Step Daughters’ Desire chapter 4 by jb_funn

Step Daughters’ Desire chapter 4
by jb_funn

Step Daughters’ Desire chapter 4

We ended chapter 3 with Frank and Sandra exhausted.

He smiled at her as he said. Do you want more, my little slut. She smiled as she said yes Master I want more but I think I am going to have to beg for Mercy as I don’t think my heart and body can take any more for a while. He laughed and said. I don’t think I can take any more for a while either. You have completely worn me out. Go clean up and get dressed after you bring me a beer. Yes Master and she went to the kitchen bringing him a cold beer before taking a long hot shower.

Sandra thought about all her new experiences with Frank as she let the hot water flow over her body. The hot water was so soothing on her sore muscles. She wondered. How can a man be so good at controlling a woman’s desire, heart and soul? The more she thought about how happy he has made her and how happy her mom is all the time.

She is amazed that thinking about Frank has made her feel totally different about him. She realized she is in love with Frank, her mom’s husband and Master, she feels envy that her mom has the one man that she wants more than any other in the world. She started to cry knowing that she can not have the man that has taken her heart. Will she ever find a man to care for her like he cares for her mom. She said to herself. I will never leave home as long as they will let me stay. If I can’t have him at least I can be near him. Sandra finished her shower, slipped into a thin cotton house dress not bothering to wear panties or bra.

She headed to the den wanting to be near Frank alone far the rest of the day. Her mom and sisters will be home tomorrow morning. All she could think about is if she will be allowed the pleasure of being used by him again or is it a one time thing. He had been reluctant to grant her this weekend of use, abuse and pleasure. She thought. I will never forget this weekend, the best weekend of my life, and I will cherish it forever. She sighed as she entered the den where Frank relaxed in his recliner sipping a beer.

May I have a beer, Master? He smiled at her. Of course baby and bring me another please. She came back from the kitchen with two beers handed him one then dropped to her knees beside his chair placing her hand on his thigh.

Frank smiled. Would you not be more comfortable on the couch? You are not required to serve me any longer. When you used your safe word I respect your limits. Therefore we are finished with Master/ slave. We are back to Dad and daughter.

Sandra sat silent for a moment appearing to be in deep thought about something. Sandra, are you alright or is there something wrong. She shyly smiled up at him. I am good. It’s just that I have the feeling there is more you can show me and I don’t want this weekend to end. He chuckled. Baby you have to understand the lifestyle your mom and I share cannot be taught in two days. She and I have been doing this for many years and are still finding new things to excite us.

Dad, with three nosy curious girls in the house and your business how do you find the time to do new things. We have not heard more than what you do behind your bedroom door. I mean you used me in the bedroom all day and last night in your bedroom but tied me to the table and forced me to cum hard two or three times. I have never noticed any signs of sexual activity any where in the house before.

Come with me baby girl. She followed him to the locked basement door. She had often wondered why he kept that door locked. He led her down the stairs leading to the elaborate finished basement. When the lights came on Sandra’s jaw dropped and she froze in awe. She saw different bondage furniture, instruments of pain and pleasure every where. Frank chuckled. This is your mom’s and my play room. Dad when do you. He cut in saying. Oh baby there are times that the three loves of our lives go on sister shopping trips or a new movie down town. Just think about it. Who is always the one that tells you girls of an interesting movie in town or that you girls need new clothes or just some fun time together.

Every time I hear your mom suggest something that involves the three of you away from the house I know it is time to get ready to use her. When she does that it means she is in a playful mood and needs pain and pleasure in the playroom.

Sandra imagined her mom strapped to the bondage table, the spanking bench or the St Andrews Cross being used and enjoying every minute of it. Suddenly she felt the tingle in her body and liquid running down the inside of her thigh.

Frank noticed her breathing raspy and rubbing her legs together as if she is aroused. Do you have any questions, baby girl? Without looking at him. She licked her lips saying only one. Will you fuck me hard one more time. She pulled the dress over her head dropping it to the floor and stood naked before him.

Really? I thought you were too exhausted and sore to take any more. She looked into his captivating blue eyes and said. Please Master use me for your pleasure one more time. He smiled. What would you like to experience in the play room. She looked around the room before replying. I want you to do the thing that will give you the most pleasure, Master and she put her hands behind her back and pushed her tits out toward him.

Don’t move he said as he turned to a nearby table covered with sex toys. He picked a couple items from the table and moved back to her. From behind he blindfolded her and moved in front, caressed her tits and nipples making her moan as the tingle of pleasure traveled through her tits down to her pussy creating more juices to run down her thighs. She yelped when the first nipple clamp bit into her left nipple setting it on fire. More pain followed as he clamped her right nipple. He pulled on the connecting chain on the clamps making her moan and grit her teeth. Holding tension on the nipple chain he slid his other hand to her cunt working on her labia and clit. Her already wet pussy lips got wetter as he played with her pussy and nipples.

Frank applied more pressure on her clit as he pulled on her nips. She felt the new orgasm pushing for release. Master, may I cum please? Yes you may, slut. She spread her legs, pushed her pussy hard into his fingers and let go the orgasm which forced her pussy to gush cum down her thighs as she groaned loud and struggled to breath. Her body shook but she stood in place.

Frank moved away from her to return with leather cuffs for her ankles, wrist and arms. After securing the cuffs on her wrist and ankles he gagged her. She followed as he led her to a spot in the center of the room pulling her wrist above her head he attached the wrist cuffs to chains. The chains pulled forcing her to stand on her toes. She jumped, screamed and danced on the ceiling chains at the impact of the paddle on her ass cheeks sending a fiery pain through her. He smacked her four more times making her scream and flop around from the pain. She amazed him when she became rigid and shot cum onto the floor. He said. Amazing you just had an orgasm from pain. So sorry Master I could not help it.

Frank chuckled. You are forgiven my little slut. I have never had a woman to embrace the pain so completely. She felt her legs being raised up in front of her to suspend her horizontal, legs spread, dripping cum. His cock was so excited and hard it ached. Dropping his pants to his knees he moved in to her pussy pushing his hard cock steadily deeper in her. The slow intrusion of her cunt made her involuntarily push her pussy onto his cock trying to get it as deep as possible. Deeply planted in her love canal he gripped her waist pushing and pulling her back and forth on and off his cock. Just a few strokes had her screaming. I’m going to cum. Aaaaaheee she screamed as the orgasm took over her body. Cum gushed from her cunt around his cock as he swung her back and forth on it.

