Who Am I? part 1 by curiouscoupleinraleigh

Who Am I? part 1
by curiouscoupleinraleigh

If I was to tell you about me, you’d tell me I was insane. After some time, I thought the same thing, but then, she is there and shows me that, while I might be strange, I am not insane. Ya know, insanity is a funny thing. It is based upon a norm that is established in the world we live in. My norm was so different than what anyone is use to, what they can conceive that I must be crazy in your eyes. If you could only experience it for yourself for one day, you would understand.

You see “I” am not an “I.” “I” am a “we.” I know it is confusing. Let me try and explain. I am a twin, and a twin unlike you have ever met. At an early age, I found that my twin and I could switch bodies just by touching our foreheads together. Sounds strange, I know, and it wasn’t really clear to us at the time. We didn’t really understand the limits of our bodies. We switched and only when our parents started to call us and us respond with language did we understand that something was strange. At one point we tried to explain it to our parents (no dad…. I’m Steven), but of course they just didn’t understand. Eventually we didn’t try to explain it anymore.

We learned how to use it to our advantage. We switched for certain things at school, certain chores that I didn’t like/she didn’t like and we made it work. Life went on and we gradually got so use to the transitions that we began to refer to each other outside the bodies that we held. We talked about Alex’s body… Karen’s body, not “my body” or “your body.” Gender was not even in our minds. I peed just as normally in her body as mine. Life was normal whether I was in her body or in mine. Then one day it all changed.

I went into her room early one morning. We had planned on me going to her piano lessons that morning, but when I woke her up and put my forehead to hers, nothing happened. She looked at me in horror. I looked back with the same thoughts. What we were was no more. I have never felt a bigger loss in my life. Half of me was gone. The connection we had was over. It was the day I became Alex and she became Karen. Her period started in the next few days, and over the next months, she began to change drastically. Her body exploded, and all I could do was sit back and watch. We didn’t share the way we had. She outpaced me with the growth, and before long I was so jealous of her that I couldn’t mend our relationship. Years came and went, and with them my puberty set in.

Her growth was something truly amazing. With my hormones kicking in, I appreciated her changes much more. Her curves where amazing. Even at thirteen she looked like she was in her twenties. She looked anything but like our mom. She was tall, and her legs were muscular but trim. Her hips pushed out and were framed perfectly with an ass that was both huge and perfect. Her face was truly angelic with long blond hair that framed her face perfectly; however, by far and away her best feature were her tits. They were large and full and sat high on her chest. I had no idea what size she was, but I would stare at her and watch them giggle with her movements. They poked out in all her shirts, and during the summer when we would swim in the pool, I watched as her miraculous tits barely stayed in her bathing suite.

After I hit puberty, my anger subsided a bit. I didn’t blame her as much as I did, and our relationship regained a modicrum of decency. To the outsider, we messed with each other as much as a brother and sister should. I picked on her and she on me. We never spoke of the past.

When I started growing, I exploded much the way she did. I shot up well past her height, and a great bit taller than my dad. At 6’3” I towered over Karen’s 5’7” and dad’s 5’8”. I filled out. My shoulders broadened and my body tightened. My cock went from a decent size, to something quite large. When hard I was a good 9.5 inches. I was almost as thick as a gel shaving can, and my balls hung low and large. When I came, I would shoot large streams of cum up my chest and into the air. If you would have looked at my sister and I, you would have thought that we were the children of Mr. and Mrs Universe.

The problem was that even though I grew to accept my role inside my body, I was never totally at home.

Life passed as it would have for similar teens in our positions well into high school. We started dating, drifted further apart, I threw myself into football, she into dating. Guys followed her around like a puppy dog, but they never crossed the line because they knew I would be right there to kick her ass. She was much more the social butterfly than I was, which is not to say that I stayed in my room. I went out, even dated, but never felt comfortable to take it much past the basics of innocent teen age dating. I couldn’t imagine that she was doing much more, or maybe I didn’t want to think about it, me being so protective over her body, but then again, we rarely if ever talked.

Then everything changed. It was Christmas break of our junior year. The family, and by that I mean mom and dad, decided that we would go to my uncles for Christmas. Karen and I were both thrilled. We went along with it, only putting up modest protest (because we knew it would be useless), until we got about an hour from their house. That’s when mom broke the news that Karen and I would be sharing a bedroom. Karen hit the ceiling first. I chimed in, but I was more angry that I had to even talk about it than put up with it. I had already had it in mind that the whole adventure was going to be horrible.

