Tyler Comes to Visit his Little Sister Pt 1 by Risandtylersexscapades

Tyler Comes to Visit his Little Sister Pt 1
by Risandtylersexscapades

“A baby, Anna?” She hadn’t expected her husband to respond with so much contempt. The young housewife simply looked down and shrugged. She couldn’t see her toes below the jutting cleavage, but she knew they were curled inward and on top of each other; a sure sign she was nervous.

“Your three weeks into online college which you assured me wasn’t a phase. I’m still paying off that fucking camera, so you could do photography. Before that it was oils, then life-coaching. Dammit woman. There’s no take backs with that one.”

“It was just an idea, Chris. For fuck’s sake, I won’t bring it up again.” her arm stretched across her chest as she looked down at her toes.

“Christ Anna! I’m already running late for my fucking flight and come up and dump this shit on me! You know this work trip is important.”

She didn’t, the life a salesman never seemed to be able to keep her attention for more than a few minutes. All she knew was he’d be gone for two weeks this time.

“Forget I mentioned it. Here’s your briefcase babe.”

“Thanks, and don’t forget. When Tyler is here, you take care of his every need. I know that self-righteous prick is going to try and do this renovation I agreed to for free like he did for your parents. I’m not waiting around for an invoice that he’s never going to send, treat him like royalty. I don’t need his charity.” He threw back his coffee as aggressively as he dismissed her request.

If they didn’t need her brother’s charity they probably would have hired a contractor that lived in the same state. Anna was proud of her brother. He had established himself well starting off as a carpenter, then building himself a decent general contracting gig. Sure, he worked with his hands, but he’d made more money doing it than a lot of her friends who also had college debt to pay off…debts like the ones her husband had.

“Yeah, yeah, I know.” Though she also knew steak lobster every night wouldn’t even come close to the amount of money her brother would normally charge for a project as big as theirs.

“Love you hun.”

Anna heard no reply, just the door slamming behind the man she once loved. As she turned to the coffee pot she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. She knew she was beautiful, not in a conceited way, just an empirical analysis.. And she looked amazing this morning. Her long blonde hair was pulled back in a ponytail letting her perfectly manicured makeup display itself. The white tank-top under her cardigan snugged tight against her flat stomach and Double D chest and the jeans she wore announced her ass was as tight as the rest of her body. Being 5’2″ meant she could pretty much live in high heels, today was no exception, and yet again, it was unimpressive to her husband. Anna knew she was gorgeous, what she couldn’t figure was what good it did her. Sure, she bagged a husband quick and efficiently, but how did it serve to improve her life? Simply put, it didn’t. Apart from the occasional kind act from a stranger (which pales in comparison to the creepy or objectifying acts of strangers and friends alike) her beauty did nothing for HER, just for those who observed it. Still, it was all she had, she left school early when Chris got her pregnant, when she miscarried, they were already married. All she had really was her beauty, so she clung to it, constantly aware that it made her a depreciating asset. She sighed her disappointment away as best she could then poured herself a cup and checked her phone.

“What’s your ETA? Chris says I have to treat you like royalty while you’re here.”

“Left the motel in Redding a few hours ago, I’ll be in Seattle around 4pm. Long as traffic isn’t too bad, I’ll see round 5.” Anna smiled as she read his words. She always loved talking to her big brother.

“Are you texting and driving Tyler?! That’s not safe!”

“Bite me, you want this shit or not. Now that I’ve cleared the mountains it’s literally a straight line from here to your exit.” She laughed out loud.

Love you.

You too kiddo.

She never understood why it irked her so much when he called her kiddo. It was important though that her brother saw her as a grown woman. He was five years older than Anna. The day Tyler turned 18 he fucked off and moved to California. He and their father hated each other, and not like where angsty teenagers hate their parents, the feelings were mutual. They’d hospitalized one another on more than one occasion. Though Anna didn’t know until her father’s funeral, Tyler had been disowned, written out of the will. Their mother didn’t even tell him when his father passed. To Anna, Tyler was a superhero. Most of the fights had to do with how poorly their father treated her. He planned to take her with him when he left, but was told they’d send the police, and that they’d filed a restraining order on her behalf. Not only did he want to leave, he had to.

After far too long scrolling through photo after photo of her high school and college friends living better lives than her, Anna popped off the couch and headed up the stairs to start her day. There were few sports bras that could contain her tits without looking either super trashy or awkwardly lumpy, so when she found one that nestled itself in the sweet spot she bought several. Today it was the black one with the mesh back and racing stripe that matched the leggings. She wasn’t sure why she maintained her physique, but she did, rigorously. Two miles later she gazed up at the massive maple trees that dotted the suburb she found herself in. They were majestic beings, thick and beautiful. Her heart sank at the way they had been awkwardly cut and pruned so as to not interfere with wires, or buildings. The massive roots lifted the asphalt and sidewalk, those too, were aggressively chopped so as to not interfere with urban sprawl. Anna felt the pain of the trees. She knew what it was like to be valued for one’s beauty and majesty, only to be hemmed and confined by those appraisers. Chris was her Montgomery Street. Anna let out a heavy sigh and changed the song on her playlist. Time for the home stretch.

The precious sports bra was on the floor before the front door even had closed. It was the only day she had the house to herself, she’d be damned if she didn’t take advantage, if the leggings weren’t so damn tight they’d have shared the same fate. Eventually their mangled, inside out corpse hit the floor with her panties tangled in the heap. Anna stared out the window of her kitchen as rehydrated. The morning sun warmed her bare skin, and she felt an urge, a familiar one with the house to herself. It seemed Chris’ gaming TV would be taking a vacation, joining her in the bathroom for a very… very steamy bath.

As the tub filled, Anna made her way into the back of her closet for her most prized possessions. The first time she caught Chris cheating she found he had been buying his mistress toys and lingerie through a shop that used a discreet ambiguous charge name. She tore him a new one for that. The second time, she pretended to not notice, and started purchasing stuff from the site with his credit card for herself. The black box held dozens of vibrators, dildos, plugs, novelty toys, oils and more. For the next two weeks it no longer needed to be kept in hiding. The one source of solace in her completely mundane life could finally be used to the fullest extent. Knowing she had a craving for an anal orgasm, Anna grabbed a plug, a 7″ dildo, a 6″ rabbit, some water safe lube, and a sensual bath oil. She had tried several bath oils before, this one heightened her senses in a way so that when she touched herself, it felt like someone else was doing it. She popped in her DVD “Interracial Gangbang 7: From Gold Digger to Gold Jizzer”

She let the story arch build as she teased her breasts with the vibrating rabbit and toyed with her ass with the plug. Bored, rich wife meets a dangerous man, who invites her to an outing… Same old thing, that didn’t matter, she wanted to be that tiny brunette getting railed. She closed her eyes and began to kiss and lick black dildo in her hand, then began to match the sounds of the girl gagging on dick sliding back and forth to further tease her ass with the plug. The rabbit worked its way gradually down her chest and onto her clitoris as Brunette started to moan from the tongue surveying her pelvis. Anna’s nipples rose as she slowly plunged the vibrator deep into her warm cunt. Slowly she slid it in and out of her, matching the pace of the cock in the back of her throat. The vibrator Before long Anna was ready to go. Adequately prepped, she pulled the sloppy cock out of the back of her throat and set it aside to slowly pop the plug out her backside. She squealed in pleasure as the wide base stretched her ass to the approximate width of its new friend. Quickly, Anna shoved the silicone cock deep into herself. As it burrowed into her ass she began to feel the waves of impending pleasure course through her body. The dildo pumped in and out of her ass alternating thrusts with the rabbit. She frantically grabbed for the remote to skip ahead to the triple penetration part knowing her climax was fast approaching. She had the spot memorized: 23:42.

“Yes, I want both of you in my ass just like that while he fucks my dirty little pussy!”

Anna moad in agreement with the girl on the screen. She tossed the remote towards the stand only to watch it disappear under the suds.


She couldn’t tell if the “fuck” was in response to ruining the remote, or orgasms approach, but half a second later she had forgotten entirely about the former. Her toes, now arched above the suds in order to get a better angle at her fuckholes, curled inward as wave after wave of deep pleasure erupted from her pelvis. The intensity of the vibration from the rabbit vibrated the black cock through the thin membrane between her two pleasure centers.

“Jesus Fuckking CHRIIIIIIIIIST!”

She planted her feet and arched her back, lifting her body out of the water, then quickly pulled the rabbit and rubbed her clit frantically causing a spray of cum to spatter across the tile. With no one coming home, she had no concern for making a mess. Her breathing slowly subsided as she continued to massage her clit, now back under the suds. She could feel that her fingers were starting to prune indicating it was time to move this fuckfest elsewhere… The bed? The couch? Chris’ home office.


