Travel And Sex – The Best Things To Do!

Travel And Sex – The Best Things To Do!

Hi all, this is Nitesh, 27 years old guy currently working and living in Bangalore. I am a regular reader of XIS. So I thought to give my two cents as well to the lot. Briefly about me, I’m 5’10, a decently shaped young guy who loves to travel and of course spending quality time with girls and ladies.

Coming to the story, it is a story of something that happened with me during the last few months. I was on a solo trip to Himachal Pradesh. A place called Tirthan valley. It is a beautiful place. I stayed there in a zostel. For people who don’t know what a zostel is, it is a kind of common dormitory open for both girls and guys.

So it is a great way to meet new people as well. I had already spent a day in the valley. When I came back to my dorm on the night, there I saw a beautiful young girl settling her luggage and making her bed close to my bed. Her name was Supriya (name changed for obvious reasons).

She was about 25 years old, and her stats would have been (from my initial checking out) around 34b-30-34. She had long straight hair coming to just above her waist. I took this opportunity and introduced myself. While talking I came to know that she is also from Bangalore.

She has been working in the city, while her hometown is in Delhi. We shared our interest and love for travel and hence got mingled up very quickly. We decided that we can travel and roam around the rest of our trip together. Or atleast try it, if it works out.

We both agreed at the beginning that if one didn’t like the company of the other, we will be in our own ways. But as Lady Luck was shining on me during that time, we both enjoyed each other’s company while traveling. We spent the rest of the vacation together.

We even had flights back from Delhi to Bangalore in close intervals. So we came to Delhi also together. And we came back to Bangalore. Now the real thing begins. It was around September and we had a long weekend. So I thought to go on a road trip. I asked Supriya if she wanted to accompany me.

To my surprise she readily accepted and we were set to go. The day came, we rented a car as we both like road trips. I went to pick her up from her flat and set off for the journey. Although the journey was so awesome and I can talk about it a lot, I don’t want to bore you people with that.

So I will jump directly to the night when the real action began. It was a small town in the western ghats. Hence not many decent hotels or Oyo rooms were available. We finally found one and that too was a small one. It just had like 8 rooms in all.

I asked for two rooms initially as didn’t know if Supriya was comfortable enough to share the room. But she only asked the receptionist if they can provide us two blankets, we can share the room. To which they agreed and we got only one room booked.

After traveling the whole day, we were very tired and didn’t go out. Just relaxed in the room. We took showers and when she came out of the shower, she was just wearing a loose deep neck top and a casual skirt. Her wet hair and the sexy outfit were already driving me crazy.

To add to that, it looked like she was not even wearing a bra at that time. Which made her boobs bit lose. I couldn’t take my eyes off them. Supriya noticed that of course. But she was mature enough and jokingly said, “Nitesh, stop it, will you?” I was like, “Hmm,  I mean…I just… Nothing.”

She laughed and said, “Relax it’s ok. I understand. Just control yourself and rest will be fine.”

After dinner, we just thought to open YouTube and started watching some standup comedy videos. And as usual, they had a lot of sex jokes. Since I was already getting turned on by her, those jokes just added fuel to the fire. And somehow I felt she was also feeling something and might be getting on.

But I couldn’t gather the courage to make a move. I wasn’t sure if she wanted it or not. I didn’t want to jeopardize our awesome relation. I had a boner which was quite visible from my shorts. I tried to adjust it and that’s when she saw it.

Supriya: So again, huh? What makes your feelings so uncontrollable?

Me: Nothing yar. Sorry. I’ll try to keep it under control. It’s just, you look really hot.

Supriya: Listen, I understand. Don’t be sorry. But what makes you think I’m hot. I’m not even dressed properly nor is my hair properly set right now.

Me: That’s exactly what’s attracting me towards you. Your sexy loose outfit, open long, wet hair. And if you don’t mind can I ask something? It is a bit personal and can be considered naughty.

Supriya: Go on.

Me: It feels to me that you are not wearing a bra, is it true?

Supriya: oh God! Seriously? You have been staring at them, haven’t you?

