Sasur Exploited Bahu – Sex Stories

Sasur Exploited Bahu – Sex Stories

The incident happened during our first pilgrimage trip we took after marriage. I was married for about three years. My husband was handsome, looking strong and very active on bed. More than deep and hard penetration he was finding more enjoyment in fondling, foreplay and oral sex and when I was getting fully aroused he used to discharge leaving me in midway. I wanted more thumping but he used to sleep in three years.
He never fucked me more than once but his one round was taking about two and half to three hours and still and I was remaining unsatisfied. Many time I scolded him for so much foreplay and oral sex but he did not change and I accepted my fate in second year of my marriage, my mother in law died and she was only 44-45, healthy looking but somehow died of a mysterious fever. We remained sad for quite some time and slowly return back to normalcy. My Sasur was a senior officer in a Govt dept.
He was completely broken after death of his wife. I saw him crying much time but except few consoling words I was not able to help him. I suggested my husband to hire a full time middle aged lady who can take care of his all needs including his sexual needs but father in law refused and we continued with part-time maid. Time passed. I was spending all time at home. Husband was leaving for office at 9 where as Sasur was going at 10.00 and he was also coming back home at least one hour before husband returns.
So, every working day I was staying alone for two hours with husband beside Sasur being in a govt dept was having more holidays than husband. So on those days I was staying alone with Sasur but in three years I never observed anything. He never showed any interest in me even after death of his wife. He was tall, handsome and well built. Any woman would have enjoyed his company but as he never made any advance to me and no sex desire for Sasur could develop in my mind.
After lot of persuasion he agreed to travel with us. It was a pleasure cum religious trip. We made our travel arrangement and also booking of hotels at most of the places and all such places we had booked two rooms, one for Sasur and other for me and husband. It was a three weeks long trip. One week passed nicely. I saw tremendous change in Sasur and he has started enjoying trips and I felt very nice when he started cracking jokes.
After visiting Ajanta- Ellora and we took a night bus for Pune on that journey and I don’t know why, my husband told me to take seat beside Sasur and he sat beside a man having long beard despite his long beard he was looking Sepent and attractive and I observed that he was continuously staring at me. Time passed, lights were switched off and after sometime I heard a voice which startled me,
Bechaara, ab iss sundar maal ko kaise dekh paayegaa with light switched off and how he would be able to enjoy this lovely body. It was dark inside, I could not see his facial expression kyaa baabuji aap bhee. I blushed it was first time he made a comment on me and that inSepent comment immediately aroused me beti dekha nahi jab se tum bus mey baithee ho, wo buss tumhe ghur hee raha hai don’t you see since you sat in bus and he is continuously staring at you.
I kept quiet and he also remained quiet for some time and then he said bahu, it is not his fault Sasur added by all standard and means you are a very attractive lady and real mall babuji, please don’t speak like this and I am a very ordinary girl but I liked when he addressed me a real maal and I put my one hand on his and squeezed. He kept holding my hand. Time passed bus was moving smoothly and there was no action reaction from his side.
I began to doze and when at next stop, bus halted I found my head rested on his shoulder and he slowly pushed my head darling come down let’s eat something. Sasur said it was past 1.00 am of night and I got down with Sasur dear you should have looked at him, he was so desperately looking towards you Sasur said smilingly , please talk with him and he will feel nice babuji, you are spoiling your bahu.
I walked towards wash room toilet and I smiled and first time after marriage in 3 years I came to know that my Sasur is not a dry person but quite romantic and having interest in bahu. I pissed, washed hand and face and came out and to my surprise I saw my Sasur seated with that beard man. My husband was not in sight. Sasur signaled me there was no option. I sat beside him and soon Sasur got up beti you sit here.
I am coming from toilet and he moved away and I felt very much embarrassed. I glanced at him and he smiled. He asked my name I replied he said that his name is Kabir yes with this long beard you look like Kabir only and you are very beautiful very attractive and I waited for remaining word and very sexy surprisingly he talked in very good English his ascent was very soothing Kabir and I am married and travelling with my husband and father in law.
I told him boldly that he should not stare me like he is doing it has become visible to all. I can’t resist you are like magnet. He replied at that time both husband and Sasur returned. Sasur had already ordered and we had light snacks and coffee. We boarded bus like previously I sat with Sasur and I occupied window seat and Kabir was seated beside husband. Kabir was having aisle seat and both my Sasur and Kabir were chatting. Later I knew he was a professor of English in a University college.
Sasur enquired what we talked and I told him everything and I also told him that he said that and I am very sexy so you are my darling he said I felt pressure of his body on my body.. I liked heaviness on my side. I put my hand on his hand and slowly pulled his hand on my thighs. I removed my hand and Sasur’s hand remains on my inner thighs but he did not caress thighs as I wanted.
