Story of an erotic vacation with Priya masi

Story of an erotic vacation with Priya masi

Hi all, I am back with another story. This is a sequel to ‘My Lustful Priya Masi.’ As you all know, Priya masi and I had confessed our lust for each other. After that, we enjoyed each other bodies on various occasions. After some time, Priya masi and I planned to go on an erotic vacation together.

We both lied in our homes. Priya masi said that she will attend her friend’s daughter’s wedding. I said that we have a college trip. And our destination was none other than Goa. Yes, it was as fun and thrilling as you are imagining.

Priya masi and I planned to meet at the airport. I reached earlier and was waiting for her. Priya masi got out of a cab. She was wearing a normal top and tight body fitting jeans, in which her ass was just looking breathtaking.

As soon as she got out of the cab, she hugged me tightly. I could feel her soft melons getting squeezed between us. She had a smile on her face as if she was going on a honeymoon with her husband.

Priya: So, ready for a fun weekend? (She winked.)

Chetan: More than anything. (I kissed masi on her cheek)

She held my hand, and we both entered the airport. Wherever we went, she never left my hand. And my elbow was continuously touching her boobs. Sometimes I would intentionally press my elbow against it.

After completing all the security checks, we went to our terminal. We sat beside each other, and Priya masi kept her head on my shoulder. We were like a couple on honeymoon. After a while, we boarded the plane. We had got a window and a middle seat. The aisle seat was empty.

Soon as the plane took off, I started feeling sleepy. I had brought a neck pillow so I could sleep comfortably. After a while, I slept and started having erotic dreams. In my dream, Priya masi was completely naked.

I sat on the edge of the bed, and Priya masi sat on the floor in front of me. She was stroking my hard dick. Though it was a dream, it felt so real. Masi was looking at me erotically. But she said nothing.

After a while, she suddenly got up and bit me on the neck. The bite felt real, and the pain of it woke me up. And what I saw amazed me. Priya masi and I were covered in a single shawl that she had brought.

She was literally stroking my cock beneath it. And she had actually bit me on my neck, which woke me up.

Priya: Oh, you woke up? So how are you feeling? (She asked while rubbing my cock)

Chetan: Masi, what are you doing. Someone will catch us.

Priya: I am almost doing it now for 10 minutes, and no one noticed yet.

Chetan: Still, it’s risky. Please don’t…

Before I could complete my sentence, she started stroking it faster. I tried hard to control my moans. Then she took my hand and placed it on her naked pussy. Yes, you heard it right. She had pulled down her jeans till half her thighs, and she was sitting naked on the seat.

Priya: Rub it for me, Chetan.

I had lost my senses. I did as she said. Her pussy was already wet. She was stroking me, and I was rubbing her. After a while, a passenger got up to go to the washroom. As he passed us, we both stopped and acted as if we were sleeping.

After he went, we kept our eyes closed but continued the action beneath the shawl. It was very hard for me to control my facial expressions and maintain a plain face. But, when I opened my eyes and looked towards Priya masi, her face was sound asleep.

I tried to tease her and played with her clit, still no reaction. I placed my thumb on her clit and inserted two fingers in her pussy  on the flight, and finger fucked her. As I did this, she turned her head towards me and looked directly into my eyes. She didn’t say anything but used her other hand to play with my balls.

Woah, I just gave up. I just kept my head back, closed my eyes, and enjoyed the pleasure. After around 15 minutes, I was about to cum.

Chetan: Masi, I am going to cum.

Priya: Cum on my shawl. As you did on my panty, remember?

I did as she said. I wrapped my cock head with the shawl while masi continued fapping it, and I came on the shawl. A wet patch could clearly be seen on the shawl. Masi took out her hand and licked a few drops of cum, which fell on her hand. She looked towards me with a naughty smile.

Priya: Tasty. Wish I could have all of it.

Chetan: Yeah, I wish it to cum in your mouth.

I licked my fingers that I used to finger her pussy. We both laughed. Then we both adjusted our clothes, removed the shawl, and slept for the rest of the journey. After reaching Goa airport, we went directly to the hotel we had booked.

We reached our hotel, and we went to our booked room. I paid the guy that carried our luggage to our room, and I closed the door. When I turned around, Priya masi was standing by the bed and unpacking her clothes. I went close to her and hugged her from behind.

Chetan: Masi, let’s finish what we started.

I started squeezing her boobs over her top and kissed her neck. She enjoyed it for a while, but after that, she pushed me away.

Priya: We will do it later.

Chetan: But why? We are all alone, and I can’t wait anymore. It’s been two weeks.

Priya: That’s the reason I fapped you on the plane. I think I satisfied you once you can wait a bit longer.