When we got there, we were pointed upstairs after hugs and greetings. Uncle Jerry probably checked out Karen’s ass a bit too much for everyone’s taste, but everyone had grown use to Karen being the eye candy. When we turned the top of the stairs and walked into the bedroom, we looked at each other and at the same time said “shit.” The bed was a double, barely enough room for us to lay on there and stay in bed. We had no other option. The house was small and it seemed like there were 50 people in the house. I got the bedroom with Karen just because I was her brother. If it was just me, I am sure I wouldn’t have gotten the gift of a closed door. Even mom and dad were sleeping on the pull out couch in the basement.

We both became resigned to the fact that we would have to deal with it. The night went on and we made it through, and when time for bed came, I grabbed some blankets and told Karen that I would sleep on the floor and she could have the bed. I made my pallet and laid down. Only the bedside table lamp was on and the shadows cast strange shapes on the wall. I was starring at the ceiling when she came in, although I didn’t look at her at first. Then she pulled the covers back and I looked over at her. She had on boy shorts that barely covered her ass and a camisole that barely covered her. She didn’t say anything to me, just jumped in bed and covered herself up. She said good night and then turned off the light.

About thirty minutes later, my back was on fire. I shifted and tried to make it better, but nothing worked. I sat up and looked at the wall in frustration.

“Hey dumbass… get in bed. I know your hurting. I won’t bite.”

I stood up and looked at her. She slid over and I got in bed. I had on just my boxers. “Thanks. My back was killing me.”

“Its fine. Just keep your hands to yourself and your boxers on.” For the first time in a long time we laughed together. We started talking about our lives. She asked me about a girl I had been out with a few times, how football was, if I was happy, and I returned the small talk. It was as close as we had been in years, and then the subject came up.

“So do you ever think about being able to switch like we once did?” She was the one that was asking.

“All the time.”

“Really? Why?”

“Because I never really felt you had a body and I had a body. I felt like we shared them, and then all of a sudden I was cut off from that connection, and I mean you know it was me born into your body, right?”

“I never thought about it, but now that you say it my first memories of my body were peeing standing up.”

She rolled over on her side and faced me. “I’m sorry if I hurt you by being the one in this body. I didn’t mean to do it. It was just where we were when puberty started for me.”

“So you think that’s what it was too. I thought about it for a long time.”

“Yeah I think that’s what it was, and I’ve thought long and hard if we would ever be able to do it again. I wondered if we could do it with other people.”

“Yeah I thought about that too, but it’s never happened since that last time. “

“Well I’m exhausted. Night. Remember, keep your hands to yourself and keep Mr. Johnson down there tucked away in those boxers. “

I tried to go to sleep, and after some time I heard her steady and I knew she was asleep. Eventually time disappeared. I drifted off to sleep. I woke in a sudden panic as if someone had thrown me to the floor while I was till asleep. When my eyes adjusted to the darkness however, I knew something was very wrong. I was on the wrong side of the bed. The figure beside me was, yes, it was me. Instinctively, my hand reached to my chest and found Karen’s, my, breasts. I could feel the adrenaline rush through my body. I looked at my male self laying there. The covers were thrown back and my dick, coming out of my boxers was laid on my stomach in plain view. I looked asleep, perfectly relaxed, and then it hit me. Karen had been looking at my dick and something happened. It had to have happened and we switched while I was asleep, so now she was asleep in my body.

I got out of bed as quietly as I could. I cracked the door and went to the bathroom. No one was awake. I got in the room, locked the door and looked into the mirror. Standing in front of me was my sister. It was amazing to look at from this perspective. It was me I was looking at. This was my body once again. I put my hands on my sides and brought them up to my chest and felt the soft heaviness of my breasts. I reached down to my crotch and rubbed on my pussy, feeling the electricity race through my body.

Then there was a knock on the door. I peaked out and before me was my younger cousin. “Hey Karen. I really need to pee. Are you done?”

“Yeah. Its all yours.”

His eyes locked onto my chest and they didn’t leave them until he was past me and shutting the door. I felt a rush of excitement and terror that my own cousin was starring at me, then I realized this is what she has been going through everyday.