Her body started to go limp hanging from her wrist and ankles when he pulled out of her pussy. He moved the head of his cum coated cock to her ass hole. She raised slightly to allow easy intrusion of her flexing ass. Pulling her onto his cock he impaled her ass . He fucked her ass until his cum rushed to the head of his cock buried deep insider her and dumped a load in her bowels. She tensed and shot her cum onto his cock and legs.

He pulled out of her ass with a loud pop freeing the trapped cum in her ass. She felt light headed as he lowered her arms and raised her ankles at the same time putting her in an upside down suspension. He released the ceiling chains from her wrist to reattach them to floor chains pulling her arms to the side and down. She hung in an inverted spread eagle. He picked up a couple items from a table he stood in front of her with her pussy level with his mouth and her mouth inches from his semi-hard cock.

She jumped and moaned into the gag as he pushed the vibrating dildo in her cunt. He released the gag letting it drop to the pool of cum on the floor. She opened her mouth wide when the head of his cum covered cock pressed between her sweet lips. He pushed his cock deep in her throat as he fucked the dildo in and out of her cunt and sucked her clit. Sandra felt another enormous orgasm moving through her cunt forcing her to moan vibrating his cock shocking him with pure pleasure. Her powerful orgasm made her squirt in his mouth down his chin sliding down over her stomach, tits and her neck onto the floor where the ball gag lay.

The pleasure from her throat forced him to have a dry orgasm making his balls cramp like dry heaves. He pulled out of her mouth and took the dildo from her cunt while she shook through the insistent orgasm. He walked to the toy table with his limp aching cock hanging over his shrunken balls.

He took the ball gag from the cum pool and forced it in her mouth securing it tight. She moaned and retched at the taste of her cum coated gag. She recovered and licked it clean swallowing the cum. Aaahee she screamed when the sudden shock of the zapper hitting her clamped tit. The surprise sharp pain made her jump and pull on the chains restraining her. Frank chuckled each time he hit her with the zapper sending a painful electric shock into her body at different points her tits, ribs, stomach, pussy mound, thighs and ass cheeks. He stopped zapping her when she stopped pulling on the chains and just grunted and flinched when he shocked her.

Frank removed her gag letting her take deep breaths. He removed her blindfold making her blink rapidly to re-accustom to the light. She looked up at him standing over her. She giggled at the limp cock hanging loosely between his legs. Is Mr Dickey tired? He laughed and said No Mr Dickey is drained. He lowered her ankles to hip level, released her wrist lifting her head up supporting her shoulders as he lowered her ankles to the floor. He stood her up to release her ankles from the chains. She is so weak her legs will not support her Frank draped her stomach and breast over his shoulders and back as he freed her ankles.

Picking her up in his arms legs draped over his left arm with his right around her upper back letting her head rest on his chest and shoulder. He softly laughed and ask. Do you want me to tie you to the bondage table and abuse you more. Sandra weakly giggle and said I would love that but I have to say “Mercy” .

He lovingly carried her from the basement to his bedroom gently laying her on the bed. She softly moaned as her head settled on the pillow. He gently stroked her smooth hair and she quickly slipped into a restful sleep.

Frank let her sleep for a couple hours before starting dinner. The smell of pasta woke her and her stomach rumpled with hunger. She slowly moved to the shower adjusting the water and relieving her bladder before stepping under the shower spray letting the hard hot water spray caress her sore muscles until they stopped screaming with pain.

They quietly ate the pasta with ice tea. All during the meal she kept snickering every few minutes. Finally he ask. What are you thinking that is so funny, baby girl. Sandra smiled a sweet beautiful smile at him. I was thinking about all the wonderful things I have experienced at your skillful hands and what a wonderful, strong, intelligent, sexy, kinky perfect man you are.

He laughed. There you go inflating my ego again. What is it you want? You know flattery is suppose to get you anything. So bring it on beautiful lady. They both laughed. He ask. Where are you sleeping tonight. She looked at him surprised at the question. I hoped to sleep in your bed again.

If you sleep with me you will have to sleep as your mother does. Master how is that? He grinned. The same way you slept last night. OOOH ……. I like that. No problem. Your slave happily obeys, Master.

She slept with wrist tied to the top of the bed, blindfolded and his cock buried deep in her ass with his arm draped over her tits. He woke early Monday morning slowly pulling his semi-hard cock from her ass. She moaned and wiggled her ass but did not wake.

He just got out of the shower into the bedroom to dress for work when his cell phone vibrated. Good morning my sweet little slave wife. Good morning Master. Miss me? Terribly when your daughter was not keeping me totally occupied. He laughed. How did she take all of it? Good I think but you will have to ask he. She is sleeping now. Janis giggle that is no surprise after a weekend with a horny stud like you. Oh by the way sweetie. I showed her the play room but forgot to tell her not to tell the other girls what is behind the locked door. No worries Master I will give her the message. Ok .. sweetie she will be in our bed when you get here in an hour or two right.

Yes no more than two hours. Are you sure she will be in our bed. He chuckled absolutely sure. Janis snickered. I assume she experienced my sleeping position. He grinned you will have to figure that out for yourself. Have to run sweetie or I will be late for work. Bye Master. I love and adore you.

Approximately an hour and a half after the call Janis and the two younger daughters arrived home. They carried their bags in with the girls going to their room and Janis to hers.

Sandra woke when she heard movement in the bedroom. She is still tied and blindfolded minus his cock in her ass but snug under the covers. Master, untie me and I will fix breakfast while you shower. Master has already left for work baby. MOM? She yelled pulling on the wrist rope. Janis laughed. So I caught you in my husband’s bed while I was away. Sandra tensed. But mom you said it was alright!. Janis could not prevent a loud belly laugh. Of course it is fine. She sat on the edge of the bed removing Sandra’s blindfold. Sandra blinked to focus on her mother’s smiling face and smiled at her.

Oh! I can see a glow in someone’s eyes that tells me I will have competition in my own home. Mom as much as I would like to say yes. I would never do anything to jeopardize the relationship you and Dad have. Janis grinned. That is a change from this last weekend. What do you mean Mom? It’s Dad now not Frank. Sorry, Mom but I do have a deeper love for my Dad and your husband now. I never thought I would ever love any man as much as I love Dad. I will do anything for him or take anything from him for his pleasure as long it does not hurt you Mom.

Janis untied her wrist and pulled her close for a deep loving hug. Baby, I am not worried in the least. He his my man and my Master and I feel the same as you when it comes to my love for him. I am very happy that you feel the way you do. I do not care what he does if it pleases him because I know I will be loved, cared for and protected by him and I will never do anything to hurt him.

Mom, has Dad ever cheated on you? Baby you have to understand your Dad, my husband and Master, does what he pleases without question or jealousy from me as his loving slave. He is the Master of this family and our home. His decisions are our law to obey. But to answer your question. No he has never as you say cheated on me. You are the only woman he has had sex with since we met many years ago and he would never had agreed to with you if he thought it would hurt me.