As 6:30 approached Anna realized her brother had underestimated Seattle’s new amounts of traffic. Time to phone.

“Hey sis, sorry, trailer got a flat out in Buttfuck, Oregon. Threw off my schedule, I’ll be there tonight sometime… like 9 or 10 hopefully.” Tyler sounded annoyed somewhat as he spoke.

“Everything’s okay though right? You weren’t injured.” Anna was a bit embarrassed at how desperately concerned she sounded.

“A couple new grey hairs probably, it was one of the inner wheels so that made it a pain to fix, but, rollin on steady now… Gosh it’s been a while since I’ve been up here. Usually Mel and I are hosting you guys.”

“Yeah well, my fucking roof is caving in or whatever so, now you gotta save me.” She tried to maintain her cool vibe.

“Relax it’s just that kitchen extension. I fuckin told Chris it was gonna be a problem before you guys even bought that place.” Tyler didn’t care for Chris… Only recently had Anna really understood why.

“I know… if I ever want him to leave me alone for a month, all I have to do is remind him of that.”

“Haha, what a prick. Whatcha been up to? got the whole place to yourself for the day.”

“The usual: walked around naked lip syncing Spice Girls” She wanted to smack herself. Why did she still need to sound cool to Tyler? And why would sexuality be what would make her cool?!

“Rightio, kiddo” Anna rolled her eyes, half at herself, half at Tyler.

“I’m kidding obviously.” (She was… at least about the Spice Girls)

“Yeah, I’m pretty used to Chris being gone. Sometimes I feel less at home when he’s around.” She checked her nails… God it was sad how true that was.

“That’s not a good sign sis, you talk to him much about it.”

“We can’t all be you and Melanie, with a perfect marriage, and two perfect kids, and a perfect hot nanny, it’s okay… really.”

“You sound like mom.”


“Sorry, so what are we eating when I get in? I hear it’s all steak and lobster for the next two weeks for me.” The smile replaced the sadness comparing her relationship to her parents’ conjured.

“Well that was the plan. If you keep being such a dick I might boil you instead of the lobster!”

“Fair, well don’t worry about it tonight, it ain’t a road trip if I don’t eat fast food that makes me sick.” She could feel his warm smile through the receiver.

“K, well all that fancy food I’m paying you serves two, so there’ll be wine and cheese when you arrive”

“See you soon, kiddo.”

Anna was confused. She felt… nervous… anxious, gitty. Butterflies in her stomach. It had been a long time since she’d seen her big brother, a long time since been around someone who cared about her like he did, who treated her like she was valuable. Tyler thought the world of her, few else did. Sure, people thought she was hot, they thought they’d like to fuck her, but he truly cared for her in a way even her husband never did.

She threw on her pj’s, matching silk chemise and robe, then hopped on the couch to watch some TV as she waited.


“Jesus Christ, Anna! You really should lock your door!”

Anna awoke to the cold draft as Tyler opened the front door, his large hands carrying bags tools and clothes alike.

“You shoulda knocked asshole.” She wiped the drool off her cheek, hoping he wouldn’t notice.

He laughed as the two siblings embraced. She could feel the warmth of his chest through the thin silk material that made up her outerwear. She held tight as his large arms surrounded her small frame. This was how a woman of her caliber deserved to be greeted.

“Here let me take some of those.” She said, reaching for the leather duffel bag on the ground.

“Thanks but I got a couple more to bring in anyways” Tyler said as he picked up the bag faster than she could muster.

“Well follow me. I’ve got the room all made up for you and everything.” She turned and headed down the hall.

“Shit, looks like I caught you watching porn again ya horndog!”

Anna turned bright red as she saw the two people fucking on the screen.. was that why her panties were so wet when he woke her up?!

“Oh fuck, no… it’s that Game of Thrones show! I fell asleep, it’s really good, but man do those people fuck.” She frantically searched for the remote as she attempted to placate the guilty verdict being drawn by her brother.

“haha, I know, just fuckin with you kiddo.” Tyler’s eyes lingered on the screen before Anna finally turned it off, “The girl was pretty hot though, eh?”

“What… ohh… yeah I guess.”

That didn’t help. Anna still felt like the girl that he caught touching herself all those years ago.

“Well unload your shit and come try my cheese platter before I eat the whole thing alright?”

“Maybe it’s the moaning in the background, but that sounds like a euphemism.” He chuckled as he headed to the room she was pointing to.

The younger sister poured the wine. Her face still felt red hot. She was so embarrassed. It had been 10 years since he left, but she still felt like that little girl around him. Always trying to prove herself, unsure why, or how. She met Tyler as he exited the guest room and took a seat on the couch. Tyler picked a spot closer to her than she expected. She suddenly felt very nervous about her outfit and crossed her legs and arms, pulling the robe shut.

“This stuff’s really good Anna, do you have like a cheese hookup out here or something?” Tyler said laughing to himself as he scooped some balsamic spread onto the gouda.

“Nope, just a good eye.” Finally, a win.

“Well, much obliged, I feel like royalty already.”

The conversation and wine continued until all of the sudden, halfway through Anna’s third glass, what Tyler was saying disappeared as she caught a glimpse of something dark on his neck. She interrupted him as she came to understand what it was.

“Is that a fucking hickey on your neck?!” She covered her mouth to hide the cracker stuffed jaw drop.

“Christ! Anna, I don’t know, maybe?” Tyler covered his neck instinctively.

“Maybe?! You think you would have noticed that fucker if you looked in a mirror since you were last with Mel.”

“Huh, you’re right.” he responded as the camera on his phone served as a mirror.

“How’d you miss that? I’m sure the hotel had a mirror too.”

“It wasn’t from Melanie.” Bingo, that’s all she wanted.

“You picked up some chick out in Redding?!” She said, sipping her wine to hide how cool that made him sound to her. Mel and Ty, the open marriage of the century.

“What?! you know how it is with me and Melanie, one night stands are just as much part of road trips for me as junk food.” He said, gesturing passively as her assembled another brie and onion compote combo.

“Yeah… I mean I know you guys have the whole open marriage thing, I just… I mean, her and I talk about it all the time, but you usually don’t.” This was true, and it made sense. Why would he open up to his baby sister about that. She made note of the bottle of wine they were drinking, apparently it worked as a truth serum.

“Sounds about right, that woman is a minx. I really lucked out finding someone who not only matched but sometimes surpassed my appetite for… adventure.” Anna was getting a bit uncomfortable, she felt heat in her cheeks as her eyes searched for something other than his eyes to lock onto.

“She’s really okay with it?”

“Okay?! I sent her photos! And I almost always arrange for some.. activities for her while I’m away.”

“Activities?” As soon as she said it Anna wished she wasn’t so dull.

“Do I have to fucking spell it out for you Anna? Sex.” She gave a knowing shrug to his deadpan reply.

“Damn, usually, guys want to… explore, but get butthurt when the girl does too.”

“Guys are usually insecure children who let their bitchiness ruin a potentially amazing thing.” Tyler retorted with such matter-of-fact-ness. She wished Chris were more like him.

“So, what did you… plan for her?” Anna queried, now quite unpresumptuous; she simply wanted to know.

Anna was trying to play it cool but this was totally beyond her wheelhouse. Apart from her porn obsession, her sex life was pretty vanilla. She lost her virginity at prom, then married Chris halfway through college. To a struggling student waiting tables, the traveling salesman seemed mysterious and alluring. It wasn’t until after they were married that she learned the nice suits and car were for show. She didn’t actually care about how much money Chris made, but she did care about how obsessed he was with appearing wealthy. The man before her on the other hand was the opposite. The only thing flashy about him was his smile. She bit her lip to hide how out of her depth she felt. If Tyler noticed, he pretended not to. Which was all the more reason she respected him.

“I’ve arranged for a few people she’s hooked up with to drop by, and I got a weekend trip to Los Cabos for her and the nanny…. they’ll have plenty of… fun together there. While her mom watches the kids.”

“Damn, and all you got was some floozy at a motel?” Anna bit her lip, both scenarios kind of got her going.

“The night is still young madam. Plus, it’s not a competition.” Tyler topped them both up as he spoke.

“Still, was she hot?” she said while holding her glass out to him. After he finished pouring, Tyler grabbed his phone and started scrolling.

“You tell me.” He said as he held out the device to her. A stunning blonde woman stared at her through the camera. She was naked, biting her lip as she kneeled in front of my brother. Anna started to scroll. The next photo she was splayed with a large hand on her face, thumb buried in her mouth. Her shaved pelvis was rammed flush against a chiseled abdomen. Anna inhaled deeply and her eyes went wide as she realized the sight she was beholding.