When I opened the door to the bedroom, she, and I mean he, was sitting up in bed with his head in his hands.

I looked at his gaze meeting mine. “I guess we have our answer.”

I sat down beside him and realized that he no longer had any boxers on. My eyes went to his dick first, my dick, and then to his face, my face. I was shocked.

“You have the most amazing cock I have ever seen in my life.” She had her/his hand on my cock as if it was her own. “Don’t look at me that way, I know you were in the bathroom checking things out.”

“So how many cocks you been around to know the difference?”

“Shut up stupid.”

“No seriously. How do I measure up?”

“Your pretty fucking, I’m pretty fucking huge. Almost in the scary range. What do you think about if from your perspective?”

“A bit strange to be looking at my dick.”

“But its not a turn on at all?”

“No. Why would it be?” I wasn’t completely sure I was telling the truth.

“Because I know I’m looking at me, but it’s a huge turn on to see that body.”

“Do you want to switch back, if we can, to make you feel better?”

“Fuck no. I want to see what this is all about.”

She made no hesitation. She just started rubbing her dick. I watched her in amazement. If she was waiting for me to stop her, I wasn’t going to. It was amazing to see and as I sat there looking at my own dick, I felt myself getting wet. The feeling came first, that frustrating feeling, and then the urges. They were unnamed at first, but then I knew what my body was calling for. I wanted to suck on that dick so bad, but there was no way this was true. I tried to fight it, and then I realized that I was in her body. It was working as if I was a woman. My mind might be different, but the hormones don’t lie. I wanted it and I wanted it really bad.

Before I even knew what I was doing, I was on my knees on the floor and had his dick in my mouth. It was the most amazing feeling I had experienced thus far in my life. The feel of the hardness in my mouth, pushing in and removing itself from my mouth was amazing. I loved the feeling of his head on my lips, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get a majority of his cock, my cock, in my mouth. It hit the back of my throat and then I felt like I was going to gag. I was getting more turned on by the second. I picked up the pace and cupped his balls with one hand. With the other hand I found my pussy and began to rub my clit through my shorts. They were soaked.

I couldn’t get over how much the feel of his cock in my mouth made me feel smaller. There was control, but submission in being on my knees. Finally I settled on resting my arms on his legs, and moved my head slowly on his cock. I tried to slow down to feel the head of his cock push down my tongue and move to the back of my mouth. It was amazing, simply amazing. He crouched over my head and reached around me on both sides and tried to grab my boobs. The angle wasn’t helping, so I straightened up and lifted the thin white camisole. His cock slipped from my mouth when I lifted myself, and I tried to avoid his eyes. When I came up slightly, his hands found the under curve of my breasts and lifted them.

The feeling of his hands lifting my boobs was a double sensation. The first feeling that came over me was the lifting of weight from my chest, something I had noticed, but almost instantly got use to. The second sensation was not something I was prepared for. His hands on my chest instantly sent shivers down my spine to such an extent that my eyes closed. I almost went limp. I felt myself be lifted by my breasts. He squeezed my chest and then lifted them further and placed them around his hard cock that seemed to bob with his heart beat.

He pushed my boobs around his cock and for the first time I looked at him. I was immediately brought back to the moment looking at myself. I was horrified for a second, but then he started moving his cock between my tits with his hands around them. I left his eyes and looked down as the head of his cock pushed through my breasts then retracted into my cleavage. I felt myself almost lose it. I watched as he began to fuck my chest with his cock and all I could think about was his cumming and watching it shoot from the head of his dick.

I didn’t get the chance though. He dropped my tits and put his hand on my head, something I had always laughed at, but now gave me the guidance I needed. I put his cock back in my mouth and it was like coming home. I felt comforted having his dick back in my mouth. It felt wonderful again. Slow as the pace, but that didn’t last long. I felt his dick harden more. His pace quickened. He started pushing himself up into my mouth rather than just sitting there and taking it. I knew what was happening. I was both scared and excited. I wondered what it would be like, especially knowing how much I came, but I didn’t have to wait long.