Chetan: But why not now?

Priya: I have worked hard to get into shape. I want to look energetic when we go to the beach. I don’t want to waste all my energy on sex.

Chetan: Oh, so that’s the reason. Okay, you won’t have to do anything. We will do it in a missionary position. I will do all the hard work. Come on now.

I grabbed her by the face and kissed her. She kissed me back. But as soon as I was about to insert my hands in her pants, she stopped me.

Priya: I don’t want to be rude, Chetan. But we can’t have sex now.

Chetan: Okay, fine.

My mood was ruined. I thought that we would have sex as soon as we reached the hotel room. But masi had other plans. Seeing me upset, she tried to cheer me up. She took out her clothes for the beach and changed in front of me. She started stripping her clothes one by one.

First, she removed her top, followed by her jeans. She was in her lingerie and checking out her body in the mirror. She looked at me through the mirror and winked. She had really done some work on her body. It was looking fabulous. Her tummy was flat, her ass was tighter, and her boobs were perfectly shaped.

Priya masi opened her bra, and I could see her melons. Oh, I just wanted to squeeze them hard. She then took out her bikini top and wore it. It was of light golden color, which complimented masi’s skin tone perfectly. The bikini top covered part of her lower boobs and nipples.

Most of masi’s boobs were exposed. And even her nipples were a bit highlighted. She then pulled down her panty, and her naked ass was facing me. I just wanted to fuck it. She took out the bikini bottom and wore it. It had strings on the side.

The bikini bottom was big enough to just cover her pussy. On the back, it could hardly cover half of masi’s huge ass, not leaving much to the imagination. She was looking so hot that my cock was aroused seeing it. I was rubbing my cock over my pants.

Then masi wore hot pants and a top which was off-shoulder from one side. She tied a knot in the bottom part of the top just below her boobs, revealing her flat sexy tummy. My cock was so hard by now; it almost tore my pants to come out. Masi noticed the huge bulge on my pants.

Priya: Oh, I think you liked my bikini.

Chetan: Yes, masi, you were looking awesome in it.

Priya: Well, what I am looking at right now looks awesome too. (wicked smile)

Chetan: Hahaha, yes, it enjoyed the show a lot.

Priya: Maybe it needs to be rewarded for appreciating my body.

Priya masi then sat down in front of me. She opened my jeans, pulled down my pants, and stroked my cock again.

Priya: It’s bigger than it was on the plane.

Chetan: Yeah, because I am too horny right now.

Priya: Well, then let me suck out all the horniness from you.

She then took the cock in her mouth and started sucking it. Her blowjobs were awesome as always, and she was playing with my balls too. Her warm tongue was making my cock stiffer.

The suction created by her mouth was like a vacuum. And the lick on the balls made my whole body shiver. I couldn’t resist long and was about to cum.

Chetan: Masi, I am about to cum. Can I cum inside your mouth?

Priya: No, not in my mouth cum on my face.

She took out the cock from her mouth and covered her body with a towel so that her clothes are not ruined with my cum. She pointed my cock towards her face, and she started stroking my cock harder. After a few seconds, I released all my cum on her face.

What a scene it was my cum on masi’s face. It was making me hornier. Then masi got up, went inside the bathroom, and told me to change into my beach clothes.

I, too, stripped and changed into my beach clothes. I just wore shorts without any underwear and a t-shirt. After a while, Priya masi washed her face and came out.

Priya: My face looks brighter after the cum facial.

Chetan: Hahaha, yes, it does indeed.

I grabbed her by the waist, pulled her towards me, and laid a kiss on her lips. Then we left for the beach. We rented mats and an umbrella. It was pretty crowded. Many foreigners were roaming around in bikinis. But rarely any Indians wore it, though there were many beautiful Indian girls in short clothes.

We found a place where we could sit. We lay our mats opened the umbrella, and sat there enjoying the view. After a while, masi opened her top, revealing her bikini top. Till now, many had not noticed it. But when she got up and pulled down her hot pants, it turned every man’s head in a 100 m radius.

It was like a signal went to each of their heads that my masi had stripped down to a bikini. Everyone was enjoying the Indian women in bikini. Priya masi confidently flaunted her body in front of them. It must have raised many cocks that day.

After a while, my eyes caught a very beautiful girl. She was in white hot pants and a red top. Her body looked amazing. She had decent boobs, and her ass in hot pants looked appealing. I couldn’t take my eyes away from her. She was gorgeous. Priya masi noticed it.

Priya: So how far have you gone in your thoughts with that girl?

Chetan: Oh. No, nothing, I was just looking around.

Priya: Don’t lie. For very long, you are looking at her.