“Careful there sis. You might see more than you bargained for.”

“Sorry, jeez. Yeah… she’s hot.” She said, hand on her heaving chest.

“Yeah, you know, at first I thought I’d have to take off my wedding ring when picking up women, but turns out, I think I do better with it on.”

“Really, I’d avoid you.” She sipped her wind and crossed her legs

“Yeah, I guess there’s something alluring about the scandal. Plus it probably guarantees there’s no attachments, less risk? I don’t know, but it is what it is.” Tyler leaned back and looked outward. Anna wasn’t sure as to what, but something grabbed his attention.

“So, pick up chicks, share the nanny, what else, are you guys pretty far out there? Usually Melanie gets vague with me at some point.” Anna said as she leaned in. The younger woman had no idea why she was prying so much into her brother’s life. She knew him to be a pretty private person, and this topic is intrusive in any relationship, especially with one’s own sibling. Maybe it was the wine, maybe it was all the masturbating she did that day, or the dry spell she and Chris were having. Whatever it was, she was hooked.

“You really want to know?” Tyler said, eyebrow raised.

“Yeah” Anna couldn’t help but lean in.

After a long pause, where Tyler seemed to consider it, he shook his head, “…. maybe another night. This isn’t quite enough wine for that.”

“What?! I won’t judge.” Anna was a bit surprised by her own persistence. She was used to being quiet and submissive, albeit resentful.

“Well, here, I’ll give you a taste. Melanie been eyeing you since the day you two met.”

“Really?! But we’re family!” Tyler laughed as he watched his sister turn bright red.

“Yeah, that’s never stopped my Mel. But hey, I’ve said enough. We really should get to bed. I’ve got a lot of work to do tomorrow.”

“Oh come on.. It’s fine, I’m cool with it! I promise!” She was trying to be. Suddenly images of Tyler’s confident, refined, spitfire of a wife in lingerie peppered her brainwaves.

“Another night, another bottle or two. I’m fuckin beat, kiddo.”

There it was, Tyler’s sure fire way to dismiss her. Anna conceded and the two got up to end the night. Tyler grabbed the dishes and thanked his little sister before heading off to the guest room. Anna tossed out the empty wine bottle and locked up the house. As she walked, she noticed her panties hadn’t dried from earlier, watching TV… Or, that wasn’t right. The crimson hue returned to her cheeks as she realized the stain was fresh. She could smell the sex as she walked the entryway. Had Tyler?

She made her way up the stairs, nervous, but also excited. It was important Tyler see her as an adult, owning her sexuality was certainly a manifestation of that adulthood. Maybe it was time she leaned in. It seemed to be a better move than marriage. She couldn’t help but feel like marrying someone who turned out be a deadbeat was a naïve childish move. After washing up and shutting the bedroom door Anna pulled the thong stuck to her crotch down her legs and hopped into the bed.

So Mel wants to fuck me? What a thought… What a thought. She reached for the black box. What a thought indeed.


Anna awoke to the smell of coffee – a practically foreign experience when Chris was home. The smell invigorated her, she turned to the clock, 6:45am. Tyler always was an early riser, she figured. The aroma seemed to absorb any tiredness (or hungover-ness) right out of her body. Instantly she perked up and hopped out of bed and headed to the vanity in her bathroom. She calmed the mess of hair and put on a base degree of makeup as her routine commanded then headed down. She reached for her robe, then paused. It was only Tyler downstairs after all. Down she went in the short silk nightgown, more carefree than she’d felt in months.

As she made her way down the stairs she was shocked by the change. It wasn’t even 7am, but her brother had managed to tape and plastic off the entire kitchen area, relocate everything in the kitchen into well organized and labeled boxes, and do some rudimentary marking and prepping. The smell of coffee was actually coming from her sewing room.

“Well good morning sunshine! I didn’t wake you did I?” He said while measuring the window above the sink.

“Not from all this surprisingly. No it was my caffeine addiction that drew me down.” They both smirked

“Well great timing. Just finished making the pot. Grab a cup and I’ll show you what we’ve got so far.”

She obeyed, then proceeded to follow after him through the plastic wall. The temperature dropped about twenty degrees when she stepped into the kitchen. The door and windows were all open and the moist forest air had filled the dilapidated kitchen. A strong breeze blew against the thin sheet separating her from nakedness and all of the sudden she regretted her decision. She could feel the residual moisture on her groin chill. She crossed her arms to cover her breasts as her nipples rose and hardened from the cold.

“So I can’t make any noise ’til 8. But I figured I’d get as much prepped as possible.”

“How’d you get the fridge out the door?”

“Leverage, and Tetris babe.. that’s all it is.”

“Okay… BABE.” her smile betrayed any semblance of actual offense.

Tyler looked back indifferent, almost unaware, “So, in an hour or so I’ll get the cabinets out, then I’ll get everything stripped down so we can figure out what’s going on. Whoever did this didn’t frame it properly. See that beam there?” Tyler was pointing to the post that made up an awkward entrance into the living room from the kitchen. “I think they intended it to be load bearing, it’s probably where the edge of the house was before an extension or something, but it isn’t actually doing what it’s supposed to. Hence the sagging and subsequent leaking. I’ll probably get rid of it and we’ll tie the load in properly. Put a beam in it’s place.

“I would love to have that gone.”

“Not the post, that whole awkward wall.”

“Even better! God I’m lucky to have you.” Anna was genuinely excited for that. The house was that older style where the kitchen is completely isolated. She preferred newer layouts where she could see into the rest of the house as she worked in there.

“You have no idea!”

She carefully walked along the frigid tile floor to give her brother a hug, which lingered, mostly because his core body temperature was like a heating pad for her.

“Well, I’ve got an hour to kill. How ’bout breakfast?”

“Is my stove hooked up?”

“How ’bout doughnuts.” Tyler said with a smirk. It was not.

“I might need to change…” Anna looked down at herself. The top barely contained her tits.

“By the time you’re done it’ll be after 8… hell itll be after 9!”

“You can start after 8.” She said, crossing her arms.

“But I don’t want to.. come on, it’ll be fine. You look great, and you can just stay in the car.”

She wasn’t sure why it was so urgent to him, but she accepted his request with a nod. The moment she did, Tyler picked her up in one arm and threw her over her shoulder, just like when they were kids. With the free hand he undid his toolbelt and let it fall with a thud onto the linoleum floor. She laughed and squealed as he carried her to his truck. The trailer, of course, having been unhitched and emptied. She didn’t care that a boob had fallen out, or that she could feel her bare pussy lips exposed to the cold morning air. Tyler couldn’t see, or didn’t react like he did, she was a kid messing around with her big brother, her super hero. Driving to the Dunkin Doughnuts brought her back to when he first got his license. Anytime things got bad he’d throw her in the car and drive off. It wasn’t until he left that she realized how keen his sense of our dad’s state really was. Anna never really developed one for herself. Today though, he was gone and Tyler was here. All was good in the universe. When they returned to the house Tyler started working and Anna headed upstairs to get dressed. Today was pilates, then book club, then volunteering at the SPCA. Though Chris refused to let her work, Anna strived to keep herself busy as best she could, all while looking like an absolute goddess. At least, that’s what Tyler said she looked like when she headed out the door. He knew how to make her feel special. It made sense to Anna that he was able to nab such a vixen like Melanie.

When Anna got home she was once again shocked by how far he had gotten. A debris box was on her driveway and filled. All the drywall, flooring, doors, windows, out of date fixtures, all of it was out. It was barely 3:30

“Christ you work hard.” She said to the figure in the corner.

“This is the easy part. Still gotta put humpty dumpty back together again… and this time it has to be up to code.” Tyler turned around, a pencil was in his mouth, but so was the smile she loved. Sweat and grime glued his t-shirt onto his stunning physique. Anna bit her lip as her mind flashed back to the photo he showed her yesterday. If he wasn’t kin, she might just get back at Chris with an affair with that chiseled chest.

“So how bad is it?” She said, changing the subject for her own good.

“I’ve seen worse… luckily the leaking didn’t rot out nearly as much as it could have. Still.. lots to do.”

“Well, I’d say you definitely earned that royal treatment.. “ She clapped her hands together. “It’s quitting time, client’s orders. Go take a shower and I’ll get some grub thrown together, we’ve got reservations at Lombari’s at 8.”

“Isn’t that place wicked fancy?” he said, ignoring her command and returning to the measurement he was making.

“Nothing but the best.”

“Come on, you don’t have to do that for me.” She wished he looked back to talk to her. His intentions were sweet, but it felt so dismissive. Like she was asking him to play dress up.