He woke me up at shivajinagar’ bus stand at Pune it was early morning and I looked around but Kabir was not around Sasur ji read my mind darling he got down at railway station I am not searching for him and I replied and stood beside husband who was talking with an auto driver but it was finally Sepided that as it is Monday , we should first visit Bhima Shankar Shiva Temple at about distance of 200 Km from Pune and then on return.
We will stay at Pune and visit other site seeing places like Mahabaleshwar, lonawala, Khandaala etc and finally move to Mumbai and Goa. My Sasurji as well and I was interested to visit temples. We freshened ourselves in retiring room and at about 7 in morning we drove for Bhima Shankar. We reached there at 10.30 and began searching for hotel after about two hours of search with great difficulty; we could find a room in a costly hotel. It being Monday of an auspicious month, all hotels were over booked. During last night journey I became quite free with Sasurji so I agreed to stay in one room.
We did Darshan’ and moved around after dinner, we were returning back to hotel and heard a very hypnotic voice. We moved towards that tent and saw a middle age Sadhu giving sermons. He was speaking in Hindi and he was talking about relationship between male and female and something what he said was not to be said in public extract of what he said is as following:

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We spends lot of money and time in visiting abode of God and Goddess. We take more pain in visiting Jyotir Ling Shiva’s temple like this one (Bhima Shankar) and mostly wife and husband visits these temples. I am surprised to note that during visit of all such temples, wife and husbands do not do sex even at places of Shiva’s abode. He said that we all worship ling and yoni (means penis and vagina) and that also in ‘conjugal’ position, we worship ‘ling inside yoni but we avoid sex.
He said very boldly that in his opinion every couple whether wife and husband or otherwise any consenting male and female must enjoy sex at religious places particularly around Shiva temples and at Jyotir Linga having sex at such places will bring more happiness and prosperity to couple you should have sex with your husband tonight. I heard whisper of Sasurji in ears. I did not look at him but put my hand on his lap not with you around in the room.
I also said in low tone and now and we Sasur and bahu has suddenly became very free and what not happened in 3 years had happened in one night. He put hand on my lower thighs there was good light in the tent people could see each other clearly. I was seated between Sasurji and husband and I wished his hands caressing my inner thighs since last night and I had developed sex desire for Sasurji and for that Kabir as well bahu please wear salwar kurta instead of saari you will look much better.
Hearing this and I pressed my hand on his lap but I did not have feel of tightness between his thighs. I changed position and pressed my knee on his thighs what the use? You are too old to cherish my jawaani and I said and again put my hand on his hand rested on my lower thighs. I think I can even wear skirt and frock with an old man like you around me or even I can stay without clothes also. I pressed his hand on my thighs and pulled my hand away and I saw his palm moved up on my thighs.
I covered his hands with aanchal see this is the benefit of saari and I whispered his hand kept moving upward and finally it reached where I wanted it to be. My husband was keenly listening to the sermon and his father pressed cunt of bahu over the saari and whispered darling be ready tonight this old man is going to dig this well and I was pleased there was no going back now and today or tomorrow my Sasur is going to fuck me and I was mentally and physically ready for sex relation with Sasurji.
He kept caressing pinching cunt by keeping hand covered under aanchal old man, you also just dream of my body like your friend Kabir and I tightened thighs over his hand it is not only hot and juicy but still very tight your son has not been able to explore it fully in three years and I spoke shamelessly to FIL and all around us were busy in listening to Sadhu’s juicy talk but we Sasur and bahu were engaged in real fun and he opened up further and talked in Sadhu’s language baby.
My solid tight ling will enter your yoni you will forget husband and even ling of Kabir and he pushed hand inside saari. He palmed cunt and I was not expecting this much in an open place, amidst public and husband seated beside me. He was much bolder than I imagined immediately I looked around but no one seems to be looking our side neither I have seen Kabir’s cock nor I am interested in your cock. I opened thighs for his manoeuvring and requested.
We both were talking like inSepent persons no doubt and we both wanted real sex please remove your hand your son or others may see I felt ashamed I did not expect so much boldness from sasurji and he was fondling bahu in public darling, I am going to make you my woman tonight but be sure Kabir is also going to fuck you very soon. I could see lust and desire in his eyes and he began pushing middle finger inside cunt it seems you are keen to get your bahu exploited by others particularly by that unknown man Kabir.
I again requested him to pull out hand and asked will you not be angry if someone else fucks your bahu? Darling ,I will kill anyone who put hand on you but I really want you to fuck with Kabir and I am certain that he will give this maal a tremendous pleasure. He was fingering as well as palming cunt babuji, I am very much wet now, take me back to room and fuck me and I now invited my Sasur to fuck me.