You were given the opportunity to experience the beauty of a very caring skillful sex partner because of the love he and I both have for you and the other girls. Thank you very much Mom. It was an exceptionally fantastic experience that I will hold dear the rest of my life. You don’t know how happy that makes me to hear you say that even though I already knew from the glow in your face and actions. Mom you are right about the pain increasing the intensity of the pleasure. I think I might be a pain slut.

Baby if you are a pain slut just embrace it and enjoy it but only with someone you totally trust not to go to far injuring you. I know mom but at this time there is only one man I know that I trust enough to give me pain and pleasure. Janis laughed I bet I know who that is. I bet he will help you if you ask him nicely when you are in dire need. What about you mom? I would never object if it pleases my Master and my sweet daughter. Mom I never want to leave here. Janis squealed. Oh! Baby the family that loves together stays together.

Janis went into the kitchen where Diann and Angela were making bacon, eggs and pancakes for breakfast. Diann looked at her mom. Is Sandra alright, Mom? Janis grinned. You should ask her that question.

Sandra showered, dressed and joined the others in the kitchen where she had a breakfast plate waiting for her. Diann and Angela watched her enter the kitchen with a big happy smile and a bounce in her step. They looked at each other and laughed. Angela said. Now we have two happy women in the home. They all sat down for breakfast and Sandra was bombarded with questions about her weekend with Daddy Frank. She told them how much fun it all was not giving them all the details. The one thing she told them quietly. I will tell you this sisters when he tells you he is going to make you orgasm until you beg for mercy. You better believe him because he has more ways to make you cum than you could ever dream of. I will tell you a little secret about the locked door. Sandra! Yes mom. That is a subject we are not allowed to talk about except those that know about it first.

Sorry Mom. I did not know. That is alright you were not told. This only piqued the two younger sisters’ curiosity about the room behind the locked door. Poor Sandra is in store for lots of pressure from her sisters to tell them what is behind the locked door. The remainder of the day passed slowly with all the girls waiting impatiently to see Daddy Frank. Especially Janis. She missed him so badly over the weekend. She felt like an hour away from him was more like a weekend.

Diann ask many questions about what Frank did to her. When Sandra told her about her punishment she noticed Diann breathing harder and rubbing the front of her short skirt over her thighs. Sandra ask. The punishment part turns you on doesn’t it Diann?

Diann blushed but did not answer. It’s alright sis. The thought of the punishment scared me at first but the pain turned to pleasure at the hands of Dad. Just remember to trust him not to hurt you more than you can handle and he will never injure you in any way. I do know now without a doubt he loves all of us very deeply. In fact the only reason he has agreed to do with us what he did to me this weekend is because he knows we all need it. He does it because of his love for each of us. He does not want to deprive any of us something he knows we will do eventually and maybe get hurt bad by someone that does not have the unique skills he has. Sandra, when do you think he will do me. I can’t wait long.

Little sis, he will do you when he thinks you are ready and it does not interfere with Mom’s time with him. You will be wise to be patient and wait till he tells you it is time. When he thinks you are ready he will tell Mom and she will make arrangements just like she did for me for you to be alone for a weekend with Dad. Why all of a sudden are you calling him Dad and not Frank. Sandra smiled. You will to after a weekend with him. I will leave it at that.

About an hour before Frank is due home Janis goes to her bedroom and locks the door. She spent extra time in the shower and shaving the hair from her pussy, legs and arms. Once she finished she took her time putting on light make up. Frank does not like heavy make up. She put his favorite perfume lightly in all the intimate parts of her body. Her pussy is wet thinking about her time with the man she loved so deeply. She laid out the ropes, ball gag, blindfold, riding crop, flogger, cane and a paddle.

About thirty minutes and her love will be home. She hopes he is as horny as she but did not expect him to be after the weekend he had using Sandra. She smiled at that thought. She knows he is always ready to use her for his pleasure which gives her as much pleasure as he gets. She knocks lightly on Sandra’s door hoping the other girls are in their room or the den watching tv. Sandra heard the knock on her door. Come in. Janis stepped inside the door. Baby I need you to help me please. Sandra looked at her mom wearing her bath robe. Sure Mom, what can I do? Come to my room please.

Sandra followed her Mom across the hall to her room. Stepping inside Sandra noticed the bondage equipment laid out. She giggled. Is my Mom horny for the man of her life. She watched as her mom removed her robe standing naked beside the bed. What do you want me to do Mom. I want you to get me ready for your Dad, please. She stacked two fluffy pillows in the center of the bed and lay face down over them under her lower abdomen. She stretched her arms and legs wide toward each corner of the bed. I am sure you are familiar with this position Baby. Tie me just like he did you this weekend. How do you know he did that to me mom? Janis giggled. It is one of his favorite positions to use me.

Sandra started with her wrist stretching her arms tight before tying them to the head post of the bed. She then tied each of her mom’s ankles to the bottom corner posts after pulling her legs wide and straight. She smiled when she noticed her mom’s pussy clean shaven and glistening with love juice. She thought yes mom your are wet and ready for our lover. After putting the blindfold on her plunging her into total darkness she is about to push the large ball gag in her small mouth. Janis pulled back. Tell your Dad I need to talk to him when he gets home please. Yes mom. I will meet him at the door and tell him right away. She secured the ball gag rendering her Mom speechless and patted her mom on the ass. Have fun Mom. I envy you very much and left the room closing the door behind her.

Sandra waited in the den with Diann and Angela for Frank to get home. About fifteen minutes time has past since she tied her mom to the bed. She heard Frank’s car pull into the drive way. He walked in the door into the arms of the two young ladies excited to see him. They both hugged and kissed him saying welcome home Daddy Frank.

Sandra waited until the two excited younger sisters moved back to the den. Stepping in wrapping her arms around his neck pressing her body against his and kissed him on the lips with a lover’s kiss. She leaned back still holding her arms around his neck. Welcome home Dad. Mom needs to talk to you in the bedroom asap. Alright baby girl. She released him and he went straight to his room.

Entering the bedroom he froze seeing his wife/slave tied spread eagle face down, ass propped up, pussy wet, stretched open, gagged and blindfolded. He closed and locked the door behind him as his cock instantly went from limp to full blown hard on trying to tear though his pants.

