop’s torch discover your wife’s knickers round her ankles doesn’t help much either.”

They laughed again at the memories and stories from that night, but soon Rebecca brought them back to Sam. “Ok, but how did Sam get to see the pictures?”

“Don’t you remember, I’d left them at home that day and had to go back and pick them up before we met Jim and Stella. I took them out of my briefcase in the morning and stuck the folder under a pile of papers in the study. I had an all day meeting with the racing board and I didn’t want them anywhere near that crowd, just in case.”

“And what about the CD?”

“I did keep that in the briefcase, but I left it and all the meeting paperwork at home when I picked up the folder. I remember Sam looking very flushed and rushing out of the house when I turned up, something about taking Rufus for a run before the news on TV I think. Maybe I’d nearly caught her rifling through the stuff and she’d not had time to put it all back properly. If she’d spotted the photos already, she might have gone back to the office afterwards to look for more and found the CD in my briefcase. I was only home for a few minutes and didn’t think to lock it away.”

“Would Sam look through your stuff like that?”

“You tell me. She’s your daughter. Ouch!”

“She’s your daughter too, and you were the one who was always getting caught spying on people as a kid. It’s even part of your job now. You’re the curious one, don’t blame me if your daughter is checking up on you. How could you leave that CD where she could find it? You promised you wouldn’t show it to anyone, not even Jim and Stella. It was supposed to be just for us, in our old age when we’re too old to do anything but remember.”

“That’s why I left it at home. If I didn’t have it with us I couldn’t be tempted to show it to them, even in the heat of the moment so to speak, and it did get pretty heated that night if you remember.”

“Yes, I do remember. I was sore, everywhere, for days afterwards.”

“Well it was you who suggested Stella use her new strap-on up your ass while Jim and I filled the other two orifices you had on offer.”

“She didn’t tell me it was inflatable!”

“Come on, admit it, you loved it., and she didn’t inflate it until you started yelling for more. “More, more, more. Give me more!, you were yelling. Jeez, you carried on. Jim and I didn’t have any more to give. You had all of it and then some. Stella was the only one with ‘a bit extra’.”

“A BIT extra! Christ, it was nearly twice as thick when she finally pulled it out. I couldn’t believe it. Anyway, none of this is helping us with Sam. Even if she has seen all that stuff, why would she want to join a couple of old farts like us, when she’s got a beautiful creature like this to entertain her.” Rebecca continued, patting the dogs head affectionately.

Rufus was only available for patting because Sam was locked in her room, for the second night in a row, working on an assignment that HAD to be handed in the next day. Being the dog that he was, he wasn’t too proud to seek out whatever attention was on offer. Had he not been a vicious guard dog (right!), one might be tempted to call him a slut.

“No, I’m serious, think about it for a bit. You know what it was like when you first discovered your ‘leaning’. The one thing you wanted more than anything was to know you weren’t alone, that there were other people just like you that you could talk to and ask advice from. It was the same for me. I didn’t even know that ‘water-sports’ was what it was called until years after I’d seen that old blue movie dad’s stable hands got hold of.”

“You can’t be serious. She’s only 14.”

“How old were you, 12, 13?”

“13, but that’s not fair. I was a country girl, and country girls grow up quicker.”

“But you still wanted someone to talk to.”

“I had old Bill.”

“Bullshit, old Bill just wanted to get into your pants, he’d have let you tell him anything. Besides that, the bugger was nearly deaf.”

“That’s not the point.”

“Of course it’s the point. It wasn’t until you and I met in college that you actually found a real person you could talk to who didn’t think you were totally weird.”

“At least I knew ‘zoophilia’ had a name!”

“Now who’s not being fair.”

“Sorry, that was mean. You did kinda ask for it, but don’t lets argue, we need to decide what we’re going to do about Sam. Besides, you might be right, sort of.” she added, before David began to smirk.

“What do you mean, ‘sort of’.”

“Well perhaps I should have a chat with her, maybe feel her out some.”


Before David’s facial expression could become a comment on her choice of words, Rebecca continued. “You know what I mean, find out how much she knows, maybe even check if she really is playing around with Rufus. I don’t think there’s much doubt she’s screwing somebody, or some thing, and there’s been no deluge of phone calls or visits from pimply youths like we got with Julie. What do you think? Seriously now; and no more dirty-old-man talk either.”

