Mature Sangeeta Aunty – Sex Stories

Mature Sangeeta Aunty – Sex Stories

The next Aunty in this series is Sangeeta Aunty.She was 39yrs old and had a 10yr old daughter who studied in the local school.Her husband worked in my fathers office and had gone to another office on deputation at kolkataSo,Aunty was living here with her daughter and used to have contact with Uncle through phone and internet.Infact I was the one who made the internet connection.She used to call me if there is some problem with the internet.

One day I was surfing internet,when the phone rang and I picked it up.It was Sangeeta Aunty on the otherside.She said-Arun,do you have the internet connection?I said-Yes Aunty and I was just browsing that.She said-I think mine had developed some problem.Its not working at all.I said-Don’t worry Aunty,I will be there in a jiffy.I reached her home and she welcomed me.I ran a virus scan and it showed some virus and I deleted them.Then I searched the adware and spyware and found some and removed them also.Then I thought that how the computer was infected with so many viruses and other things especially by a virus named-Backdoor.Everyone knows that unsecure sites like porn sites have viruses in them and if you browse them,your computer gets infected with them.So,I searched the log history and found that a site has been visited frequently.Since I restored the internet connection,I tried that site and to my correct guess,it was porn site and its called-ANAL LOVERS.

This excited me a lot and I just understood that whose beautiful ass is going to be mine soon.At that time,Sangeeta Aunty was busy in the kitchen making coffee for me so I closed the computer and came to the drawing room.She came back with the coffee smiling and said to me-Arun,you are here.Did you fix the problem?I said-Yes Aunty but tell me who uses this computer besides you?She said-My daughter sometimes does.Why,whats the problem?Is everything Ok?I said-No Aunty.Tell me that truth.The computer was infected with lots of viruses and those came from the site visited by you or your daughter.Its a porn site or we can say it was meant for persons who loves anal sex.So,tell me is your daughter doing this?She said-Hell no Arun,how can you think like that?I said-Then it must be you.Ooh Aunty,I never thought that you would have aliking for these kind of things.She kept silent for sometime with her head down and the said-You are right Arun.It was I who was visiting those porn sites off lately.

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I said-Why is that Aunty?She said-You see Arun,your Uncle had a great urge for sex and we had it frequently. It even didn’t come down after my daughter was born.But after he was gone,I feel so lonely that I had to satisfy my desire by pleasuring myself with a cucumber or hand.I said-You love that cucumber in your ass too?She said-Yes,after my husband saw a porn movie of anal sex,he has stopped fucking me in the pussy.Well at first,I found it very awkward and painful but gradually I began to like it.So,now I browse porn sites about anal sex and pleasure myself.I said-Aunty,from now on,you don’t need the cucumber to satisfy yourself.You can have this for your pleasure.I opened my zip and threw my cock out.

Her eyes widened and said-Arun,my god,its big and I mean its just about the size of my husband’s even if its flat.I think it would get bigger and fatter when becomes hard.I said-Why don’t you see yourself Aunty?She smiled at me and immediately got on her knees and took my cock in her mouth.My cock got hard immediately and she began slurping on it.After some sucking,I told her to get up and just bend a little with the help of the table and she did exactly that.I pushed her saree up and saw her beautiful ass.I smacked the ass few times and then took a look at her asshole which was already loose.I spitted on it and jammed a finger in.She said-Ouch,be slow my love.I gradually fingerfucked her ass for sometime and then began to insert my cock into it.She said-Arun its feels so larger.Will it fit in?I said-Don’t worry Aunty,your asshole is loose now and it wont hurt much.I kept on pressing and inch by inch my cock went in.Soon I filled her rectum to capacity and then started fucking her.She was screaming-Ouch ouch aanh aaanh……….yes ….yessss….fuck me hard Arun,fuck Aunty’s ass hard.My god how lucky I am to be fucked by your big cock.You have to fuck my pussy too with that cock.Its been long time since I had a cock in my pussy.You will fuck it na?I said-Sure Aunty but let us finish this.

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She had opened her blouse so that I could grab her boobs and fuck hard.The whole table was shaking with the thrusts I was giving in her ass.I fucker hard around 15 mins and then cummed hard.She collapsed on the table and I sat on the chair and took deep breath.She turned around and said-Thank you so much Arun for this.I hope this matter will remain between you and me.Now you go home and come back tomorrow at this time.We can play this game again and also don’t forget to keep your promise of fucking my pussy.I said-I wont.See you tomorrow Aunty.You also remember whenever you have this BACKDOOR problem,please call me .She said-I will Arun,sure will.When I reached home,My mother asked me-Where have you been?I searched the whole house for you.I said-I was at Sangeeta Aunty’s house solving her BACKDOOR problem?Mother said-Her what?I said-Her computer which was infected by a virus named Backdoor.I removed it.She said-Ok.

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Mature Sangeeta Aunty – Sex Stories

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