He approached the naked lady prepared for him like a sacrifice on an alter for his pleasure. He touched her hair leaning down to kiss her ear and neck sending bolts of pleasure through her body landing in the middle of her cunt. She moaned trying to move into his lips and hand. Her pussy lips twitched leaking more juice onto the pillow under her. Frank slowly moved his hands, lips and tongue down her back to her ass crack and ran his hard tongue through her ass crack and pussy working on her clit. When he shoved two fingers in her sweet smelling cunt and sucked her hard little clit between his teeth licking it with his tongue while his fingers attack her G-spot she screamed into the gag and bucked on her restraints. Her pussy gushed girly cum onto the pillow under her.

He kept finger fucking her and sucking her clit until she had a second orgasm then moved away from her. She shook from neck to feet as the orgasm punished her body and mind. He waited until she settled down and slammed the flogger across her upper back. Orgasm without permission is against my rules. You know that and you did it twice. The pain in her back shot through her shoulders making her scream and thrash against the ropes. He kept her thrashing and screaming with four more strokes with the flogger striping her back from her shoulders to the top of her ass. After the fifth stroke across her back he moved on his knees between her wide spread thighs ramming his hard cock balls deep in her cunt banging into her cervix. She screamed with the sudden intrusion of pleasure in her hot wet pussy.

He fucked her hard, fast and deep like he was trying to tear her apart. She humped onto his cock trying to control the incredible orgasm banging on the door to be release. Master, may I please cum. Please may this unworthy slave cum for you Master, Pleeease. Yes bitch you may cum and I am going to keep you cumming until you pass out to teach you to ask permission. She screamed releasing the body wracking orgasm as he kept brutally fucking her pussy.

He felt his approaching orgasm and pulled out. Reaching for the Hitachi getting it ready. Just as she was about to finish the orgasm slamming her body he pressed the Hitachi buzzing on high mashing her hard clit. She tried to jump and screamed as the devilish Hitachi tortured her clit. She feels another orgasm kicking at the door of release when he rammed two cum lubed fingers in her ass forcing her to open the orgasm door in her cunt. She orgasm so hard she could not breath. She sucked in a lung full of air just before almost blacking out.

He moved off the bed getting the zapper. He moved back in position as she started to settle down from the last orgasm. Before she could completely recover he pressed the Hitachi back on her sensitive clit. She screamed and tried to wiggle away from the monster on her clit as she is slammed with another huge orgasm. He grabs her waist and rams his hard cock deep in her ass and fucked her hard while holding the Hitachi on her clit and zapping her ass cheeks with each inward thrust of his cock in her ass.

She held one continues scream as the pain of the zapper, his cock ripping her a new ass hole and the devilish Hitachi forced her to keep screaming and thrashing as the orgasm slammed continuously through her body flooding the bed with her cum. Frank could not control his orgasm any longer and rammed deep in her ass and release a copious amount of cum deep in her ass.

The combination of being tied up, gagged, blindfolded, clit vibrating, cock dumping cum in her ass and the zapper shooting electric shocks into her ass cheeks increased the power of the orgasm gripping her body and mind. The power of the orgasm lasting so hard and long shut the air to her lungs off. Her eyes rolled back and she passed out cold and her body went limp and unconsciously jerked violently.

Frank realizing she is unconscious quickly move to her head and removed the ball gag allowing her to gasp huge amounts of air into her lungs and she slowly regained consciousness. As she regained body control he untied her wrists and ankles. Then removed the blindfold. She scooted close to him sitting on the edge of the bed. Are you alright my little bitch? She lay her head on his leg and smiled up at him. Yes I will be alright but I promise I will never ever orgasm without your permission again.

OMG …. you have never made me cum so hard and long before. I can honestly say that an orgasm can be very painful even though extremely pleasurable at the same time. Thank you very much Master. Welcome home sweetie. Sandra had listened to her parents until she could hear nothing.

She went to the kitchen and with the help of her two younger sisters put dinner on the table. She knocked lightly on her parents door.

Janis pulled the top cover over her naked used body and Frank slipped on a bath robe to open the door. She smiled at her Dad and Mom. Dinner is served Master. Thank you, baby girl. Master would you like me to bring you and mom a plate? Yes, that will be very nice. Thank you Master. I will be back in a minute. Sandra brought dinner to their room and gave each of them a kiss and closed the door as she left.

Mom and Dad stayed in their room for the night. After the girls watched tv and talked in the den until later they retired to their room. Diann and Angela lay in bed thinking about all the things Sandra had shared with them and masturbated to very strong wet orgasms. Sandra thought about the weekend with Frank keeping her from sleeping. She tossed and turned getting sexually frustrated. Even rubbing her clit was not near satisfying. She turned on her side, stretched he arms high to her head board. She imagined being tied, blindfolded and Dad’s cock deep in her ass. The thought helped but did not allow her to sleep.

Sandra got up early quietly fixed breakfast for the family and waited in the kitchen for Frank to appear. Her heart fluttered and her pussy moistened when she heard him coming down the hall. She quickly poured a cup of coffee and stood facing the hall. Frank appeared at the door. She took a deep breath and held the coffee out to him. Surprised Frank took the coffee. You are up early baby girl. She smiled. I could not sleep. Are you all right baby girl? He ask concerned for her.

Yes, Dad I am fine. It is just that I missed being tied, blindfolded with your cock in my ass. She giggled. Sorry baby girl but it can’t be in two holes at once and your mom comes first. Dad I know and I will never interfere with mom’s needs. Baby girl you have a big heart. Dad, I love mom and you so much but I envy what you have. Baby you need to talk to your mom. She will find some way to help you. He finished breakfast, thanked her for a great breakfast and left for work.

She went to her mom finding her tied to the bed and blindfolded. Sandra thought. The only thing missing is Dad’s cock in her ass and giggled as her pussy twitched. Mom moved moaning as she woke from a pleasant sleep. Sandra sat on the edge of the bed. Janis ask . Master? No mom Master left for work letting you sleep. Want me to leave you alone or untie you?

Please untie me baby. She untied her mom and removed the blindfold. As Janis stretched and sat up in the bed. Baby why are you up so early? I could not sleep. Are you alright baby. Yes and no, mom. I have a problem and Dad said I should talk to you about it. What is your problem baby? Mom, I could not sleep because I did not feel safe and secure like I did this weekend. Baby I don’t understand. Sandra picked up the blindfold held it up and blushed.

Janis smiled. Oh. I see. You’re hooked. Right? Mom what do I do Dad can’t be in you and me at the same time and I know you need him and you are first. Mom, he said you would have a solution. Baby let me think about it. I am sure we can come up with a solution. OK mom, I will fix breakfast for you. Bed or kitchen, Mom. Janis looked at her. Excuse me? Sandra smiled breakfast in bed or the kitchen. Oh. The kitchen and we can talk. Janis headed to the bathroom to shower and Sandra went to the kitchen. She had mom’s breakfast on the table with hot coffee when mom came in.

