Sex Journey With Priya Ma’am

Sex Journey With Priya Ma’am

Dear XIS readers this is my first story writing experience. I am very happy to do it in India’s best website. I have read the experiences of many others on this site. After reading I also thought I would share my real experiences with you.
I am Ram, 21, from Bangalore Karnataka.

I did my 11th and 12th in Udupi and we had a fantastic time during our college days. I was an average student in my 10th but later in my college, I turned out to be the topper of the class. In 11th for mathematics, we had a sir, but later in 12th, we got one of a beautiful lady Priya along with sir to teach us.

This incident I am narrating today is my real experience with my goddess Priya (name changed). Since I was very good at mathematics within a short time I became very close to Priya. But not in any sexual manner. It all changed during our college trip to Coimbatore and Ooty.

Everything was set to go. We were 30 students, 25 boys, and 5 girls going on to trip from our class. The bus arrived and everyone boarded the bus. My friend was sitting in the window seat in the middle row, and I was sitting beside him. Then the heroine entered the bus.

Even she wanted window seat but all were filled. She saw me sitting and asked my friend to give her a window seat. My friend went to back seat. Now my darling was sitting beside me and we exchanged a smile. It was already 8 pm and we were supposed to reach at 5 in the morning.

We just had casual talks about college, studies, and so on. I without my knowledge questioned her about her age, she was shocked. The conversation went like this.

R: What is your age ma’am?
P: (shockingly) Why are you asking that question?
R: Just asking to know.
P: Ok, I am 23.

R: Then what about marriage? You should have been matched to someone already.
P: No Ram not yet.

We continued our chat for a while. I was not believing in myself that I was speaking to my darling about marriage and all. Through this conversation, we became more close. I looked at my watch it was already 10:30 and Priya was sleepy. So we just thought of sleeping.

But I was not getting sleep. She was wearing a saree and I could see the curves of her body. I don’t know when I dozed off. But after a while, she started waking me and asked me to occupy the window seat. I asked her what happened. She said she was feeling cold and wanted to change the seat.

I said ok and we changed our seats. Now I kept the window open, till that moment I was just admiring her and wanted to be close to her. But as the bus passed further due to breeze her saree was lifting up. I could see her bare navel clearly. She was wearing a black saree and black blouse.

I could see the shape of her boobs clearly above the blouse. Now I was getting sexual thoughts in my mind, dirty mind started speaking. It started to encourage me in taking chance and touching her bare skin. She had a perfect shape. I don’t know the sizes but they cannot fit in a single hand.

I was trying to control it. But all of us know that we cannot control and will take a chance. I also did the same, I slowly started moving towards her centimeter by centimeter. Now my body was touching her body. My body temperature started increasing and my hands started shivering.

I slowly moved my elbow. Now my hand was touching her bare hands. I started applying a little pressure to ensure if she will get awake. She was deeply in sleep and now I was a bit confident. I slowly started moving my left hand towards her bare stomach.

I was almost near her navel. the bus took a sudden turn and my hand was forced on her stomach region. I was tensed but she had no response. she was still in sleep. Now I started running my hand on her stomach. It was a little warm may be due to the cold breeze.

I started raising my hand slowly towards her left boob.  I touched the bottom of her boob and you cannot believe that it was very smooth like a sponge. Though it was not the first time I was touching women’s boobs. But it was a different feeling. Now I saw her face.

She was still asleep and I started finding her nipple. But she was wearing a bra so she could not find it. I now started cupping her boob and pressed it a little bit. They were too smooth. I felt like ripping her clothes and sucking her boobs there only. But I had to control.

I started applying pressure and my dick started poking out of my shorts. Now I wanted to feel her right boob which was even tougher. But my mind did not stop me. I slowly crossed the valley between boobs and finally reached her right boob and started massaging it.

I was out of my mind and started pressing harder and harder. Then suddenly she left a moan and I got afraid and removed my hand. Now my courage was not enough to touch her bottom. I waited for a while and saw that her hand was resting on her thigh. Now another idea flashed my mind.

Then I slowly started moving her hand towards my tool. My thing was at its maximum size by then. It was making a tent in shorts. I was succeeded in moving her hand till my erect dick and finally placed her hand on my dick. I made her hand to catch my dick and left it like that for a while.

Now I thought of leaving her hand in that position and sleeping. But she started moving and I pretended to be asleep. She saw the position of her hand and suddenly removed it. I was disappointed and I started feeling her hand again on my dick. She was placing her hand on my dick with more pressure.

She observed me being in deep sleep and started catching my dick and stroking it. I was in clouds. I was not believing what was happening there. She was stroking my hard dick. All of a sudden, she bent down and kissed my penis above my shorts and sat back.

I was about to cum. But she was not in a mood to stop and I came inside the shorts. My shorts were all wet. She felt wetness on my shorts and stopped stroking. She went back to sleep. We reached the place and we were allocated to rooms. We went to our respective rooms.

That’s all in this part friends. I will tell clearly how I fucked Priya madam in Ooty in the next part of this story. Friends I hope I have not disappointed you all. If so, please forgive me. I will improve in my next stories. Though this was not my first sexual experience, this is the first time I am writing a story.

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Sex Journey With Priya Ma’am