The DJ Played All Night Long

The DJ Played All Night Long

About a year ago, I decided to switch job. I resigned from the company and took a month off after serving the notice period. I was supposed to join the next company after that. For one month I was free from any kind of professional responsibilities.

I decided to spend this time alone and did not want to meet any people. I wanted a change from Noida. A friend from Gurgaon had gone onsite for 6 months. I asked for his flat keys. He said his keys were with one of his friends. He will arrange that the keys get delivered to me.

Next day his friend came to my house and gave the keys. The same evening I packed my bags and left for Gurgaon. His flat was on the Golf Course Road. A well maintained luxurious flat. A well set up bar counter and romantic bedroom interiors.

Once I settled down, I started visiting the pubs nearby. I was regular at one of Skybars on GCR. Every day, I would go there by 7 pm, get drunk and come back home by 12. During this time I did not meet any guys or even tried to. I did pass through a lot of attractive hunky guys but I resisted every time.

So there was this DJ in the bar who would eye me every day. He tried to communicate a lot of times by sending wine or clearing the cheques. But I ignored him. I was not in a mood to meet my regulars, let alone seeing new men. I kept ignoring him for a week.

He knew about my drunk condition every time I left the bar. Sometimes, he would follow me to the parking without saying anything. I guess he was just observing. It was the second week of my stay in Gurgaon and drinking at the same bar. I sat at the regular table.

Being a Wednesday, the bar was relatively empty with only a few Asian chaps around. I saw the same the DJ play. He was scanning my whole body. I was in a black backless short dress and my favorite black stilettos flaunting my sexy feet and long legs. I was looking ravishing in the dress which suited my 34D-29-36 figure.

I was the only lady sitting alone. I could see all men drooling every time I went to the washroom. The DJ completed his set and the bar was empty around 11 pm. I ordered one last drink. By this time the music had stopped and the DJ was now standing there doing nothing but stare at my body.

I quickly finished my drink and asked for the bill. The waiter said it has already been paid. I looked for the DJ around but he was nowhere to be seen. I grabbed my stuff from the table and left. As soon as I reached the parking, I saw two men standing near my car. One of them was the DJ, I did not recognize the second one.

As I moved to open the door, the DJ grabbed me from the back and told me not to create any noise else I would face consequences. He dragged me to a dark corner, while his friend just stood there. He placed his hand on my mouth and asked me to unzip him and suck him. I bit his hand.

In pain and anger, he pushed me back to the wall and gave a very angry look. I was pressed against the wall and he was coming close to my face. Just when his lips were going to touch mine, he said, “I asked you to suck me, do it.”

“What if I don’t?” I said.

By this time the DJ’s friend had also come to the corner. While the DJ held me against the wall, his friend started to squeeze my boobs. He said, “If you don’t We will circulate this video.” He was making a video the whole time his DJ friend did things to me.

The DJ was still pressing me against the wall and his friend was feeling my body and shooting the video. I released my hand from his hands, felt his cock from outside, he was a boner. “You won’t like it here,” I said. He wrapped my throat with his hands and said, “What do you mean, bitch?”

I said, “You can get me to do whatever you want to, but not here.” He released his grip over my throat and asked me in a soft tone, “Then where?”

“Your place or mine?” I said.

“Yours.” He said.

“Is this friend of yours also joining us?” I asked. By this time he had released me completely and I was free from their hold. The DJ took out his bike keys from his pocket and asked his friend to ride it following us. I and the DJ got into the car. We were all relaxed by now.

After a few minutes of the drive, we reached my friend’s house. All three of us went to the flat. They both were much calmer now. The DJ sat in the living room while I went to the washroom. His friend followed me, just to make sure I don’t do anything against them.

I did not close the bathroom door. He was seeing all. I quickly washed my face and came out of the bathroom to the bedroom. He was still following me. I stopped near the wardrobe and gave him a look. A horny seductive look. We both were staring at each other.

I unzipped my dress from behind. Without taking off my stilettos, I took off my dress. Now I was just in a strapless bra and a G string. He got aroused looking at the view and came close to me. The moment he touched my boobs, I slapped him hard on his face.

“Not now,” I said, “Go and wait in the living room with your friend. I will be there in a few moments.” He was in such shock after the slap that he obliged and followed the instructions well. I took out a sexy red and black baby doll from the bag and wore it.