“Well, it’s not for you. Chris never takes me anywhere, so really you’re just the plus one to me taking myself out on a date… plus, Chris told me essentially pay you in food. I’ve seen your rates, this won’t even cover today’s labor..”

“Alright, fine… but only because Chris doesn’t take you out. Do I need, like a dress shirt?” Tyler and Anna both looked at his sweaty tee. Anna blushed a bit.

“Probably a suit.”

“Well I didn’t pack either!”

“Come on man!” Anna laughed.

“Sorry, thought I was building a fucking kitchen for two weeks!” Tyler joined.

“Here, you and Chris are different builds, but roughly the same height. Once you’re all cleaned up come to my room and I’ll take your measurements. I should be able to make one of his suits work for you.”

“Damn, aren’t you quite the little housewife.” The statement actually felt quite endearing.

“Shut up, do you want $80 steak or not, asshole?”

“Alright alright, I’m off, just let me finish this here, then I’ll hit the showers.” Tyler said as he put his hands up in surrender.

“Done deal”

Anna couldn’t get out of her heels fast enough. The sunny skies gave the impression of warmth, but not the fruition. So the jean shorts and crop top were less than ideal. She swapped the shorts for her coziest leggings and threw thick socks on to double as slippers. Normally this was afternoon masturbation time, but obviously with Tyler coming up soon that wasn’t an option. She grabbed her phone and waited under the warm sheets for her big brother to come upstairs.

Tyler hadn’t been fitted for a suit since his wedding. He had suits, but the company that he got them through had his dimensions on file, Melanie just picked out the materials she liked and they sent it to his door.

“So how do we do this, kiddo.”

Anna could tell he was unsure of himself, a rare occasion for her.

“Here’s some options, what do you like?”

“They all look like suits, I don’t know….” Tyer furrowed his brow as he looked on.

“come one just pick one… its colors, not rocket science.”

“Navy.” He said pointing to the dark, low sheen fabric.

“See, that wasn’t so hard” Anna smiled, poking fun at his state.

Anna may not have had her ‘me time’ this afternoon, but she sure got off on being completely in her element where her brother was completely out of his.

“alright now undress and put this one on. I’ll get it all pinned up.”

Anna watched his shirt lift over his muscular frame. Chris and Tyler were the same height, but Chris had let himself go. Tyler on the other hand, not only worked with his hands, but was super active. He turned to head to the bathroom to finish changing. Anna eyed his backside as he made his way.

“Yeah” she thought, “if we weren’t related, I’d hit that.”

Anna went back to her phone for a few minutes until she heard the door open.

“Personally I think the ‘Interracial Gangbang’ series peaked at episode 4: Hole Wreckers, but 7 was respectable.” Tyler had a wicked grin on his face. Anna’s jaw dropped, her face went pale… she left the case on the vanity. Thank God she’d used the black box last night otherwise it probably would have been there too!

“I can explain, it’s… I can” Tyler cut her off.

“Relax sis, you realize who you’re talking to right?” He leaned his head forward in a consolatory gesture. It helped, but not much.

“Yeah, but..” words could not describe how ashamed Anna felt.

“You know that trip I took when we relocated the company to San Diego, I was gone for a month?

“Yeah… you had to find a facility and vendors or whatever.” She was grateful for him changing the subject.

“Let’s just say this DVD is the softcore version of the shit I set up for Mel while I was away.”

“Christ, really? An actual gangbang?” Anna failed to hide her fascination. There was nothing seasoned about her schoolgirl intrigue.

“Yeah, wasn’t the first, wasn’t the last.. it was particularly intense… but hey, another time, maybe I’ll let her tell you that story.” He walked to the mirror where her needles were.

“Fuck, well, AGH I can’t believe you found that.” She felt a cold sweat.

“Found is a strong word, it was sitting right there An”

“Can we just, can we just pretend it never happened.” Anna said as she finally divorced herself from the warm duvet.

“Done deal, kiddo.”

She smiled. He was too good for her, too good for anyone in her eyes, except Melanie. Melanie was something special. Anna was starting to see just how special she really was.

“So what now?”

Anna got her brother fitted then sent him off while she went to work hemming the suit to size. She could hear Tyler on the phone talking to his two daughters, six and nine, then to Melanie. It was clear that he adored them, and it was clear that they knew that. She envied that. Chris hadn’t called. She texted him and he replied with half a sentence remarks, which was typical. She knew he was with someone else.. Actually, she knew his trips often allowed to have an affair with someone other than the woman he was having an affair with at home. Bastard. Frustrated, she decided justice could be served by making this hemjob permanent rather than a temporary fix. It was one of his favorite suits after all. She dropped the suit off with Tyler then headed upstairs to get ready. She had every intention of going all out tonight.

7:30 rolled around. Tyler sat watching the news waiting for her sister to get ready. He found no use in freaking out about punctuality. It never expedited the process, but it almost always ruined the night. He felt a tad uncomfortable in Chris’ shoes, they were the same size, but Chris’ feet were much wider. Where the leather had stretched left awkward recesses. If this was going to be a regular thing, he’d be sure to pick up some clothes for himself. At the sound of the door opening upstairs he stood up and turned around to greet his date. He had every intention of making his little sister feel like the beautiful woman she saw her to be. When she entered his line of sight however, his jaw dropped. Anna was in a stunning strapless velvety red dress. It fit her body like Saran Wrap apart from the slit that parted the dress along her left thigh. Her hair was up except for a band draped across the right side of her face.

“Now I see why he never takes you out.”

“Oh?” she said as she looked down, carefully making her way down the stairs.

“You might realize how completely out of his league you are.” Anna blushed in response to the unwavering eye contact Tyler followed the sentence up with.

His comment stopped her in her tracks. She paused to marvel at her escort. She had done a phenomenal job fitting that suit to his frame. He looked sharp.

“Seriously Anna, you look amazing.”

She could feel blood rushing to her cheeks and the same butterflies fluttering in her gut. So this is what it feels like to be seen.

Tyler offered his arm, which Anna accepted and the two made their way out the door. Anna grabbed the keys to the Mercedes and handed them to Tyler. Who proceeded to chuck his truck keys towards the credenza. Tyler got the door for her, complimented her, cared for her. She was the center of his world tonight, and she loved the way it felt. Anna doted on Tyler in the same way, she giggled like a schoolgirl after almost everything she said, accepting that she would be perpetually blushing tonight. She didn’t even notice when the waitress arrived at the tables.

“Well aren’t you two the cutest couple? What brings you in this evening?” an almost to genuine waiter asked.

“Oh, no” Anna began. Tyler cut her off and quickly wrapped his fingers into hers.

“We’re celebrating our 5 year anniversary tonight.” She looked to him, but her surprise subsided as she saw the same mischievous grin she knew from childhood. She leaned in and kissed the hand holding her own then smiled affectionately.

“Well, we are honored to be hosting you this evening. Our chef is a lover of love, I’ll be sure he knows to take special care of you two this evening.”

“Much appreciated Miss.” The young woman seemed Tyler’s type: attractive. That was pretty much all it took she thought. Yet, he genuinely seemed to be making her the focus of the evening.

“Agreed, thank you!” Tyler said charmingly as he took the wine list from her red tipped digits. Tyler looked down at the list like he actually knew what he was looking at, something neither he nor Chris actually did. Anna was grinning ear to ear and leaned in to plant a kiss on his scruffy cheek, in part to sell the bit, in part because she was genuinely elated at how perfect the evening was – even if it was her brother rather than an actual date. Tyler caught the movement in his periphery and turned to face her before he realized what she was doing. Both were shocked as their lips unexpectedly met for the first time since she was a toddler. Anna studied his reaction as their mouths parted. The shock subsided, his demeanor changed. She was no longer looking at her loving big brother, something primal had overwritten that part of him. The hand holding her pulled her to him as the other reached behind her head and grabbed her firm, but carefully. Their lips met, Anna opened hers and let Tyler’s tongue dance in and out with hers. She could stay in this moment forever, but before she could mentally process the way her body was physically doing Tyler broke off the brief, passionate kiss. She could feel her body reacting to the arousal.

“Wow, you two really have chemistry. I can come back if you would like some more time together. I’d totally understand.” The waitress seemed to be smiling through a bit of uncomfortableness.

“No, no, I don’t want to do that to you. We’ll start with two glasses of the five year Chianti and a charcuterie platter. Your wine list will take some time to decide on.”

“Excellent, I’ll get that out right away.”

Anna watched the waitress walk away then stared down at her lap. She couldn’t believe what she had just done. She could not believe how much she liked it.

“Anna, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have… I…. I don’t know what came over me.”

Silence. Tyler fidgeted waiting for his sister to process, but eventually interjected.

“Nothing happened. You kissed my cheek in order to sell the waitress on our faux relationship. Nothing more.”

