Unexpected lesbian adventure with the beautician

Unexpected lesbian adventure with the beautician

Hi guys, Ashwini here. Thanks a lot for your love. Sorry it took time for my second story. You must have read my first story.

As you guys know, I love to show my body to total strangers. It turns me on.

Back to my experience, we were planning for the weekend party and all were very excited about it. I was done with my shopping. I wanted to look perfect for the party, so I had to visit the beauty parlour for waxing and threading.

My friend suggested me a beauty parlour. It was a newly started one and many of my friends had gone there and they loved the service. Every girl was complimenting about the beauty parlour lady. So even I was excited to visit and see her.

I got ready and started from my place. I was wearing a short skirt and a tank top. I entered the parlour and to my surprise, the lady there was so gorgeous that I had no words. She came close to me and asked in her soft voice, “May I help you?”.

I said, “I need to wax my legs and hands; I want my eyebrows done as well”.

She said, “Sure. Please wait for some time, I will prepare for waxing”.

She called me after 5 minutes and asked me to sit on a comfortable seat.

She: We will do the treading first.

Me: Ok.

The moment she came close to me, her body smelled like sweet hot chocolate. I was about to lose my senses.

The beautician lady started threading. I could feel her boobs pressing against my shoulder often. They were so soft and despite being a girl, I was still feeling amazing.

I was slowly getting turned on by the soft touches and I wanted more. So I started moving my shoulder up and down. I felt something hard touching my shoulder. I understood it was the beautician’s nipples getting hard.

I saw her cheeks were turning red. I understood that even she was enjoying it.

Then she said that treading was done and moved away. I was a little disappointed as she moved away. I saw both her nipples were rock hard and poking her top. She was looking like a sex doll.

I looked in the mirror. My eyebrows were perfect. Suddenly, my eye fell on the parlor lady in the mirror and saw she was pressing her nipples and boobs hard. I realized she too was very horny.

I turned slowly and said, thanks. She noticed that I saw her in the mirror and she adjusted herself and said, “Madam, five minutes. I will prepare for waxing”.

She came after 5 minutes and lowered the seat as it was an adjustable seat.

“We will start with your hands and then legs”.

The beautician started applying the mixture and while applying, I noticed many times that she was pressing my boobs as if it was an accident. I was very turned on and allowed her to do anything. Suddenly, she dropped some mixture on my dress, near my boobs. She said sorry and took some tissues and started rubbing my boobs! I was in heaven!!

The beautician was cleaning my cleavage slowly and then she started moving toward my nipples. I didn’t stop her, I was enjoying it.

Once she reached near my nipples, she tossed the tissue paper and started rubbing there with her hand. Suddenly, her hands slipped a little further and rolled over my hard nipples. I was about to have an orgasm.

She said, “Madam will do your legs now. Sorry that I spilled the mixture on your breasts”. I said, “No problem, it happens. You can continue with legs.”

The beautician started with my legs. She came near my thighs, my juices had already started to flow. While working near my thighs, she raised my skirt a little higher. She must have noticed the wet patch on my underwear due to the oozing precum. She asked me in her sweet voice giving a cute smile, “Madam, do you want me to wax your pussy?”.

Her face was so cute I was not able to refuse to that face so I said yes.

She moved her hand slowly up my skirt, rubbing my thighs. With her finger, she rubbed my wet patch, held my underwear and slowly slid it down.

She touched my pussy with her bare hands and said, “It’s all wet, I need to clean it before waxing”. She took some tissue and started cleaning my juices. While cleaning my juices, she was slowly rubbing my pussy lips.

Once cleaned, she started waxing. She was playing with my pussy. Her hands on my pussy were making me go crazy and suddenly I heard her voice, “I have to clean near your ass hole also so please spread your legs”.

Like an obedient girl, I spread my legs. I was on the edge of having an orgasm by then and suddenly, I felt the beautician’s tongue licking my pussy! It felt like heaven.

She started licking my pussy hard and within seconds, I had an amazing orgasm! She drank my juices and licked my pussy clean. Now I understood why all my friends were admiring this lady, she was really amazing with her tongue.

Then she got back to her senses and said, “Sorry madam, your pussy was so clean and soft, I was not able to resist myself. Forgive me please and don’t tell this to anyone or I will lose my job”.

I said I will keep it a secret only if she promised to give the same service every time I visit and she agreed to it.

I got myself ready and paid her for the nice service. I also kissed and hugged her and gently squeezed her boobs while hugging her. I said in her ear, “Next time you have to be completely naked while giving the service.”

She laughed and said, “Anything you say, ma’am” and winked.

I winked back and said, “bye, see you next time”. I still visit the same beauty parlor every time. Her service is the best every time I visit.

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Unexpected lesbian adventure with the beautician