Me: Sorry but I couldn’t help.

Supriya: Hmm. Maybe you are right that I’m not wearing it.

Me: Maybe? What does that mean?

Supriya just winked at that and gave me a small naughty smile. I took that as a signal. I put one of my hands on her thigh and came closer to her. We both were looking deep into each other’s eyes. I was gently moving my hand on her thigh and advancing it through her skirt. I brought my face real close to her.

She gently closed her eyes. I then planted a kiss on the lips. While my one hand was exploring her inner thighs, the other hand was holding her head. We were both kissing each other. Very soon the kiss became passionate and deep and wet. She was moving her hands through my hair and my back.

I was sucking her tongue and then she took mine. She even bit my lower lip, which I liked too. After about 7-8 minutes of kissing, I broke the kiss and whispered in her ears, “Do you mind if I check it for myself?” She didn’t say anything and I moved forward and started pressing her boobs.

And yes I was right, there was no bra at all. Her boobs were so soft and big enough. I was pressing them hard and kissing her. I was then pressing her boobs with both my hands. And then started sucking them from her top only. I put both my hands inside her top.

I was pressing them directly and sucking on top of her top. She took off my t-shirt and as a response, I took her top off. And wow what a sight. She had really awesome boobs. While cupping her boobs I realized they were 34c and not b. I was madly sucking her boobs.

Licking her nipples, moving my tongue around her nipples, while she was pressing my head harder into her boobs. She was scratching her nails on my back and that made me even hornier and I just went wild. I lifted her and held her in my arms and took off her skirt as well.

Now she was in front of me just in a black laced panty. She took my shorts off and I was wearing no underwear. So I was completely naked. She held my dick in her hand and was giving me a handjob while I was still playing with her boobs. Then I moved down and started kissing and licking her inner thighs.

I planted a deep kiss on her pussy from her panty and she gasped. She moaned out aloud. Suddenly her hand came to the back of my head and next I know she was pressing my head into her pussy and moaning loudly. I was sucking her pussy from her panty.

Then as my wilder side became active, I just removed her panty with my teeth. And then was sucking and eating her pussy so hard. Licking the clit, rubbing it with my thumb and tongue fucking her deep inside. Her loud moans filled the room with a sexy erotic aroma.

She had a clean pussy (which I like a lot). I kept sucking her pussy while pressing her boobs for so long. Then I got up and asked her to return the favor. She obliged me by holding my dick and kissed it. Licked it all around and then took it into her mouth.

I held her hair and she was gulping my dick deeper and deeper into her mouth. She was like a pro. While she was sucking my dick, I also pressed her boobs and slapped her boobs and spanked her ass. After some time, I was about to cum. So I asked her to get up and she said, “Please fuck me now. I can’t control anymore.”

But I had something else in my mind. I thought to tease her even more. I said ok to her, and laid her down and put my dick on her pussy. But I didn’t insert it in. Rather I was rubbing her pussy with my dick and was spanking her ass. She was moaning and crying to get fucked.

She already had an orgasm while I was sucking her pussy. After teasing her enough, I finally entered her with a thrust. And she let out a deep and satisfying moan.”You are good!” I kept going deeper and deeper while was moving her ass and body in rhythm with my strokes.

I was kissing her and sucking her boobs while fucking her hard. We changed positions after some time and came to cowgirl, where she was riding me. Her boobs were jumping like crazy and that made me crazier. I held her ass, spanked it and started fucking her from beneath.

We fucked each other in many positions, like missionary, cowgirl, doggy, spooning, waterfall, 69 position and even did shower sex while cleaning each other. We fucked each other both the nights we stayed there. And both the nights we did it all night long and only slept in the morning.

Hence we couldn’t go out much to see places. But I guess the awesome and so many rounds of sex complimented it quite well.

So that’s it for now. Hope you like it. Let me know how you felt about this story and any feedback is more than welcome. Any girl or lady who wants to talk to me or meet, just contact me. I can travel to any place in India if need be. Feel free to drop a note in either email or hangouts at [email protected]

Travel And Sex – The Best Things To Do!