Anna nodded her head. Eyes glued to her lap. How could she be so stupid? Tyler was being so nice, and she ruined it, just like she always did.

“So what’s good here? I heard you mention steak.”

Her stare down with the red fabric was cut short when her brother placed a menu between her and the dress. It snapped her back, slowly she returned from her shell as Tyler coaxed her out of it.

“Yeah, I’ve never been, but apparently it’s all about the one with the mushroom sauce.” She said, choosing to stare at the menu rather than him.

“Done deal, which leads me in the direction of the Malbecs. What are you going to have?”

As the evening progressed, Anna gradually felt more comfortable. Tyler had managed to at least appear to put the kiss behind them, which made her believe that maybe she could too. The only problem was that she couldn’t help staring at his lips. And for the first time she really noticed how beautiful his deep green eyes were and how intimate their stare was. She had never been kissed like that. It wasn’t just that the passion with Chris was gone. Even in college, when she was a real catch The ruse may have been worth it. The chef upgraded their wine ***********ion, and added a dessert wine to pair with their dessert. All on the house. It wasn’t until they were in an Uber headed home that Anna realized she hadn’t paid for dinner. That sneaky little brat. Chris was a prick, but he was right about her brother.

“You didn’t park somewhere I’ll get towed right.” Tyler shrugged. This city was no longer his stomping ground.

“We’ll see tomorrow.” Tyler could tell his sister was pretty spent by the way she leaned on him. He was not concerned with the morality of their kiss. He was not ashamed of it, but he was worried about how Anna would take it. Still, she was his priority, not his needs. He couldn’t bear making her feel bad, but he was also drawn to her. It wasn’t until that kiss that she realized it, but as the evening progressed Anna came to understand the carnal attraction that she’d suppressed all these years.

“You gonna be alright with those stairs.” Tyler said to the woman leaning on his shoulder as he walked her through her front door.

“Stairs, yes… This fucking dress though?” She slurred her words as she tugged and strained at the fabric showing Tyler just how trapped by it she was.

“Sure thing… stairs first though okay”

In the privacy of her bedroom the facade of normalcy faded. The alcohol dimmed her remorse, but left every inch of vulnerability. She walked ahead of her brother and placed the shawl on a chair, then looked back at him over her shoulder and down in a sultry and inviting manner.

“Right.” Tyler’s firm hands sent goosebumps down her spine as he methodically tugged the zipper down her back; strong enough to move the stiff unit, but soft enough to avoid catching or ripping the delicate fabric. She could feel her body reacting to him, but this time it didn’t scare her. She turned to him as his hands reached her waist and locked her big blue eyes with his as she let her dress fall to the ground. The two siblings stood in limbo for a moment, then Tyler pounced.

Anna let the force of his lust carry to her bed as she pulled off his coat and tie. Tyler’s lips never broke from their connecting point on Anna’s mouth. His hand gripped tight to her waist, grabbing nearly half of her. The other held the back of her head and pulled slightly at her hair. Anna moaned while she tugged up on his shirt as his pelvis rubbed against her throbbing clit.

“Yes Baby, give it to me. Oooh! Right there.”

Her chest rose as his lips made their behind her ear, then down her neck. Then…. a pause. His hands squeezed her hip, which sent tingles up her spine. The school crush butterflies were replaced with something far more carnal.

“I… I can’t.. I’m sorry Anna.”

In an instant, reality came smashing down on Anna’s position. An affair? She would have nothing if Chris said the word. She couldn’t have an affair! And with her own brother?! It’s not just taboo, it’s illegal! She knows she should be disgusted, it’s so wrong but it’s….

“You’re drunk. I want this SOOO bad, but I can’t take advantage of you like this. I don’t know if you’ll remember this tomorrow, but If this is going to happen, I want you to be of sound mind. There is a lot to this decision and you have my support and love wherever things land. For now though, all that happened tonight is what you tell me you remember tomorrow. Sweet dreams kiddo, I love you.” Those last three words sounded so wholly true. More true than anything another person had said to her. Tyler wanted to be everything and anything she needed. The shame and self-loathing vanished and the butterflies returned… but they were a deeper, concrete feeling. She felt… wanted but beyond a lustful capacity (though not without it) desired…. loved. She felt loved, for the first time.

Anna feigned inebriation while her brother tucked her in and grabbed his things. She half expected him to cup a feel or take advantage of the situation, but he was a perfect gentleman. Though she loved him for it, it couldn’t quell the throbbing between her legs. He dimmed the light and closed the door. She reached for her box.


Anna turned to the clock on her nightstand. 3am. Nothing in her repertoire could satiate what Tyler had awakened. She bit her lip, leg twitching, eyes darting. She was a wreck; nervous, tired, and most of all, horny.

I wonder if he’s up too. Maybe I should… no…

The disgust she felt had mixed with her carnal desires to form a deadly cocktail of depraved lust. I’ll just go see, if he’s up… just to talk.

She had little interest in talking, and deep down she knew it, at that point in time however she was unable to admit what she desired. Anna swung the silk robe over her naked skin and pulled it close, tying the belt around her waist. She carefully opened her door and made her way down the stairs. It was colder down here, Tyler must have cracked a window. She always found it annoying how hot he ran. She knew her nipples could cut glass at this temperature, but she didn’t care. Any buzz from the alcohol had subsided, the lack of inhibition, had nothing to do with her blood toxicity tonight.

Tyler’s door was slightly ajar. Anna could tell that he was asleep, but entered anyway. Somewhere between the top of the stairs and the end of the hall she had abandoned any sense pretense. She wasn’t thinking, just acting.

Tyler seemed to be sound asleep, sprawled out on his back. He only had his boxer briefs on, his strong physique drew Anna closer. Before she even realized it, she was at the foot of the bed, on her knees, inches away from the thin fabric that held his manhood. She could see the outline through the boxers. Even at this state of semi-erect its size was impressive. Curiosity got the better of reason and Anna reached up to see just how big it was. First she gently touched the top of Tyler’s bulge. The moment she did so, there was no turning back. She could feel her pussy wettening, the itch that had been building all night was dying to be scratched. The light touch turned to massaging and groping around her brother’s cock and thighs. She watched him start to pitch his tent and her jaw dropped. He was easily shaping up to be 8 inches long! She had never seen one that size in person. The tip began to pull loose from under the edge of the briefs. Anna didn’t even realize what she was doing when her hand grabbed the tip and gently stroked down, freeing his member, nearly the length of her forearm.

“Mmmmm….. Annnnnna”

She jumped back, horrified at what she’d done. She began to flee the room, but she noticed something. Tyler was quiet again. He was talking in his sleep. He was thinking about her. She blushed. He was thinking about her, on his cock. Stealthily, she climbed onto the bed kneeling between his legs. She started her tongue at the base of his balls then slid it to the top where the rest of her mouth engulf the thick head. He groaned her name again as she worked her tongue back and forth over the tip. If he’s going to fantasize about me, I better make sure he has a good impression of me. Her mind wandered to what Tyler imagined doing to his little sister. She thought of him pinning her to the floor and smashing her from behind, or maybe throwing her on the countertop and fucking her face. Would she lose her anal virginity to him? Her mouth slid slowly towards the base of his cock, but she couldn’t take it all, not at this angle, she felt his dick smash against the back of her throat. Its slight upward curve, which meant deepthroating at this angle would be above her paygrade. Undeterred, the young bride smacked her head up and down as much of his cock as she could. Based on Tyler’s reactions, it was more than enough. She locked in her position as his hips began to rise and fall in her direction. His groans still sounded like he was asleep, but they rose in frequency. His hand grabbed her head and held it in place as she felt the tip of his cock smash deeper and deeper down her throat. She tried to pull away, afraid she might gag on him, but he was too strong for her to escape, and with him not conscious, her pleas went unnoticed. She screamed as her face smashed into his pelvis. All 8 inches buried down her throat. Horror was replaced with pride. Her hand slid down to her open clit. The robe had ridden up the face fucking causing her bare ass to be open and inviting. Her tits had also found freedom, though she barely tied the robe in place to begin with. Tyler continued to thrust. Anna continued to find pleasure in her ability to satisfy him. She had never enjoyed giving head. It felt demeaning, or one sided. Chris, rarely returned the favor. With Tyler, with this dick though. She loved how it felt. She loved to be able to take it. It made her feel powerful, sensual, she didn’t realize it could bring her so close to cumming. Three of her fingers disappeared inside her as she moaned into her brother’s cock. Release was finally here.