Janis sat down for breakfast and smiled at Sandra. This is a pleasant change. What do you mean mom? Someone fixing breakfast for me instead of me making it for everyone. Mom, you will never need to cook again unless you want to and hugged her mom. I love you too baby. Mom, you are the greatest woman I know and I owe you so much I can never do enough to repay. Baby I am not sure what you are talking about. Mom, we girls have taken you for granted. But you have loved us, sacrificed for us, cooked, cleaned and given us the training we all needed. And now you have unselfishly shared the most important man in your life with me.

Mom, it makes me feel bad feeling the envy of you having Dad when I want him so terribly bad. I know that no other man can ever love me and give me what I need so much. I will never do anything to ruin your happiness because I love and owe you so much more. Janis wiped a tear from Sandra’s cheek and hugged her. Baby I know what you are feeling about your Dad because my first weekend did the same to me. I knew in those two days with him that I would rather die than be without his touch and still feel that way.

You are right about no other man making you happy because there is no other man like him. He just has the knack to know what a woman needs whether she knows it or not. He also has the desire to love and protect those close to him. He has the largest most generous heart of any man I have ever known.

Mom, I know. That is what hurts so much. I know I will never find one like him and we can’t clone him. They laughed. That is a shame too. The world would be a much better place with more of him in it.

They sat in silence for several minutes looking at each other. They never felt closer or more connected in their lives. Janis smiled. You know what your dad told me? No what, mom? He said you are a complete younger version of me and he smiled and kissed me when he said it. He said being with you this weekend was almost like he was with me. REALLY!!! He said that? Oh mom, being compared to you makes me feel so happy and proud. Especially it coming from Dad. The man we both love so much.

Janis got serious and said. Baby I think I have a solution to your problem. Really mom? What is it? I will try anything. Mom smiled. I don’t want you to rush into anything and what I am about to tell you takes total commitment. I don’t understand mom. Janis took her hand and lovingly held it. I know you don’t right now but listen carefully then I want you to think about it for a few days before you decide.

Sandra gulped. Mom, tell me don’t keep me in suspense. Do you have someone in mind that is like dad that might want me? Mom giggled. No nothing like that. Sandra slumped with disappointment.

Sandra, you probably don’t realize the fact that your Dad is really my Master and I his slave for real. He controls my whole life in every aspect. I am saying that my commitment to your Dad, my husband and Master, is such that I do everything he tells me to do without question or hesitation. Everything, Mom?

Yes, everything and anything. For example If he were to walk through that door right now, call the dog in and tell me to fuck the dog in front of you. I would say “Yes, Master” then strip naked and drop to my hands and knees in front of the dog to let him fuck me. The thing is I would enjoy it. Not the dog fucking necessarily but the fact that I would be pleasing my Master.

That is what I mean about commitment. My whole purpose in life now is to please my Master. I know that sounds awful to some people but there is a very good side to a Master/slave relationship. First as his slave it is my duty. No it is my desire to serve and please my Master. The advantage to that is having a loving, caring Master like your Dad. He loves me very deeply and would never hurt me physically or mentally and he will never do anything to break my delicate heart. He is committed to loving me, caring for me, providing for me and protecting me. As his wife and slave I feel happier and protected more than any other time in my life.

Does that help you understand? Yes, Mom. I do understand. You would die for Dad and he for you. That is what I want to find. I would gladly serve and please a man as my Master if he were exactly like Dad. Unfortunately there is no clone of my Dad.

Janis laughed. You are right about that. Now I am going to tell you something that might surprise you. In the Master/slave life style there are men or Masters in this case that have multiple slaves that he loves almost equally. In most cases he has a primary slave that he puts first and she makes sure that she and the other slaves serve and please their Master. But mom they can’t do that. It is against the law for a man to marry multiple women. Baby I am not talking about marriage even though they live as wives to the same man. His slaves perform all duties of a wife.

What I want you to think about and I think could be the perfect solution to your problem. Is becoming a second slave for your Dad. Sandra’s mouth flew open and her eyes got wide. Mom, are you serious? Yes if you think you can totally submit your life to him as I do. We would be sister slaves serving the same Master. That is what I want you to think about. Understand though serving him means pleasure and pain. Mom I understand about the pain and pleasure from last weekend.

Janis smiled No baby I mean pain for punishment. He gave you a sample of the play room in the basement but what you do not understand that room is also used for punishment for something I do that displeases him. That room is sound proof so the neighbors can’t hear my screams of pain when he punishes me. Mom why do you let him do something like that. You left my real dad because he beat and abused you.

I accept his punishment gladly because I deserve it and even need it for having done something to disappoint my Master. You said I left your real dad because he beat and abused me. That is true because that is all it was abuse not something I deserved or needed.

Baby do you remember the few times that Frank spanked you for doing something wrong? Yes, Mom I do. Janis looked into her eyes. What did he always do after he spanked you? Sandra replied. He always held me in his lap telling me he punished me because he loves me and made me feel happy that he loved me so much.

Baby that is what is called after care. No good Dom or Master punishes his sub or slave without making her feel loved and forgiven after the punishment. It is the same way when he punishes me in the basement. Yes, he hurts me making me scream and cry from the pain but he never let’s me leave the play room feeling just punished. He always holds me, talks softly to me reaffirming that he punished me to teach me because he loves me so much. Most of the time he fucks my brains out making me forget the pain totally. The one thing that I admire the most about him is that he never punishes me if he is angry.

Mom, I have never seen Dad real angry. Janis smiled. You never want him truly angry at you. I have witnessed his anger only once. His anger was directed at a man that upset me pretty bad. Your Dad beat the poor fellow so bad he spent a week in the hospital. I was afraid your Dad would end up in jail for that. But after we explained to the police what happened they shook your dad’s hand and told him good job man letting him leave.

Enough talk for now. You go to your room and think about what we talked about. If you decide being a slave to one Master is what you want let me know and we will talk to your dad. Take your time. A commitment is not to be taken lightly. It’s serious unlike a marriage. As a slave you can’t just get out unless your master agrees to release you. A marriage you can just get a divorce and go your own way. In a master/slave agreement if at any point you think you have found a new master for you. He will be trained and evaluated by our Master for your protection and safety. If he decides the new man is right for you he will agree to release you. If not there is nothing you can do but accept and obey his decision without question.

Sandra went to her room with a lot to consider before making a decision. After hours of worry and weighing the pros and cons of a Master/ slave agreement. Sandra came to the realization that her mom has given her an unselfish invitation to be as happy and loved as her mom is. She thought what is there to think about. I love Dad so much I would die for him and I do not want to pass up the chance for total happiness. It actually makes my heart race when I do something that pleases him.