I tied my hair in a bun. My nails were already glossy red. My boobs were bulging out of the dress. I put on dark red lipstick. I started to catwalk from the bedroom to the living room. I am sure the tok-tok from my stilettos must have made people staying on the floor below horny.

Both the friends were sitting on the couch. Their heads turned as I entered the living room. The DJ stood up and as I walked up to him. He grabbed my ass, pulled me towards him and started to kiss me. I slapped him this time and said, “Who asked you to kiss?”

He grabbed my hair and started to bite my lips. He was eating them and I was in pain. He suddenly released and said, “I don’t need to ask anyone to do things to you.” He started to fondle my boobs and body. His friend also joined in. He came behind me and now I was sandwiched between the two.

The DJ’s friend took off his pants undies and started rubbing my ass with it. I felt his cock and was sure that he was bigger than the DJ’s. I turned around to have a look at it. And was happy to see it. A hung boner the ones we witness in porn. He was huge. I grabbed his dick and started kissing him wildly on his lips.

Now the DJ was behind me. While I was stroking his friend’s cock, the DJ took off his pants and undies. He started to rub his boner on my ass. I was getting horny. I turned around again to look at his manhood. He was good too. I kissed him too. This time I bit his lips hard.

Now both the cocks were in my hands. I was stroking them while both the men fondled with my body over the babydoll. They let the straps of my dress loose. and the dress fell down. Now I was only in a strapless bra and G string. The DJ was now fondling my boobs while his friend started to finger my pussy.

I got down on my knees. I started fondling their balls and licking their cocks. I was doing both of them simultaneously. They both were playing with my hair as I started deep throating them one after other. Their cocks were both wet with my saliva and were now ready to fuck.

I got up and they started to squeeze my body harshly. Every part of it. I planted a deep smooch on the DJ’s friends lips. After this, I went to the bedroom and they followed. I lay down on the bed. They both came over the bed. The DJ sat on my stomach.

He started mouth fucking me while playing with my boobs. While this friend started to lick and eat my pussy. I was getting wetter and wilder. Started to moan loud now. Every time the DJ pulled out his cock of my mouth I would let go a loud moan.

His friend was now licking my ass hole. Spitting on it and licking wild. The DJ lay on the bed now and asked me to come on top of him. I spread my legs and took his dick in one stroke. That felt good. His friend got up and came over me from behind.

I was now sandwiched again in between the two with my legs spread and both the holes ready to get pounded. While the DJ was still in, his friend gave a hard stroke of his cock in my ass. He was inside too. They both started pounding my pussy and ass simultaneously.

The double penetration has been my favorite since the first time I did it. I was enjoying it and letting my loud moans echo in the house. May be neighbors could also listen. Everyone just went silent. All three of us were moaning only. They both were fucking me hard. Really good.

I asked them to keep increasing the speed and not to stop. They did the same until I came. Suddenly at the rush, I took both the cocks out and broke myself from the sandwich. As I did, I started to squirt. The DJ’s friend came near me and started to pound my pussy with his fist. I was squirting crazy.

He took out his fist, came over me and started fucking my pussy. I went wild and wanted more. He kept increasing his speed. Meanwhile, the DJ came near my mouth and placed his dick on my lips. I grabbed it with my hands and started to suck him while his friend kept fucking my pussy.

I understood the DJ was about to cum. He took his cock out of my mouth and came all over my face. I licked his cock clean then and he moved aside. It was his friend who was fucking me hard till now. I licked every bit of cum from the DJ on my mouth. His friend asked me to move to doggy.

I did that and he started fucking my ass. He was nothing less than a porn star. He kept pounding my ass hard and I was moaning out loud. Then he moved to my pussy. He banged me hard increasing his speed with every stroke. I was going crazy again. I let go of his dick and fell on my knees. I squirted again.

While I was squirting, he tried to block my mouth my inserting his cock in my mouth. I was in no control of myself. We both were sweaty now. I regained some energy and asked him to go wild again. He once again made me go doggy on him. He fucked again. This time he was ready to cum.

He asked me to get on my knees. I followed. He placed his cock near my mouth as I started to stroke and suck it. In a while, he released his load on my face and body. I sucked his cock clean again and whatever cum was there on my face. I cleaned it with my hands and ate it.

We both were tired now. But by the time his friend got over, the DJ was ready to go again. Later we kept fucking for 2 more days. They called another friend of them. I will write the experience in further stories. Till then keep having fun.

The DJ Played All Night Long