Vinita’s Train Escapades

Vinita’s Train Escapades

Hey, guys Anil again. There has been a good response to my previous story ‘Girlfriend Fucked By An Old Man And His Son’. So, Amit who was the boyfriend of Vinita shared another encounter of Vinita that happened a few days after their cuckold sex.

This story is going to be described from the view of Vinita herself. From the previous story, you all knew Vinita’s sexy sizes as 36-28-36.

Vinita’s story.

It has been a week since I got fucked by the old man and his son. My pussy and ass are still feeling like being stretched. Especially my ass because that was the 1st time I took a dick in there.

I even didn’t allow Amit to fuck me till today morning. After seeing me getting banged like a slut that day he was going restless to fuck me in all my holes. He was so relieved when I called him in the morning and asked him to bunk the college.

He was so happy. We met at his place and had amazing sex all day. We fucked in every place in his house and every possible position. He was more interested in fucking my ass than my pussy. Of course, he was getting to fuck my ass after 5 years.

We were so exhausted by the sex marathon. As I was about to go to my home I got a call from my friend who was in college. She told me that our project was approved and our group was supposed to be meeting a sponsor based in Mumbai.

As my duty was marketing in my group I was the one who should go to Mumbai. And the meeting was tomorrow only. I had no option but to travel Mumbai that night itself. Amit checked for train reservation as there was a bus strike going on these days and train was the only option.

My bad luck bounded and there were no reservations. The next train was about to leave in half an hour at 6 pm. It would take 6 hours to reach Mumbai. So I called my cousin in Mumbai and informed her that I would come to her flat.

I immediately rushed to my house, changed my clothes, and left for the station. Amit dropped me and I boarded the train just before it took off. I didn’t even get the time to wear any panty or bra because I couldn’t find in the hurry. My earlier ones were spoiled by our sex. Hehe.

I didn’t even get the chance to board in the reservation cabin as I was late. So I had to board a general bogie which was full of middle-class employees and daily wage laborers. I was wearing a shoulderless black top and light blue jeans which were the tightest I had.

My tight jeans were showing away my sexy 36 sized ass perfectly in shape. My thighs appeared to be soo smooth with the tight jeans. My boobs were also juggling as I walked because I didn’t have any bra to hold them in place.

In a hurry, I boarded the general compartment and had to struggle to get in and find a place to stand. There were only a few women in the compartment. All the men have had a good chance to feel my ass and boobs through my dress. I struggled to move between them.

I was standing with my ass resting on the single-seat to the side. The person sitting behind me (Anil) on the seat was enjoying my ass as it was very near to my face. Three men were surrounding me. One to my right was facing away with his back to me.

The other two were facing me one at my front (Mohan) and other to my left (Vijay). I asked their names later. I could see their eyes ogling at my braless breasts. I looked down and all I saw was their dicks were making tents in their pants.

I looked at them in the eyes and they were smiling while chewing paan and they smelt dirty. They were middle-aged and probably labor traveling to Mumbai. Behind me, Anil was now resting his head on my left ass cheek. By the time the train reached Anand, it got dark and there was no proper lighting also.

Mohan and Vijay were slowly touching my boobs as if as a mistake. More people got in at Anand and the two men pushed themselves further into me and my face landed at their armpits. Their hands were raised to hold themselves and I could smell them filthy.

But I liked the smell of sweat and they could sense it. So they pulled their half-sleeved shirt further more up on to shoulders and their armpits got exposed completely. Mohan had a huge bush of hair and Vijay didn’t have any. He was clean shaved.

I smelled them again and their sweat smell was intoxicated. I slowly licked Vijay’s armpit and he hissed and held my left boob with his right hand. And then I turned to Mohan and blew hot air on his hairy armpit. He liked it and rewarded me by squeezing my right noob with his left hand.

I kissed and licked both the armpits while they were massaging my boobs. My nipples were already hard and were poking out of my dress. They caught my nipples and pinched them which made me give out a moan. Anil was already caressing my ass with his hands.

It was completely dark and the light above us was not working so no one could see what was going on with me. I then guided my hands to feel their dicks. They were so hard and when I touched them they gave some sexy moans into my ears.

I started rubbing their dicks over their pants. It seemed that they didn’t wear anything under. That made me hornier. Anil was now burying his face into my ass and was kneading my thighs. His grip was firm.