She lost track of time. Looking at her watch she realized mom will be in the kitchen fixing dinner. She jumped off the bed and rushed to the kitchen to tell her mom her decision before Dad gets home. Mom, Diann and Angela were working together preparing dinner. Mom smiled. Hey I like all this help I am getting all of a sudden. I think I have you to thank for this Baby. Sandra’s younger sisters said together. Hi big Sis with bright smiles. Her love for them showed in the big smile she returned to them.

She looked into her mom’s eyes. Mom, I have made my decision. Already baby. Yes mam. Can we talk in private? Sure baby. Girls can you finish dinner. Yes mam. We can handle it. Take your time. Sandra led the way to her mom’s room closing the door behind them. Mom, I have decided I want to love and serve Dad as my Master. I thought about it and realize pleasing him in even the smallest things puts extreme pleasure in my heart. Baby that is what it is all about. You like me are now a slave to your own heart. That love in your heart for your Dad will make you strive to please him and never disappoint him in the slightest way. We will talk to your Father after the girls go to bed tonight if you are sure you don’t need more time to consider what you are about to do. No mom I don’t want to live without true happiness and I may never have a chance like this again.

Sandra, you must understand it will depend on your Father’s decision. If he feels you are not a true slave or that he is not ready to take on the responsibility of making two slaves happy he might say no. Mom, what do you think he will say. Baby that I can’t answer. I only know that if he thinks he might not be able to give us both what we need then he will not agree to it. Just remember what ever he decides. It will be because he loves us. Even if he says no he will still love and care for all of us. I know that for sure, Mom. I will love you both no matter what.

They went back to the kitchen and helped finish dinner. A few minutes later Frank walked in a house full of love just for him. All his girls met him at the door with hugs and kisses. Angela took his brief case to his room as Diann took his coat to hang it in the hall closet. Frank smiled at his girls. Oh boy. I could get used to all this female attention. What is the special occasion? Janis giggled. You are the special occasion. We all love you so much that you are the special occasion. Unless I am mistaken you should get accustom to this treatment. They all said in unison. WE ALL LOVE YOU DADDY FRANK.

Frank’s heart almost burst with joy. Thank you girls. I love all of you with all my heart. Janis and Sandra took his hands and led the way to the dinner table with the two younger girls following. Frank saw all his favorite food on the table as he sat at the head of the table. Janis sat to his right as Sandra sat to his left. The family laughed and talked while they enjoyed their family dinner.

After dinner they watched some tv and played board games. Frank finally said bed time girls. Without any argument from the youngest to the oldest daughter each gave him a kiss saying good night Dad and went to their rooms. Janis smiled at Frank that was beaming with love and pride. How does it feel to be so completely loved by three beautiful girls? He looked at her. Four beautiful women don’t you mean? It is over whelming. How can I earn all that love? She said. Earn it? You already have our love Master.

Smiling at her. What did I do to deserve all this love all of a sudden. The girls have never shown such strong love before. Janis laughed. The one thing you did was make your oldest daughter realize how much you love her this last weekend and she has passed that on to the younger girls. Quiet a change wouldn’t you say? He chuckled. Oh yes quiet a change and I love it.

What are you going to do if they ask you to be their Master. What do you mean? Well you know that some Masters have multiple slaves to love and serve them as I do you. Yes, I know that but you are talking about my daughters. They would never want something like that. Really? My love you should prepare for a shock. What do you mean a shock. She smiled. Your oldest daughter has fallen for you the same way I did when you used me on our first weekend. She wants to ask if you will take her as your second slave.

WHAT?? Did you explain everything she will be required to do as a slave. Yes, I did and she wants to serve and love you as much as I do. I thought I would give you warning that it is coming. OMG !!! I never thought that would happen. Whoa!! back up!!! I could never accept that for fear it would hurt you if I even considered it. She moved to him sat on his lap, smiled, hugged and kissed him. Thank you Master for loving me so much. He looked in her eyes and said with a smile you are very welcome. You will have to tell her it can’t happen.

She kissed him and said. What if I tell you that I would love to have our oldest daughter for a sister slave? His mouth flew open and he is speechless for a moment in shock of this knowledge. Wait a minute. You approve of our daughter serving as my slave along with you? Yes I do. In fact the idea makes me very happy. Hugging her he said. You need to realize as her Master all her needs will be my responsibility even sexual. Are you alright with that. Master I know you can handle it. He grinned I have no doubt I can handle it. Fucking her is almost like fucking you. She laughed. I’m glad you said almost or I might have gotten jealous.

What I am saying my sweet little bitch. You will miss out at times when I use her to keep her happy. She said. If you will agree to let her join me as your slaves she and I can work out a schedule that will work for us for your approval. Master I know you are extremely considerate when it comes to your friends and family. Especially me and the girls. But you are a man and I think it would please you very much to have two hot women as your sex slaves. Admit it. Every man wishes he could be in Frank’s place. His eyes flew wide open. No. No. nobody will ever know about this if we do it.

She laughed. I just mean that it is every man’s dream. He relaxed. OK. If you really want this I will agree but at first it will be a temporary trial. If it does not work for any one of us it stops. Understand? She squealed happily, hugged and kissed him passionately. Thank you Thank you ……MASTER.

He chuckled at her excitement. You can tell her we agree to try it. She looked at him. You want to make her happy don’t you. Of course I do. Then I think she would like to hear it from you. May I suggest you tell her tonight when you tuck her in. He smiled. Tuck her in? She giggled. Wait her Master. She ran to their bedroom. When she came back to the den she held out a rope, blindfold, butt plug and lube. He took it from her as she offered it to him. That horny are you? He laughed. She smiled at him. Actually Master these are for your new slave. She can’t sleep without it since you introduced her to our unique way of sleeping together. He looked at her. Are you serious? She replied it does not surprise me. What did you think would happen. Now you should realize the effect you have on women that you use. They laughed together.

Frank and Janis headed to the bedroom. As they approached the door she looked back at him and nodded toward Sandra’s bedroom.

I will be ready for you Master. He opened Sandra’s door walked in closing it behind him. She lay in her bed naked rubbing her clit while looking at the ceiling. Suddenly realizing he was in her room she pulled her hand away from her pussy. She looked at him wondering why he came into her room without knocking as he never had done that before. Hi Dad. She smiled when she saw what he had in his hands. I thought I would tuck you in baby girl. She smiled Really? Yes really. Hold your hands out. She pushed the covers off her breast as she raised her wrist together for him. He quickly tied her wrist together raising them tying her wrist to the head board. He buckled the leather blindfold over her eyes plunging her into total darkness. She moaned and smiled big feeling her pussy leak moisture. He notice the moisture from her pussy on her fingers when he tied her. I see that my new slave is thinking about her Master. She blushed at his knowledge of her arousal.