When he came the surge of his cum overwhelmed me. The force and the volume seemed to fill my mouth and I almost gagged when I tried to swallow. As he shot a second and then a third shot, my mouth became so filled I had to swallow or lose it all over myself. I tried, but still felt his cum leaking out the side of my mouth and dripping onto my chest. Once I managed to swallow the first time, I continued to swallow until I didn’t feel anymore cum escaping from his cock. I thought it would be gross. I thought cum would disgust me, but it was completely the opposite. The taste was amazing, the feel so fucking hot I wanted to cum just thinking about it. I felt it on my teeth, still tasted it on the back of my throat, could still feel the surge of his cum shooting in my mouth.

Once he started getting soft, I let his cock fall from my mouth, and without talking he moved over in bed and I laid on my back, trying to stop the adrenaline from flowing. I laid there bare chested and he looked at me from his side.

He looked at my chest, “looks like you missed some.”

I saw he was pointing toward two big globs of cum that had fallen to my chest. I looked at him and smiled, took my fingers and took one glob then the other and put it in my mouth. Oh the taste came back again. I felt the thickness on my tongue, and then it dissipated and I swallowed. He reached over and started massaging my chest, rubbing around my nipples. I closed my eyes and enjoyed his touch.

“So where do we go from here.” He continued to rub my chest.

“I don’t know.” And I really didn’t. “But I really enjoy being you.”

“You mean you enjoy being us. Remember we are the same person from here on out.”

I rolled over and faced him. “I want to stay in your body for a while.”

“Really? That wasn’t weird for you?”

“It was beyond weird, but so exciting. Let me just be you for today and then we can go from there.”

We didn’t say anything and both drifted off to sleep. When the sun came up through the window, I sat up in bed and felt my tits sway with the movement and realized that it wasn’t a dream. It was the happiest moment of my life.

The morning was strange to say the least. Everything was different. The differences struck me as soon as I woke up. Walking to the bathroom was a different world. My center of gravity was all off. As a guy, I never had to worry about walking around. Just throw on some boxers and I was ok, but not now. I got that I had to wear a shirt, so I grabbed a tee shirt on the floor and pulled it on, but I didn’t think about putting on shorts. I simply opened the door and walked to the bathroom. The door was locked, so I simply stood outside the door. In a second, my uncle opened the door and looked at me. There was a moments pause when he looked me up and down, and then smiled.

“Bathroom is all yours.”

I walked past him and I could feel his eyes following me into the bathroom. I instinctively sat down to pee but when I pulled my panties down, I realized the mistake I had made, but there was nothing I could do. I peed and cleaned myself and then pulled my panties up. I looked in the mirror and it still struck me how amazing it was to be in this body. I smiled at myself and then opened the door. In front of me was the most awkward moment of my life.

In front of me was my dad. He looked at my chest, then at my crotch, and then smiled at me. It was not a good look. I knew what he was thinking.

“Sweetie, I think you should put some pants on before you go walking around the house like that.”

“Sure dad.” I wanted to get out of there as soon as possible.

I got in the room and he was sitting up in bed. He looked at me and laughed.

“Just go walking around the house in your panties huh?”

“I so didn’t think about it. And then dad saw me, very strange. Werid.”

“Yeah he’s a boob man.”

“Do what????”

“Dad, he loves boobs. Hes always looking.”

“But its dad. That’s sick.”

“Hes a guy just like any other. You’ll have to get use to it. Guys are going to stair at you…. all guys. Even most girls. I always new I was attractive, but seeing you like that I finally understand how much.”

“Well I think its gross.” I paused. “Ok, help me find what I need to wear for today.”

He pointed over to a suitcase against the wall. I grabbed it and threw it on the bed, just in front of his legs. I unzipped it and threw it open. I looked for a second and then took of my shirt and stepped out of my panties. I looked at him and saw his smile.

“Shut up. Its your body too.”

I grabbed a pair of panties from the corner, and put stepped into them. I instantly realized that they were on backwards, and then when I corrected it and pulled them up, I realized that it was a thong.

“Got anything that won’t go up my ass.”

“Never underestimate the pleasure of your ass.” He started laughing. “but no, no period for two weeks, so I’m not going to taking granny panties around. Thongs are much better and make your ass look better.”

“Whatever.” I adjusted them as best I could, but it was strange feeling the string up my ass, but hell, it was strange looking down and not feeling my cock in underwear. I pondered it for a few seconds and then went back to the suitcase. I picked a bra that matched my panties. That took more work. I first tried to put it on over my shoulders and then reach around and hook it, but that was a waste of time. Then I got smart, pulled it around and hooked it around my stomach. When I hooked it I looked at the tag.