He guided hands between my legs and parted them a bit and started massaging my inner thighs up to my pussy. He felt the wetness on my jeans. He felt my pussy over my jeans and pressed it. In a reflection of his act, I squeezed the dicks in my hands. The guys again moaned and pinched my nipples.

After rubbing my pussy for a bit Anil took his hands to his face. I looked over through my shoulder to see that he smelt my pussy juices on his hand and also took into mouth tasting them. This was so much for me. I immediately opened the zips of the men and their dicks sprung out.

I looked down to give a peek. Mohan had quite a long dick probably around 6.5 inches with normal thickness. The dick of Vijay was small in size maybe 5 inches but very very thick. I caught them with my hands and oh god they felt amazing.

Vijay’s cock was so fat that my hand couldn’t hold it completely. My fingers were not touching around his dick. I looked around and couldn’t see anyone properly as it was dark. People I could see were in their world. As I caught their dicks their breathing became heavier and smelled dirty.

Anil l from the back was holding my waist and pushing my top to feel my bare body. He was massaging my waist. He then brought his hands to my front and was playing with my navel. This caught the attention of Vijay and Mohan. They looked past me at Anil and all three exchanged smiles.

From the front Mohan directly put his hand in my pants and touched my pussy. I groaned with his touch. He found my wet pussy and rubbed it for a while and took his fingers to taste. Vijay did the same while Anil was licking and tongue fucking my ass from above the pants.

His saliva has made my entire ass area wet. Now Vijay and Mohan had their hands below my top and directly on my boobs. They were feeling my bare boobs and pinching my nipples. Down there Anil had started to loosen my pants. He brought his hands to the front and unbuttoned my pants.

He slowly dragged my pant until under my ass exposing both my ass and pussy. I was scared and looked around us only to see darkness. I got relaxed as there was no possibility of people seeing what’s happening. Now Anil spread my legs much farther and separated my ass cheeks.

He dug his face in my ass and was licking it wildly. With all this happening to my body I was getting crazy. I started pumping the dicks fastly and squeezing them. It made Vijay and Mohan to breath heavily and give out moans in my ears.

This was an amazing experience getting groped and licked and sucked in public. Now Vijay had taken this to another step and he pulled my top down below my boobs exposing them while Mohan was rubbing my pussy with his hand.

With his right hand, Vijay was pressing my left boob while Mohan bent a little to take my right boob in his mouth full of paan. Vijay was squeezing my boob and pinching my nipple hardly while Mohan was taking my other nipple between his teeth and biting it.

Mohan rubbed my pussy vigorously before he caught hold of my clitoris and pinched it. I groaned and squeezed the dicks in my hand hard. Down there Anil was poking his tongue in my ass and fucking it while massaging my butt cheeks. Mohan had already inserted a finger in pussy and started fucking it.

I was already losing it and my breathing became heavier. I could sense my orgasm building just when Mohan added another finger. Anil dug his tongue deeper in my ass. My juices rushed like a flood and flowed down Mohan’s hand giving me an excellent orgasm ever.

I squeezed their dicks very hardly I even dug my nails in Vijay’s fat dick giving him pleasurable pain and he dug his nails on my boob. Mohan took out his fingers and drank my pussy juice which he collected in his hand.

Anil was still tongue fucking me in the ass. I held his head and moved him away but he was so much horny he couldn’t leave my ass. My jeans were now completely soaked in my juices. I pulled it up and deprived Anil of my ass.

I turned to him and signaled to get up and let me sit down. He didn’t understand so I acted as if I wanna suck cock his eyes lit and immediately he got up and gave me the seat. Now the three of them are around me. No one could even guess I am between them.

Mohan was on my right and Vijay to his right had their dicks hard and out. Anil was surprised to see their dicks out and was eagerly trying to zip down and bring his dick out. I stopped him and slowly caressed his dick over his pants.

I pulled his zipper down and his dick forced itself out for some air. His dick was as long as Mohan’s and as fat as Vijay’s. For a 20-year-old guy, it was a huge dick. And he was a Muslim so he didn’t have any foreskin. His dick was in wheatish color unlike others in contrast with his dark complexion.

Mohan and Vijay already had their dicks in hands and stroking them while I took Anil’s cock in my hands and started stroking it.

Let’s continue this in the next part guys.

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Vinita’s Train Escapades