Slave Banging – Sex Stories

Slave Banging – Sex Stories

Tina was the daughter of a prosperous plantation owner. She was the talisman of virginity, the essence of righteousness, token of sexual desire. For her 16 year old body had yet to be ravaged by a man.

Her father set strict rules for his precious daughter, including no courtship and most important, no developing kinships with the slaves. The slaves were everywhere on their plantation, hard at work tending to the cotton picking or collecting firewood. The men especially attracted the curious eyes of Tina, for the black negro men wore barely any clothing.

Their lack of clothing caused a bulge to become apparent beneath the skimpy loin cloths they were forced to wear. Tina was starting to crave the love of a man and often sat at her bedroom window and spied the black men and their large packages.

She often found herself becoming hot, which led to her fondling her perfect, budding breasts and fingering her moist clit. She yearned for her pussy to be poked by one of the slaves massive dongs. She even fantasized about what a black man’s cock tasted like. As her orgasm would pass through her shivering body she’d moan with pleasure and anxiously await the day her fantasies would become sweet reality.

The cotton season was reaching a peak and the yields were enormous. The plantation had already run out of many supplies, forcing Tina’s father to take an unexpected venture into town.

As Tina awoke in the morning she noticed a letter on her bed explaining that her father would be absent most of the day and instructing Tina to not meander too close to the slaves, for the usual guard was with her father this particular day.

A mischevious grin crept over her flawless face betraying the lass’s devious intent. Today may prove to be the day her vagina would be violated by a monster cock. The day she would quench her desire for sex. After readying herself within her bed chambers, Tina ignored her fathers advice and set off for the barn,in close proximity to the slaves.

Here, she hoped, she would lose her innocence. She was at the barn entrance within a matter of minutes, for her sexual urge pushed her to a brisk walk.

The briskness of her walk caused her vagina to moisten in anticipation. Her undergarments were already wet and she loved the feeling of her wet juice rubbing against her snatch.

She had located this vacant barn from her lofty perch within her bed chambers. As she peered within a broken window, she noticed a black man in the ransacked building.

She entered the barn in a foolish manner, for she failed to use caution regarding her surroundings. Evidently, her horniness clouded her good sense.

She hadn’t taken 5 steps within the confines of the building before she was embraced by a massive body. The man was certainly the negro she spied from her bed chamber, but his forceful manner frightened her.

She could feel his package as it rubbed against her lower back and realized the man had a fierce erection. The man carried her to the nearest hay bale and threw down on her stomach menacingly.

As she rolled onto her back, her eyes raked across his face, eventually locking onto his. His eyes reflected a sick desire, a scary desperation to ravage her tight little pussy to its fullest.

Although his demonic presence subconsciously scared her witless, she still hoped he would pop her little red cherry.

As he proceeded to join her on the haystack he ripped his loin cloth down, exposing his king kong dong. The sight of it made Tina gasp with a pleasure of such immensity she almost experienced a fierce orgasm.

As she cocked her cute little head to the side she simply responded, “Black cock certainly is large!” With that, she took the erect penis head into her mouth and let her tongue dance across it. Her mouth had to stretch wide to allow the gigantic shaft into her salivating mouth. The black man held her head in an icy grip as he slowly rocked on the balls of his feet as he face-fucked her.

The bitch couldn’t even fit half of the bastards cock into her mouth, yet she blew him with all the ferocity she could muster. She let her tongue flicker across his pee hole as she gently nibbled his head. The slave’s erratic moans of delight and the incessant hip thrusts announced his approval.

Tina slowly eased the cock out of her mouth and teasingly licked down his shaft and headed toward the black mans balls. She puckered her lips around one his balls and sucked his scrotum.

As she blew his balls, her tongue once again became active and explored the strange texture of his sack. His penis continued to rub against her face as she went at his balls. As she got bored of licking his nuts, she once again focused on the glistening shaft. Tina gripped the rod in her hand and jerked the shit out of it.


She made sure the piece was nice and upright before she guided it into her pie hole. As she inserted the tool into her welcoming mouth, she heard the black man moan and knew he was fighting back the inevitable rush of sperm that was threatening to erupt from his black volcano.

The next instant the black man pulled out and allowed a volley of goop to splash across Tina’s face. Tina held her mouth agape and stuck her tongue out to catch any drops which might have been flung in her direction.

The tip of her tongue was coated white as she took it in and swallowed the sweet man juice. Upon gulping the gooey substance, Tina found that the negro had rejuvenated his stiffy and was shaking it in the air.

He roughly rolled Tina onto her stomach and savagely ripped her pants off. He fingered her puckered butthole with 2 rough digits. That made Tina cry in pain.

He then reached around and extracted some of the slippery vaginal fluids from Tina’s tight little twat.

With the juice on his fingers, he smeared it over his dick and also on Tina’s brown eye. Tina became wide eyed as she derived the conclusion that her ass was about to be ripped to shreds by this throbbing penis. Before she knew it, the cock lingered within the crevice of her crack, until finally plunging into the dark depths of her butt hole. An extreme pain rippled throughout her lower body and she allowed a crazy, loud scream to issue forth from her sore throat.

Slowly the cock reached deeper and deeper within her and it felt like her ass hole was bleeding. The sensation of getting butt fucked resembled the feeling of taking a very large poop. The walls of her internal being were on fire, an excruciating yet pleasureful pain she relished.

Her elegant hand rubbed her own snatch repeatedly as did the black mans digits.

Every now and than her ass got a quick spank. That made Tina howl with delight. “OHH YEAH!!” She loved the ecstacy of sex.

As the brother continually ass pounded her to oblivion her vagina screamed to be fucked. Finally she reached a hand back and grabbed the monster cock and yanked it into her awaiting vagina.

The black dude liked this gesture and quickly adapted to her soft shell taco. HE stuffed it full of dark black meat.

Tina was now moaning with pleasure as her vagina reported immense pleasure and intense pain. She could not detect the contrasting feelings however, and allowed the pleasure to override the pain.

Her juices saturated the hay bale and drenched the insides of her thighs. The man thrust deeper and deeper into her.

As Tina opened her eyes she noticed all but 2 inches of his 14 inch TALLY could be spotted. She also realized she was face to face with the sweaty cock boy, and placed a kiss passionately on his lips. As they kissed they allowed each others tongues to enter one anothers mouth. The black boy was a wild kisser as his mouth enveloped Tina’s. His tongue rubbed against her teeth and eventually located a gob of semen she failed to swallow.

The dirty slave was oblivious to this however, for his cock was now 8 inches deep and was ramming against the deepest of her vaginal lining. The hard poking pleased Tina and she felt a fluttering sensation and identified the lovely feeling as the rush of an orgasm. She gritted her teeth as she took the dick furthermore.

After what seemed like days, the orgasm exploded through her body and collided with the black man’s own load, which he had just injected deep within her.

The two of them yelped as their bodies rocked with orgasm. As the black man withdrew his dick slowly, Tina’s twat wept semen. The cum oozed from within her as the Playa shook his aching dick off. His stomach was slick with her vaginal fluids as well with his own chowder.

Tina lay there in a transfixed state as the black man simply dressed and left her.

As she lay there, shedding the excess semen from her pussy, she watched the fly negro depart without any gesture of good bye. Her ass hurt from the fucking and her pussy burned from the rough-riding.

Tina didnât care however, for she was already gazing into the future, longing for the day to arrive when the black man would get all 14 inches deep within her.

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Slave Banging – Sex Stories