Anna shook and flailed as her fingers worked climax out of her g-spot. She spasmed, moaning her pleasure through gaging slurps and gasps from Tyler’s quickening pace. Just when she thought it couldn’t get any more intense, the unthinkable occurred. Her sleeping brother grabbed her head and pulled her forward. She was caught off guard and fell forward completely. She expected to land on his chest, but found the soft sheets instead. Somehow in the same motion, Tyler had spun around and now was above Anna. She hadn’t even fully regained her awareness from the orgasm when suddenly, she felt the full girth of her brother’s manhood press against her tight little pussy. She squealed as the veiny texture massaged her warm entrance. Soon his dry humping was anything but dry. Anna tried in vain to break loose from her brothers hold. He had grab the bulk of each of her arms a few inches above her elbow pinning them to either side. She couldn’t move under the weight, all she could do was feel the head of her brother{s cock press up against her anus, then push down her tender taint, part her soft pussy lips, and tease her clit. His pace quickened, and the sensation became unbearable. She needed him inside her.. NOW!

Anna carefully arched her back, slightly raising her hips and rotating so as to allow Tyler a better angle )plus, it made her feel sexy how well she could perch that little ass of hers}. With her hand pinned at the elbow joint she was able to reach under her stomach. She grinned mis he loudly as she felt her pussy juices had already started to trickle down from her groin. She reached further down until Tyler’s cock thrust into her palm. She strained her back awkwardly in order to reach a bit further down. From this position she had just enough room so that on Tyler´s next thrust she managed to line him up with her wanton fuck hole.

“Oh FuCK MEEEE!!!” Anna tried her best to contain he elation, but the force by which her brother was smashing into her simply erased the inhibition. She didn’t care that Tyler and her were siblings, that she had crushed, that they grew up taking baths together or sharing beds on vacations, now he was grown, and she was too, this new world of pleasure was hers for the taking.

The force of Tyler’s cock began to increase exponentially. The absolutely forbidden depravity of the whole experience had left Anna so primed for orgasm that the second one seems to have arrived before the first hag finished. She clawed at the sheets as she felt all eight inches pull out of her before smashing back in with a force that rippled through her soft flesh. Her toes curled in as she felt his thrust push deeper and deeper, as if trying to plant his seed as far into her cavities as possible. She groaned as the pressure felt like it could make her pop. Each thrust surrendered more and more rapidity over to allow for more and more forceful thrust. With each one, a wave of pleasure pulsates through Annas core as the force launched her forward a few inches. The force of each impact modulated the pitch of her guttural cries of pleasure as the two siblings worked one another closer to orgasm. Anna felt his cock tense, then a final punch blasted her over the edge as hot syrupy foam erupted into her being. The two lay gasping, locked in their forbidden embrace, until Tyler’s sleeping body collapsed beside Anna.

Annas hips lowered back to the bed. She could feel his warm load leaking out the edge of her satisfied cunt. She reached down and stopped a morsel and brought it up to her lips. Delicious. It wasn’t so much the actual taste that intrigued, but rather the sultry reality of what the viscous fluid originated from that made her crave more. Free from Tyler’s captivating grasp, Anna carefully rose to her knees. She moved to kiss the cock that had just pleasured her so thoroughly and found it dripping with both of their cum. She bit her lip and proceeded to methodically lick her birthed clean. She started with his hips and groin, both littered with thick creamy fluid of her own. As she worked close to the base, it seemed a new flavor began to emerge, one she had only just sampled for the first time a moment ago. She worked her way to the tip and then proceeded to swallow the thing whole. Tyler groaned and Anna felt his cock twitch as the last few drops of his cum found their home in his loving little sister.

A satisfied Tyler turned to his side, which Anna took as her cue to make for the exit. She wasn’t sure that Tyler had actually been asleep. The darkness of the room and his position behind her meant that she couldn’t quite get a good look at him… plus she was pretty distracted by how good he felt inside her. Maybe he genuinely was asleep. Maybe he was for some of it and concluded it was better for her sake that she be allowed to pleasure herself with him without needing to deal with the consequences of their salacious affair. Either way, as the disheveled housewife carefully climbed the stairs, robe agape, hair tangled, pussy dripping, knees wobbling, she couldn’t help but grin. The shame and guilt was erased, but the depraved allure remained. It was the excited naughtiness of going skinny dipping times a million, and she had no intention of stopping. She threw the sheets over herself then reached down to scoop up one last taste of her prize. It may be four in the morning, but Anna knew after that fucking, she would sleep like a baby.


Anna awoke to the sound of machinery. She wasn’t sure what, but it seemed Tyler didn’t wait up for her this morning. She look de at the phone charging beside her. She’d managed to sleep until 11! She grabbed her robe and draped it over her naked flesh and made her way downstairs. The material did nothing to hide her shape. She looked in the mirror, every curve of her ass, the subtle lift and drop of er breasts, the slight upward angle of her nipples the flat shape of her stomach, even, the cleanly manicured mound, and pursed lips of her pussy all was made plain without the need for imagination. Her slender legs rose smoothly up to the hem of the robe which sat just a few inches below the end of her legs. She could feel he dearth air wafting up with each step until a thought stopped her in her tracks. A series of thoughts.. She knew exactly how today was going to play out. More importantly, she knew how it would end: with Tyler balls deep in her.

She ran back upstairs to get herself ready. She was going to spend all day teasing Tyler so that the moment she finally lets him have his way, he will be ready to explode and completely ravish his little sister. Kiddo my ass!

Tyler checked his watch. Normally he could hone in on working and any stress would dissipate, but today was different, was distracted, concerned. Why hadn’t she come out yet? His gut sank, pondering some of the likely reasons, namely, guilt and shame made it impossible for her to look at him the same way. He had woken up in such an inexplicably good mood, but now, 1130am, his stomach was in knots and his mind was strained. Maybe she didn’t remember the kiss.. even then, he did, and their touch had awoken something: he craved her. His brow furrowed.


He had just cut the 2×4 an inch short. The wood smashed to the ground as a frustrated Tyler stormed outside. The brisk air quelled the rage, but did little to help with the frustration he was feeling. New 2×4, correct dimensions.

As the sound of the saw faded Tyler heard the door. His head peeked up at the sound of Anna calling for him. Finally! He rounded the corner at a speed just a hair below running, his stomach churning, anxious and excited. His eyes widened as he took in the spectacle descending the staircase. Anna wore a charcoal cami, The thin straps widened at the midsection of her chest until they met, forming a loose, enfolded mass of fabric below her cleavage. The silky top draped elegantly over the edge of a pair of the tightest white pants Tyler could imagine existing. Even as he faced her, Tyler could tell her ass looked deadly. The cut was that wedgie style he and Marissa both found so ridiculous, and simultaneously sexy beyond belief, pulling the ass and presenting its best features. High heel black boots that she wore to match, instilled a degree of elegance to the outfit and also complemented just how petite the young woman was. This was going to be very difficult for Tyler. He felt his cock twinge as he became painfully aware there was no bra or panties that could be present under an outfit like that.

Anna bit at her lip as she watched her brother lust after her. She felt something. She was horny as fuck for one, but more than that. There was the taboo of it all – the naughty fantasy she was entangled in was exciting, erotic, scandalous, and depraved, but that wasn’t quite it either. It was something she hadn’t felt in a long time. Anna felt alive. She didn’t feel like a pretty doll tucked away in an old dollhouse anymore. Today, like all the other days since Tyler came to visit, she felt like the center of his world. She didn’t need to feel like the world revolved around her, but for so long, she was an afterthought at best to the person who was supposed to love her the most. It impacted the way she saw herself in every aspect of her life. In the clubs, organizations, classes and circles she occupied herself with, Anna acted like she was the kid in the group that the rest of the group got stuck with; that no one wanted there, but no one cared enough to tell to go away. It wasn’t true at all, everyone loved her, but she kept herself distant because of how she saw herself – the way her husband saw her. With Tyler though, things were different. Once again, she was an intelligent, fun, sexy pleasure to be around. Even if Tyler hadn’t fucked her brains out in his sleep last night, or hadn’t tried to while awake before his moral compass halted him, she would have felt so invigorated by his presence, she might even have the balls to try and be more – be who Tyler saw.

“The house can wait, go get changed. We’re going out for lunch/breakfast!” She watched him watch her.

“Yes m’am” he said, in a different tone than she’d heard so far this trip, he was captivated by her. Anna giggled to herself as she watched her big brother head to get changed. She no longer felt like the maples of Montgomery Street, he had cut back all that inhibited her and let her grow wild and free. By this evening he would see just how free that was.

“All set hun, where we headed?” Tyler said as he hopped out of the room. Anna paused and gave a deliberate up down of her date. She bit her lip, making sure Tyler understood she was checking him out. She felt blood rush to her face… and other spots while her brother fidgeted with the cuff of the jacket he had thrown over a well fitted Henley.

