Sex Encounter Of A Different World

Sex Encounter Of A Different World

Hello everyone. This is Romil Singh. Before starting the story let me tell you about myself. I belong to north India and I’m fair with a lean body. My height is 5.8 and my dick is average, not too big nor too small. This story is real but many will think that it’s fake.

I know after reading this you will not believe me but I don’t care. I only want all you people to enjoy this story and have fun. This story includes a girl who was possessed by a soul and how I satisfied the unsatisfied soul of that girl with BDSM.

This story starts with me and a girl with whom I met in a Hyderabad metro. It was night time around 10. I was going back home from the office. I entered the metro and saw that the train is almost empty. I grabbed a seat and started writing my sex story which I published 2 weeks ago.

I was writing the ending part and the next station arrived. A girl got into the metro. She came and sat next to me. I didn’t notice much because I was busy completing my story but she was noticing my writing. When I finished my writing and looked at her, she was staring at my phone.

I said hi and she was surprised. She greeted with a hello and asked me, “Do you write sex stories?” I said yes. Then she asked me about the story. I said to her that this story is about BDSM. She asked if she can read it. I said sure and gave her my phone.

She started reading the story and her hands were shivering. Her eyes turned red and she was breathing heavily with a weird sound. I asked her if she was ok. She looked at me and I got scared. her eyes were completely red and she was sweating heavily. I shook her and asked again if she was fine.

She came back to her senses and said yes I’m fine. She continued reading and held my hand tightly. I came closer to her and took her hand and placed it on my thighs. She said that the story is very horny and the BDSM part turned her on. I asked her if she likes BDSM?

She said yes, she loves it and she craves for bondage every day. Then I asked her what she likes most in bondage. then she removed her scarf from her neck and showed the marks. Her neck and backside of the neck were full of marks. It looked like someone tried to grope her neck with a rope.

I was shocked to see and asked her how she got those marks. She said these marks were given by herself. She ties her neck by a rope on the ceiling and she starts masturbating. Until she reaches orgasm, she keeps hanging on the rope. My eyes were widened when she said that.

I thought she is psycho and mentally ill. My stop was coming. I was scared of her and I told her that my stop is coming and I’m leaving. She grabbed my hand and made me sit again. She started rubbing my thighs and whispered in my ears that she loves to get spanked and punished.

She asked me to come to her place and treat her as a slave tonight. I was turned on with her words. I was scared and horny at the same time. I told her that I would not be coming to her place. But we can go to the hotel. She asked for the reason. In my mind I was scared.

But I made an excuse. I said that I have a flight tomorrow morning and I’ll be leaving early. She agreed and we got down at the next station. I opened my phone and booked a hotel near to my home where I go usually. While walking towards the hotel I stopped at the supermarket to buy condoms.

I entered in the supermarket and saw candles. I got an idea of using a candle on her body. I took candles condoms and black tape. She asked me why I bought candles? I asked her to wait and watch. We reached the hotel, I did the check-in and took keys. We got in the lift and were going up.

As soon as we entered the lift she started kissing me on lips and pulling my hairs. I pushed her back and slapped her. I warned her to not touch me until I asked her to do that. “I’m your master and I’ll do what I need to, don’t ever do the things on your own.”

She was giving a slutty smile with her body shivering. We entered the room, I opened the mini-fridge. I had 4 beers back to back because this girl was fucking my mind. In the meantime, she took a bath and came out. Believe me, she was looking like a goddess. Her skin got fairer, her eyes were glowing.

When I touched her she was cold like ice. I was high on beer and I wanted to dominate her. So I grabbed her waist and picked her up in my arms and threw her on the bed. I removed my shirt and picked the black tape. I leaned over her and tied her hands with that tape.

Then I moved my fingers all over the body, she was breathing heavily. I pinched her nipples and started rubbing them. She started moaning with pain and still, there was a smile on her face. I pulled her hairs hard kissed on her lips with one hand playing with her boobs.

She had average boobs with a size of 34. She turned wild while kissing and started biting my lips. I too started enjoying and I gave a hard bite on her lower lip. She screamed with pain and I slapped her again. Now after kissing I came down to her neck and started giving gentle bites all over the neck.

She was enjoying it and started moving her hips up and down. She asked me to bite hard and eat all over her neck. I was amazed to hear that because I love giving bites on neck. Then I moved my hand from her hairs to her neck and choked her hard. My other hand was still pinching her nipples.

I choked her neck tight and was eating her neck from the side. After a few seconds, it was hard for her to breath. So I removed my hand from her neck. But she stopped me and asked to choke her more hard. She said she is enjoying but I was afraid. Then she grabbed my hair and pulled my face near to her.

Her eyes turned red again and her voice got heavier. She asked me to do whatever she says or else I will choke your neck. After seeing her like this I got scared and I was sure that she is possessed with a demon. I was trying to get away from the bed. But she started laughing loudly and got up within a second.

She pulled me back and sat on my chest. She said to me to treat her like a slave and punish her. If I don’t do that she will choke me to death. I was shivering with fear and agreed on her terms. Then I got up and she kissed me on my lips and started moving her hands all over my dick.

