Chinnu Masanth : The Couple Adventure – Part 2

Chinnu Masanth : The Couple Adventure – Part 2

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Everyone who read my first part would be confused and eagerly waiting to know if it’s a real story. Well, my dear friends. It’s a real story and it is 90% true. I’m even trying to make it more realistic.

This is my answer to all those who have been emailing me since the past week, especially women. Women, it’s your time to fly and do anything you want in this world. Don’t hesitate if you have such an urge. Discuss it with your partner. Very gradually and definitely, you will reach the goal.

It’s just a matter of time. Who knows your partner would be even wicked. And so always be ready to get surprised.

A recap. Antony, Sajith and me, my best buddies. We were hanging out in Bangalore. The story started with us trying to find a prostitute in town. We ended up fucking my girlfriend Chinnu Masanth in an Oyo. It doesn’t end up with a foursome but it unravels the slutty side of my girlfriend.

The distant voice of someone moaning. It gets clearer and clearer to the view of my girlfriend Chinnu being licked by Sajith. Antony is pushing his long wet dick into her mouth. That’s when I realized I dozed off for a few minutes because of the alcohol and was sitting in the chair.

When I was up, I was trying to convince myself that this is not a dream. She is getting fucked hard by my best friends. Chinnu was trying to lock eyes with me after tying up her hair like a ponytail. But in a fraction of time, her mouth was being deep throated by my friend Antony.

But she enjoyed the rudeness and was trying not to drop his hot pre-cum. She was being a total slut when it’s with Antony. He was treating her like a slut. She was feasting on his long dick like a bitch. She was rubbing her wet red lips on his dick up and down by covering the total circumference of his dick.

Antony was moaning with intense pleasure by closing his eyes and let her suck out his juice. Chinnu is always good at sucking cock. She always tries to make sure her partner is satisfied. And nothing can cross a wet and dripping cock sucking like hers.

Sajith while fingering her dripping wet pussy with three fingers looked at me. She was trying to exchange messages and asking me to fuck her. But I kind of gave him an evil grin and told him, “Fuck her like she is paid to do it.” Without second thoughts he pulled out his thick 5-inch dick and shoved it into her pussy.

She took a deep breath when that dick slid in her and started moaning like a bitch. And when he started thrusting her like there is no much time left. She started being breathless because of the girth of his dick. She was being well filled by Sajith and his hip kept slapping her ass.

I always wanted to fuck her first before allowing someone else to fuck her. But I couldn’t leave the view of my girlfriend being grouped. Antony wanted to switch sides with Sajith. But he waited for his turn but instead. He lifted her by removing his dick from her mouth.

He started making out with her passionately by pulling her ponytail. And occasionally he was pinching her nipples and squeezing her big breasts. When Sajith was really inside her, she was so involved that she started screaming her lungs out.

She was asking Sajith to bone her even harder, “Fuck me harder. I’m your best friend’s girlfriend. He wants to see me get fucked hard by you.” After saying that she smiled at me with lust by holding Antony’s shoulder. Sajith was enjoying his virginity losing ceremony.

By really pumping her hard in the doggy style. She was taking his fat dick like a glowing sex goddess. And the glowing was because of the sweat running down her back. Every jumping move of hers, when she was getting fucked, made me hornier.

I initiated myself towards her while she was busy being groped by Antony. Let me tell you from the beginning I hate him violating my girlfriend in front of me. But I was just being patient because Chinnu was enjoying the wildness. But to his surprise, I grabbed her hair.

I pulled her away from his smoke smelling lips and guided her down to my crotch. She obeyed like a slut and started licking my balls deep. She was running her tongue up to my tip and started licking my pre-cum like ice cream. She was driving me crazy.

I couldn’t hold any longer so I shoved my tool to her throat and started choking her like a bitch. I started reclaiming her from Antony which eventually turned her on. She straightaway unplugged her pussy from Sajith and pushed me to a chair. She sat on my dick and hugged me with love.

She started feeding her thick nipples into my mouth. She was bouncing on my dick and moaning. Sajith was watching the show. Antony came towards us and started grabbing her ass and started squeezing it. It made her lean on his chest and she started kissing him by facing up and grabbing his curly hair.

The picture of her kissing him made me thrust her real hard. She eventually started moaning and fell back to my shoulder. I held her real tight and fucked her harder till we climaxed together. I could feel the sloppiness inside her. Later, we had a shower, dressed and had a couple of drinks and went to sleep.

The next day early morning, I woke up with a smile. I turned about to hug her but to my surprise, she was not in the bed. It forced me out of the bed and my smile went southwards. Moving towards the living-hall. I was tip-toeing without making any noise.

It was still dark but I could see a warm light on the sofa. I could see my girlfriend Chinnu on all 4’s and bending like a slut for…?

So here guys I’m waking up to the scene of my girlfriend getting fucked on the sofa early morning first thing! Sweet right? Well. Tell you the remaining part where she acts weird like a voyeur slut. Mail me and tell me how much you liked it.

Chinnu Masanth : The Couple Adventure – Part 2