“Your favourite mexican place”

“The taco truck on 32nd?! It’s still here?” He sounded like a child, bursting with excitement.

“Sort of, the brothers who ran it opened a spot in downtown not too long ago, it’s a bit more cuisine oriented and less street food, but it’s still the best.” Once again, she was the cool one.

“Count me in!”

The whole drive Anna was a complete and total seductress, flirting, teasing, touching, complementing. As they hit the predictable traffic of the downtown she noticed the stiffened bulge pressing through her brother’s jeans. Time for the torture.

“So, I know you and Mel have a gnarly sex life and all, but like… are there things you want to do that you haven’t?” She was trying, but failing to be casual.

“I think I’m a little too sober to have that talk with my little sister just yet” Tyler’s smile betrayed his sentiment.

“Please Ty, as if. I already know about some pretty fucking kinky shit, pretty sure the baby sister crap went out the window with the “arranging your wife’s gangbang” anecdote” They both laughed, Tyler looked down at his phone, preparing to open up her in a way he never really had. He didn’t actually need alcohol to do this. He’d been dying to.

“Fair… well, for me a lot of the fun comes from the chase, new experiences, pushing limits. Then there is the festering in the debauchery of it all.” He was surprised how easy the words started to fall. Just as surprised was Anna, she tried her best to stay casual, but her intrigue peppered the dialogue. “Fuck.. yeah, I can get behind that ” she purred.

“Specifically though?… well one we haven’t been able to really explore as much as we would like we call the cabin.”

“The cabin?” Anna turned her eyes from the road and lifted an eyebrow at Tyler.

“Yeah, we did it once before we had kids, since then it’s been hard to justify a trip for this long.”

“So… what is it.” She was bummed to not be hip to the lingo, and that Melanie had failed to mention it to her at any point.

“We aren’t big on the BDSM world, neither of us are super inclined to be either a dominatrix or a sub. The cabin is the exception.”

“Okay.” Her eyes stayed on the road, but her mind did not.

“It was Mel’s idea initially,” Tyler said, turning himself to face Anna. His phone was in the center console now, “there was this super remote hunting cabin that was her uncle’s way up in the mountains. She had this fantasy of being tied up and left around to be used like a fuckin rag doll.” Anna could feel her pants dampening around her crotch. She pressed her fingers into the leather of the steering wheel, wishing it could be her wanting breasts.

“We drove up late one night, we stopped for gas and when she headed in to use the restroom I pulled around to pick her up. When she exited I grabbed her from behind, covered her mouth and through a bag over her head. Then I ripped off her clothes, tied her up and tossed her in the back of the truck.” Tyler spoke carefully, watching Anna’s reaction to each word. He could tell she was drawn to the tale.

“Would have been real difficult to explain if you got pulled over” Anna said, trying to make light of how turned on she was.

“I’d probably be a dead man if that happened.” Tyler laughed with her before continuing, “Anyways, for ten days I dragged her around that cabin, tying her to the post, the floor, the table and fucking her every which way I deemed fit. I’d leave her tied up, sometimes suspended in the air while I sat on a couch reading or eating. Sometimes I’d just jerk off onto her before I headed out the door. If I didn’t feel like fucking her, I might fist her, torture her a bit, whatever I felt like. but no matter how much or how little attention I gave her, when I slid inside of her, she was as wet as fucking waterfall. in fact, there was almost as much of her cum dried up on her legs as there was mine! By the end of it she was a fuckin mess, dried cum and spit everywhere, in her hair, chest, legs, face. It was the hottest fucking thing in the world. On the last day I grabbed her by the rope tied around her wrists, threw her in the bed of my truck and drove off. What she didn’t know was I had booked two nights at this really nice spa/hotel. One I dragged her naked and blindfolded ass through the hall from the emergency side exit into her room and lifted the veil… she mounted me and fucked me harder than in recent memory before she even bothered cleaning herself up. Both of us agree it was one of the best expeditions we’ve gone on, but with the kids it’s so hard to do… we can’t be that indisposed especially for as long as we were. But one day, when the kids are older” Now Tyler was pretty aroused as well. He shifted his weight hoping to hide the erection in his jeans.

“Have you thought of modifying it? You could be in touch and still leave her wasting away.” Anna felt her voice tremble as she spoke, her knees were weak.

“True, well that’s the thing, the newer fantasy is a slight modification. We want someone tied up in the cabin other than her. Someone we can enjoy together, leave up there while we’re at home. Either of us could go play with after work or what have you… Unfortunately it’s a degree of depravity that is hard to track down. A lot of subs in the BDSM community crave the hierarchy, and textual kinkiness, the cabin set up is more of a raw, carnal… animalistic nature that leather and latex often lacks. Nothing against either thing, just not a part of this specific fantasy.” Anna was utterly amazed at her brother’s sexual expertise.

“Fuck, I’d be that person for you!” She blurted out, instantly feeling her cheeks flush as she realized what she’d just said.

“haha shut up Anna, as if!” Tyler could tell she was nervous, and attempted to let her off the hook.

“Seriously, that shits super freaking hot though, what girly wouldn’t want to be tied up and left to get pummeled by a good looking guy like you or a hot ass MILF like Mel?” She smiled to herself, confident she’d nailed the landing.

“I guess I should just put an add up on craigslist then huh?”

“Send me the link when you do.” They both laughed to eachother.

Tyler’s words conveyed disinterest, but every ounce of body language told the opposite. He was imagining Anna bruised and battered, drenched in cum, face buried in Marissa’s pussy as he fucked her tight little ass. He was engulfed in desire for her. He fidgeted a bit to try and adjust the raging erection that his pants were clearly not designed to cope with.

“Well what about you? I mean gangbangs obviously.”

“Shut up, I can’t believe you found that!” She slapped his arm half joking, half embarresed.

“You practically left it for me to find hun.” He laughed.

It hadn’t gone unnoticed that the word “kiddo” seemed to have vanished from Tyler’s vocabulary overnight.

“Still… you want to know something funny?” She prepared herself to open up about her own experience.

“Funnier than this? sure thing!”

“I fantasize about DP and triple P… but I’ve never even had anal sex before.”

“Are you serious? You and Chris haven’t…” he paused, letting her continue. She could tell he was somewhat uneasy, but also, clearly intrigued.

“He’s grossed out by it. When we did have a sex life it was very sanitized, missionary, the kind of lingerie your mother-in-law buys you, vanilla as it comes.”

“Damn, well, I mean, even if it’s plain, he’s lucky to get it from you.”

“What do you mean?” She knew what he meant, but smirked to herself. She wanted him to spell it out for her.

“You are way out of his league Anna… You know that right?” Anna felt butterflies in her stomach as Tyler spoke.

“Yeah? I should be getting my ass pounded by some rich hunk like I deserve?” She smiled awkwardly. She wasn’t exactly comfortable getting such a direct compliment, but she also loved hearing it.. especially from him.

“well, not in so many words, but yeah.”

She smiled deeply “Youre too good to me Tyler” Their eyes locked for a moment. A moment far longer than someone driving a vehicle should allow. Tyler broke the silence “I still can’t believe you haven’t had anal.. nothing?” His grin gave her permission to enjoy the feelings

“Not with a person, no.”

Their focus returned to the road as Anna began the hunt for parking. Through the course of the meal the flirting and suggestion continued, all the while Anna could not get Tyler’s cabin fantasy out of her head. Cerebrally, she could not understand how something so demeaning could seem so.. liberating. She craved a world driven by that degree of carnal desire… luckily for her, she was standing on the cusp of it, and this evening, planned to make the plunge.


“Tyler, time to eat!”

“It’s only 6pm, I’m still stuffed from lunch!”

Tyler glanced over his shoulder to convey his appreciation before returning to the drywall he was laying when his sister caught his eye. A white floral dress squeezed her hourglass figure before puffing out at her waist and ending halfway down her thigh. The heels helped the dress display her tits that jiggled playfully as she walked towards the kitchen. He was utterly smitten.

“It’s wine and appetizers for dinner. Go get changed or your sleeping outside.”

“Done deal. I’m a bit of a mess so give me a minute.” He practically dropped his tools.