Chetan: Yes, she is so beautiful. Her boobs, ass they are attracting me.

Priya: Then go fuck her already.

Chetan: Oh, someone’s getting jealous.

Priya: Hahaha, I am not jealous. Go, have your fun. It’s your age. Go talk to her.

Chetan: Are you sure you won’t mind?

Priya: Why would I?

I kissed masi on her cheek and went to talk to that girl. While I was talking to that girl, Priya masi was continuously looking at us. After a few minutes of conversation, I returned. I lied down there beside masi with a smile on my face and said nothing. After a while, masi broke the silence.

Priya: So, what did you two talk about?

Chetan: Nothing much. She is staying in the same hotel as us. I told her I hope to see her again.

Priya: Oh, so you already booked a date?

Chetan: It’s nothing like that masi. I just want to know her better, that’s it.

Priya: I don’t have any issues. Meet whom you want. Fuck whom you want. Who am I?

Chetan: Oh, masi, come on. It was just a little flirting, that’s it.

Priya: Oh, so now, your little conversation has turned into flirting.

Chetan: Hahaha. Come on, masi, chill.

Priya: Okay… Okay, I don’t want to act like a jealous, possessive bitch.

Chetan: You don’t have to because no one else can do magic like you on this. (Pointing towards my cock)

Priya: (smiled) Oh, stop flattering me. And enjoy the view.

Chetan: Well, I think others are enjoying this view. (My both hands pointing towards masi)

Priya: Oh, really…

I just laughed and said nothing. Masi looked around as to who was looking at her. She definitely knew she was being watched by those men, but she still acted innocently. Masi noticed a group of 4-5 young boys constantly eyeing her. She suddenly got up and walked towards them.

They were almost my age or a couple of years older. She walked towards them while swaying her ass. She stopped in front of them. Suddenly all of them were quiet and checking her out while masi spoke to them.

Then masi bent forward and pulled her bikini tops string tied at the back of her neck, revealing her boobs. The boys were shocked, looking at masi’s naked breasts. They were all drooling. She flashed them only for a few seconds then tied back the top.

And without saying anything, she walked back towards me with a smile on her face.

Chetan: What was all this?

Priya: What? I talked with a few boys like you did with that girl.

Chetan: Oh, so this was revenge. And you just didn’t talk with them. You flashed.

Priya: It was an accident, Chetan.

Chetan: You did it intentionally. And did you see how their mouths were wide open?

Priya: So what? They can just look at them. They can’t have them.

Chetan: Well, currently, I also can’t have them. You denied me from having them. Look at those boys. How are they looking at your ass while you are talking to me? (Masi’s back was facing towards them)

Priya: Oh, come on, as I said, it’s all yours. They can only look.

Priya masi then came close to me and kissed on my lips. Our lips were locked, and we were kissing passionately. She then took my hand and places it on her half-naked ass. I grabbed them and squeezed them hard. I grabbed them harder than usual, making the boys realize that I am the real owner of that ass.

After that, everything was cool between Masi and me. We sat there till evening. After that, Masi put her clothes on and just strolled around beaches eating and drinking. We continued strolling along the beach, and we were both a bit tipsy.

Suddenly we reached a place where there was no crowd at all, and it was also late at night. I realized that we have the whole place to ourselves. So I thought of making a move.

Chetan: So, masi, we are all alone here. And the day is also over. You also got a chance to flaunt your body. So can we now…

I went close to her, held her around her waist, and kissed on her lips. Then slowly, I pulled down her hot pants, followed by her bikini bottom. She was half-naked. She then pulled down my shorts, and my cock popped out. She held it and massaged it for a while, and I rubbed her pussy.

I whispered in masi’s ears.

Chetan: Let’s do it doggy style, masi. You face the ocean, and you can moan as loud as you want. There’s no one to hear us.

Priya: Yes, Chetan, fuck your masi like never before. Tear my pussy. I want you to fuck me till morning.

Masi’s words were making my cock rise more. She sat down in front of me in the doggy style on Goa’s beach. I sat on my knees and adjusted my cock to insert it in her pussy. But suddenly someone from a distance flashed a light on my face. I looked towards it.

I could see the silhouette of a man standing at a distance. Then the man moved the torch on masi’s face and then run it all along her body and stopped at her ass, realizing she was naked. He then started blowing the whistle and ran towards us. We quickly pulled our pants up and stood there together.

We were afraid that he was a policeman and caught us having sex in a public place and might punish us. We were very afraid.

So this part ends here, guys. I hope you liked it. Please give your views and feedback at [email protected] I am on hangouts too. Thank you for reading.

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Story of an erotic vacation with Priya masi