“Holy shit, 34g???? I didn’t know they made bras that big.”

“Its just a letter. The bra fits the boobs. Most women wear bras that are too small. Believe me you want the right size bra with those things.”

The rest was elementary. I put on a pair of her jeans, so fucking tight I thought I’d have to use butter to get them on. I then picked up a silk blouse that was sleeveless. And pulled it over my head.

“Why in the hell would you bring this. Its cold as hell.”

“I wanted to look sexy.”

“Well you accomplished that.”

I pulled it off and found a long sleeve tee shirt she had with Harvard across the chest. If it did anything, it made everyone more aware of the distortion my boobs caused to the shirt. I pulled my hair back in a pony tail and left the room. It would be my first exploration as a woman. I walked down stairs and realized that even with a bra on, my tits still moved and giggled. It would take some time to get use to. I sat down at the table and looked at my mom.

“So what we having for breakfast?”

“What are you your brother? Are your hands broken.” She was angry about something, but then again dead on with her estimation.

“No, I can help.”

“Karen. Listen. You gotta know that you can’t go walking around in your underwear. Not at home, but especially not here. What’s gotten into you? Your not a little girl anymore.”

“I know mom. I know. I wasn’t thinking. I just had to pee so bad.”

“Karen. You have to know that you above all people can’t be walking around in just your panties.” She paused, looked at the floor, and then back up to me. “Its just not safe. You have to know that your body is something that men want, and most men can’t control themselves. If you didn’t know that before, it worries me.”

“I know. Who said something?”

“Well, your uncle for one thing. Then your father. Then your cousins had a discussion of how they would love to have seen that. Its not good to have you family talking about your daughters body like that. Its not good at all.”

I hugged her and told her I was sorry. We sat down and she got me a cup of coffee. There was no one around.

“Karen. So tell me. Are you being safe?”

“Safe? What do you mean?”

“With guys.”

“Mom. Are you serious.”

“I’m very serious. I’ve seen you around men in the last few months, and notice how you act around them. Its something only a woman that has experienced things can do.”

“Mom, really.”

“Karen, honey. I am not asking what you are doing. I’m not here to judge, but you need to be safe. Are they wearing condoms?”

“They? What do you think? That I’m fucking the football team?”

“Well I should hope not.” She paused, then laughed. “Your brother is on the team.”

“So if he wasn’t on it, then you think I would? That’s just messed up.”

“Well honey, I’m just looking out for you. I see you. You are beautiful. Guys go after you. I have seen it. They can’t help themselves.”

“Mom. Really. I don’t want to have this conversation with you.”

“Well just tell me. Are they, or he, wearing condoms? Do you need me to take you to get on the pill?”

“Mom, I’m already on the pill.”


“I just went to the health department.”

“So you are having sex. Well just because you are on the pill you should still use condoms. Getting pregnant is one thing, but getting something that wont go away is even worse.”

“Mom, I so don’t want to talk about this, and I so am not hungry anymore.”

I got up from the table and went back upstairs. I hoped to find “Alex” in the room. I needed to talk to someone that understood who I was. Someone was in the shower, and when I entered our room, I knew that he was in there. I wanted to go in there and sit on the toilet and talk to him, but there was no way that would look good. I had to remember that he was my “brother”.

He walked in the door and I was sitting on the bed. “Wow you scared me.”

“I’m sorry. Mom just attacked me with a sex conversation in the kitchen.”

“Are you kidding me?”

“No not at all.”

“Wow, what did you say?”

“I didn’t know what to say. She kept saying that she knew I was having sex and that I needed to have them wear condoms, them—plural. You believe that. She things I—you—are fucking like a ton of guys.”

“Well its not a ton.”

“Like how many?”

“Do numbers really matter?”

“Yeah. I think I deserve to know. Especially since I’m in the body that has been getting fucked.”

“Well there have been six guys I’ve had sex with.”

“Six? Really?”


“Is that really important?”

“No I guess not. What is it like?”

“What sex?”

“Yeah. Well you are in the body. You can find out too, wait. You mean you haven’t had sex yet?”


“With this big dick and you haven’t fucked. Wow.”

