Surprising Encounter With Mami – Sex Stories

Surprising Encounter With Mami – Sex Stories

I : Rutwik, 19.
Mami : Shipra, 36.
Mama : Ritesh, 37.

It was the month of May and I had my summer vacations. As usual I had went to my mama’s place to hang out. He has a small family, a wife and two kids. He worked in an automobile company and earned pretty well. The two kids were small and went to school and my Mami was a typical housewife taking caring of the house and also herself in every way. She had maintained herself very well at that age too. She was slim, fair and had a big pair of boobs whom anyone would notice for sure.

So anyway I went to their place for a week and as I landed my mama had picked me up from the airport and we reached their place. My Mami welcomed me in a very caring way as usual. She looked really pretty but I genuinely never had any hot feelings for her. So we got settled, mama spoke to me casually about the family and other stuff and soon after everyone left for their jobs, schools, etc. It was afternoon and we were watching TV in the living room. Mami started a conversation involving movies, games, actors and stuff. She asked me who was my favourite actress.

I told her that I found Alia very Hot (as a slip of tongue I literally uttered Hot) realising that I immediately said sorry to which Mami laughed and said “it is ok I expect such things from you now”. I was a little relieved but also felt a little weird about she saying like that. Anyway while she was changing channels the love making scene from two states came up and she immediately smirked and said “le Tera hot scene Agaya”. I was a little ashamed and said “Mami aapke sath yeh Sab I can’t watch”. She laughed and said “koi baat nahi chill kar I am your Mami”. Then the conversation turned towards having a girlfriend and doing stuff, to which I told that I haven’t done anything till now.

She laughed a lot and teased me saying “kiss toh kiya hi Hoga”. I replied with a No. She then laughed and asked “accha yeh Bata ladki mein kis cheez se excite hojata hai?” . I was taken aback by her behaviour but then I replied “Payal”. She asked ” Kya? “. I said “Payal se mujhe Bohot excitement hoti hai aur bade boobs se”. She laughed her guts out and said “bada Pagal hai the” . The day passed , it was normal day and then dinner and after that we slept. The next morning I woke up a little late and as I woke up I could hear a sound of “chan chan” in the kitchen.

As I went out my Mami was wearing a gorgeous golden Payal and doing her chores. Seeing that I immediately got a hard on and to hide it I stumbled and went to the wash basin to brush my teeth . I could see her from the mirror and she had noticed my hard on and was smirking seeing that my dick got bigger and bigger. I ate my breakfast and asked her about the Payal to which she lied to me about my mama getting her it as a gift last night . She had definitely worn it for me but I ignored and went to bath. But my cock hadn’t had a nice fap since a few days and also the Payal had made me so horny that I masturbated in the shower .

After a while my Mami knocked on the door and asked “itni der tak Kya kar raha hai?”, I replied “Kuch nahi Mami Aya bas.” , to my surprise she replied “koi baat nahi, laga reh apni kaam mein”. I was so ashamed that I couldn’t even complete my thing after that I bathed and went out.

I told Mami that there was nothing like she thought but she didn’t agree obviously. Anyway it was afternoon and we were alone in the house resting in the bedroom talking about random things. Mami and I were lying down beside each other and she was on her side facing me. After a while she moved her leg and was trying to get the Payal stuck in my toe and she succeeded with it too. I thought she is just playing randomly. After a while started moving her leg on my sole and ankle and around that area. After a while to ease the movement she pulled her saari a little up and adjusted her leg on me. Immediately I had a hard on and I was ashamed as hell. She smirked and said “Ajkal bada jaldi excite hojata hai tu”.

Then she took a blanket and covered both of us. We continued to talk and she continued to move upwards on my leg with her leg and after a while she put her knee on my thigh and started caressing it. My dick was now rock hard. In a while her knee touched my dick. I chose to ignore but she continued doing that frequently now. I was precumming already. The sound of her Payal moving had made me go crazy and I already had moved closer to her.

Suddenly I felt her hand on my dick and I closed my eyes with Shame. She whispered “idhar dekh”, slowly I opened my eyes and found her very very close to me and then slowly her lips touched mine. I didn’t even know how to kiss at that time but she kept on moving hers on mine. She put her tongue inside my mouth and bit my lip and started chewing them. She said “ab Main Teri Mami nahi Teri randi hu Kiss kar mujhe” .Slowly I started to respond.