“Isn’t that’s why you love me?”

“It is, but it’s not why Sam loves you. Don’t say it! I know just what you’re thinking. She may be like me, and she may come to love you like that, but then I’d have to share. I already resent sharing Rufus so I’m certainly not about to share you with a rampant 14 year old! And really, I want her to make her own choice, to be sure it’s what she wants, not something we want for her or even something we influence her about.”

“That’s probably the answer. Maybe we shouldn’t say anything to her, either of us, well not directly anyway. Perhaps we should wait for her to come to us. In the meanwhile it might be enough to let her know, somehow, that it’s ok to be a bit different. If she’s already seen some of our pictures, it mightn’t take much for her to open up to us.”

“THAT was good choice of words!”

David was not quite as quick as Rebecca. “You know what I mean.”

“Ok, you could be right, but how do you suggest we get the message across.”

“Well, there’s a couple of ways that spring to mind. Maybe we could catch her ‘in the act’, so to speak, like come home unexpectedly when we know the other two are out and she thinks she’s got the place to herself for a while.”

“That might freak the poor kid right out.”

“Not if we treat it kind of casual and don’t act surprised.”

“I don’t know. What’s the other idea.”

“The opposite. Let her catch us. I’m sure we could arrange something like, say, we expected to be alone one Saturday afternoon while they’re all out, but fix it so that Sam comes home early. If she really isn’t ready to confide in us she could just sneak away and not let on she’d seen us. That would let her set the pace.”

“I don’t know about that either, but I like it better than the other idea. How would you get Julie and Phil to stay away but make sure Sam came home early.”

“We could mention we’re going out too, perhaps for the whole afternoon and evening, so it looks like the house is going to be empty, and it would be ok if they wanted to stay over at a friends place rather than be home alone. Sam will think she can have the place to herself at least until the late evening. It would also explain how we thought the same for us if she comes home and finds us still here. I bet Julie would leap at the chance to have a late Saturday night out with her current beau. What’s his name?”

“I think it’s still young Jeff, you know, the junior tennis coach. Rumour has it he’s the boy who popped her cherry the weekend of the Junior finals.”

“Oh, yes, I know him. Not a bad looking kid either, half his luck, randy little devil. Ouch!, don’t keep doing that, you know how I bruise.”

“The only thing easy to bruise about you is your ego!”

“Ok, sorry. I asked for that – no – no – that does NOT mean I want more!”, David added in his defense before Rebecca could strike again.

“So how do you make it look like we don’t expect Sam or Phil to be home either?”

“Phil would be easy, just tell him we’ve relented and he can take his game machine over to that other kids house. The one he’s been plaguing us about for months. He could even sleep over if the other kid’s parents don’t mind.”

“Oh Sue and Ken won’t mind, she’s even suggested it a couple of times. Peter’s their only child and they’d love for him to have a friend stay over.”

“Good luck to them then,’though Phil might be the kid to change their mind!”

“Phil’s alright. You’re too hard on him, he’s just a bit boisterous, you’ve got to expect some exaggerated ‘male’ behaviour from a boy who’s got two older sisters. Ok, so how do we get Sam out of the house and make it look like we thought she’d stay out, but she’s actually free to come back if she thinks she’ll have the whole place to herself?”

“Oldest trick in the book. Give her some money to go to the movies. There a double sci-fi feature due for release soon. She bugged me about it the other day. I forget what it’s called, but she reckoned all the kids in her class were going to see it. She even tried to tell me her science teacher was going to make an assignment of it!”

“Oh, I know the one. Actually I think the assignment thing is true. I seem to remember reading something about it in a school newsheet. It’s here somewhere.” Rebecca got up to search the latest bunch of paper put aside for recycling.

“Here it is. Oh, this could be perfect. It’s Saturday week. The school’s organising two sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon/early evening. Special rates too, by the look of it. I know what, she’s been after some shoes to go with that dress Felicity bought her for her birthday. If I give her some money to buy the shoes on Saturday morning plus enough for lunch and the movie ticket in the afternoon, she could either stay out all day, or if she wants to get home early, she can go to the movie in the morning, pick up the shoes afterwards, and be home here by 2 or 3. What do you think?”