“You like the fact that I have a big dick?”

“You mean that I have a big dick.” He laughed. “Sure. I mean its pretty amazing. I didn’t know having a dick would be like this.”

“Having fun are you? Enjoy last night?”

“Yeah. Didn’t know it was like that for you. Enjoyed last night and this morning.”

“We didn’t do anything this morning. Wait, you mean in the shower?”

“Yeah. Its crazy how hard it shoots.”

“That’s funny. That’s what dicks do.”

“No. Not like that. Its crazy. You got a huge dick and you cum a ton… I mean I do. I still can’t get use to that.”

I watched him dress and got surprisingly turned on, and then we decided it best if we went downstairs and found the others. We all gathered and went downtown to walk around the shops. I tried to stay close to Alex, making sure I was never left alone with my uncle or dad, but sometimes where unavoidable. When the day was finally over, my feet hurt, my boobs were sore, and my back ached. I struggled through dinner and as soon as I could I went to the bedroom and changed. I had to get out of my bra. As soon as I unclasped it, there was immediate relief. The weight increased, but the felling of the bra digging into me, the underwire pinching my skin, went away. I lifted my breasts two or three times, itching along the underwire and pinching my nipples. It was nothing sexual, I wasn’t even conscious I was doing it. I stood and let them fall, and then I realized what I had done. I was a woman now. I reacted to her body as a me, a woman, not a man inside a woman.

I knew that was the key. I knew I had to understand the body has needs and feelings and that inside it meant nothing. I was the body I was in. I thought for a moment how if I was back in my male body, or was thinking like I was in that body, I wouldn’t let my hands stop playing with my tits. I didn’t want to grab my tits, they were part of me, something to experience through, not with. If in the morning I was happy I could be in this body, it wasn’t until the discomfort of my chest that I began to understand best the body itself.

I laid back in bed and relished in the feeling. I laid there in my panties and without a bra. He came in. He looked at me and stopped, then closed the door and looked again. There was care in his vision, but something more too. It was clear it was pure desire, but if it occurred to him to say anything, he let it pass.

“Just love those things so much you wanna have them out as soon as you can.”

“That’s funny. No, I had to get out of that bra, how in the world do you deal with it?”

He looked at me, as if he cared about what I was saying, but wasn’t really listening, “you learn to deal with it.” He continued his walk, slowly into the room, never allowing his eyes to leave me. I was completely oblivious to the feeling he was emitting. I was talking to my brother, to the soul that had once occupied the body I was in.

The conversation seemed focus. It was like he forgot that I had even said anything, and he went on, “they look absolutely amazing.”

“Ya think?” Again I wasn’t paying attention to him, nor understood what I was doing to him. I reached up with my hands, and with the corresponding breast, I squeezed them in my hands and giggled them back and forth on my chest. “I just love the way they move.”

No expression, no movement, standing against the wall he said, “Yeah. I love the way they move.” The repetition of what I had said and the way in which it was said hit me. I turned on my side and allowed my eyes to meet his. My hands dropped my tits and allowed them to sway, my left breast coming to rest on the left. He starred. “I love the way they move.”

The room changed. The atmosphere grew heavy. He moved toward me but unbuttoned his pants and stepped out of them along the way. He paused for a moment to lift his shirt over his head. He stood right next to the bed, me not ten inches from him, and reached his right hand down to my left breast and grabbed it lightly, pushing it forward and then catching it, forcing it back. He repeated.

With his touch, my eyes closed. His hands caused electricity to shoot through my chest and seem to end up in my crotch. There was instant warmness, wetness. I opened my eyes to look at him. I couldn’t see his face without moving back. As I turned to look him in the eyes, my breasts swaying with the change in position, I saw the large cock head pressed tightly against his stomach, peeking out from the top of his boxers, and as I came to rest completely on my back, I saw the smile on his face.

Things had appeared to be going in slow motion, but it suddenly sped up. He came down with his face toward mine in a second. I didn’t have a chance to think about it, let alone resist. His lips found mine. I parted my mouth to accept him with what seemed like instinct. His tongue entered my mouth slightly, licking up as his lips moved on mine. When his lips came together, they opened and moved on my mouth, his tongue entering my mouth and finding my tongue. His right hand squeezed my tit. I responded against his tongue. I didn’t force myself, I accept his touch, opened up for him and mirrored his movement with my tongue. His hand felt amazing. He caught my nipple and squeezed. The sudden shock of the pinch ended the kiss.