Sandra moaned with anticipation as she felt him pull the covers from her naked body. She felt his hands under her hip and upper leg and rolled on her stomach spreading her legs wide when she felt him apply pressure to roll her. He smiled. Such an eager accommodating little slave. He spanked her butt making her grunt and moan trying to keep from screaming letting her sisters hear her. He stopped spanking her when her ass cheeks turned red and burned with his hand prints. He pushed two fingers in her sloppy wet cunt. He used his thumb on her protruding clit as he finger fucked her hitting her G-spot with each stroke.

She begged in a low whispered voice. Please Master may I cum? Ooooh. Please Master may I cum? I need to cum so bad. Pleeeease Maaaaaaaaaaaaster. Yes you may cum for me slut. She could not keep from screaming loud when the orgasm slammed through her. He quickly clamped a hand over her mouth to muffle her scream. He did not let up fingering her making her come longer. She finally stopped screaming. He removed his hand from her mouth and her cunt as her body shook from the orgasm. Using his cum coated fingers he lubed the crack of her ass and rose bud protecting the entrance to her ass hole. She moaned and shook with a mini orgasm at his touch to her ass hole.

She relaxed her ass hole when she felt the lubed butt plug pressing inside her. She grunted when the expansion of the plug pop inside her opening. She smiled and thought. The plug feels very similar to Master’s cock.

He smacked her lightly on the ass as he rolled her on her side making her yelp and giggle. He pulled the covers over her naked body, kissed her on the cheek and told her. sleep tight my new slave. He closed the door behind him going to his horny wife. Janis lay on the bed naked, pussy twitching and leaking. She smiled as he approached. She must have been super happy when you told her that she is your new slave. Actually no she screamed when she orgasmed. She smiled. OH did Master grace his new slave with his wonderful cock and cum.

He smiled. No I saved that for my number one slave. She had an orgasm when I finger fucked her. She giggled. More than one way to force a slave to cum uhh. He grinned. Actually I am not even sure she realized I told her she is my new slave. Sandra lay content about to drift into deep sleep when she suddenly rolled onto her back pushing the butt plug deep in her ass. She grunted and said to her self. Did he say new slave? Mom must have told him what I decided and ask him to accept me as his second slave. She kicked her legs and screamed with joy.

Frank is about to tie Janis when they heard the scream from across the hall. He rushed to his door to cross the hall as Janis wrap a robe around her naked body following him. He enter Sandra’s room as Janis ran into the hall. She saw the two younger girls coming out of their room to investigate. Girls go back to your room. They froze looking at their mom with bewilderment. We will let you know what is wrong. Go! They returned to their room and waited.

Frank ran to the screaming, kicking, crying girl. Grabbing her tits to hold her and calm her down. She stopped kicking and screaming when she felt his hands on her tits. What is wrong baby girl? Are you alright. She laughed. Alright? I am great. You called me your new slave, Master. Is it true? Please tell me that I am now your second slave. He squeezed her tits. Yes slut you are my new slave on a trial bases for now. She yelled. Yeessssss! Master you just made me the second happiest woman alive. Thank you! Thank you!! Master.

Janis stood inside the door giggling with happiness for her daughter. Sandra said. Master. Yes slut what is it. Would you please kiss me? He looked at Janis beaming with joy and smiled at her. When he leaned down pressing his lips to hers she moaned and came alive trying to devour him. She convulsed with a hard orgasm as they tongue kissed. He broke the kiss. Good night slave. Her body continued to shake with the orgasm. Thank you Master.

Janis smiled and nodded toward her daughter. You just made her orgasm, Master. He looked back as she started to settle down with a long sigh. She just had an orgasm from a kiss. As they entered the hall Janis said. That should show you with out doubt how much we love you.. He smiled. Have you ever had and orgasm from me kissing you? She smiled. Several times. Small ones but I did not have the added stimulation of being accepted as the slave to a man I love with all my heart like she just did. He shuddered. I hope I can live up to all you ladies love. Master, all you need to do is keep loving us like you do now. Suddenly Janis rushed to the younger girls room. They were sitting on their beds when she entered the room. The girls were smiling like Cheshire cats. Girls Sandra is alright. She just had a very happy dream.

Diann giggled. About Dad. Right? Janis laughed. Could be. Mom? Yes Diann.

When will Dad teach me? I am so excited and horny if he does not take me soon I will explode. I can’t keep dry panties now. Janis laughed. Patience you horny little cunt. He will let me know when he thinks you are ready. Are you sure you want to go through a weekend like Sandra did? Diann smiled. And you did? Mom, I am your daughter just like Sandra a chip off the old block like her. I am going crazy with the anticipation and waiting for the right time for me. Janis turned to leave the room. I raised a brood of nymphos.

Janis walked into her bedroom laughing where Frank lay naked on the bed. What’s so funny. She smiled. We have three very horny little sluts. What do you mean. She dropped her robe on the end of the bed, stood naked in front of him as he sat up on the side of the bed, handing him a rope and nipple clamps from the night stand She turn her back to him and crossed her wrist behind her. Please Master fuck my brains out. He tied her wrist tight making her moan. He turned her to face him and clamped her nipples forcing her to squeal and knees go weak from the pain and pleasure shooting through her body. He shoved his hand between her legs cupping her hot wet cunt. She groaned and squatted on his hand holding back the orgasm slamming at the door of release.

He released her pussy looking up at her face glowing with lust. You forgot the ball gag, bitch. With your permission Master I need my mouth free for now as she dropped to her knees between his legs. She looked into his eyes with a pleading look and opened her mouth wide. He smiled. Permission granted.

She leaned forward and slammed her mouth down his rock hard eight inch cock driving it deep in her throat making her gag slightly. Her throat accepted his cock and she started pumping fast up and down his cock sucking and licking every inch of his delicious cock. Her head was pumping up and down his cock alternating from slow easy strokes and hard fast strokes. He felt the orgasm starting from his balls into his shaft. He slowly pulled her head up his cock as she licked the pre-cum from it. His cock head popped out of her tight sucking lips. She tried to go back down on it but the grip in her hair prevented her from getting it back in her mouth. She moaned with disappointment. He laughed as he put the blindfold and gag on her.