“If she’s anything like you, it’ll take her all day just to buy the shoes. No, no, just kidding!” said David, narrowly avoiding another application of physical force. Damn but these veterinary nurses build up muscles in their arms. “I think it sounds like a plan. Will she go for it?”

“Of course she will. She’s already picked out the shoes – though I must confess, it did take nearly a whole day! How well you know us.”

“Talking about knowing you, all this scheming in the name of lust is getting me very horny. I think it’s time we adjourned to an environment that’s more conducive to getting to know you better, in the biblical sense of course – as in Adam ‘knew’ Eve. What say you.”

“I could be in that, can Rufus come too?”

“Oooh, I don’t know, maybe I don’t want to share. Anyway, you know the rules, no kinky stuff while the kids are home.”

“Aw. We’ve just spent half an hour planning how to break that rule. Please, pretty please. It’s been over a week since he’s been with me. He’ll forget what it’s like to be with a ‘mature’ woman soon, and then he won’t want me at all. If that happens I could be looking for you to fill the gap, if you know what I mean!”

David knew.

“Don’t you have a late start tomorrow? Give the dog a work out in the morning.”

“I planned on doing house-work in the morning. Anyway, you know I like it much better when you’re there too.”

“That’s what you tell me.”

“Watch it, Mister, otherwise this fist might be as close as you get to being ‘physical’ with me tonight.”

“Okay, okay, I give in, Rufus can come in with us, mainly to keep him out of Samantha’s clutches, but no fucking him, ok. Wait ’til after the kids have left in the morning. He makes way too much noise. I’ll even stay back for an hour or so myself – if you promise to be good.”

“Oh I’ll be good. Bloody good. I promise. When was I any different!”

With that the pair of them, and Rufus, headed for their room and a long session of being good. Bloody good.

The dog got to watch and even managed a few sniffs and a couple of good licks as well, but that was all, until David fell asleep of course. As soon as his light snores began their gentle reverberations, Rufus made his own noises about needing to water trees. He and Rebecca both knew that this was just an excuse to slip down to ‘their’ spot at the back of the old converted stable the kids had once used as a Summer House. It was just a junk shed now, but it did have a couple of old mattresses that had seen more than a little ‘interaction’ between the two of them late at night. Usually on the nights she had a late start the next day and could afford to sleep in.

This night Rufus needed no encouragement at all. He’d hardly seen Sam for two days now – it WAS a BIG assignment – but he didn’t understand all that stuff. He was just horny. Basically being restricted to only watching his mistress and her man, had made it worse. It was just as well he wasn’t really a vicious guard dog, otherwise he might have been tempted to bite that bone he’d seen waving around.

No sooner had Rebecca pulled the mattress down and bent to take off the dust cover than Rufus went into action. She didn’t even get to remove her loose night shorts before he mounted and began humping his stiff doggy cock against her. “Steady boy, steady.” she whispered in his ear. “Let me take some steam out of you first. Come here.”


After years of practice, his response to her soft tones was instinctive. He sat in front of her kneeling form and licked her face. In the dim light from the small emergency lantern, her hand reached out and began stroking his fully extended shaft. “My, my, you are horny, big fella.” His reply was to push his head into the wide neck of her loose top. Pulling it over her head with a free hand, she let the light material drape over the crook of the arm that was stroking him, not wanting to break contact. Her now exposed, well proportioned and still firm breasts, became even firmer as the dog’s tongue gave her the glorious nipple bath that only big dogs with big tongues can give. That alone was half the reason she became a zoophile in the first place.

While continuing to stroke Rufus and enjoy his attention, her mind drifted back to the days of Old Blue, her dad’s ancient great dane. Now THAT was a tongue! Old Blue was quite a bit older than her, and when she was 11 (she’d lied to David) the dog had found her sunbathing topless at the back of a neighbour’s hay shed, while she’d been waiting for her dad to finish with a difficult calf birth.