He rose for a second and then moved against the bed and reached down my body to my chest with his face. His body was almost hovering over me, exaggerated in his bend to take my nipple with his mouth. When his mouth took my nipple, already hard with his kiss, I gasped and my eyes rolled back. I looked down at him and saw his waste in my periphery. I didn’t even think about it, I reached out and put my hand against his rock hard cock. As I touched his cock, his mouth squeezed my nipple once more. Instead of closing my eyes as the pleasure shot through me, I grabbed onto his dick, circling his dick with my hands, the fabric of his boxers being the only thing in between his cock and my touch.

I had to feel his cock in my hand. I don’t know why I thought it or wanted it, but I did. I wanted really bad. I tugged on his boxers with my one hand and tried to get them down but failed. He didn’t leave my chest, his mouth having now kissed several times and now was circling my areola with his tongue, but his hands pulled his boxers down and in the same motion his cock. I caught it as it came lose, and wrapped my hand around it tight. I loved the feeling of the hardness in my hand, the soft skin and the outline of his veins on my fingers. I pulled my hand up and down on his cock, and then released it to find his balls. I cupped them slightly and squeezed just enough to feel their size in my hand and then released them, allowing my fingers to drag along the underside of his sack, on their way back to his dick. When I had my hand back wrapped around it, I pulled him with it. He let go of my breast immediate, and stood casing his dick to come to my face. He knew from my touch.

The head of his cock found my mouth accepting. I opened it and allowed the movement of his push to force his cock into my mouth. I moved back to my side, pushing his cock further into my mouth and my tits over onto one another once more. I pushed down harder against his cock, pushing to the rear of my mouth, against my throat, but it wouldn’t go further. I didn’t gag, I took it easily, but I could not force it past my throat. I pulled away from him and let some of his length to leave me. I caught his head with my lips as his shaft moved out of my mouth against my tongue. When I felt my lips circling his head, I pushed back onto him, sucking harder and feeling the parting of my tongue with the surging head of his cock.

I craved more. I craved more length to get in my mouth, more size to part me, more feeling than just cock against my lips. My pussy was soaked. My excitement made me forgo taking his length into my mouth. I concentrated on the head of his cock pushing him into my mouth just an inch past the helmet and catching it as it left, doing it in rapid succession. I picked up speed, and could begin to taste the precum. It was bland, but enough taste to let you know what was coming up.

He interrupted me by pulling his dick from my mouth. He kissed me again, but this time, he turned his body, and shifted it to push beside me in bed. His body found its way against mine. Our mouths were in sync once more, one arm supporting each of us, the other arm drapped around the other. I tried to reach his ass, but I gave up, instead pulling my hand around to his crotch and finding his wonderful cock as it pressed against my stomach.

As I took it in my hand once more, the weight of his body sifted once more, this time pushing me onto my back, breaking our kiss, but not breaking my grip on his cock. That was broken as he lifted himself and then found himself back down on me. His cock rested firmly against my clit, the shaft pushing my lips aside, and he began the kiss once again. His weight comforted me and I shifted my legs apart to deal with the weight and the pressure. He took it as a signal, and in one movement, he pulled his dick down the length of my pussy until the head of his dick fell against my opening. Without pause, he pushed into me. He didn’t stop to ease it in or be taken one inch at a time. In once full sweep, he inserted the entire length of his dick until his body was firmly pressed against mine. I grunted and whimpered. His size was enormous. I felt unbelievably stretched but the filling feeling was amazing. It felt like it was in my stomach he was so deep.

His hand reached up and found my mouth, “You have to be quiet.”

All I could feel and concentrate one was his cock inside me. “Just keep doing that.”

He pulled out of me with his hand still on my mouth, and I felt the emptiness of his withdrawal. When he pushed back into me, I released another loud grunt and whimper.

“Shhhhh. You gotta be quiet,” but if he was really worried about it, he wouldn’t have kept moving that massive thing in and out of me. When I didn’t stop making noise, he pulled his pillow onto my head. He pushed himself off me like a push up, and I brought my hands to the side of the pillow to hold it in place. I knew I had to quiet the sounds because stopping them was out of the question, for both of us. He supported his weight with one arm, the other arm guiding his hand to my breast. His thrusts he made got harder and forced my hips back and my legs up. When he squeezed my tit it hit.

