Wrong Number Leads To Sex

Wrong Number Leads To Sex

Moving on to the story.

Few months ago I bought a new car and I had some suspension issues with the car so I called service station and they gave me an alternative number to contact for the issues. One of the numbers I had written wrongly and when I called up the number a lady picked up the phone and I started talking about the car directly. Once I finished talking she said I had dialed a wrong number but since I had called her she wanted to know more about the car’s performance as she is also looking forward to buy a new car. I told her that the car performance is good and the interiors are also awesome. She said thank you and cut the call. In the night I got a msg saying hi, this is Priya.

Even I replied and we both were chatting about the car and nothing really great happened that night. Next day I got a call from her and we spoke for 3 hours. I got to know that she is married and her husband is staying onsite and she lives in Bangalore alone. While talking to her I told her I wanted some money to pay my car loan and I am short of 5k for that month. She said she can help me with the money and I asked her how. She said that she is staying alone for 2 yrs and had no enjoyment in life, She asked me to take her for ooty and for 2 days she can pay me 5k. I thought for a while and I agreed. She asked to pick her from near by location. I went to the place where she asked me to pick.

When I saw her I kept staring at her, she is very beautiful then she came near my car and in a naughty way she said you have 2 days to stare at me then I back came into my senses. She was in her early 30’s. Size is 36-28-36. We started our journey. On the way she asked me to hold her hand and drive. We reached ooty. She had already booked a room for us. We reached the hotel and before getting down she said she loved my driving and gave a kiss on my cheeks. We went to the room and got fresh. She said there is a camp fire happening and she wanted to go there. We both went to the camp fire.

I was hugging her from behind and It was very romantic. We had a whisky together and danced for sometime. Later after finishing dance we went back to our room and i again hugged her from behind and kissed her on her neck. She left a small moan. We both were breathing heavily. I turned her and started smooching. We smooched for half an hour. She broke the kiss and said I am her slave for next two days and I have to do what ever she tells me or else she won’t pay me. I agreed for it.

She said she had many fantasies and she wanted me to full fill everything. She asked me to take out my dress and take shower in cold water. I went to bathroom and took bath in cold water, she was watching me from outside. She called me outside and once I went she pushed me on her bed and started to lick the water which I had on my body. Once she completed locking she ordered for raw whiskey. The hotel guys got whiskey. She got those whiskey and kept it on table and she started to giving me blowjob for my 7″ cock. She was expert in that. She gave blow job for 20 minutes.

I was about to cum and told her I was about to cum and she put my cum in one of the whiskey glasses . Then she asked me to remove her dress, I removed her dress completely and she let to me touch her boobs and lick it. I licked it for half an hour. She started moaning loudly. After sometime she said she wanted me to lick her pussy. I started licking her pussy and was fingering her at the same time. She was about to cum, she asked me to take a whiskey glass and put her cum into that. I did what she said. Then we both drank the whiskey which had our cum. She drank whiskey which had my cum and I drank whiskey which had her cum. Again she asked me to pee in her whiskey glass. I peed in her whiskey glass and she did the same to my glass. It was lovely to watch her pee it my glass. We both drank that. Her pee was very tasty with whiskey.

After finishing our drinking session I again started to lick her pussy for 30 min, she asked me to fuck her. I slowly put my 7″ cock in her pussy and she started shouting out of pain. It was bit tight and wasn’t going inside. Slowly I started pushing my cock in her pussy. She was moaning too loudly. After sometime we both reached climax and let all my sperms in her pussy. We both were tired and we hugged each other and slept for sometime. In some time my cock had grown to its full size and she was playing with it. Again we tried fucking in many positions. We tried all possible positions for next 2 days.

After 2 days we left ooty and came back to Bangalore. I dropped her to the same place where I had picked her. She gave me an envelope and asked me not to contact her anymore and if she need me she will call me again. After she left I opened the envelope and she had given me more money than I wanted. I respect her privacy and I am still waiting for her to contact me again.


#Wrong #Number #Leads #Sex

Wrong Number Leads To Sex