She’d already discovered her magic button (she hadn’t lied about country girls growing up quicker) and she’d been playing with it that afternoon, working up quite a sweat in the warm sunshine. Anyway, Old Blue had come looking for her – probably something to do with that pussy smell again, you know, the one that young girls in heat seem to broadcast for miles, if you’ve got the nose for it, and Old Blue had that too!

There she was, topless, skirt hiked up, knickers pushed down and one hand buried in her dark thatch (Sam hadn’t inherited that bit from her mum). Her eyes were tight shut and focused on the handsome prince fantasy or whatever she used, she couldn’t remember now, when this enormous fluid monster raked across her upturned naked breasts and their straining pink nipples. The shock of it had sent her into an instant orgasm. Just the memory of it was enough to rattle her bones again, 26 years on.

Back in the present she realised Rufus was already cumming in her hand. He must have been horny. Gently rolling him onto his side she quickly lowered her lips to finish off what her hand had begun. The dog continued to hump for a while then relaxed as he felt her draw him deep deep into her mouth. He remembered now how exceptionally good it felt. The younger one hadn’t learnt how to do this properly yet, even though he tried not to hump against her face. Slowly the urgency drained from him and he knew he was in for a long rut once she was ready for him.

Rebecca lovingly swirled his semen round her mouth, relishing the bitter sweet taste and feel of the hot fluid as it slid down her throat. She’d never done that for Old Blue, and she was sorry. After all the pleasure he had given her, she’d never really given much back. He hadn’t seemed to mind though. He’d always been very gentle with her, even when she finally let him take her cherry.

That was less than a month before he died. She’d been devastated. Dad said he’d had a weak heart for a while, but she’d never known. It was a long long time before she forgave herself. They’d fucked twice the day he broke her hymen then at least once and sometimes two or even three times a day, every day, until the day before he died. She was sure it was her fault, she’d literally fucked him to death. It might even be true, but there isn’t much doubt he’d died a happy dog – she was good, bloody good, even back then.

Rufus finally stopped filling her mouth and Rebecca decided, despite the heavy storm clouds gathering inside her, to give him time to recover before getting down to the really serious business of the evening. Quickly pulling off her shorts, she rolled onto her back, spread herself wide and scooted forward until his head was between her thighs. Rufus hardly had to move, his tongue just snaked out and washed all around her engorged and saturated labia.

She was still wet with David’s man juice too, and Rufus could taste it. He wasn’t that impressed, but washed her anyway, wanting to replace that other male smell with his own. He wasn’t entirely successful, but eventually, with a substantial supplement from Rebecca’s own renewed lubricant, the balance swung in his favour (flavour?).

From Rebecca’s point of view the exercise was highly successful. Despite an hour of strenuous love making with David, and at least three major mind-blowers, she wanted more, and the two Rufus-induced climaxes that flowed in quick succession from his twisting tongue went some way to taking the steam out of her too.

Knowing what she had in mind for Rufus, and knowing that after a good “session” with David her cunt would be a trifle sore, she’d managed to keep her husband from any “back door” activity. That was to be Rufus’s domain tonight.

Extending her legs back over her head she grasped her ankles and pulled down, curling her spine and lifting her hips off the mattress. Once balanced on her neck and shoulders, she spread herself wide, fully exposing her vulnerable crack.

“Ok boy.”

Rufus was instantly on his feet and in two short steps again had his muzzle buried in the mass of dark moist hair that confronted him. He checked out her twitching clitoris for a while, to Rebecca’s third delight, then moved down over her gaping vagina to that tighter puckered entrance that he liked best of all. The young one didn’t let him investigate that place much, but he knew this one got really excited by it.

She was already very wet around there tonight, but he pushed his tongue into the knot of flexing muscles anyway. They began twittering with nervous excitement, then, as if by magic, they relaxed and he was able to prise his way between them relatively easily. He could hear her panting over his own heavy breathing and wondered if she was ready for him yet. She smelled ready.

Rebecca was ready, she was just prolonging the build up, determined to show the dog she really knew how to take care of him, and to make him catch up on all the attention she’d missed out on recently. She was going to take such good care of him he wouldn’t be any use to Samantha for days. Rebecca could be a bitch too.