My legs straighted and shot down. My shoulder blades went back, my pelvis up, and a stream of fluid shot from me. The pleasure exploded as I shot my cum against his stomach and radiated through my body. His touch hightened all sensation. My tit was on fire, my pussy throbbing. I couldn’t stop bucking or moaning. It only took five minutes.

I stopped him with my hands, holding him tight to feel the length of his cock inside me, much looser and wetter. My pussy quivered around his cock. Spasms still shot through me even though he didn’t move. When he suddenly withdrew his cock another wave of pleasure shot through me. The pleasure lasted long enough to prevent me from resisting his turning me over and pulling me on my knees. My mind was still centered on the feeling of my orgasm until the pressure of his cock pushing my pussy aside brought me back to the moment. If it was possible, he felt deeper, and it was clear that he wasn’t taking any prisoners. He grabbed me tight around the waist, and after two slow strokes into me, he thrust hard against my ass, our skin smacking against each other as his cock probed my insides. He withdrew as fast as he entered me, and then again with what seemed like greater force pushed back into me. My ass giggled with his body slamming against mine. My tits went back and forth violently under me, hitting the bed and then being forced back against my stomach to make another slapping sound. He fucked me harder than I thought possible. I collapsed onto the pillow and screamed. As he fucked harder and harder, I screamed repeatedly into the bed. A second orgasm erupted, this time my fluid splashing against the bed.

I relaxed and let the pleasure rush through me. My orgasm ended and he was still fucking me, but my body became almost numb. I still enjoyed it, but it was like I was inside and outside my body at the same time. I was completely relaxed. His squeeze tightened, and I didn’t have a chance to think what it meant.

“FUCK!!!!” He almost yelled it, and I felt it inside me. His cock erupted inside me and I felt the rush of heat and it brought me back to the moment. Almost immediately his dick moved easier and the sensation lightened. It felt like I was soaked. I felt a second surge inside me and he came crashing against my body, shocking me a bit with the depth of his cock. There was a splashing noise now as he continued to fuck me, and although I couldn’t feel the surge of heat, I knew he was still cumming because the wetness and noise coming from my pussy was more than I was use to.

He collapsed on me and I felt him breathing hard against my ear. His cock was still buried inside me, however, only part. The rest pushed aside my ass cheeks. With one arm, he rotated me around, his dick never leaving me, so I was on my side, he behind me. I knew he was deep, but I was so wet I could barely feel his dick. I felt open, pushed aside, but there was no sensation of his dick itself. He began kissing my neck and rubbing my tits. I laid there and relaxed with his touch until his dick grew soft and was slowly forced out of me. I felt his cum slowly start to leak out of me once he was gone. I fell asleep with his wet cock pressed against my ass, his hand drapped over my side, holding me tight, his hand resting against my boob, his fingeres slightly framing my nipple.

I woke up to mom’s voice, and although it took a second to figure out just what was coming out of her mouth and find her with my eyes standing at the foot of the bed, when the reality struck, I new what she saw. I could feel what she saw. I was on my back, dried cum on my exposed chest from where Alex woke up in the middle of the night and decided to decorate my chest. Alex was on his side, his arm at his side, but still facing me naked, his dick laying across my thigh.

“What the fuck….” Its what I remember. Its just about all I remember from that moment. We came home in silence. No one spoke in the car ride home, not a word, so we knew that mom had told dad about the whole thing. We didn’t take the exit for the house. We went down another three miles and got off and dad pulled into a motel 6 that was just about a mile from our school. They got out of the car. We sat.

Mom opened my door first. Dad opened Alex’s. Dad said, “get your things.”

We didn’t know what to do. We eventually got out because we knew they weren’t kidding. We grabbed the bags that he had put on the ground. He looked at Alex, “Here is 400.00 dollars. We will drop an envelop at the counter every week with money. I’ll get you two rooms. Once your 18 its done. We never want to see you two again.” With that he turned and walked to the office. When he returned, we were still standing there. He dropped two keys at my feet. He looked at me and then Alex and then turned and got in the car. Mom followed with tears in her eyes. The car drove off, and it was minutes before I looked at him.

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