Tyler could not contain himself. As he emerged from the shower, he felt his cock stiffen against the fabric of the towel. Through the opening of the door he could see Anna, poised like a pinup by the couch. Her long legs draped on elegantly, exuding an effortless sexiness that few could muster. He reached down and pulled the towel away, replacing it with his fist as he stroked back and forth, imagining what he’d do to that flimsy little dress. This wasn’t his first encounter with incest; her and Marissa had enlisted quite the affair with Marissa’s mother, whom both still enjoy with relative regularity, but this was his family… This was his sister. The mere thought drove him to the brink. It was a matter of mere minutes before the drifting thoughts of the beautiful woman in the short dress across the hall resulted in a frantic explosion of jizz that Tyler frantically and embarrassedly cleaned up before getting dressed and walking out the room. Upon doing so, the unaware Anna guided him to the dining room, which had been elegantly set up with candles, table runners and a beautiful ***********ion of quality appetizers and wine. As the two ate and drank, the sexual tension was palpable. Though the table sat twelve, Tyler sat at the head, with Anna in the seat directly to the right of him. The two kept leaning in closer and closer to each other. Smiling, biting lips, drinking. Tyler fought hard to resist every time Anna sultrily stared him down. It took everything to not take her right there. For Anna it was a bit easier, her pussy was begging for him, but she enjoyed torturing Tyler this way, it made her feel powerful, I mean, she was. It was something she hadn’t felt in years, something she had no interest in losing. Finally, after another longing gaze she’d had enough.

“I think it’s time for dessert.”

And with that Anna stood up, pulled her panties down to her knees and perched herself on the chair she was previously seated on. Tyler’s jaw dropped, but after taking a moment to compose himself, without uttering a word, he dove face first into the moist hole before him. Anna squealed in pleasure as Tyler snapped the lacey thong around her thighs while he spread her legs, placing one leg on the dining table and pushing her head down to give him better access. Anna writhed back and forth as his tongue explored her unfamiliar pussy, quickly finding her clit and other satisfying pleasure centers. His face teased her sensitive asshole. making her wonder just how far he intended to push things. Her legs trembled, as her big brother quickly coaxed her body towards climax. This is what she had been waiting for, yes, waiting all day for, but more than that, she’d waited years for this kind of pleasure. Her body was all that Tyler was concerned with. She could tell that from now until the end of this endeavor his only concern was her pleasure. This was a sentiment Anna intended to reward him for.

As orgasm rushed through her body from Tyler’s tireless tongue muscles, Anna felt a hand wrap around her stomach, rotate her body, and splay her on the dining table. Her eyes hadn’t opened since his tongue parted her lips, but she felt him quickly lean over her. She opened her eyes and saw that he was putting out a small fire that the maneuver had started by knocking down a couple of candles. The two locked eyes, Anna feared his morals might kick in again, she felt all the insecurities Chris had instilled in her bubble to the surface. Was this a mistake? She couldn’t bare to lose Tyler. He could see her spiraling, and knew exactly how to fix it. He leaned in and kissed her with a passion his little sister hadn’t known since college. MAybe even one deeper than that, compounded by his years of experience and the depth of his love for her, it was the physical manifestation of all that he felt towards the vixen beneath him. Tyler felt her hands reach down and fuss with his belt. He took the signal and unbuttoned his shirt, letting it fall to the ground as his sister pulled out his cock and guided him to her entrance.

Tyler reached his hand around her small waist, gripping her pelvis as his other hand teased her pussy lips with his cock. As he pressed the head at the surface of her, he paused, breaking away from the warm embrace of her lips.

“Are you sure about this, Anna?” Tyler paused

“Yes, yes I am. I’….” Anna yelped before a deep sensual moan escaped her lips. She arched her back as Tyler’s cock spread her pussy wide open. He had no time to waist. His desire was uncontainable. The sensation sent tingles down to her toes. The girth of his cock teased her clit while penetrating deeper than she was used to. She could feel Tyler’s grip on her hip tighten as he began to thrust harder and harder into her welcoming embrace. She moaned her approval as the force and pace quickened. Tyler leaned back and stood upright allowing him to press even deeper into her body.

“Fuck yes! Right there, Oh my Fucking GOD!!!”

She heard a slight tearing sound as Tyler’s hand pulled the neckline of her dress downward, the hem pushed her already perky tits up more, accentuating each bounce his thrusting was causing. She squealed as his free hand squeezed and pinched the flesh of exposed breasts. She heard him grunt, audibly lusting after her impeccably maintained physique. It had been far too long since someone appreciated her body this way. She reached down to further tease her clit, though it didn’t take much before the overwhelming sensations she was experiencing brought her close to her second orgasm of the evening.

“Holy Fuuuuuck I’m Cummmmmmiiiiiiiiinnnnng!!!!”

Tyler’s pace quickened, pushing deeper and deeper into Anna. With each thrust he added more and more force causing an audible yelp as the increasing sensation continuously surprised and pleased his little sister. His hands squeezed and groped rapaciously. Methodically he made sure to examine and enjoy every inch of her body; her legs, her thighs, abdomen, chest, neck, shoulder, lips, hair. His hands became entangled in the mane flowing down from the half bun style she frequented. Anna winced as his grip tightened and Tyler pulled her head back. She reflexively arched her back as she felt his lips and teeth pinch her fully exposed neck. Her orgasm continued to flurry through her body, quickly all sense of self dissolved and she went limp. Her eyes were open, her mouth agape, but nothing, not even breath betrayed her status. Her leg was held up by Tyler’s right hand, his fingers digging into the tissue, her head was still pulled back tightly by his left. Her hands had fallen by her side, knuckles white as the clenched down on the edge of the dining table. The room was silent, save the sound of Tyler’s heavy breathing, and the slurping sound of his cock smashing in and out of her cum-laden cunt. She couldn’t recall a time she was this wet. Her juices dripped down Tyler’s balls and onto the fabric of the chair. A different Anna may have been concerned that it may stain the upholstery, this Anna did not. In fact, she may even have hoped it would.

Suddenly Anna gasped as if coming up for as Tyler pressed with his cock hard into her. He rammed her body with such force that it jolted her back further onto the dining table, Tyler did so as well, lifting his leg onto the edge as he reached climax. Anna swore he grew another half inch, as she clenched and quivered, still riding the waves of ecstasy. They held their position, cleft to one another, both panting as if they’d finished a marathon. Neither seemed sure as to what the future held, both hoped it held more of this. Anna could feel the warmth of his cum as his cock continued to spurt jizz deep in her cervix. Her hand reached up to his exposed him and pulled him closer then trailed up his muscular chest before grabbing the back of his neck and pulling him down to her lips. Their tongues danced and darted around and to Anna’s surprise, she realized Tyler’s cock seemed unfazed by blowing his load. He slowly began to push into her, back and forth. Anna began to grind her waist against him elated that the fun had only just began.

Anna bit down on Tyler’s lip as she felt his cock fully vacate her hole only to ram in unapologetically back in, splitting her open with blunt force. She screamed into his mouth as he continued with his thrustful assault, sliding her further onto the table and climbing up himself. Anna could feel his feet press up under her ass, rotating her hips slightly more upward. His hands reached down, under her thighs and gripped the nape of her back from under her dress which spread legs while lifting them up and backwards. This combined with his feet and the new angle he was smashing into her from sent a shockwave into her g-spot, conjuring a guttural moaning as the sensation overwhelmed her. She reached her arms up and squeezed the biceps that currently pinned her in this pretzel shape. Her eyes took in the sheer eroticism before her. Tyler’s gruff exterior typically belied his warm nature, but tonight, it was a spot on reference. She could feel his callouses like sandpaper on the soft, delicate skin of her back. His lean, muscular frame was not that of the body builder, but one who’s muscles stemmed from practical use. They held her effortlessly in place as he continued to seamlessly ram her open with a precision only rivalled by his confidence. She caught his gaze as his pace began to rise. It was like he saw straight through her, right down to her soul.. deeper, down to the primal nature of her being – down to the lust, dormant for so long, but awakened and writhing under her dermis. A mischievous smile crept across his face and Anna knew even more pleasure was on the horizon.

With a few more violent thrusts Tyler released her from his grasps. Her legs were numb and shaky; she knew walking would be difficult. Tyler climbed off the table and surveyed Anna’s splayed body. Her dress was in shambles, stretched, ripped and stained. One of her heels managed to stay on, the other dangled by the strap around her ankle. She watched him inhale deeply as if soaking in the site through his breath then exhale a manifestation of the sheer desire that lead him. Without a word Tyler picked Anna up and threw her over his shoulder. It was as if it was that first morning again, the closeness of their bond undaunted… or rather magnified by the depravity they shared. Anna perched up her elbows on his back and rested her face in their crook. From this position she watched the dining room disappear out of view as Tyler rounded the hall and climbed the stairs that led to her bedroom. Her pussy was throbbing – she needed more.

Anna bounced on the bed from the force Tyler threw her with and proceeded to slip her shoulders out of her dress. With one succinct pull Tyler ripped it off of her, then untangled her dangling heel and unstrapped the pair. Once again he took in the site before him, his and her cum dripped from her pussy and pelvis, sweat and spit glistened on her soft, creamy skin. He pounced once again, cock first.

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