My boner was gone because of fear so she started moving down by kissing my neck. She was sucking my neck, then she sucked my nipples for some time. I started enjoying again. Then she came on her knees and removed my pants. She took out my dick and started playing with it.

Then she took my dick in her mouth and started moving her tongue all over my dick. I don’t know who she was but no girl sucked my dick like this before. She was taking my dick deep till her throat by rubbing her tongue on my tip of the dick. I was hard again.

I grabbed her hairs and inserted my dick deep to the end of her throat. She was not gagging and she didn’t ask me to remove my dick. I was enjoying very much and I kept hitting my dick deep in her throat. Then I blocked her nose so that she doesn’t breathe. I kept my dick deep in her throat.

After a few seconds, she pushed me so hard that I fell down. Now I was angry and I got up and grabbed her hair and threw her on the floor. Then I took my belt and said to her to turn around. She was smiling and she was staring at me. I went to her and grabbed her. I turned her and made her sit in the doggy style.

Then I inserted my finger in her pussy. I moved my finger all over her vagina from inside. She started moaning and she was moaning in a heavy sound. Then I entered my second finger and curved my both of the fingers. I found her g-spot and started rubbing it. I pressed my fingers on her g-spot.

She was about to cum, her body was shivering. Then I stopped suddenly. She was shocked and shouted at me. I grabbed her hairs and told her you will be punished now. I took my belt and spanked her hard. She didn’t move and moaned loudly. I kept spanking her for 15 times then again I fingered her.

She was enjoying a lot and when she was about to have an orgasm. She got up in mid-air. She was in doggy style but her hands were in the air. Her legs were still on the ground. She was moaning loudly and saying something in a different language. I kept pressing her g-spot.

She came within a few seconds and fell down on the floor. My dick was hard after seeing this. I got up and pulled her hairs and made her face up. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing heavily. I slapped her to bring her back to senses. But she was saying which was hard to understand.

I slapped her again and asked her to open her mouth. She took my dick and started sucking it again. fucked her mouth for the next 5 minutes but she was still not active. Then I took her to bed and started kissing all over her body. I kissed her in-between thighs and started moving my fingers on her pussy.

Then I started licking her pussy and inserted my tongue in it. I kept eating her pussy. After a few minutes, she grabbed my hairs and pushed my head deep into her vagina. She was back to her senses but her moans were still weird. She started shivering and I knew she was about to cum. But I stopped again.

She got up and asked what you want to do now. I took a candle and asked her to turn around. She did as I said. I took lighter and lit the candle. After a few seconds, I bent the candle so that the wax can drop on her back. When the first drop of wax dropped on her back she shook and was trying to get up.

But I pushed her back and took my another hand near her pussy. I started rubbing her clit so that she should not feel the pain of wax. She started moaning. The pain of wax turned into pleasure because I was rubbing her pussy. I increased my speed and she started moaning loudly.

She came within seconds and fell back on the bed. She was exhausted but now it was time to fuck her. I asked her to get up but she said she needs some rest. I said ok and took one beer out of the fridge and started drinking. My dick was still hard because of her body.

She had a great ass and a wide waist. I wanted to fuck her from the back. I was having my beer and then she got up and came to me. She took the beer from my hand and kept it aside. She came near me and whispered in my ears and asked me to touch her pussy. Her voice was horrifying.

I touched her pussy as she said but it was burning like hell. Now she took me on the bed and sat on me. She inserted my dick inside her pussy. I was shocked to see the tightness of the pussy because a few minutes ago I fingered her with my two fingers.

Her pussy was very tight but my dick got inserted because she was wet. Her eyes got rolled up when my dick went inside her. Now she took the tape and tied my hands. My dick was burning inside because of heat in her pussy. I asked who the hell are you and why your vagina is burning.

She took her bra and stuffed in my mouth. Then she started moving her waist. She was moving her waist like a snake and my dick was touching every part of her vagina. I started enjoying her movements. She took my hands and kept on her boobs. I knew she wanted me to press them.

I started pressing her boobs and pinching her nipples badly. Now she started jumping on my dick which made my dick tip to touch deep inside. After a few minutes, she choked my neck and started moving her waist front and back fast. I was about to cum and she was also about to have an orgasm.

She started choking my neck harder and started speaking in a different language. She was moaning loudly. Within a few seconds, she had an orgasm. I came with her and there was a black shadow in front of my eyes. I blacked out because of her choking.

Next morning I woke up around 10 am. My hands were free but she was gone. I checked in the bathroom but she was not there. She left her bra in my mouth and my phone wallpaper was changed with her picture in it. There was a note on the TV. She wrote something on tissue paper.

I picked that tissue paper and started reading it. It was written. “I am not from this world and my soul was looking for sex like this. I really enjoyed with you but you will not see me again.” My mind was fucked completely after remembering what happened last night. I took a bath and left the hotel room.

This was my story friends. If you liked this story then please give me feedback on [email protected]

Sex Encounter Of A Different World