Suddenly I realised that what we were doing was wrong and I stopped. But she asked me “Kya hua?”. I replied ” Mami yeh Galat hai na mama Kya sochenge.”, to which she said ” tere mama ko Bol kaun raha hai jaanu”. I was done negotiating and all I wanted was sex now. We kissed for a long time and meanwhile she pushed her hands in my pants and was now caressing my cock over the boxers. She pulled away the blanket and came on top of me.

Now she was talking all vulgur and slutty. “Mai tujhe kabse chodna chahti thi bhadwe, meri pyaas hai tu” she said. I was dead shocked but horny like hell. I replied ” Mai aaj aapko meri randi bana lunga”. She said ” kaise chodega mujhe?” , ” choot mein, fir gand mein” I replied. Though I knew nothing about sex.

She took off my pants and then my shirt, I was stark naked and my cock was never so straight and hard. She ran her tongue all over it and as she took it in her mouth within a few minutes I was about to cum. I came loads in her mouth and she took it all. I was a little ashamed that I was drenched so quickly but she said “Tera Pehla blow job hai chudai mein toh isse jaldi chootega par Chinta Matt kar Mai tujhe abhi itna jaldi chodungi nahi abhi toh meri chudai baki hai”. Then I undressed her and thought I’ll bring in the porn a little and then went on top of her and started licking her everywhere starting from the eyes to the neck to the armpits and then I came to the breasts. I have never seen real breasts I was in seventh heaven. I pressed them hard, real hard. The nipples were very hard. I licked them and started to bite them. She moaned loudly.

I went so wild that my Mami had to stop me since I had cut her breast a little. I went down to her pussy. It was very damp and I had never seen a pussy too. Honestly speaking it is nothing like the porn and it feels a little disgusting in the beginning too but only the hotness of sex keeps it going. I thought I’ll lick her pussy and I went for it. It tasted so bad that I would have puked but the way she moaned got me hard again so I kept going.

She kept her hand on my head and pushed me further and moaned very loudly saying “chus ise chaat apni Mami ki choir ko, geela karde mera badan, chat meri gand ko, apni zaban daal meri choot mein”. After a while I inserted a finger in it and oh boy it was all wet and felt like a little clay hole. I won’t be able to explain it properly, the feeling but it was heavenly. I was amused that if only the finger felt so good how would the cock feel. But I kept going for about 20 mins and she was about to cum. She shouted loudly while cumming “madarchod jhada Diya tune mujhe pyaas kam kardi tune, ab Tera land chahiye mujhe “. It tasted weird but I sucked it all. Now I was rock hard again and we were sweating real hard. She now said “ab apna land mujhse door Matt rakh daal de meri choot mein Banale mujhe apni randi “. I got really excited and tried to put it in .

To my surprise it didn’t go in at all. After trying a lot it didn’t go in but then my Mami bought a little oil and applied it on the dick and in her pussy and then opened it up with her fingers a little and told me to slide it in. This time very properly I could slide in and I felt like I died in pleasure. I moaned ” aah Mami, Mami mera naam lo Mami, Bol Shipra Bol ki main tujhe chodu Bol tu mera muth piyegi”. It was so good that I thought life should end this way. I was no longer a virgin. She pulled me to her wrapped her leg around me, the Payal was doing its work by making the sound and drive me crazy, the sweat on us was totally lubricating us, she pulled me and bite my ear and started kissing me. She said “ab dheere dheere Chod mujhe”.

I slowly moved in and out. It hurt but I was on top of the world. I was going slow and easy. She started screaming “Chod mujhe madarchod, faad de meri choot ko”. The chan chan of the Payal and the kissing and the boobs that were pressing against my chest were making me go crazy and in only a few minutes I was going to come and I couldn’t resist and came the longest in my life in her and dropped on her. She laughed a lot and said “tu abhi poora Mard nahi bana “.

My cock went limp and I pulled it out. I don’t know what came to my senses but I started licking her pussy and stated finger fucking her. She was moaning loudly and moving her legs I a rhythmic manner. I sucked her toes her feet her pussy her pubic hair and after 15 minutes of sucking she came again shouting loudly “rutwik jaanu chaat le mujhe jhad rahi hu main peeja mujhe poora, mujhe tujhse pyaar hi hojaega”.

After one hour I was hard again and this time it pained a lot but I was up for a few more minutes than the last session. I was so happy that I kissed her all over again. We cleaned up and then the kids and my mama came. She would often give me a peck on the lips here and there when no one was seeing. The whole week was filled with action and new lessons. If you liked this experience of mine and would like to know about what happened afterwards and how I got to fuck her in the ass, email me about it. Thank you for reading.

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Surprising Encounter With Mami – Sex Stories