I got up with a jerk, took care of saari and walked out of tent both, husband and Sasurji followed me and soon we reached hotel. I spread mattress on floor. Sasurji went inside toilet and I warned husband that he must not trouble me in night don’t try to come near me and don’t forget that babuji is also in the room. I waited for babuji to come out of toilet husband hugged and kissed me did not you heard what Sadhu said that wife and husband must fuck at pilgrimage place.
He squeezed me and said that that he will fuck me only after ensuring babuji is in sleep. He was not aware that his father is also eager to fuck bahu after some time babuji came out and I immediately rushed to bathroom. I washed myself first I thought of changing to night gown but then my body will remain fully covered and I will not be able to tease babuji. I freshened myself and came out and I told Sasurji and husband to share bed and I sat on bed spread on floor why?
Babuji said bed is quite big and wide and we three can comfortably share the bed. He certainly was showing unnecessary boldness no, I will be comfortable sleeping alone. I replied my husband went to bathroom immediately after bathroom door got shut as I expected babuji crushed me in his arms baabuji, what are you doing I am your bahu your son’s wife Rani, you must let your husband to undress you fully so I can enjoy your lovely body he kissed and squeezed breast but how we can fuck?
I doubted that with son around how he can touch me. I assured him baabuji, more than you, now I am eager to take you inside me. I don’t know what magic you did on me last night while I seated beside you but now I am your Randi just wait for some days and back home you can keep fucking me whole day but sasur was adamant to fuck me that night with son around. He pulled off my saari and he wanted to unbutton blouse but on hearing bathroom door opening he moved away to other side of room.
I remained seated like that without saari husband did not comment please switch off light and I am sleepy. I said I said and lay down with cover pulled over my body up to neck. I closed my eyes and recalled happenings since last evening. I was he so attractive that a woman over 30 years younger than him and got attracted so easily. I wanted him to fondle me like he did in that tent but he restrained why I am eager to have sex with Sasur and that stranger Kabir why?
I answered myself because my husband has not been able to satisfy me and he could not complete penetration fully ever and I want a real bull to fuck and satisfy me but what if father is also like son! But my heart said no father would be able to satisfy me to core Sasurji said that he will fuck me tonight itself but how? I slept I did not know how much time passed .I woke up with known feel between my thighs it was again my husband initially.
I liked and enjoyed oral sex but with that I wanted deep penetration and hard and fast thumping but he is more satisfied with licking and sucking of cunt and he will suck me for 40-50 minutes and when I am fully aroused he will fuck me hardly for 7-8 minutes and discharge and I always wanted longer penetration and I tried to push him away first silently and then I became vocal Vinod please don’t arouse me again why don’t you straight way fuck me please stop this licking and don’t undress me.
I don’t you see your father is in room ohhhh no please don’t bite like that ohhhh no don’t undress me. I kept on pleading but he made me nude and I looked around are you mad? Why you switched on light? Do you want babuji to see me nude? I kept requesting him to stop sucking cunt and I discouraged him Vinod you know that since your mother died someone and half year back he is without any women are you not afraid that once he see a nude woman he will fuck me.
He will fuck son’s wife but he was unmoved he continued sucking and fucking me with tongue and fingers. I was getting aroused and finally I told him what I was restraining to tell since our marriage see Vinod if tonight you leave me in midway unsatisfied apni kasam. I will go out nude like this and get fucked with men and animals who ever is available but he kept doing me in his own way he sucked and licked me like other time when I got fully aroused.
I began to moan and shout bus now fuck me and after about 35 minutes of oral sex he penetrated me initial strokes has always been good Vinod not so fast he was fucking me hard and fast and I reminded and warned him again do it slowly otherwise. I will again remain unsatisfied I again told him that if he discharge early like other days I will certainly go out nude and get fucked by whoever is available.

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Maybe he was conscious about his father’s presence he discharged earlier than usual and I immediately pushed him away off my body bastard and now you see how others fuck your wife beti, you are honour of my family how can I allow you getting in others arm and he put me on bed. He was still in pajama and kurta. He kissed my both cheeks and by holding both breast in each hand he said dear if my son is not able to satisfy my bahu it is my responsibility to ensure that she is fully satisfied both mentally and bodily.
Now the time came for which I and maybe he was also waiting I saw my husband standing nude at some distance he was looking at us his cock was in semi limped position and semen was still dripping out Sasurji pulled off kurta and became topless my eyes fell on the small tent between his thighs and he looked in my eyes and he pulled my one hand and pulled it on penis over pajama darling take this out it will satisfy you to the core.
