Submissive Boy Fucked By Guys In The Farm – Part 3

Submissive Boy Fucked By Guys In The Farm – Part 3

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My cousin and his friends were extremely horny to play with my body. They liked my girlish smooth body, my sensitive boobies. They also liked my thin long penis. Even though they were rough with my soft body, I liked the attention they gave to me.

The pleasure was too much for me and I was enjoying their touches. My cousin’s magic on combing my pubic hairs in the morning was the best. It has to be done by the partner when you sleep on the bed naked. It’s a great experience to enjoy and the pleasure is unimaginable.

Once we reached the place, they told me to get ready for a bath. I was wondering, as I am already naked. Just before bath Michael gave two tender coconuts and made me drink. My tummy was full. My cock had now lost its hardness and was hanging like a thin stick.

They made fun of me by pulling and squeezing it. Raj just lifted me and dipped me in the tank. Everyone got naked quickly and I was shocked to see their huge cocks. All my cousin’s friends had said Raj had the monster. It should be more than 8 inches and was thick like an iron rod.

Sam, Babu, and Michael had 7 inches and thick. I was scared and excited. They asked me to kiss their cocks while entering the tank. I kissed each of the cocks when Raj came out of excitement I was holding it with both my hands and gulped the tip and licked it.

Everyone cheered and Raj was super excited. He gave pinch on both my nipples and said, “Naughty little slut boy.” Everyone started calling me a slut boy and splashed water on me. Inside the tank, my cousin and friends started to grope me and were doing whatever pleased them on my body.

I was shivering with pleasure and coldness of the water. I just closed my eyes and left them to do whatever they want. Two hands were fighting to hold my thin long penis. Multiple hands pushing each other to squeeze my boobies. In a sudden move, Raj kept his lips on me and started to suck my lips.

OMG, it was great and I could feel passionate love in the kiss. He is a tall guy so just lifted me and circled around the tank kissing me for 5 minutes. When he stopped my lips were feeling great. All the friends were jealous so everyone took me for a round of liplock.

Then Raj and Sam started to suck my nipples really hard. Babu was playing with my penis and Michael was trying to insert his finger in to my ass. He managed to get two fingers inside. I was moaning in pleasure. But the urge of peeing was making it difficult to enjoy.

My nipples by now had become too sensitive and they’re sucking made me scream in pleasure. This continued for 15 to 20 minutes. Sam told me to lie down on my stomach on the tank wall. It was difficult as my tummy was full of coconut water.

Michael got out and brought a water tube and Raj got some oil. Sam parted my ass cheek and kept the tube on my asshole. Water started to enter, within a minute he removed and told me to release the water, by standing outside the tank. The feeling was different and strange.

I bend a little and started to release. All my friends were enjoying the show. I was embarrassed and my face was red. Again sam did the same and water-filled my ass and I released. This continued till my ass was clean. Then they started to apply soap to me.

It’s great when four guys treat you like a child and bathing you. After bathing, Babu told me to lie down on the small bench with my legs down and stretched. He came near and started to apply oil in my ass and started to massage. Sam got some big carrot from a bag and started to stuff it in my ass.

It was painful and I told him to stop. Raj said if this is painful what about my cock. That’s when I realized their plan. I told them that I was scared. Raj and Michael started to squeeze my boobies slowly and I was in extreme pleasure, when Sam managed to stuff the big carrot into my ass.

I wanted to pee urgently and I asked Sam. He told me to lie on my back and two started to suck and bite my soft melons. Raj put his cock in my mouth and started to mouth fuck. The carrot in my ass was making me uncomfortable. I was not able to concentrate as nipples were eaten roughly, with a huge cock in mouth.

To add to that, Sam pulled my penis. I was not able to control and jets of urine got released from my erect cock. Still, Sam was pulling the foreskin up and down. The feeling was different and they all laughed at my condition. Once I finished, they again made to drink another two tender coconuts.

Now I understood they’re making me drink so that I will pee during their fun or trouble me by not allowing to pee. Sam washed my penis and babu took my penis in his mouth. He likes my thin penis. Raj told me to get up and still, babu was just holding my cock in his mouth.

Raj declared he will take my ass first, but before that, he wants some kinky things with me. I whispered to Sam, please don’t put his big cock, it will pain. He just laughed and said, “The carrot has stretched your hole, so no worries.” I was trembling with fear and pleasure.

My sensitive parts are still stimulated, two mauling my nipples and cock in babu’s mouth and a carrot in my ass. They continued this smooching for thirty minutes. I was not able to cum, as babu just kept it in his mouth and did not suck it.

Again I got the urge to pee. Sam told me to wear a towel without taking the carrot. Raj came and lifted me before I wore the towel removed the carrot and stuffed a bigger carrot. I was about to scream and Sam kept his lips on mine. Now he dropped me. I couldn’t walk properly as the new object in my ass was big.

I wore the towel and Raj lifted and carried me along with his friends to the other side of the farm. He stopped at a place and I could see a road there. He asked me to bend and removed the carrot. I felt relieved. I could feel the hole had widened.

Raj pushed me on my knees and stuffed his monster cock in my mouth. I couldn’t see the road and for 5 minutes I was used. Babu was pulling my one nipple and another by Michael. I again pleased them to allow me to pee, but they told me to wait.

After some time a bus stopped and two college boys got down. Raj told me to go near them and pee on the side of the tree, so that they can see me. I was scared and pleaded them not to do this. The boys will see me topless with my soft boobies exposed with the bite marks. No one listened and I was pushed to go.

I was feeling embarrassed and exposed when I walked towards the boys. I reached the spot and lifted the towel to pee. All sucking of Babu had made my penis too red. When I was peeing in the way they can see my body and penis, as told to me. I was looking for my friends and they hid near the tree.

The boys looked at me and whispered between and came close to me. I was still peeing as I controlled it for a long time. The tall boy asked me what are doing here, are you a girl or boy. I was so embarrassed and said I am a boy, and came to bath on the farm.

He just came closer and squeezed my right nipple and said, “Looks like it’s used by someone.” I did not respond and continued peeing. He just pulled my towel and I lost control and and peed on my legs and his hand. He called his other friend and told him to hold me, and pinched both my boobies hard.

I screamed in pain and pleasure. And my pee got stopped. He was telling me I have better boobies than girls and kept his mouth on my nipples. OMG, I started to moan with pleasure. My nipples now are more sensitive and touch only gives too much pleasure.

They both laughed and the tall guy started to suck and bite my nipples. I was so embarrassed and my nipple was paining as he was pulling the nipple with teeth. Another guy with one hand holding me and with the other hand was mauling my other nipple roughly. I could see my cousin and friends enjoying the show.

The tall guy tool his penis out and told me to suck, by squeezing my boobie. I bent and at that time other guy loosened the grip. I ran naked towards the farm. Luckily those guys did not follow. My cousin and friends were laughing at my condition.

I was keeping my hand over my chest and hiding the redness given by those boys. Sam came and removed my hands, and said only girl cover boobies and pinched both nipples. I screamed a little. Babu was holding by my thin penis, and we walked back.

On the way, they too became nude and were molesting my boobies and ass cheeks. In between, they again gave me tender coconut water. More to go. Wait for the next part.

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Submissive Boy Fucked By Guys In The Farm – Part 3