His cock was throbbing needing to cum hard. He picked her up with her cunt dripping love juice and threw her onto the bed forcing her to grunt and moan behind the gag. He climbed on the bed, rolled her on her stomach, lifted her ass into the air dropping her to her knees. He spread her legs and rammed his big cock balls deep in her cunt. Ooooh she grunted pushing her ass into his belly driving his cock deeper. Frank grunted and thought. She is going to force me to knot her with my balls if she keeps that up. He fucked her hard, fast and deep. She grunted with each stroke then started begging. Please Master may I cum please. Pleeease Master may I cum? Don’t know how long I can hold it. Pleeeeeease !!!!. Go ahead cum for me. He slowed his fucking in her cunt not wanting to cum yet.

She screamed into the gag, bucked on his cock and squirted cum all over him and the bed. He drove deep in her cunt and whipped her back and shoulders while he pressed his cock throbbing in her wet hot cunt. The pain from the beating with the belt and his fucking her the orgasm held on for a long time. As she started to settle down He pulled his cum covered cock from her pussy and pushed it slowly balls deep in her ass. She moaned and hunched on his cock until he rammed deep in her ass and dumped his full load of cum in her bowels

He untied her and removed the gag. She said. Thank you master that was incredible as usual and I needed it very much. So did I, my little bitch. She groaned with pain when he took the clamps off her nipples.

Master have you thought about Diann? She is going crazy with anticipation and having to wait. She is ready I think. He grinned. She horny is she? She said. Perpetual wet pussy. He chuckled. Make plans for weekend after next. Yes Master we will be gone for another weekend visiting my mother. Are the girls on the pill? He asked. She replied. I know Sandra and Diann are because I helped them get on the pill when they turned eighteen. That’s good. Angela has a couple years before she is ready.

Janis said. I think I am going to put her on the pill now. She is very mature for her age and with all the open sex in this house I know she masturbates almost daily. I think just to be safe because if she can’t get it at home she just might make a mistake and give in to one of her male class mates.

Frank frowned. I don’t think she would slut around. She is a good kid. Janis looked at him. No she will not spread her legs freely but with the right persuasion and with her so horny because of you and me plus now you and Sandra and add Diann to that mix. She will be hearing how great it is with you from Sandra and Diann she will have a very strong need to see what sex is like.

What can we do. We don’t want her having a bad experience. It might ruin a beautiful thing for her. Janis shrugged her shoulders. Well the way I see it compare it to drinking. We would rather her drink in front of us rather than take a chance of drinking and getting in trouble away from home. He looked at her quietly for a minute. So what you are saying. You think I should introduce my under age daughter to the world of sex. I am sure she is still a virgin.

Master, you are right. Angela is a virgin and I have a news flash for you. Diann is still a virgin too. What?!! She giggled. Can I help it if we raised our daughters to be good girls. You will be surprised to know that Sandra did not lose her virginity until after she turned twenty only a few months ago. WOW. How old were you when you lost your cherry? She laughed. I gave up my cherry at eighteen and married the boy I gave it to the same year.

Are you telling me you had fucked only one man before me. Well I can’t say that. It was more like he fucked me not me fucking him. When I told you that I did not know how good sex could be until I met you. I was not lying. I had three kids but never had an orgasm until you forced me to orgasm the first time. I thought you would fuck me, roll off and go to sleep like my ex always did. That is all I knew about sex until you taught me how to actually enjoy it.

Oh sweetie I am sorry you missed out on so many years of sexual pleasure. She smiled. That is why am such a nympho now. I am trying to make up for lost time.

The remainder of the week passed with all happy in the home. Janis and Sandra now share all wifely duties equally having worked out a schedule for each of them to enjoy being used by their Master.

Diann is anxiously waiting her turn with Dad for a weekend to experience the pain and pleasure he will so skillfully show her. She wears a light pad in her panties now to control the moisture seemingly discharging from her horny little pussy all the time.

Saturday morning Frank is sitting at the breakfast table reading the paper while sipping coffee after finishing breakfast. Diann, Angela, and Sandra are helping Janis clean the kitchen . Janis ask Sandra if she will put the trash out.

Sandra glared at her. Diann can do it. Frank dropped the paper in his lap. Everyone froze at Sandra’s outburst. Frank took a deep breath. Sandra come here. At the firm angry sound of Frank’s voice Sandra quickly turned to face him. I am so very sorry, Master it will never happen again. I promise, as she moved to kneel in front of him, legs spread, hands behind her back and head bowed.

Frank stared down at her for several minutes as the others watched wondering what he is going to do to punish her as they all knew she had broken the rule, obey without question or hesitation any command from him or Mom. He grabbed a hand full of her hair jerking her head back forcing her to look into his eyes. The angry look in his eyes made Sandra tremble knowing she will be punished. He ask. Do you know what you just did. She replied. Yes, Master. What else do you know? I will suffer punishment for displeasing my Master. Do you think you should be punished? Yes, Master. I deserve to be punished any way Master deems justified.

He released her hair letting her head drop facing the floor. She sobbed from the ache in her heart for disappointing the man she loves so deeply. The feeling in her heart is enough punishment for her disobedience but she knows her Master must be satisfied to know after he punishes her she will never break the same rule again. He stood. Follow me Sandra. She started to stand. No you will crawl. If you act like a bitch you will be treated like a bitch. She cried as she crawled behind him to the locked door.

Opening the door and turning the basement light on. He told her to crawl to the center of the room, strip, and wait for him with her hands behind her back, forehead pressed to the floor, on her knees, with her legs spread. Tears flowed from her eyes and her chest heaved as she did as he commanded her. Once in the position Sandra felt the heat and juices coating her pussy but could not stop crying from the ache in her heart at making her Master angry with her.

As Frank walked through the kitchen on the way to the den he saw that the girls had not moved. Janis bring me a fresh cup of coffee. Yes, Master. She quickly poured a fresh cup of coffee and followed him to the den. She sat the coffee on the stand next to his chair as he sat.

He looked with a sad expression at Janis as she knelt in front of him. This is the part of being the Master that I do not like or enjoy. Yes Master. I know how it makes you feel but we need your guidance as much as your love. I know from experience her heart is in pain for disappointing you as her loving Master. He said. I know but it does not make it any easier to do what I know I must do. I can’t let her get away with breaking our rules. Master we both know that and love you for it. She will take her punishment like the good little slave she is and love you deeper than she does now. She knows you do what you must out love for her just as I know when you have to punish me.

Thank you for reassuring me that I am right to punish her. Now, Janis, take the girls shopping. Yes Master. She went back to the kitchen, smiled at the girls who had not moved from their place. Girls get ready we are going shopping. Diann and Angela looked at Mom. What is he going to do to her, Mom. He will punish her for being a brat. You will understand one of these days. Now go get ready for our shopping trip.


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