Holding off for as long as she could, she felt the dog getting impatient. He began gently nibbling her exposed flesh with his front teeth, a sure sign he was ready to mount her. She knew from very painful experience that letting him do it like this was inviting disaster. She’d been knotted to him for several hours in this position once, and it had been days before the crick in her neck had finally subsided, not to mention the torn sphincter that had been excruciatingly painful for even longer. Three days compulsory constipation hadn’t helped either.

Not wanting to dwell on one of her less pleasant experiences, she forced her mind back to the task at hand and reluctantly whispered the command “Enough” to make him back off and give her room to roll over.

Crouching on all fours, she plunged her fingers into her sopping vagina, gathering as much moisture as she could then spreading it in and around her anal passage as far as she could reach. She knew Rufus would be well lubricated by now, but his first two or three thrusts were always a bit of a shock. Even after five years, his understanding of “gentle” and hers were still quite different. Finally happy with her preparation, she called to the not-so-patient animal. “Ok boy, gently now”

He wasn’t, very. Not to begin with. His missed the target completely on the first couple of thrusts until he remembered this entrance was in a slightly different place. On the third stroke, with a bit of help from Rebecca he got it right, but still slammed into her.

“Shit Rufus, gently, gently.” she gasped as he forced the wind out of her.

It took a few more wild thrusts but soon he settled into a steady rhythm that was familiar to both of them.

“Ooh, now that is better”

That was the last intelligible sound either of them made for the next twenty minutes or so. Not that they were silent, they were both noisy fuckers, but they were so seriously into fucking their brains out that nothing else was even remotely intelligible. Unknowingly the neighbours were all grateful the old building was a solid brick construction with a thick door, no windows and a lining of tattered horse blankets to muffle the pairs rutting.

For most of the time Rebecca pillowed her head on one arm, and let the fingers at the end of the other play havoc with her spread and swollen genitals. Whatever she could reach was reached, many times over. The dogs balls helping too as they slapped against her with each forward thrust. Her swaying breasts constantly brushed the mattress beneath her, the coarse linen sending mini-earthquakes surging through her each time the dog’s humping forced the large taut brown nipples to furrow their way across it.

Her thundering climaxes were almost constant, something that Sam HAD inherited from her. Once she was in the groove, Rebecca reached a place where she could come and come, and keep on coming almost without a break. Even Rufus, buried as he was deep in her anal passage, could feel the repetitive rhythmic contractions in her vagina.

Her aroma was driving him crazy and periodically a particularly deep thrust from his invading member would hit an extra high note and send lightning bolts to every far flung cell in her body. The cumulative effect was a sort of temporary insanity. For the moment, they were truly fucking mad. Her whole being was united under one banner, she was nothing but a thrashing, soaring, screaming, fucking, bunch of raw nerve endings. Every fibre of her participated. She was cunt, all cunt and nothing but a cunt, and all she could do, all she wanted to do, was fuck.

Rufus wasn’t much different. He was cock, all cock and nothing but a cock, and all he could do, all he wanted to do, was fuck. But hey, who gives a shit, isn’t that what being a dog is all about. Rebecca’s unspoken opinion, as you’d expect, assuming she was even vaguely able to form one, was in total agreement. Why give a shit when you can fuck. And fuck they did. And fuck. Endlessly.

At some point his seed began lining her anal passage, also seemingly without end. It just kept flowing and flowing, coating her insides with it’s heat, but neither of them really noticed. The universal force of carnal knowledge was with them, in them, filling their minds and bodies with a warmth like no other. They were lost in a world of lust, and they didn’t care. To coin a phrase, they were simply out of their fucking minds.

Of course, the real Utopia never ends, but for the rest of us mortals, including Rebecca and Rufus, time ultimately does not stand still for ever. For all the energy they put into that moment, eventually the clock moved on and it was over. She slumped to the mattress, her inner thighs and legs coated with the veritable flood of dog semen and female cum that issued from her now vacant entrances. Gracefully slithering over her warm skin, it pooled beneath her to form a very wet, wet-spot. She didn’t notice. The dog lowered his paws, bent his head to give her one last, almost desultory lick then curled around to briefly attend to his own toiletries. Within minutes they were both asleep.

They stayed that way until daybreak.

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