He moved my hand on his penis don’t feel shy you will like feel of my cock. He removed his hand but I continue to caress cock with one hand and he took my other hand and put it on knot of pajama women always like to undress partner pull the knot and make the cock touch you. He squeezed breast tightly yeah these are really very tight. I am sure Kabir will enjoy holding these balls. He kept squeezing and I looked at him and then at husband and why should I allow Kabir or anyone else put hand on these maals.
Telling this and I pulled knot and pushed pajama down and his cock was tight and throbbing ohhhhh God it is so tight and I slowly started fisting cock darling, don’t you think, this deserves a kiss. He was still squeezing breast of course and I said and kissed tip of cock few times but it deserves kiss of my other lips which is waiting for this. I lay on bed flat pulled both legs kept feet firmly on bed with knee bend and I parted legs come and let you rod kiss this hot and juicy lips and I parted cunt lips.
I thought that he will straight way penetrate me but he sat beside me and began kissing and fondling me. I got afraid that like son and father is also more interested in fondling and oral sex beta, your wife has cooled down a bit. He addressed to son and I saw how you aroused her please make this cunt ready for my cock. This was too much not only the man is going to fuck son’s wife and he is telling son to arouse wife for him.
I thought that my husband will certainly scold his father and push him out of room but to my surprise he took father’s pajama wiped cum off my cunt parted cunt lips and again began to lick and suck no women can resist this and I also began to enjoy and moan. Babuji was continuously kissing and fondling me and I was caressing his throbbing cock which was tight like iron rod my moans increased and after 7-8 minutes baabuji pushed his son away beta, now see how a woman is really fucked and he held my knee tightly, placed lund on cunt hole and said please note the time my cock is inside your wife’s cunt.
I was not ready he gave 4-5 fast and hard push oohhh no slowly and I almost shouted but he kept banging me, son’s wife with his full might. He kept fucking, speed kept increasing and I was enjoying his around 75 kgs of weight on my body and I was continuously moaning certainly I was never been fucked like this before and I closed eyes and enjoyed each and every stroke simultaneously and he was kissing, squeezing and caressing my breast and sides excitement was increasing and I was getting heated more and more.
Yes baabuji keep fucking ahhhhhh and I am enjoying it don’t stop ahhhhhhh good too good and I don’t you want to get fucked Kabir like this and he gave harder push and I will fuck with anyone who can fuck like this you are fucking like a bull and you are a top class maal. A’ grade randi he kept pushing deeper yes make me randi and I am your randi. I jerked hip and Kabir’s randi also will you allow him to fuck you and he was keen to make me fuck me with Kabir yes and I will fuck Kabir.
I will suck him and become his randi and I responded yes keep fucking me. I don’t know how much time passed suddenly I felt a gush of flow from all over body towards cunt and I grunted jerked hip up and felt fully released. I spread my arms and legs on bed ohhhhh baabuji you have taken me to heaven and I feel like so satisfied now take cock out and I am thorough and I expressed satisfaction but he kept thumping me and after about 4-5 minutes I felt a lot of hot fluid filling cunt.
I crushed him in my arm beta how long it was and he wanted to know how long he could stay in my cunt baabuji it was 43 minutes husband replied he never fucked me for more than 6-7 minutes and you know, your wife’s cunt is really very hot otherwise I used to remain inside your mother for over one hour. Babuji kissed me passionately and added after few fuck, this cunt will get used to my cock and then I can fuck this randi for longer time and he said beta.
Now, I fucked your wife for 43 minutes and taste of her cunt must have changed why you don’t taste it and let’s know whether it has become better and worst. He again invited his son to clean my cunt and son obeyed him down son began to clean, lick and suck cunt and up he pushed cock in my mouth. I always enjoyed cock sucking after about 10-09 minutes of sucking babuji’s cock was throbbing inside my mouth and down husband penetrated me and he began to fuck wife his father fucking me in mouth beta.
I don’t get excited much just fuck but please pull out cock before you discharge, otherwise you will have to suck and clean again. I wished son should fuck wife for longer time but no, again after 6-7 minutes only he pulled out cock and said baabuji now you fuck and he ejaculated on bed. Baabuji turned me in doggy pose and told me to hold bed rest tightly beta and count time again and he said and penetrated in one push.
I could feel cock going deeper inside cunt I rested head on pillow kept hip rose and with closed eyes enjoying real man inside me. It was better than first fuck and I screamed moaned and climaxed he again fucked me for few more minutes and ejaculated inside baabuji son said happily this time it was 53 minutes ten minutes more than previous time and yes son, this pose is always better both man and women enjoys more.
I hugged and kissed him and requested him to teach his son that how he can stay longer inside cunt and I don’t worry. He will learn by seeing his wife fucked by his father daily and he took me arms and said that from now on ward I am his kept Raja and I am your slave. Next night and I enjoyed with strangers in that hotel itself.

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Sasur Exploited Bahu – Sex Stories

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